“Challenging” Website Update

We had a plug-in update causing site problems, so our host insisted we remove the plug-in. Unfortunately, to do so we first had to restore the site to April 3, losing some “Christopher Life for President” comments and the post in which Katie Boyden praised Donk’s “challenging insights.”

We’ll be back tomorrow with a new post on one of Donk’s old flames.

To tide you over, enjoy our burro performing the classics …


  1. In her manic scoldy and ms do-gooder reposting -all the while doing no good- is one about “uncoupling”-

    • Loved her “challenging insight” consisting of one word, “Inspiring!!!,” in her recent post about picking up garbage. Such a doofus!

    • Fcking hell. Seriously?! Is she vying for canonization as the patron saint of affected piety? From innocent ingénue about town (predisposed to presentation and perception by virtue of inadvertent Bushnell exposure) to our lady of pretense, posturing and piety in little more than a decade? Truly a voice of a generation.

      Judgy Judy rage-posts and scold-screeches her day away with such life-altering piety posts as “Yes, Virginia, Your Gluten-Chocked Sugar Cookies & Non-Soy Milk Killed Santa”, “Boycott Sexist Hamilton For Erasing Founding Foremothers”, “Yes! – ‘Social Media Influencer Suggests Real Life Isle of Dogs With Mandatory Homeless Relocation To Oakland'”, “Your Masculinity Is Toxic If It Doesn’t Pay” and “Why Do Boys Still Break-Up With Girls Without Conscious Uncoupling Public Statements & Macbook Airs?!”

      But, virtue signaling, donk, isn’t a day job for which you need or qualify for “family leave” (even if you had a family or children to be caught parenting). Read this recently and thought of you, “It’s noticeable how often virtue signaling consists of saying you hate things.”

      So, just how does all this hate and rage as a new media virtue signaler fit with the prayer, meditation and spirituality? And how does harassment, blackmail and doxing figure into conscious uncoupling? Does that “engender the most love” as you demanded of Rain? Or is love and respect not something to which those who self-select out of your life are entitled? What about their partners, wives, parents, children? Are they not entitled to love and respect either? Or what about just not having to witness someone they love harangued, hurt, manipulated or have to claw you off and physically flee? Doesn’t being “a global catalyst for love” begin with not doing harm to others, their friends and family? Cause I got to tell you, “that was months ago” isn’t the statute of limitations to being an awful person and stepping on others to get what you want, especially on an ongoing basis. Neither is the trifecta of sanctimony, superiority and speciousness actual spirituality. Nor her holy goddess of hypocrisy a religious position outside the alter of self-promotion at which you worship.

      I heard Zuckerberg discussed on an NPR segment on the ethics of billionaires last week. A multimillionaire said of him, “He runs a company that’s a plague and wants to end certain childhood illnesses. But I was like, ‘No man. Just don’t be a plague.'” Same applies here, Judy, even without “fck you money”. Before you get to be a “global catalyst for love” or piety post your latest virtue signaling screed on X (especially when X = “conscious uncoupling” ffs), you have to stop *being* a fcking plague.

  2. Are you sure it wasn’t “challenged insights,” as in mentally challenged?

    • “Many applauded his attack on the overly entitled ‘new age beggars,’ as one commenter called them.”

      Piss off, Jordo!

  3. She is on a “I can’t believe” tear on Facebook. RELAX, DONKEY. I can feel your blood pressure from here.

    • Indeed she is! Scoldy Donkey is on a rip-roaring rampage of tut-tut’s!

    • With all her rants about veganism, I want to throw out there that one of her first big dates with Dodi included a visit to THE MEATBALL BAR.

      And Donkey, food is NOT medicine, or your BFF Christopher Life wouldn’t be homeless today.

      • JFAing to say that in the pic of Donkey and Dodi at the pseudo black tie affair, (the one where she was showing off her manicure and tacky cocktail ring), he was holding a glass of evil wine.

        Self-righteous hypocritical Donkeys are so tedious.

      • She’s awful angry lately. Why so MAD, Donkey? I CAN’T BELIEVE I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW CAN YOU THIS IS ABOUT ME. The anger is building. And she is trying so hard to keyboard-warrior-it instead of showing Dadbod her true colors. Simmering. Get the popcorn.

        • She’s desperately trying to craft a new activist persona, yet her “concerns” are all over the map and her actual engagement with any cause consists of sharing a news story about it, along with “Wow!!!”

          • Totally. Her activism consists of finding things that serve her agenda at home. “SEE THIS ARTICLE!!” She’s blowing aggression because she has no where to place it right now.

            I gotta say DONKEY, now that you locked down a partner who has a real career and real life happening…you seems like you’re…crumbling.

          • If she thinks she can fool anyone but Dadsers into thinking this is “working”, she is loco in the coco.

          • Prediction: this is the only engagement she’ll have in the foreseeable future

          • Maybe he eats meat, drinks alcohol, isn’t into color-coding books, has no tolerance for slacking off, pushes back when donkeys press him to come along on yet another vacation from vacationitis. Or ooh, maybe he flirted just a little too much with Ms. Dunkle.

        • I think I know why.

          She didn’t get to run off to Bali and she is undergoing major FOMO because Jahhhsss is over there, at that Bali Spirit Festival they co-hosted last year, headlining it up.

          • Jaahass is headlining it? I thought she was just putting in an appearance. I know she indicated she wasn’t hosting this year.

          • I could very well be wrong, I got the impression reading her FB page that she had a bigger involvement this time. But still, I bet Donkey is seething that she couldn’t be there, preening around on stage in some skimpy gauze schmatte.

        • Donkey is barking mad because it’s crunch time. This is just like BOOK or anything else… When there are expectations of her to do what she sold her self as being able to do, in this case hold up 1/2 the end of a relationship, she’s going to dig in her hooves and self-destruct instead.

          My very good friend with PTSD due to severe childhood trauma is very much like this when it comes to punctuality (I am talking about being days late to things, not mere minutes, as just one example)… my theory is that it’s some deep-rooted semblance of control issue as a means of countering the time(s) when they were completely helpless against “those in charge“.

          At this point, I would probably actually feel sorry for donkey, had she not been so continuously awful to so many people for so long.


            She must prove it now. There’s no BSing her way into or out of this one. DADBOD IS WATCHING

    • Saving for posterity:

      Katie Boyden
      “you brighten an often bleak facebook feed with solution-based reality checks and challenging insights instead of usual storm of nonstop cynicism and echo chamber bellowing that i too often see. meeting you was an auspicious day at the ozone clinic 😉 i hope to make it back to mother island this year as well as work assignments in SF. perhaps we can meet in the city or the ceremonies to brainstorm some ideas on how to leverage silicon valley to do some actual good!”

      Also, Hrostoski’s response. I want to look up his ex-wife’s rants.

      Michael Hrostoski

      “Thanks for the kind words sister. So fun you were there from the earliest inception points.

      And yeah, it would definitely be the path of least resistance to just live here in Bali for the rest of our lives and get massages every other day, but we both feel our soul’s urge to ground all this energy back in the US through our creations.”

      Motherfucker, you do not need another gregdamn massage.

  4. She’s hard at work to update social Media work


      • Looks like she lost the domain and some company picked it up, for whatever bizarro reason

        • So someone picked up the domain name xojulia and combined it with the photos from Donkey’s expired Reimagine Factory? Combining our burro with some fashion nonsense?

      • It’s a template. She’s bought some cheap template from a webpage vendor and just hasn’t put in her own content yet. Remember she had Derpin around to design for her last time, and now womp womp, she is too cheap to hire a designer. So, template is her taskrabbit. It probably was free.

        • That’s hilarious! It’s not like she has anything to do, other than post FB scolds, but she’s too fucking lazy to put up actual content and apparently too broke to hire a professional. Yoo hoo, Dodi!!

          • Your “Keep that helix in the air“ almost killed me dead.

        • why publish it though? keep it in a sandbox until it’s ready.

          oh! i forgot for a moment who we are dealing with.

          • It isn’t linked from the first page. Not sure how the original poster found it. O

    • I can just imagine the conversation in which he introduces her. “Hi, this is my girlfriend Julia, she’s a social media expert who advises entrepreneurs.” “Oh really? What’s your web address?” “…”

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