Monday Morning …

Yesterday, an email arrived that hit close to home and shook me to the core. As such, emendations were made to four posts and some comments deleted. This was an act of compassion; I believe every RBDer would have done same.

We’ll be back on Wednesday and have some some great posts ahead, including what’s up with Smellsberg (hint: it’s gross), that damn Donkey PowerPoint show, and some birthcray bidness.

Until then, here are some funny fauxtos:


  1. If Judy’s former roommate is facing a serious life challenge, I am sure we all wish her the very best possible outcome.

  2. Thanks for watching out for everyone, Gilly. Also, that bebe burro is the adorablest thing ever.

    We’re spending Easter with some awesome friends who have a ranch and super-friendly donkeys. I pretend we visit so often to indulge my preschooler but I’m not fooling anybody.

    • My kid loves this petting zoo and I confess that my favorite animals there are the donkeys. So adorable!

      I’d be flattered if someone called me Donk. Maybe we should change Judy’s name to rhinoceros or gila monster?

    • She looks like an extra in Starlight Express, or maybe a Star Wars trooper.

  3. Donk has a new pic up and yet another cool for “this man” who is looking more and more like the slim stetzer wraith look we knew, surely they are never breaking up

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