Updated: OMG! Donkey Is Shacking Up In NoPa With Dr. Dodi Berkowitz, The Original April Fool

Is he dating his mother?

Donk, don’t listen to Ali Shanti! Sunscreen is your friend!

Actually, Grace Benkovitz is the original April Fool … or a stealth Cat Lady!

Oh, Dodi! Is this brunette … heaven?

Update: Magazines forwarded!

Five years ago, when I was last living in SF with Neha, we used to reside across from a young man I dubbed “frat boy neighbor.” He gave me quite a lot of material to work with, as some of you may remember.

Now that I’m back, I’m waiting for a new eccentric neighbor here in NOPA (north of the panhandle in SF, where I live with Alex). Nothing better than window shenanigans to keep city life entertaining!!

Perhaps another homeless face puncher will give her quite a lot of material to work with when she decides she no longer wants to live in NoPa?


  1. Those matching heart sweaters are charming….on 5-year-old best friends.
    I’ve been trying to figure out in the insta-era why she takes so few selfies & opts for the forcing friends and family into an impromptu, perfectly organic-photoshoot, instead.

    • One wonders if the matching heart sweaters are kept next to the rainbow costumes in the master bedroom armoire at his OMG! 3 BD townhouse in NoPa.

    • He’s lucky it was only a matching ugly sweater photo sesh, and not full-blown rainbow onesies. They couldn’t do some kind of Victorian dress-up in front of those cute Painted Ladies? Nope, too dignified. It’s got to look like a day trip for the group home.


    How does she find these dumb-dumbs to indulge her like this? This is Devin Stetler in a pink bow tie and an unplugged mic all over again!

    • It’ll be so much fun watching them so get divorced! But at this point, he’d rob a liquor store if Donk asked. I’m beginning to lose whatever sympathy I had for Dodi.

      • It won’t be much fun watching her smugness go through the roof as she finally achieves her goal in life: getting married. And to a doctor. Even if there’s a divorce, she’d still be able to (incessantly) say that she was married. I hope that eludes her.

    • Love is blind. And deaf and stupid.

      But wears out pretty soon, specially when a Donkey is involved. Just ask Devin.

      I don’t think Dodi is that dumb, there are many bridges between joint heart sweaters and a joint bank account, and I hope he never crosses them.

      If he does, there is not enough Cindy McCain in the world to save him.

  3. Does he not have any friends? Friends stop friends from repeatedly humiliating themselves like this.

  4. How many hundreds of identical “look at me while you laugh” photos has she staged over the years with literally any penis in a 3 mile radius?

  5. Donk has that Young Adult hair-pulling thing going on. Again. Trichotillomania?

  6. She’s looking like she’s his mom

  7. Shirt looks like a convenient bullseye for if/when he leaves. The triad approach is a good innovation of hers, keeps him interested…

  8. That park is literally 2 blocks from my house. It’s only a matter of time until I run into one or both of them in person, and when I do, I will do my best to avoid gasping (or guffawing) in their faces and will report back here.

    • P.S.: I note lots of activity on Donkey’s Home Decor Pinterest Board in the past week or two. Maybe those packing boxes from the blind Lily Insta post were in fact used to transport rayon shmattas and mylar assless chaps to the OMG Nopa Dr. Dodi-abode.

      • She’s definitely forwarded her magazines to NoPa.

        It’s your job, bunny, to think fast should you run into one or both! Pull out that camera, get visual evidence, hide behind bushes if necessary to get that all-important candid. We’re counting on you!

        • I would love to see a “making of” documentary about one of Donkey’s “romantic” fauxtoshoots.

          How many takes for each final picture?

          Is Donkey the stylist? (I bet she is)

          Does she shout orders at people?

          Who does the , ahem, photo-editing? (she is too lazy for that)

          And, of course, the million-dollar question: who takes those Greg-damned pictures?

    • Ugh, I fucking hate her. I lived ONE block away from Alamo Square, on Divisadero in the 2000s and I fucking loved everything about that city. The parks, the libraries (I was a fiend in love!), the happy hours in the Castro, romances I had, the silent/classic films at the great theatre there.. I really left my heart in San Francisco, I love that place and the people there.

      So it KILLS me that only tech bros can afford to live there now, and scheming grifter Airbnb fraud Mulia Allison gets to be there too. I hate this rotten dumb donkey so much. Can’t wait for her terrible tacky bullshit vulgar wedding/pre-divorce ceremony. Wait, isn’t she married to herself? I look forward to her trial for bigamy, then.

      • I suspect we’ll see a Burning Man wedding and I wonder if she’ll contact the press again, which she did for the self-marriage but hardly anyone took the bait.

      • Born and raised in the Bay Area and spent many years living in NoPa. The City I grew up with is gone and I have left. It fucking sucks.

      • This blog was my hate read while I came to the realization I’ll never be able afford to be comfortable in the city I love while JA flounced around pretending she discovered it. After I packed up and moved, my quality of life improved drastically. I still don’t know how to mentally deal with entitled assholes who think they hit homers when they were born on third, sucking the last bit of cool and weird out of everything they touch, but at least I’m not maxing out my credit card to buy groceries anymore, so I have that going for me.

    • i know! It looks absolutely disgusting. Why would you not wash your hair if it was that greasy? I get if your hair was NOT oily and you had dye you were trying not to wash out, but dear lord, it looks like it smells.

  9. I know many more goofball men than women, to be honest. It’s no surprise to me she can always find them — the dudes are everywhere, and in every profession and lifestyle. What does interest me is how much happier she seems with someone like this guy, but becomes obsessed with men like Rain. Given that she ignored my VERY WISE advice over the years to marry old and rich and to do so immediately, she should listen to me now and relax.* Nail this one down, have fun, you is what you is, Julie.

    *No more pets, no children, thanx.

    • Totally agree. She looks happy. This guy seems good for her, much better than the last three. Even if she managed to have locked one of them down, highly doubt she would’ve been happy. Dodi, on the other hand, seems like the best chance she has at having it all that she’s ever had a decent shot at. Don’t screw this one up, donk. He’s a Gregsend for you. Quit it with the child, parent, pet posting. Knock off the scold, and just concentrate on the guy, making a life with him, being happy together, and Gregdamn donk, *wipes tear*, you might just end up happily (?) married.

      • I’d be a little more positive if Dodi didn’t appear to be as emotionally stunted as she is and weren’t possibly on the spectrum. I fear she’ll ride roughshod over his seemingly good nature and naiveté, and this relationship will end more disastrously than did breakups with [REDACTED] and Devin.

        Have folks forgotten how she was behaving last year? Harassing Rain on a daily basis, texting or calling up to 40x a day? Contacting family members she’d never met? Etc.

        • Gilly, I’m glad you added “seemingly.” A long time ago, I briefly dated a doctor who was not attractive but seemed — at first — to be a great guy.

          He turned out to be a bitter, insecure, petty asshole who resented women who wanted him for his money and MD status, yet constantly sought them out. He eventually turned on me because I wasn’t enamored with all that and he couldn’t use that to control me.

    • Old and rich has its advantages for some ladies and gentlemen. I still want Ted McGinley in 1980. Or maybe Shaun Cassidy in 1977 before I move on to Ted.

  10. I like Dodi for allowing Julia to do Julia and post every tiny (and I do mean tiny) thought she has. Boo to the slightly more aware guys who forbade her from using social media, and denied me hours of laughter. I would actually send money to Rain to send her a, I don’t know, Easter message, and blow this up, because that would be funny. And I realize that I am a terrible person for wishing for this, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

    As an aside, I have been married for over 30 years, and I love my husband a lot, but that sweater would force me to at least demand marriage counseling, if not divorce. What the heck?

    • I can’t say my selfish desires wouldn’t be identical if I thought really hard. I miss the deep, aching belly laughs at 3 am that I had to suppress less my huscat awoke and accused me of “reading that site again at all hours”. Oh Judy, crazy, classic, costumed, matching sweater Judy is my favoritist Judy if I’m being honest. Do her. And Easter kinderwhore too for good measure.

    • JFAing to add that the head thrown back, chortling with delight photos are absolutely ridiculous. Has she ever said something that would cause a person to throw their head back with laughter? Real question. I mean, I laughed when she was working on her book, and trudging around Europe waiting for poor Devin to propose, but those were “oh dear, that will never, ever, ever happen” laughs, not delighted laughs.

      • It’s just physics, the head is propelled back by the sheer G force of the HUH HUH HUH HAW!

  11. Julia Allison
    March 28 at 1:32 PM ·
    Five years ago, when I was last living in SF with Neha, we used to reside across from a young man I dubbed “frat boy neighbor.” He gave me quite a lot of material to work with, as some of you may remember.

    Now that I’m back, I’m waiting for a new eccentric neighbor here in NOPA (north of the panhandle in SF, where I live with Alex). Nothing better than window shenanigans to keep city life entertaining!!
    So they are living together here in SF. It’s only a matter of time.

    • I guessed as much when Donk posted the snap of Cataract Lilly and Boxes + Tape.

      How many weddings do you think she’ll insist upon? He’s a pushover, so he’s not going to voice any objections.

      What are the Vegas odds re: divorce in X years? Months?

      • 2.2 weddings (one full Rainbow @ Camp Peptic, sic) and a point two in Bali or wherever… Tough to put odds on a divorce. Depends on the pre-nup (pre-pep-nip?) and how open and how many three-ways. So much heart. But if you gave it 7 years, I’d say wager on a split within that time from the glass breaking…

    • What in the sweet bejaysus are “window shenanigans”? A 10-minute Google Maps stalk of the good Doctor’s neighborhood tells me that it’s a nice, low-key kind of place – lots of cute eateries and small businesses, but not much opportunity for a vain, tacky, ageing lady of leisure to bray and show off when the wallet’s at work. So, clomping around in her underwear with the curtains open will have to suffice?

      • Look for Donk to create her own window shenanigans when installing her stall. No one is a tackier interior decorator than Donkey. One assumes she’s bent on turning his place into the NoPa version of the Novato shithole and marina condo, complete with plastic signage, color-coordinated bookshelves, oversized stuffed animals, and her framed WIRED cover.


        • Prom dresses on the wall, wookie bedspread, a thousand chairs and her “I think we should cuddle” throw pillow. Ugh.

          • That smelly throw pillow has followed her everywhere, even to cheap rent Bali. Does she travel with it in her luggage?

          • On her Pinterest Home Design board there is a recently added picture of just such an inanely-inscribed group (not sure what the collective noun would be — passel of pillows? cadre of cushions?) of decorative accessories. Perhaps she is thinking of deploying several throughout the OMG Nopa stall. They will go well with the rainbow-hued exhortations on the walls of the Abode of Admonitions.

    • So she’s fantasizing about fictional young guys hitting on her? How happy she must be! (Just look at those photos–no set-piece smiles there, no, no, not at all!) Anyway, congrats on free room and board, enjoy your performances with Prom King #2, and best of luck with your OBO search!

      • Big money tech dudes are financing him, so she can still wallet-hunt while living with the awkward placeholder.

        • Oh, a Jessica Seinfeld.

          I don’t think Donkey’s skills are up to that kind of advanced maneuver.

    • It’s the oldest SF scam in the book, moving in too fast to avoid a lease/bach-ground check and FICO scores. Alex, you stupid stupid man child. Have fun paying for her existence until she establishes squatter rights and kicking her out is going to cost you. #SFtenantrightsareshitty

      • “love him!” more like “love this walking talking sucker I can perma crash with”
        Alex Marson is right fucked. Don’t let her stay 30 days you idiot. As a landlord you should fucking know better!

          • Well technically in SF if she didn’t just muscle her way in bags in hand then she’s a “tenant” which is still the same fucking problem as squatters in that they can establish all sorts of rights and make it incredibly expensive to evict. I don’t think it necessarily takes 30 days to establish that but in the rest of the world that isn’t SF it may be so. Like I said, SF is fucking crazy on this shit. Alex Marson is still a dumdum.

        • Absolutely every word Never Ever Breaking Up! has written.

          Dadbod is already done. Stick a fork in his ass. Oh…wait…

      • Evictions stay on your record for like 7 years, just thought you should know, Alex. Do your fucking homework before you get into bed financially with Satan herself. She also owes people shit ton of money and is hell bent on status over relationships, have fun sleeping tonight knowing she’s fucking your dadbod for rent.

  12. OMGreg, she moved in and like 3 days later she had to “casually” mention it on social media.

    I can see the scheme juices that got her to this point.

    “Yes, Dodi, I would LOVE to go to Bali for 6 months like I said I would, but my career is so demanding that, right now, just for a few weeks, I NEED a place to stay in SF. I am looking on craiglist. Well, yes, you DO have an spare bedroom and nothing would make me happier than being close to you and I could save a ton of money that we can later spend together in our wedding, I mean, on vacations, carefree vacations, to Vegas, and Mexico. The moving company said the truck will be there in 30 minutes. Yes, they just had an opening, some last-minute cancellation. Ha ha, I love SF! See you, babe!”.

    He is now in the Donkey-is-so-quirky stage, and doesn’t mind joint photographs wearing ugly sweaters.

    Just wait for a few weeks, when he wakes up to find her checking his phone in the middle of the night.

    Let the bunny boiling begin!

    • Hell, I think he’s already given her his passwords and carte blanche to his social media accounts. Donk was clearly the force behind the IG removal and new account, as well as that “persistence pays off” horseshit feting a donkey on his FB page.

  13. This is the tricky time, where the mark can see that she’s not working or doing anything all day. I don’t know if I want her to succeed or mess it up.

    • Maybe he won’t care? She’ll probably finagle her way into convincing him to let her do something for him for free. Remember how she was going to set up a corporation with Rain to do…whatever it was she was going to do for him? That was probably a way she could justify not working a ‘real’ job. She was trying to set up ‘edgy’ photoshoots and get him new wardrobe. I can see her thinking she can get publicity for Dodi but she will only know how to do it using her existing channels, like Frankenstein Robbin’s son’s podcast, and Hive, which won’t help squat.

      The real question is, now will Dadsers cut off her stipend. I suspect an engagement by the end of summer.

      • If engagement, stipend will continue through wedding so Judy can “get ready.” Mama Bird will be on board with that plan.

        If this one doesn’t take, all bets are off.

    • Mess it up. The cray will be epic when he dumps her raft ass. And then we get to watch her build her next persona in increasing desperation

    • When Donk was with Rain, she would spend most of the day “working” at her computer. One suspects she had to look busy because she owed Rain $$$. However, in all the time they were together, Rain only knew of one actual job for which that Judy got PAID and that consisted of piecemeal work for HIVE.

      Speaking of HIVE, my inbox is deluged with very naughty intel about the organization. I have to go through some of the documents. Geez Louise!

      Unrelated, we will have a groundbreaking announcement tomorrow on RBD, sure to be followed by stories on CNN and all the major networks!

      • And by “working” you mean Googling herself and looking and wedding-related pinterest boards.

        Of course.

        • latest google shows a new hit since the preposterous Nypost (then Slate critique) spread (with an anti-candy screed): “Because shows selling narratives that toxic relationship behavior leads to happiness, like the immensely successful Sex in the City, have consequences. One woman who embraced that show’s lifestyle, recently shared in a raw confession how it ruined her life. After spending more than a decade modeling her life on the values of fictional Carrie Bradshaw, Julia Allison told the New York Post last year: “Truth be told, I wish I had never heard of Sex in the City. I’m sure there are worse role models but, for me, it did permanent and measurable damage to my psyche that I’m still cleaning up.” She added, “as clever and aesthetically pleasing as the show was—and, as much as I agree with its value of female friendships—it showed too much consumerism and fear of intimacy disguised as empowerment. . . . It’s like candy: In the moment it feels good to eat it, but afterward, you feel sick.””

      • Groundbreaking announcement? I’m gonna bet that HIVE is somehow tied up with NXIVM.

        • statute of limitations has run out on the “we know what you tried to do” when RBD was switching web hosts, and we finally get to learn what happened?

  14. She’s LOOKING out the window for shenanigans? Sounds like there’s nothing super fun going on inside the NOPA love nest.

    Still, she is just going to scoot under the 40-year-old bride wire.

    • She’s a creepy fucking shut in, she literally doesn’t even leave her house or explore. She’ll pop up randomly and expect shit for being some z list loser. Dodi better keep his important documents and personal photos in a safe.

      • Excuse you! She experienced great trauma the one time she left Devin’s palace of bistro tables and got punched in the face. She probably can’t leave the house (except to go to Bali).

      • She’s remarkably consistent. “When we were in high school I hacked into Dan’s AOL account and read all his emails to see if he was cheating on me.” She wrote that in 2008, and added “He’s never let me forget it. He’ll be reminding me of that when we’re 98 and have no teeth.” And just 3 years later, she not only did that to Pancakes, but even (according to Jacy’s source, whose name I suspect starts with “Mc”) sent emails under his name to women he was friendly with to make them go away.

  15. If I can just JFA and say: men are not inherently more dignified or mature than women, no matter their class rank or status. I’m not even defending her — just saying there’s no reason to talk about him as if he’s such a greater prize than she is, irrespective of his job. She brings many things to the table he surely needs as a researcher/academic, and it would be welcome to me if we could talk about them as equals at this point.

    GOOD GOD, I sound like I’ve internalized the snark, when I don’t have any of the qualities of either of them. Trump’s America has made me wonky, I fear.

    • “She brings many things to the table he surely needs as a researcher/academic.”

      Like what?! Her conviction that the masculine should always pay?

      Also, her achievements, whatever those might be – AirBNBing her eyesore of a rental for three years while giving a talk at HIVE one day out of the year? – are nowhere near his genuine accomplishments.

      • I think it’s safe to say that the overwhelming majority of people who’ve known her have considered her a negative in their lives.

    • He might be a budding famewhore but his existence is net positive. Donkey is goddamn cancer.

    • He had the discipline to become a doctor. He owns his own home (or rents his own home). He is not, at 38 years of age living off of his parent and/or the charity of others. He may be immature, he may be an asshole. But she is immature and an asshole with no discipline, no career and no way to support herself. So, not equals in my mind.

    • She’s a waste of space, seriously. I don’t see what she brings to the table except whining.

      I don’t think Dr. Latka is inherently better than anybody I encountered today, from the pharmacy techs to the dude selling Spare Change to the bus driver to the supermarket cashier to the librarian to my own dear husband.

      He is better than A Donkey, though, because all of those people are working, being friendly to others, and not insisting that the world revolve around them. When was the last time Donkey lifted a finger to do anything but hep scam friends scam, or to scam Dadsers into thinking she was working?

      This isn’t about praising people who have prestigious jobs, this is about praising functional human beings, and Donk isn’t one.

      • True facts. Never. Ever. Never ever has she done more than a facebook scold on something.

        And damn now that you think about it with all her privilege and woo bs that is something to ponder. Never ever.

    • I knew this would be an unpopular comment, and I didn’t mean to offend. But I’m surrounded by academics, and many of them — men and women both — need someone to accompany them to events, somebody at home to keep things organized and to let the plumber in or whatever, someone to write thank you notes/tend to niceties. ALL I’M SAYING is there are many kinds of partnerships, not that she’s curing cancer, jeez.

      • She isn’t going to do a single one of those things except accompany him to events, though.

        Maybe I’m wrong and she has hidden depths that will emerge someday?

        I sincerely love your optimism for her, though.

      • Now your original comment makes much more sense, and, as you are aware, I can relate to your sentiments here. However, I cannot imagine Julia Allison being a helpmate to any academic, particularly a scientist with incredible responsibilities. She manipulated, cajoled, and downright terrorized every man who found himself in her web, and now she’s going to play supportive spouse?

        • I’m sure you’re all correct. As it happens, over the past couple days I’ve been having a conversation with a friend on this subject, so it’s on my mind. His (friend’s) husband had a few weeks at home before beginning a new job, but will be going back to work in a few days. My friend is in despair about it, because he didn’t realize how wonderful it would be to have, as he put it, “a wife,” someone at home taking care of things and making life easier for him. Now that he’s experienced it, he wishes they didn’t need both incomes. They’ve both always been career oriented, and underestimated this other role, how valuable it could be. [insert shrug gif]

          • I am myself the work-from-home spouse to somebody with a fancy jerb, and I let the plumber in and write the thank-you notes and (most important) the flexibility has meant that I was able to be with my dad and my husband’s parents in their illnesses, including their final illnesses. I would not trade that for anything.

            Maybe it’s just me being possessive of my own turf when I think that Donkey couldn’t cut it with any of this undervalued work.

      • I was the stay home spouse for years and it was boring, isolating and mind numbing. My husband worked in entertainment, not academia, but there were not a lot of opportunities for me to accompany him to events or fly away to foreign lands. In my parents’ generation my mom was treated as basically an appendage of my dad, and was expected to travel with him constantly and be available for dinners and entertaining the other wives during conferences etc., but it hasn’t been the same for me or my friends.

        I was a very good support in things I can’t imagine will fulfill Julia; visits to the dry cleaner, planning and preparing meals, cleaning and laundry… Of course I was also volunteering at my kids’ schools and raising them which I think we can all agree will be a terrible plan for these two.

        Julia will continue her important work of advising Waterfall Fartfairies on his ecstatic healing cuddle puddle or whatever the hell she claims to do. And Dadbod has certainly brought her to some beautiful places so far, but I can’t help but think, in the long run, when she is no longer the center of attention and can’t run away to Bali or Costa Rica every time she gets bored, it might not be her thing.

        • She is such an idiot. If going to Bali is so important to her, why on earth is she moving in with her “beloved” instead of getting her own place and going back and forth when she wants to, a lifestyle which many people manage to do while maintaining a romantic relationship. She’s locked herself (and himself) in now, and the power struggles will begin.

          Nobody is forcing her to live in Sankt Francisco full time, she is imposing this on herself. Why not continue living the transient way she was doing before she met Dodi? It would be no different than having a partner who is away for business for a week or two every month or so. Make your own money, get your own damn job and apartment and do what you want to! She can’t do this because she derives her entire identity from her partners and latches onto them to fulfill her entire set of needs. It never works! She continues to have no sense of self.

  16. BOOK IDEA:
    He’s a buttoned up scientist.
    She’s a wanna-be hippy who can’t hold a job.
    He’s on the autism spectrum.
    She’s on daddy’s payroll.
    They fall head over heels in love!
    How can this relationship survive?
    Coming from GodHelpUs Press in 2020.

    • Wait. What? Rain had a new girlfriend, and that’s why donk went off the rails? “Why have we not heard of these magic rocks before?”

      • I’ve written about it several times and there have been many comments. When Rain dumped her, Donk refused to leave him alone. He got a new girlfriend and she harassed the woman constantly. Insisting they had to be FB friends because Donk “doesn’t believe in borders.” That’s some damn fine mental health in action!

        • LOL. Didn’t Donk do a dance to honor Rain’s past girlfriends? At his birthday party or something, IIRC? Maybe she was demanding the new GF do the same.

          • I would have killed to have witnessed that dance that she made him sit through. Weren’t the ex-girlfriends there too?

  17. Called it. So predictable. Zero self-discipline. She wanted to rub it in the catladies’ faces that she lives rent free with geezer Dadbod. Congrats! You secured a living situation….for now.

    Get a prenup, Dodi.

    • Didn’t she muse aloud and ask her FB sisters aka fans in the Stans how they handled joint finances when she was subtly not subtly trying to emasculate her at the time masculine for not buying enough junk or something? No phdonk here.

      • Yeah, early in her relationship with ILYRAIN she lobbied for the “masculine” to pay for everything in a relationship, and was soundly shot down.

  18. We know now that the relentless push toward an OMG wedding (or four) will start in earnest. Let’s hope Earnest will talk him out of it. Because as we know, it’s so important being him.

    My prediction: The first will be the appetizer fake wedding at Burning Man, followed by a (legal) fall one in Wilmette, and a spring one in Sankt Francisco, with a fourth one a destination wedding at some exotic vacation location.

    Let the cray begin! She’s found in a Dodi the perfect combination of her autism spectrum father and her industrious scientific brother.

    • Hey, that was my prediction, too. Though I didn’t have a fourth wedding. She’ll of course have to outdo Bear and Kitty!

      • Omg! The gift registry will be insane! Half really tacky Mr and Mrs pillow sets and half loony spiritual nonsense because she is so centered and loves Bali so much. I mean she loves cut rate massages and cheap pedicures.

        • Who do you think you are! Judy Albertson is an eastern mystic who has forced herself to live in the horrible west because her wallet, er, boyfriend has to live this god forsaken nation.

  19. Why is she crowdsourcing? Isn’t Judy working as Advanced Publicity Strategist for the tony HIVE?

  20. She’s already bemoaning being in Sank and it is all to be with her dedodi ! Bwahaha

    “I feel that completely. I wouldn’t be living here at all were it not for my beloved, and my heart aches daily, missing the spirit and devotion of Bali.”

    Must have deleted the crowdsource and added a dumb paean to some other woo cranks

    • Such a sacrifice! I’d be paying my own way, just barely, but I had to move to NoPa and sponge off Dodi because it was what HE wanted. HA HA HA HA!

      Such an anti-materialist! Tho thprithual! Tho evolved!

      “So grateful Michael is standing for beauty and love. I was there when they met (or moments after) on that very first playa date … who had any idea what would unfold from there!?

      One phrase Michael wrote that captured my attention: “much of the western world does nothing for me anymore.”

      I feel that completely. I wouldn’t be living here at all were it not for my beloved, and my heart aches daily, missing the spirit and devotion of Bali. What I’ve come to is this: it is for those of us who have received the “download” to return here to the West and take a stand for that same love and devotion in this place of competition, loneliness, rage, disconnection, fear and materialism.

      Blessings to all who hold and teach the key – that love, connection to nature and one another, silence and stillness and forgiveness IS the answer.”


      • One phrase Michael wrote that captured my attention: “much of the western world does nothing for me anymore.”

        Vomit X a billion

        It’s like when a 16-year-old girl goes to Paris, but way, way, way more embarrassing.

        • Or when a 30-year-old woman went to Sweden with her mother and complained because they didn’t have a Houston’s and she couldn’t have a veggie burger.

      • competition=nobody will hire me
        loneliness=all my friends have jobs and/or children
        rage=nobody thinks it’s cute when I jump on the counter in a restaurant and sing songs from The Little Mermaid; they must be angry assholes
        disconnection=I can’t afford a house in the Marin hills
        fear=other people have responsibilities and worries for the future and no time to play Rainbow Brite with me
        materialism=I can’t afford anything but plastic costumes made in sweatshops


    • Oh my. Already missing her previous persona. Much easier to feel smart spouting mystical bullshit with other spouters than to talk to a very smart, scientist boyfriend. But hey, free room and board.

      • It’s because she isn’t in love with him! He was unlucky enough to be in her sights on the rebound from OMGRain and his tantric penis. She will stop fucking Dodi in three, two, one…because she is settling.

    • Massages are so much more expensive here in Sankt Francisco!

      • True, but Perp-heal, her favorite masseur, is in the bay area, and who wouldn’t want to be poked and prodded by this maestro when he’s not doing the cuddle puddle orgy?

        • Can you imagine the stench? Sankt Francisco is not the most pristine these days, and I use public transportation, which has improved somewhat in the last few years but can still be pretty odoriferous, so I am semi-inured, but jeez if any of these characters entered my bus, individually or en masse, I’d hop right off and walk home, breathing in the (semi-fresh) air.

    • Donk was holding Lilly while standing next to Boxes + Tape, so one would assume the dog’s in NoPa too. ??

      • My take was that she shipped her stuff (including Lilly) home to momsers and dadsers while she was busy not working in Bali all this time. She got the Dodi-move-in notice and went back home to claim her stuff. Momsers and Dadsers packed her shit up so fast, it practically greeted her on the driveway. She stopped momentarily for a photo-op with Lilly, but mostly to show off her shipping boxes.

        I’m *hoping* Lily is with her parents and her litter mate…because it’s too cruel to think otherwise.

        • Me too! Though I believe the stuff she had in storage was all in Northern California. She had to move it from the garage at the Novato shithole to an actual storage unit sometime during a stateside visit.

  21. Post-nip (Pep Nips? Perp Nips?) pre-nup a must. I’d say if thy make it seven years from shattering the glass, with kindness, of course, that they beat the odds. How is the path not four weddings and another Dodi-Donk stall for the little one she needs to lock him in? Lilly-dog is the warm up act…

  22. JFAing to echo my amusement and wonder at her smooth call, off hand, ever-so-casual announcement of the cohabitation consummation. Like no big, just getting my shenanigans ready.

  23. Sigh, She’s back to the Wallets. The deadbeat bald DJ phase was tooo good to last!

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