38-Year-Old Toddler Loves “Fun” Rainbows With Colors (Bright)

News Flash, Judy: Rainbow clothing has been “on trend” among gradeschool children for the past several decades. Apparently you and Jack McCain’s lawyer didn’t get the message?

Bottom Teaser Trailer! Jena “I’m feeling white” la Flamme is Witchiepoo in Netflix’s upcoming “H.R. Pufnstuf” reboot:


  1. Since I don’t Book my Face, I might wonder if this was a seasonal jape, except Donkey.

    Remember the time La Kelly and Judy went to the Taylor Swift concert, and Judy was dressed like a frenetic 5-year-old and Ms. Kelly, in an Eileen Fisher-type shmatte with hair in a bun, looked like her minder from the Home for the Excruciatingly Special? Pepperidge Quirky remembers.

    • I wondered, too. But Donk posted this fashion exigency, with colors (bright), on March 31.

      Jack McCain’s lawyer has been liking Donk’s SJW posts, though Donk isn’t doing same for Ms. Kelly, nor is anyone else. Oh dear …

  2. Gee, someone alert Vogue that dressing like a child or a dingbat is “on trend”, Donks read it at noted fashion authority Vox. Tell her that beanies with propellors on top are cool too. Rilly chic, and um, environmental or something.

  3. > not that I really believe in trends (who cares wha’s “in” or “out”)

    who was it that tried to make “PROMMMMMM” a thing? and what about the ‘dressing in lilly pulitzer’ phase?

  4. Looks like Donkey has a new weirdly named friend liking some of her posts who apparently used to work for the Bin Laden group in Saudi Arabia. Move over Puspito Vito Oo Nugroho, we now have Guitariest Silence. See the dead dolphin post.

  5. i love that ridiculous list she not only photographed but also put online for the world to see

    • Unlike her 73-point checklist, she could only come up with two things she likes? Do grown men find such idiocy attractive?

      • JFAing to add, apparently they do. Dodi (and Myka) both liked Rainbow’s rainbow post.

  6. Myka Duran Bangs is back in view, not with big shot Rob though, with the loving couple. That will keep the Dock interested a few weeks longer.

    • Who took the photo of Donk, Dodi, and Myka in the sandwich? Rob? Some poor victim just passing by?

  7. Things I Like, “(colors) bright, rainbow” written in black ink on white paper. Oh Julia, never change, would that you could.

    • Would that she could stop sucking up.

      “I love Tina Brown’s vibrant writing style – and her opinions. A must read today (no April fools!)”

    • Thanks, bunny! I just can’t keep up with our burro and her minions! And I’m waiting for verification on two great stories.

      New post up.

  8. What to say to a bunch of nonsense, very trivial. Bunch of entitled losers who live their lives scamming and pretending to be goddess. What they are HAGS and they are loooking it.

    • la Flamme indeed looks worn out. No surprise. She’s pushing 40 – or is she 40? – throwing glitter on her face and hair, and partying at all hours like a college sophomore, especially now that Husband #3 is gone with the wind.

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