Updated: Just Breaking: Lilly Is ALIVE!! OMG! OMG! OMG!

I’m a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: Julia’s dogs. Where was Lilly living when our burro was in Bali? Is Langdon, Lilly’s brother, still alive? Whatever became of Magic?

Update: It’s actually possible to think even less of HIVE …


    • I am sure she is not taking care of Lilli.

      She probably gave her away to somebody she barely knew, which sounds bad when you say it like that, but, I have no doubts, was a great improvement in quality of life for Lilli.

    • Whomever it is obviously knows how to take care of her dog’s former nasty eye and mouth stains, so we know Donkey wasn’t involved herself.

    • Yeah, it’s almost like whomever has been stuck with Lily for the past few years has the moving truck coming bright and early Saturday morning and Donkey was finally forced to go retrieve her damn dog…

      • Wasn’t Lilly staying with another Julia living in California? It’s been so long since we’ve seen the poor pooch that I’ve forgotten the circumstances involving Donk dumping her on yet another caregiver.

        • She was, and that sweet girl’s Instagram is the first place I looked for indication of a move in the works… Nothing to see there, whether any such thing is happening or not…

  1. The cataracts. For fucks sake. That poor dog!!! How many years has she had that going on – it’s got to be five now?? I can not believe a vet would allow that.

    • Oh, I know. I nearly wept. We were commenting on those cataracts years ago.

    • Horrifying. I hope for Lilly’s sake that someone sane is caring for her at the moment and that Julia is not allowed to get her back full-time. Lord, do not let this woman spawn.

  2. My first thought? It’s a trap. Burro throws up lost Lilly five minutes into unraveling the mysteries of the missing Yack to throw us off the scent. Is it my PhDonk talking or too many nights in the basement and my lost faith in humanity? But, on the plus side we have “15 and a half”. What the f is that if not decoy? It’s not even a whole birthday and everyone knows Judy believes in those. I cry foul. Also related, what in Greg’s name is with the size of teef? Do they turn green and wear purple ripped pants, too? A weight loss device since not much more could fit in there now?

    • I wondered about the timing, too. The McCain post is up for a couple of hours, and on a slow trafficked Friday night, when a FB post about a breathing Lilly pops up?

      Donk does read RBD and she’s well aware we’ve been asking about that dog FOR YEARS.

      Anywoo, I need to get to bed. Exhausted. Will mull over tomorrow.

    • JFAing to add, what’s next? Mangina deadbeat spotted in California marital bed? Smellsburg writes children’s book? Fivehead wears panties entire fourth wedding? Noodles admits novowels is former cable guy turned paid stand-in/crisis actor to the master class grifter set and Macaw contractually belongs to his agent? Mental dental is broke performance artist but still happily married with fine mental bridgework?

      • Ali Scammy takes a shower, runs a brush through her hair, and stops sucking the life out of young men? Jordan has an unexpressed thought that remains unexpressed?

        • Speaking of Jordo, she was posting some crap about losing passports, birth certificates, etc., because she left them in the car. I couldn’t figure out if she was up to some scam or simply dumb as fuck.

          • ¿Por qué no los dos?

            But she really is that scatterbrained. She locked herself out of the house once when her too-young-to-open-the-door toddler was locked inside, and had to Spider-Man onto the balcony and get in the window or something.

          • I hope she took several photos and shot some video during the ordeal. That blog doesn’t generate knuckle-biting narratives on its own!

    • Good news.

      But she looks manic and like she’s choking the pup before tossing it in the pot with the rabbit.

      • “SEE??? SEE??? I’M A GOOD PET MOMMY!!!”

        • Except you’re not. She’s got to be the only person who expects a cookie for keeping a dog alive. That’s the standard we’re working with. “Wow! Can you believe it? The dog’s not dead.” Except, that’s not even thanks to her, either, is it?

          • But her manic pose is supposed to convince us

          • Yes, this pissed me off. She hasn’t cared for that dog in years and had the gall to force Rain into contacting her when she had the “amazing”news that she was part-time taking care of a dog in Bali! But she lacked the responsibility to even care for the dog when she and Rain were living together in the Novato eyesore! When was the last time Lilly even lived with her? 2015? 2014?

          • The fact that she hasn’t had Lilly for at least a few years is likely the only reason Lilly is still alive

          • Wasn’t there a picture of Lilly at the Novato house when she first moved in, and then she wasn’t ever seen there again? I suspect Donkey brought her home to Wilmette and left her there not long after that.

      • I hate the way she holds Lilly. She never supports her back legs and instead has a strangle grip up the top. Especially as an older dog, poor Lilly needs the support and security. I hope she doesn’t take the dog back to live with her. Gregdamn f*cking Donkey.

        • Dogs that age have a lot of arthritis, especially in their backs, so the poor thing needs to be left alone and not picked up like some rag doll.

  3. She gives a crap about that dog like she gives half of a shit about sisterectomies.

    I’ve literally watched her drag that poor old dog behind her with her feet being dragged on the concrete. Heinous lying bitch, stay the hell away from animals!!!

    • She used the dog as her Paris Hilton accessory for a few years before becoming bored with actually having to care for a pet and foisting Lilly off on more responsible adults.

  4. It is telling that the self-appointed Spokesperson for the Embodiment of Love would pose for this picture without experiencing any shame or guilt about what it represents. Again, she creates a presentation and perception without being truthful. And with all her pro-animal SJW scoldiness on social media, the hypocrisy is off the charts.

    Julia, you used this dog as a prop for years when the dog was young. When you started flitting all over the country, and then the world, you disrupted this creature’s life by pawning her off on family, friends and boyfriends for extended and often indeterminate periods of time. You let some poor foster woman care for her and get attached to her who would have made her a great new owner, and then took the dog away from her. You didn’t get her proper vet or grooming care on a regular basis, especially as she got older. At least one person who posts here and who lived near you in San Francisco marina area watched you mistreat her on walks. And then when the dog got older and less convenient and too much trouble for you, you left her…somewhere. For years. You never mentioned her, for years. You swanned back and forth to Bali, where you can’t bring dogs into the country, just because it was a trendy place for you to go. It’s not too hard to connect the dots and know where you left her. And now, instead of shame and guilt about how you abused this poor dog, you pick her up again like a prop and pose for a picture. Because of course this is what you would do. No conscience, no shame, no owning up to your bad behavior. And you expect people to believe you have changed? You haven’t changed or you would own up to how you mistreated this dog and how you used her as a vanity object. Fuck you. Of all the things you have done this is the worst, and I hope people start seeing through your bullshit and calling you on it, because you are one fucked up piece of work.

    • This. Now she posts on social media that her dog has made it to 15 1/2 years old, as though Lilly’s longevity is Donk’s accomplishment, Unconscionable.

      When she moved to Bali, she insisted on talking with Rain – he’d stopped replying to her 40 text messages and phone calls per day – to tell him of VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: Guilia had a new dog named Magic! And she could magically leave Magic with a local woman when jetting off to woo dirtfests,l HIVE gigs, and her many trips to the states. Yes, our girl had another pet for which any responsibility would be minimal!

  5. OT: remind us, Gilly, which asshat woo it is who claims that the school massacre survivors are “crisis actors“? I wanted to look at his Facebook and see if he was now claiming “psychosis“ same as Alex Jones…..

    • Elijah “Paris Truther” Ray is the asshat woo musician promoting this irrational BS. He’s big buddies with Jaahass Johnson and appeared in that NYT puff piece written by hack Alex Williams.

      • Heh. On March 3, he was claiming “compassion“.

        Feel free, Elijah Lenhart Ray (or is it Elijah Ray Lenhart?) to claim drug-induced psychosis, because you obviously don’t know the meaning of the word “compassion“ if and when you further traumatize parents burying their children.

        Fucking asshats.

  6. I guess I owe everyone an apology about the “rainbow bridge” photo. Clearly what appeared as Xes to me, indicating in the manner of all cartoons that Lilly was no longer with us, were in fact the sun glinting off of her cataracts.

    • HA HA HA HA HA!!

      I owe Jacy an apology for her inquiry into Lilly’s status. As she and others noted, if Lilly really had crossed that bridge, Donkey would have milked her demise for social media attention and hugs.

  7. Perhaps was being fostered by the same good samaritan in colorado who drives around in a van and takes peoples dogs and gives them free grooming before returning them

    • Sankt Skankatron! May she write another endless screed about her wonderfulness and may we pat her on the back again and again (especially if she’s promoting our scams).

  8. Magic lives with her real owner in Bali, who let Judy pretend to be part owner in the hope of getting money out of the crazy tourist. Magic probably has a new name and a new part owner now.

    The mystery of where Lil(l)y has been may never be solved, unless whoever’s been taking care of her comments on the FB. Maybe Grape Nehi?

    Or maybe Mama Bird, and the moving box is Judy’s prom dresses being transferred from Lakeside Assisted Living to Latka’s pad?

      • So, are the boxes then at Marson’s place in NoPa? Donk moved her things out of storage and Momsers made her take the dog?

          • I cant wait for the angry roommates to post here about her braying and creeping at all hours. Pretty sure he rents out parts of his house.

          • After she made him scrub a Dub his Instagram profile choxk kl full o liking young international cute and tinies and created a new IG for e him And curated his Facebook (still has two, till she reads here) he still does not have the old “in a relationship” thing there. 3 2 1 … Or she doesn’t have that power and he’s still smart despite the 40 pound weight loss in a week

  9. 1. That looks like a still of a hostage photo, as Lily looks terrified.
    2. All the sunscreen-less time outdoors, weird diet, weird drugs, cheap shit injections, and so on have ruined her face. She does NOT look good without makeup. (Not that she looks good with whatever cheap shit she trowels onto her face.) Haggard and old, not freshfaced and natural.

    • Ugh. I meant “still photo of a hostage tape”

      Too early in the morning

    • She looks mid 50s there. We’re the same age and it’s shocking how haggard she looks for someone who is allegedly soooooo health conscious.

      • I don’t like to body snark, but this feral look with that scrunched Baugher nose really does not do her any favors.

        • You’re snarking on a stupid pose. Fair game!

        • Does she scrunch her nose because she thinks it’s cute (when 5-year-olds do it), or does it just bunch up like that after all the plastic surgery and Botox?

    • Donkey doesn’t do hints. No way could she ever keep this secret when there is attention to be had! At her age, she’d be incredibly lucky to have even one kid, so she would never waste a second of time when she could be the center of attention

    • Nope. I think she’s noticed that a lot of people who are over 25 are posting about these things called jobs and parenthood, so she makes sure to post about them, too, in an attempt to pass as an adult human from planet Earth.

    • She setting up cover for her next decade of do-nothingness. “I needs more society support! I made babeh.”

      • Indeed. I’ve been cataloging the March 2011 posts and Donk LOOOOVES to play victim.

  10. I’ve been hearing tales of this asshat since before Nick Denton made her deserving cannon fodder; that’s too long to take it on her word/implication that this photo is from yesterday.

      • True. I just don’t believe her on anything.

        Btw, if she says she’s stopped periodically harassing her NYC targets, she’s lying. One of them hasn’t updated their location on social media in ages specifically to avoid her.

        (Hi, Julia! We still laugh about you over Thanksgiving dinner!)

  11. Lili is alive!!!

    Unlike BOOK.

    I wonder what Rebecca the Psychic thinks of BOOK.

    • I wonder what she thinks of Danielle Blum and the HIVE Women she so easily fleeced.

      “Come back and see me, Dani & Donkey!”

    • Wannabe gun bunny phase.
      That dude knows what’s up, he’s seen these gun bimbo types come through the range for “women’s empowerment workshop” things for way too long.

      • She’s more the type of bimbo who thought she would look like those hot gun babes who were all over FB like 7 years ago

  12. That dog is alive by the grace of God and kindness of others. If she had a child she’d pawn it off the same way.

    • Suddenly Donk will insist on CROW having a soul brother cousin thing and that since Noodles is suuuuuch an earth mother type she’d be great at watching the little Donkey Crotch Turdling instead of her while she fucks off to Thailand. Meanwhile Noodles will be monetizing the wee bastard shilling all the crystals and eco shit she can get her hands on.

      The end.

  13. Pets become more expensive as they age. My vet bills near broke me at the end of my animals’ lives. I’m still terribly in debt…but no regrets. I wanted them to know I loved them right til the end. I NEEDED to!

    Julia would not be able to pay the bills, or offer the time, or provide the patience, or summon the strength it takes to give palliative care to an elderly pet. She is too broke in character to handle any of it (not to mention being financially irresponsible).

    So, just disrupt the animal’s life at the end of its life and pawn it off on momsers and dadsers. Well, I’m sure this is the best thing for Lilly and maybe she has spent quality time with her brother (her litter mate that momsers and dadsers took away from Julia 15 1/2 years ago because Julia couldn’t take care of two dogs and handle college too)

    God help any child born of her womb.

  14. We’ve been mentioning Lilly for ages, I’m amazed she didn’t post a photo of her earlier just to get us to shut up

      • This. I’d wager she just saw her for the first time in years, especially if Lilly hasn’t been living with her parents but some other caregivers.

  15. If that dog looks like a puppy to you, then something is seriously wrong with your perception organs.

    • She recently thought she went to a black tie affair and continues to wear horrible shit day in and day out.
      Denial is strong.

  16. Didn’t someone recently ask about the dog on RBD & got shot down for asking & by shot down, brow beat. Also, her knees in that gun photo shouldn’t even be a topic. They are normal legs & knees. Get a fucking life, already.

    • Both Moroccanwear and I apologized in above comments re: our belief that the dog was dead. But again, Lilly is old – Donk had her back at Georgetown and she graduated in 2004 – and we hadn’t heard any mention of the dog in years.

    • I don’t recall actually browbeating anyone about the dog. I sent Gilly a silly picture of Lily crossing the rainbow bridge because several people, not just one, kept asking where she was and I thought she had died (possibly of neglect) some months or years earlier. Dumb me. I never took into account that any person, or even a donkey, would abandon their elderly pet. I personally have a 19 year old cat who still lives with me and vomits on the regular, and I wouldn’t give her away, but what do I know? Also, I thought the message was funny, not attacking, so….

      But if you feel personally brow beaten or shot down, I truly do apologize concerning my thoughtless commentary about Lily dying. And I’m glad she is alive and hopefully in the care of someone who treats her kindly.

      • I think most of us thought that Lil(l)y had joined the choir invisible. Glad to see she hasn’t, poor old girl. I hope whoever’s been taking care of her has been kind.

        • Morrocanwear hugs you right back, Albie. I feel so bad that I was perceived as being unkind to other posters here, which is ironic, all things considered.

  17. The real point of sharing that picture was for the moving boxes. You bet Dadbod’s bottom ass dollar she is going to move in forever AND THEY ARE NEVER BREAKING UP! Hope he gets a prenup 😉

    What a no-class psycho.

  18. OT: Be sure to hire social media expert Julia Allison for all your Advanced Publicity Strategies!

  19. Donk foregoing just one of those Greg awful costumes of hers would pay for that poor dog’s eyes. Just one. And give her such better quality of life as a senior pup. Win, win really for everyone, including those unwillingly exposed to donk’s constant costuming.

    Two of our six rescue pups, the two littlest, live with our retired neighbor now after a natural disaster last year forced us into a much smaller house. But, we still pay her to come over every day to let ours out while we’re at work. It’s extra money that we know benefits the two that live with her. And we still pay for all their vet care, grooming, boarding when needed and extras. Also, we see them constantly and buy them collars, tags and toys along with our others. Bottom line, we still take responsibility, even though they sleep in her bed and belong to her. We expanded our family to include their new mom. We didn’t dump them on her. She’s here constantly for holidays and dinners with the two girls. We even have an agreement that if anything ever happens to her, the girls will come back. Because a pet is more akin to a child than a plant or sofa. You can’t just decorate your home with them and change them out when it suits you or put them away in a closet. But, we didn’t get ours because they were pretty accessories to begin with. We adopted them because they needed us. We purposely gravitated toward needy rescues we came across rather than seeking out designer dogs. My heart breaks for pets that are acquired for appearance sake, status or as accessories. It’s hard to think about how they’re treated behind closed doors, when they grow up, get sick, old or lose their looks or health. How I can make our’s lives better is never far from my mind. Extra money goes to dental cleanings and extra toys and nicer, bigger custom kennels. The huscat is out right now buying new stock of stuffed toys and chewies to replace the chewy stubs and destuffed bodies littering the floor from last month. He has to reign me in as they bring me so much joy and love that I delight in going overboard for them. That they follow me from room to room when I’m home like some drunk Snow White is a point of pride. If either they feel my love or they’re just highly food motivated because I frequently have treats, it’s all good. Suffice to say, getting a pet for the wrong reasons has got to be the worst for the little guy when no one else is around. How many Lillys live lonely little lives in private, neglected in exclusive neighborhoods with fancy addresses because their “owners” (because moms and families isn’t what they have really) are empty vessels inside with nothing to give them in the way of love and affection because they live in two dimensional worlds of “presentation and perception”. It’s worse, in my mind, than pets neglected by poor, struggling families because she has the means to do better by that animal. She just refuses to.

    • I want to come over and hang out with you and your neighbor and all the doggos now! That was the sweetest story.

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