“What A F*cking Privilege It Is …”: Ali Shanti Is A Wannabe Performance Artist While Christopher Life Is Really Homeless

The shantress is getting in touch with her inner creatrix:

What a f*cking privilege it is …

To breakdown so completely that I can question my ability to continue, and then to be held in that breakdown so fully that the answer becomes undeniable as I re-member into the deep gratitude I have for the privilege … and the responsibility.

What a f*cking privilege it is …

To allow the overwhelm to wash over me, and move through me, and to feel the full pain of “too much” “how can I” “who am I to” “I’ll do it wrong” “they’ll hate me”, as I take on more than any one person can possibly handle, drop balls, postpone things that I thought were important and sob, and sob, and sob … only to re-member, I just have to breathe and keep going … that’s my responsibility.

What a f*cking privilege it is …

To give more than I think I have to give, to take on all the projection and the reflection and the growth and the learning that comes with it, to be called out (or in), to take it in, to say yes, thank you, more please, to expand my capacity to receive and keep it all flowing through …

What a f*cking privilege it is to be human, in this body, with all this capacity and space and time and energy to fuck up and feel and recover.

I do not take this responsibility lightly.

And, I pray I am wielding it wisely, while also knowing I can do even better. Holding myself in love, while also calling for the more to become every more clear.

Gently. And it’s a privilege to even be able to ask.


I have the idea that this may be the beginning of a spoken word piece, or a show, or some other kind of artistic expression of my relationship to privilege.

This morning, the pressure of being human got to the point at which I felt as if I was going to explode. As I drove to my gyrotonics session with Amber Widom, I messaged to let her know I had a big cry coming. And she said, “it’s welcome.”

She immediately took me into the healing room and began to help me move the energy pouring through me. Thank you dear sister.

And, as the energy moved, all I could think about was how fortunate I am, how privileged I am, for the luxury of feeling it all and moving it through, so supported.

The part of me that wanted to reject the support because why should I have it if everyone can’t, got heard, and felt and seen, and loved. And I remembered that it is both my privilege AND my responsibility to receive it all and then from the fullness of the receiving to let it all flow through me and back out, expanding the collective capacity to receive and give.

What a fucking privilege it must have been to be held by Amber prior to Skankatron’s gyrotonics session. Why must all the tho-evolved woos behave like needy trainwrecks?

As for Ali’s fucking attempt at Karen Finley, circa 1992, it could only be better than Isabella Braveheart’s (nee Konold) performance piece at Christopher Life’s One Nation Under Woo political rally. Christ, this woman is annoying!

When she was still Konold, Isabella fucking teamed up with … EW!

Getting back to One Nation, founder Christopher Life’s wife, Adelle Juliet, revealed she and the former Cory Tanner Glazier were homeless and living out of their car for the past eight months:

We’re into our 8th month of being nomadic; living out of, and today working from, our car.

Sometimes we’ll know where we’re going to stay next, and sometimes we don’t.

Right now we’re going night by night.

We’ve grown comfortable in the uncomfortable.

We can stay grounded, despite being ungrounded.

We’re strengthening our capacity to listen and wait for clarity to emerge – and it always does.

When we left our house I would never have guessed we’d be on the road this long. But this has been good for me.

It’s been good to break away from my comforts and surrender more deeply into the super flow of life.

It’s been beautiful to spend more time with friends, especially living with them. Our friendships have strengthened.

And we’ve strengthened – individually and as a partnership. We’re in this mystery together, figuring it out as we go, grateful to have what we have, and live it fully.

Julia Allison praises Adele for her “wisdom” – all that intellectual acumen must know a kindred soul immediately – but I was left wondering if this lovestruck woman and her husband were more co-dependent than brave. And, like Ali Shanti, Chris/Cory has always seemed a little off to me. Mental illness and/or drugs? Also, he has a son. Does the kid come and visit Chris and his stepmother in their car?


  1. “The pressure of being human.”

    You mean the pressure to hold down a job, to be a part of society, to stop looking inward all the time, to actually help your fellow wo/man?

    • Also, the pressure to stop endlessly navel gazing. My word, these people are tiresome.

      • Um, er, oops. You made reference to looking inward. Sorry, Bunny. I was between errands when posting.

    • LOL fucking exactly.

      I have a full time job in tech, run a company on the side, am raising a daughter, am going through fertility treatments, am in the process of moving to a new city, am keeping myself and my home clean, am taking care of my husband, am am am am am. I don’t bitch about a lick of it. It’s my life, I’m putting in the work, and I’m proud of it. The fact that the stress of her boring life makes her sob sob sob makes me fucking sob sob sob for humanity.

      Take a shower, get a real job, stop ding drugs, start raising your children properly, and get the hell off the internet. You’ll stop drowning in emotions when you realize you don’t have time to even consider them.

      • Good lord, all these people do is constantly break down and cry, or fall apart. It must be exhausting to be around in person, and it seems deeply dysfunctional to constantly be sobbing. Nice humblebragging, though, in the idea that she does more than any other human does. I am sure that is a hundred percent true (insert the nick kroll ‘unh-huh’ gif here.)

  2. I see what you did there, Gilly. Her use of the word “fucking” is just so try-hard. I don’t know of anyone here watches Suits, but it reminds me of how Jessica Pearson crowbars the word goddamn in to her conversations in the most awkward of ways. It’s like the writers are 14 year old boys and they all giggle about how naughty they are when they write her lines.

    So, did these other two leave their home and are living as nomads because they wanted to or because neither one will deign to give up the grift and get an actual J-O-B like the rest of us unenlightened schmucks?

    • And if it’s the latter, how come all of their woo, SJW friends haven’t taken them in until they could get on their feet? I mean, what happened to community and tribe and all that jazz?

      • Bear Kittay did offer to have them visit. I hope he meant longer than one night, particularly since he and Kitty wanted to stay in their friends’ houses for weeks when celebrating their year-long wedding.

  3. She is the worst, definite untreated mental situation that could be eased like the rest by real therapy. Literally the post before this she is touting contentment and happiness. Plus in her own profile page is another profile of her with one of her guises. Plus she is recently setting up to be taken care of by her kids forever, ie “,multi-generational” communal living in the jungle. It is worrisome.

    • To be around Shantitown for even 30 minutes must just wear one out. The constant need for validation, the emotional ups and downs, the woo lingo – I’d run screaming for the hills.

      • Imagine being the child of this narcissistic bottomless pit of need. “Mom’s sobbing again.” “Mom’s off to another festival.” “Mom’s high again.” “Mom’s having another breakdown and needs an emergency healing session.” “Mom’s dildo is on the table again.” “Mom’s Facebooking again.” “Mom’s sobbing AGAIN.” “Mom moved her new 20-something boyfriend into our house again.” “Mom’s blogging about my school problems again.” “Mom needs to be held in a safe container again.” “Mom’s in an emotional crisis AGAIN.”

        • I wonder what triggered this crisis du jour.

          Can’t find bag of weed?

          FBI knocked on her door?

          Dishwasher clogged with broken dildo pieces?

          Son decided to go to college?

          • Please let it be “Mom wouldn’t liquidate her retirement accounts.” I worry about SK’s mother, I really do.

        • Luckily they are being raised in Boulder, which has more than its fair share of highly unstable, self-involved parents. The halls of Boulder High must be filled with kids who can relate. Hopefully they each have a nice friend or two who invite them over for normal dinner and video games with their sane family.

  4. I’m torn about the Life-Juliets. On one hand, he’s insufferably pretentious and maybe a little delusional. On the other hand, the vegan meals for sick people business was an actually useful idea, unlike all the other woo grifts.

    I hadn’t thought about how him going off the rails must have affected his son. Poor kid, that’s a lot to deal with.

    • Was that business an actual thing that he worked at, or just another Julia Going to Harvard or Stanford B-School delusion?

      • It was an actual business and not a bad idea. However, its implementation/management seemed very half-assed. If I were considering investing, I sure wouldn’t want to be forced to listen to Jess Magic caterwauling on her uke prior to signing that check.

        • I think one of the biggest issues was that they were presenting their product as medicine. Medi meals was the name of the company. And the FDA would never allow something like that. Just like you can’t call yourself a healing chef. You can’t represent food as medicine. I think they went down that road pretty far before realizing it wasn’t gonna fly. I think they also underestimated production costs and distribution costs, And maybe tried to roll it out on too grand a scale to begin with. But that’s just from an outsiders point of view. I do remember the time they were talking about moving to Santa Barbara using investor money, and the reaction to that was not so favorable.

          A lot of people fail at being entrepreneurs, some multiple times. It isn’t easy. At least they gave it a shot, it wasnt a bad idea, so hopefully they’ve learned something helpful from it that they can take to the next thing they do. But in the meantime they need to get boring old day jobs so they can get back on their feet.

          • I think it started going downhill when investors realized that he had leased something ridiculously and needlessly expensive, (a Tesla?), likely with investor funds.

            The sad part is that less than a year ago, California launched a pilot program for medically tailored meals in 10 counties, and PlateJoy had already succeeded in getting at least a couple of insurance companies (Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield) plus some large employers (Kroger was one) to embrace their MTM program, so what he had going was definitely a viable option ripe for the mktplace.

            Is it a Tesla that they are living out of? SUCCESS!

          • Thanks for the background, Grifty. So basically, they had no clue what they were doing, just an idea that they thought was so awesome it would work out all by itself

          • Yes, thanks. I’d forgotten the difficulties they’d run into when billing their biz as medicine, plant or otherwise. I do recollect everything quickly going downhill, while Cory went off to regroup and reband. Voila! Call me Christopher Life!

            Cory/Christopher’s woo political party, One Nation, seems equally unfocused, pie in the sky. This won’t end well, especially because they’re already living out of their car.

  5. Holy crap, I honked with laughter when I got to the word gyrotonics. The worstness of this woman is the worst without end, the underworld.

    For real, though, that situation with crying man and his wife is truly worrisome. Those of you who know me know I’m full-on committed to Mr. Handbag — where he’s concerned, I’m as true blue as they come. But I’m much too practical a person to believe love supersedes sanity and self-preservation, especially when children are involved. Good god, woman.

    • For all their posturing as goddesses who’ve integrated their masculine and feminine selves, the woo women seem more more needy and co-dependent than women I know in the real world. Not only friends, but female colleagues and even PTA parents. With the goddesses, every romantic relationship must rival a Hollywood rom-com, with only the best orgasms while experiencing a true fusion with your soul mate. I often wonder how any of these misguided souls can remember to take out the garbage.

    • Also, if my husband announced that we were going to move into our car I would consider it my duty to pull up my panties and figure out a way to continue to live in a place with plumbing. We can’t both be insane at the same time.

  6. Even in the darkest hour of despair, she gives her gyrotonic “friend” Amber an online mention, in exchange for her gyrotonic services, I imagine.

    A-B-G: Always Be Grifting.

    • Yes, you notice none of these grifters provide comfort to their friends for free, do they?

      • Those healing rooms cost money, LRC. She has to charge for her gyrotonic services, she has overhead to cover!

        I am marveling at having the space to have a healing room. I live in a small city space, but even when I was in a big suburban home, where would I have carved out room for my healing room? It would have definitely been a “sorry kiddo, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy sleeping on the sofa in the living room,” kind of healing room. I am not a gyrotonic practitioner however, so what do I know?

  7. Good greg, these woos have me trained to expect total, unmitigated ridiculousness from them… I assumed “Amber Widom” was a typo for “Amber Wisdom”, because OF COURSE Ali Scamti would consort with someone who’d named themselves Wisdom. Au contraire, her name actually is Widom. My bad.

      • There are several dudes on the Gyrotonic Bodhi teachers page (greg, I just typed those words) who look just like “Coach” (aka Douche) from Survivor Tocantins.

    • Nah. Her pushing him for a ring and then a spectacular breakup will be much more entertaining!

      • My money’s on that outcome. We shall see, I suppose.

        Maybe Judy will send a press release about the breakup to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

  8. OT: When last seen, Ms. Allison was chaining herself to a bulldozer in the Amazon Rainforest.

    • Get right on it, Judy. I’m sure some dancing in glittery chaps will convince a kleptocratic authoritarian government to change its mind. Or maybe a brisk yoni-steaming.

      Mark Kirk, how can we help?

      • She’s like Michael Scott marching into the middle of the office and shouting “I declare BANKRUPTCY!”

      • Or maybe he and his colleagues are super woke SJWs and she’s trying in her uniquely awkward, ham-handed way to show them that she’s one of them?

    • Well, Christopher and Adelle are VERY GOOD LOOKING, both in person and in their fauxtos.

      Make ’em an offer, Alton!

    • You know who’s the best person to explain what a woman with a clitoris and vulva wants? A dude who’s never had a clitoris or vulva.
      Shut up, twitchy creeper.

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