Scolds: Mulia Mallison Can’t Believe You Still Fill-In-The-Blank!!

Scoldy Donkey Is Scoldy! Hey, at least she didn’t upload a video showing tampons clogging a toilet à la her anti-bacon rant.

Wait! There’s more!

Yep, it is Donk. Insane. Especially to those of us who actually have schoolchildren. Tell me, do you plan on engaging in some actual political activism or just posting another SJW warrior fail? Yeah, I thought not.

Bottom Picture: Vegas Judy is a (blurry) vision of Midwestern verve just bussed in from Akron!


  1. What does she f–king do besides rant and complain on social media?! Seriously, what? Hypocritical, self-righteous, busted scold.

    • And JFA, what does she f–king care what feminine products woman use? How is it any of her damn business? You know what I can’t f–king believe, you useless twit, that you presume that your stupid opinion counts. Stay out of my uterus. You have no children, husband, family of your own. You’ve never supported yourself, yet alone another human being. Your opinion counts zero. Less than zero because of the long list of people you’ve hurt while squawking your silly opinions into whatever dead mic the last decade or so. Try walking the walk before you tell others how to live their life.

      Also, know what I can’t believe? That’s there’s women and girls in some countries that have no access to feminine hygiene products much less whatever nonsense product from that sexual harasser, inappropriate ousted bint you may be on about now. F–k. I’m beginning to believe that homeless man actually did knock you a good one.

      • Not to mention that products like Tampax are made from cotton and are biodegradeable, especially if one uses the old p-school cardboard applicator.

    • She is a self-appointed THOUGHT LEADER, bunnies! Can’t we all see that we must all listen to her and do exactly what she says? I mean, just because she’s failed at every single thing she’s done except take support money from her father, why on earth would we not listen and follow to this sage being? Besides, who needs verifiable resumes, anyway? They are so old fart.

      • Such an influencer, right up there with Olivia Jade.

        Only one person has liked the Tampon scold. Can you guess who? If you picked “blond woo goddess currently living in Bali” – DING! DING! DING! – you just won a bag of Cheetos!

        • She’s pretty much self-appointed everything. Self-appointed influencer, self-appointed Coobie representative, self-appointed spokesmodel, self-appointed NBC reporter-at-large, self-appointed fashion week correspondent, self-appointed journalist, self-appointed social media expert, self-appointed goddess, self-appointed dating/sex/relationship expert, self-appointed founder/blogger/lifecaster/CEO of stupid, self-appointed catalyst for insert-pretend-touchy-feely-thing-here, self-appointed fiancé, self-appointed live-in girlfriend, self-appointed arbiter of taste/morality/ethics, self-appointed director of public health/self-appointed & deputized sheriff of sugar. Seriously, what has she accomplished or achieved that wasn’t the result of some “presentation and perception” slight-of-hand?

          • Complete with purloined NBC mic, well, until Page Six called her out as a lying liar who lies.


    Hey idiot, that’s what your parents say every morning when they wake up but here we are.

    Try less yelling online and pretending to work and more actual work. Talking isn’t doing, just like talking about being an author doesn’t make BOOK happen.

    • Also, I can’t use menstrual cups, my omfg anatomy doesn’t allow it. No one has time to free bleed onto a silver platter to worship with on a new moon, dipshit. Take all the seats in a stadium you mouth breathing ignorant ass barn animal.

      • Literally nothing I hate more when women get scoldy about other people’s vaginas, she’s just as bad as an omg white male republican senator she desperately wants to bang yet condemn in the same breath.

      • Same, tippy cervix here. Hate hate hate being evangelized to about menstrual cups. So sorry, so tippy.

        • Welp, you should just bleed all over your damned self so that the environment can support Judy flying back and forth to Bali several times a year to do cheap yoga and massage and, oh yeah, exploit the locals. Thanks!!!!

  3. So do we think Dodi has taken over paying Julia’s expenses from Dadsers yet?
    Jules has to be free from prole concerns like money/rent in order to play the part of Woo Princess / Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

    • Naaaaaaahhhhh. #toosoon if so better have a pre pre nup. Pop’ll be looking for the off load case law precedents 24 7

    • I do wonder if she’s had her magazines forwarded to his 3 BD townhouse in NoPa. Just where is this “digital nomad” living?

      • My money is on her magazines already being forwarded to his place. wait…are there still magazines?

        • If there are still bridal/wedding magazines, Judy has a subscription to each one. When looking through the NonSociety archives, I was amazed to discover wedding picture after wedding picture, 90% of the time belonging to strangers. Donk would go particularly off the rails posting just after she’d banged some guy for the first time. Yoo hoo, Toph Eggers!

        • The same time as all those posey posey pics with horsies. I guess both were equally as vapid and meaningless, except for pretending what life was like on Facebook.

  4. Scoldy Nisha Moodley is our favorite scold and face Nisha. Donk is 2nd best. #handfast

    • Now she’s pulling out her parents and her aunts with her shilling, not just her son Macaw. So sad so not enlightened.

      • Interesting. She’s posted family photos of women of color, yet nearly all of Nisha’s goddess BFFs and clients are willowy white women with disposable incomes.

        • Yep. She;s an equal opportunity sister exploiter though. That bowl of simple quinoa will be $82.39 sitting in her home. Commercial use allowed there in Mill Valley?. (Cacao Swiss Miss currently Not Available, He Gone.)

          • Well, the Good Looking Antlered One In Person did have time to comment on a random video group in NYC while never ever remarking ever on Jena LaDumb’s myriad sad sad cries for a miasma of attention from him even after jetting across the world to Swissland where he was already ecsatically drinking cacao with tinier younger cuters

            Choose Love Now Thank you for being there with your full heart the last few years!! Miss you!

            Sacha Nielsen
            Love you eternally and I’ll be back when the it’s time for me. My heart is in full resonance with you!!!!”

        • I would be all for it if I thought Noodles was doing a reverse colonialism move, but I have come to think she’s just dim.

    • A friend recommended depends underwear. I laughed but bought them anyway and she was totally right, they were a godsend those first few weeks home. If I have another kid you can pry them out of my swollen hands, Julia.
      Strangely now that my period has returned (kitten is 1) a cup is the only thing I can tolerate.

  5. Jesus, Donkey, thanks to you many people are wondering if there are two sides to shooting a child.

    I can see her posting an anti-vaccination screed in 3….2…..1……

    • I’ve been waiting for the anti-vax screed, too. Do you think she makes notes (in colors bright) about her various scolds in her dairy? Um, er, oops! I meant diary.

      • No way she’s anti-vax now publicly, because Dodi wouldn’t agree and would explain in hours of Cancer-free Dan language why she was wrong.

        • Can you imagine the hours that poor Dodi has already put in while attempting to explain basic genetic concepts to Judy and her intellectual acumen?

          • She likely crowd sourced for a quick but overarching class in genetics and thought that would do the trick. She’s up to speed now, I’m sure.

          • “No, no, no, Julia.

            There is NO way your children are going to inherit your nose”.

  6. If you haven’t seen Amy Schumer’s new special on Netflix “Ggrowing”, you must just for this. She totally disses the diva cup.

    • I’m all for folk’s using whatever they want for their periods but I have had it with the Menstrual Cup Brigade. I’m 45 and I have very few periods left, leave me alone to plug in peace.

      • “Have you tried doing xyz? Have you really tried? Have you REALLY tried???? Maybe you weren’t relaxed. Maybe you should stand. OK, maybe you should sit. I think you’d really like it if you just tried it again!”

        It worked for me, but the Brigade can’t always acknowledge that it doesn’t work for everyone. My work pal calls it my “goblet of blood” and has warned me to never, ever change it while she’s in a nearby stall. (Not that I would.)

  7. Here selective tolerance never ceases to amaze me. No one is forcing anyone to use a tampon. How about fighting the tampon tax? Or working for getting women on EBT (food stamps) approved to buy feminine hygiene products.
    Scoldly with a purpose that helps others, Julia who never reads here.

    • Never. Not ever. And we had nothing to do with her removing the “diary” post in record time.

  8. An off-topic anecdote:

    I was an early FB adopter, 2007 or so, but I’m an introvert and never saw any point to using it. I’d check it every few days but none of my 20-30 friends was doing anything interesting. It just seemed like another outrage monetization engine for crackpots. About a month ago someone took a really good photo of me. Shockingly good. I barely recognized myself. Posted it on FB. I got more confidence, started posting more, started friending people. Suddenly I have about 300 friends.

    The thing is: I finally “get” the performative aspect of social media. I’m not a young idiot anymore so I’m not going to post a hundred pictures of me at Burning Man, but it has actually given me a bit more sympathy for JFA. I feel like I finally get the dresses, the glamour shots, the photo sessions, the sucking up to cool people. Not that I’d do it. Not that anyone should do it. But I get how someone can be sucked into that experience, how the posting-for-validation thing works. It does tap into middle school hopes and fears about acceptance and rejection, and as much as I’d like to pretend I’m above those feelings, i’m not. I don’t give in to them, but I’m not above having them.

    • I think it’s fine to enjoy some validation, but some take it way too far. There’s a woman I know only on FB (thank Greg!) who turned 50 in the last year and won’t stop posting pics of herself in tiny skintight minidresses. Yes, she works out obsessively but she also has THE worst set of fake tits I’ve ever seen (like a basketball cut in half and bolted to her torso).

      Thanks to Facebook Stories, she can now see a list of everyone who looks at every gregdamn photo of herself and has taken to calling out people who look but don’t click like or leave a worshipful comment. Literally. As in “I see you fuckers who see my pictures but won’t like or comment.”

      On the rare occasions when someone calls her out for her excessive narcissism, she lashes out about how proud she is of being 50 and looking so hot and young. (Narrator voice: She doesn’t look young. And she looks hot if you like blatantly fake tits and cheap hooker dresses.)

    • OK, but Mulia was doing the suck ups, the poses, the photo ops, etc., long before FB existed. If you ever watch her in action, you will never forget it.

      If you’re going to have sympathy for A Donkey, please don’t let it be because of the performative nature of social media.

    • I had a Facebook account for about 10 years, but I deleted it about 2 years ago.

      I noticed a couple of (negative) things: first people post the best version of themselves, the “outside”, what they want other people to see, and if you compare their “outside” to your “inside”, it may lead you to believe everybody is having the times of their lives except you. Everybody posts the picture of the perfect souffle, not when they drool themselves to sleep in front of the TV after eating yesterday’s Chinese takeout.

      Also Facebook “friends” are not real friends. There may be some overlap between those two categories, but they are two completely different beasts. I reconnected on Facebook with some people I hadn’t seen in real life for many years, and we used to PM about parenting and life in general and one day, thanks to Facebook, I realized that they were in my town, about 15 minutes from my house, but they never bothered to tell me they were coming. That was a wake up call for me: Facebook “friendships” are very very light and ethereal, to say the least.

      What finally made me press the “Delete” button was that, after the election of the Orange Menace, I realized Facebook had become a place where the powerful gather to manipulate the gullible, I am neither, so I had no business being there.

      And that’s my Facebook arc, in a couple of sentences. I don’t miss it at all and have no intentions of going back.

  9. Go to the original of the article that she shared and the second thing you’ll see in comments is a gif of a shooting star with a rainbow comet trail, so of course RainbowBaDonk endorses this post!

    Remember when Donk gorged on Mama McCain’s Girl Scout cookies hidden in the freezer and subsequently claimed to have thrown them in the trash so that she wouldn’t be tempted to eat them? Well, as colliding worlds would have it, there’s a recent news story about young girls, elementary school-aged Girl Scouts to be exact, pooling their own hard-earned money made from selling OMG!sugary! Girl Scout cookies in order to install a menstrual hygiene locker in the bathroom of their public school.

    Think about THAT, Donkey! (Yes raftass, we all know you’re reading along here.) When 5th grade girls are already working harder than you ever thought about working, and getting yet another job done by taking care of their own Greg damn feminine needs, pretty much NOBODY needs you with your snorty sugar-drenched chocolate breath braying to other females what their feminine solutions are.

  10. The menstrual product that Julia is shilling is:
    *single use; not reusable
    *made of non-biodegradable polymer
    *costs about $20 per period

    The company will have a reusable menstrual cup available, but it’s still on pre-order. So Judy hasn’t actually used it.

    That’s right— Miss “We Must Stop Plastic and Wastefulness Now!!!” (whose entire wardrobe, face, hair, fingernails, and eyelashes are plastic) is touting a single-use product.

    I use a Diva cup and washable liners made from organic cotton— it’s not for everyone, and there are some icky moments— but I don’t give a fuck what anyone else uses. Use 5 tampons a day for 30 years if you need to.

    Donk has no idea that many/most menstruating women have these things called jobs that can keep them away from their own bathrooms for over 12 hours a day. Don’t has jack shit to do all day; she can sit on the toilet bleeding freely and curating her selfies for 18 hours straight, with nobody to bother her.

    Why is she still so dumb???!! It is insane!!! I can’t believe it!!!! It.Must.Stop!!!

    • Is it not enough to use organic cotton and plant based applicator while backing that shit up with reusable pads? Is it not WOOOOOO-y enough? Hello?? I NEED YOUR APPROVAL, MISS 38 GOING ON 12!! HOW WILL I LIVE AND BLEES WITHOUT YOUR OPINIONSSSSS

      • Then they will bitch that those things are chemically bleached. Every time she opens that unhingeable jaw of hers she needs to be shamed for her ridiculous carbon footprint back and forth to Bali for no reason, and told to STFU.

    • This. Scoldy Donkey is yelling at women for STILL using biodegradable tampons while pushing a single-use product and yet she’s wailing about rubbish on the beaches of Mumbai only two posts down!

      STFU Donkey!

    • JFA to add: Donk also posted a Forbes article about the founder of the Museum of Ice Cream*, saying she’s “totally captivated by this young woman.” First, the woman is 26 or 27 and an accomplished businessperson. To me, a “young woman” is like 17 or 18. Donk is so weird about age; she’ll refer to a 30-something dude she’s dating as “young man.” It’s like she’s stunned that people in their 20s and 30s are full-fledged adults who can do things.

      *It’s not a museum, but a sort of pop-up play space for all ages… a pink, plastic paradise devoted to sweet treats. (The founder is a lover of OMG evil sugar, and has a line of OMG evil diary dairy ice cream at Target.) They got in big trouble with their giant pool of [evil!] plastic sprinkles, which their customers tracked all over the city sidewalks and into the storm drains.

      So this [young!] woman has built a big, plastic shrine to sugar and diary dairy, yet Donk is fawning all over her… I guess because it’s a great place to take selfies with a pink background??!

      • I was rather startled by that suck-up, too. I have friends who’ve had a great time at the Museum of Ice Cream, but it’s a monument to POISON!

  11. I couldn’t be arsed to spend so much time being utterly outraged about everything. This is what one does when they have a doctor boyfriend who has real important things going on, and they realize they don’t have a “thing” of their own so they glom into all kinds of things so they can proclaim they have a thing too. And that their things are just as important. She is trying to achieve Thingness.

    I wonder when she will be outraged at the carbon footprint of people who fly off on non essential adventures like skiing in Sankt Moritz and yoga retreats in Bali. Umm….errr…oops!

    • But if it’s a magical rom-com adventure in the Pyrenees, doesn’t a girl gets a pass on carbon emissions?

      • It’s wrong to harm animals! Those chickens pulled out their own feathers and gave them to me for my Burning Man costumes!

  12. Can’t believe you, Julia, still up to same fuckin antics and you’re 40 with nothing to show!

    Can’t believe in this day and age you would still be such a loser with no career, looks, real friends, and a boyfriend who couldn’t lock anyone down except you. A donkey.


    • I can’t believe people still eat junk food, when they could have delicious tropical fruit platters served by brown people in Bali!

      • I CAN’T BELIEVE Julia thinks that exploitation of cultures, foods, and religious rituals are hers to appropriate and condone but here we are! It’s INSANE that Julia is allowed to do it!

  13. ugh. she seriously needs to get a job . HOW does she live? HOW does she pay her rent and bills? HOW can her dad till be paying her bills? Even if he does support her, how can he possibly pay for everything? If he doesn’t, then what is her source of income?
    I gather all this faux-PC-outrage posturing is to try to impress Dr Dody Dadbod? Can’t remember her being this scoldy in the bald-DJs-Bali-yoga-massage-woo phase. Do we think she has got rid of the Woos?
    Or does she think some stupid trendy menstrual product (I have no idea what that thing is, I can’t even wear tampons, SSSF can’t seem to get them in; I wear old school pads and dont care) is better for the environment than all her plastic yandy burning man costumes? And her randon trips to Bali, Mexico, Switzerland, god knows where
    UGh I just KANT with her. She was quiet for months and months during the baldy DJ phase. Why does she not see how good that was for her?

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