Julia Allison, Self-Proclaimed Catalyst For Love & Alleged Consultant To Multinationals Despite Having NO Relevant Work Experience, Hates Blue Movies & Bacon

Donkey’s FB wall is blowing up … with indignation!

First, our burro demanded horror movies be banned and their creators jailed. Orange is the new black, eh, John Carpenter and Jordan Peele?

Next, Feminist Julie left us a link to an article on radical lesbian Andrea Dworkin, quoting the piece’s third paragraph on using aggresive tactics to fight pornography. Not sure if Julie & her intellectual acumen read the rest of the article, or if Donk is even aware of Dworkin’s attacks on the First Amendment, but how apropos. You will hand over your DVD of “The Devil in Miss Jones” to Red Guard Judy, comrade!

Yesterday, Kosher Judy dedicated her life to saving the three little pigs:

A revolting video follows, and no, I won’t be embedding it here.

Hey, Judy! I’m a pescatarian, too. I don’t eat meat, don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke cigarettes, don’t use recreational drugs (not even aya or “plant medicine”), and use sugar (it’s poison!) only sparingly. However, I don’t feel the need to get on my high horse and morf into Scoldy Gilly, berating those who engage in any of the above.

Also, I’ll be holding on to my Blu-rays of “Halloween” and “The Opening of Misty Beethoven” until you and Mao Zedong pry them from my cold dead hands.


  1. meat is murder, judy!

    next stop: gluten. where is the photo of her standing alongside bestie’s food cart with a hamburger on a bun that was bigger than her head?

    • “You will dispose of your prized Hustler collection, babe. I should be enough for you!”

  2. Of course the photos are geniusly Curated. So who enjoys a BLT around her?

    The Scoldy Spinsters are legion

  3. Judgy Julia is back! Has Dodi been exhibiting bad brunch behavior? Someone needs to tell him that the only acceptable order is Pancakes with a side of Pancakes.

    • omg those were jack’s, you hater!! gluten is the devil as well. Julia would never eat the pancakes with a side of pancakes with a side of an apple baby and a side of gluten.

  4. She also posted one of Nisha Scoldeys pay me to be your “sister” grifts with one total like, and not even beautiful nose beaver hit like .. success!

    • She gets one or two likes on her posts and seldom any comments. Keep in mind, our burro has 5000 “friends” and 126k followers. I have maybe 200 friends yet will get 50 likes if I post a snap of one of our dogs doing something stupid.

  5. After the way she treated that dog, she has no right to be talking animal cruelty, unless it’s to endorse it.

  6. 1. If she’s a pescatarian, does this mean that fish are lesser beings than pigs?

    2. I don’t eat pork (and some other stuff) for religious reasons, but I would NEVER even suggest that anyone else do so. If I’m going to a restaurant with others, I make sure that it’s a place where I can get something non-pork. And if I’m invited to someone’s home, most friends/family either keep kosher or already know that I can’t have certain foods.

    3. In the picture of Donk and her far more attractive mother, did anyone else notice the wording on Robin’s apron? Subtle dig at “pescatarian” daughter?

    • Big whip on the not eating meat, Shirley!

      If you’re uncomfortable looking at this refrigerator – and I can’t imagine how you couldn’t be – I implore you not to participate in the slaughter of these innocent, sweet fruits and vegetables.

      It’s not “sunshine” – this is a sentient being that you paid to have tortured and murdered – just so you can enjoy an orange with your breakfast.


      Please stop using euphemisms to cover up cruelty. Stop looking the other way. Stop participating in the business of hurting innocent greens.

      Just. Stop. Eating. Grapes.

      • Anthropomorphized food creeps me out. ?

  7. First Dolls Kills brings back a limited Delia’s remix wardrobe. Now someone is taking Andrea Dworkin seriously. The 90s are back, baby!

    • Does this mean Judy is teaming up with Catherine MacKinnon to go after PornHub and … RBD?!

  8. On my Facebook wall, I just shared a lovely video of a man sharing a nice salad with his guinea pig. What am I doing wrong Judy??

  9. That video is affecting me deeply. It’s truly horrific. My kid became pescatarian several years ago, without notice, out of the blue, on his own, for humanitarian reasons. Now, it feels like I should join him. I just can’t get that little brother pig out of my mind. It physically hurts. And the plastic and sea animals. Jesus. It’s all overwhelming. I went down that road several years ago, trying to help reduce single-use plastic in our community. Got involved in several groups. Started a project. Then finances, employment, life hits hard and you just feel small, helpless. Ugh. If this is meant to inspire change, it’s not working. It’s overwhelmingly depressing. Like brow-beating the poor, working class for eating fast food. What else is there when you have a two hour daily commute, an hour free a night before the grind begins again and $20 expendable to feed a family of three? It’s all well and good to scold the masses, but what actual sustainable change are you advocating for those who don’t have a Houston’s in their area, can’t afford veggie burgers all around and don’t have the resources to fly in Whole Foods on a drone?

    • JFAing to add, blaming the little guy consumer for factory farming is pretty rich coming from someone with so much privilege that it blinds her to the majority of the world with no viable alternatives. It’s like blaming the family in The Jungle for Industrial Revolution abuses by robber barons. “Well, if there was less demand for low-cost, high-fat, factory-farmed Frankenfood, this little pig wouldn’t suffer. You did this to him, fat lady, ’cause you ordered a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger on the Four for Four Wendy’s menu!! Murderer by euphemism! I, childless, familyless, jobless Judy, would never order *that* burger for myself, my non-existent children and non-existent husband on my way home from a long day at my non-existent job. I would order the veggie burger and put it on daddy’s credit card.” F-ck me, donkey. Nobody wants to murder baby pigs or sea turtles. No one isn’t aware of the problem. No one doesn’t hurt seeing that video during their work day trying to make ends meet. And it’s not “Time to RADICALLY reduce our trash consumption, especially plastic” because we don’t consume trash, nitwit. We produce it. If we consumed it better, it would mean more recycling, dingbat. If you’re going to wag you finger at people going about their lives without offering any viable, consumer-specific plans, at least get the words in your scoldy rant right.

      You know, I spent all last week reading medical examiner reports from a “fly over state”. Part of a litigation project. And it reduced me to tears over and over, until I had to hang my head and pray that if there is truly a God, he’d have pity on these beaten-to-death children, these working-class poor who never knew a day of joy in their short, cruel lives that ended with addiction, which started with a workers comp injury where they were pushed to return to arduous labor in pain and ended on the end of a dog leash hanging off a porch, these teenagers, who battled depression and anxiety from a young age because they never knew the touch of a hand that truly loved them, and died alone because 911 only heard breathing on the line and sent the police to the wrong house, the young vet who returned from Iraq to cut his own throat sitting in his truck one night after making several “hesitation mark” cuts (How much emotional pain does one have to experience to overcame the physical pain of cutting one’s own throat?), the homeless man who laid down in front of a train because those few seconds of pain were preferable to one more day of his excruciating existence, the elderly woman covered in bed sores that infected her bloodstream (Where was her family? Where was modern medicine?) and the babies smothered due to “improper sleep arrangements” because their family couldn’t afford a crib, and some how, some way have been there in those terrible moments and have eased some of the unbearable pain, fear and despair in which they died and left in their absence. These folks, I’m sure, weren’t immune to animal suffering, either, but they were incapable of relieving their own suffering, much less the products of systematic factory-farming and a multibillion dollar industry. See, there’s a difference, Judy, between the bravery of speaking truth to power and the arrogance of screeching at the masses to eat vegetarian, sugar-free, free-range, farm-to-table cake.

      • Hugs. So many people are going through so much awful stuff, it can be overwhelming to think about. Thank you for continuing to do this work on their behalf.

      • Hugs..a thousand hugs to you. Thank you for sharing and dong what you do. Beautifully and tragically well said.

      • sending you thoughts and hugs. and thanks for giving a voice to those who no longer can.

    • <3 If you don't mind an overly earnest response: when you think about the big picture, it totally is overwhelming and depressing and exhausting. Plus, there will always be someone out there more ethically sound than you, who's doing more, who makes you feel like whatever tiny efforts you're making are pointless.

      But if anyone is *intentionally* making you feel like that, then they're an asshole. Trying to stop factory farming or tackle single-plastic use or fight climate change is huge, and those problems are only ever going to be solved by lots and lots of people making small changes. And speaking as a vegan, whenever I see anyone making any change, no matter how small, I'm thrilled. Whether it's going vegetarian or trying out Meatless Mondays or just saying "huh, I'm too busy/broke/tired to do anything right now, but let me bookmark this recipe for the future", all of that matters. Hell, your comment touched me, because you clearly saw those pigs as individuals, and that's something that will stay with you, and that you might share with others. It *matters*.

      Anyway, I'm about two sentences from strapping a rainbow skirt up to my nipples, so I'll stop. But I just wanted to say we're all on our own separate journeys, and we're all doing the best we can. I know your comment is about being frustrated, but just seeing someone else care encourages me; thank you for that. I hope someone else can do the same for you.

      • Oh, this and Wolf’s comment below so help. I am so grateful for them. It never occurred to me to take it in steps. The all or nothing of it that would label me a hypocrite was so off-putting. I’ve been talking to colleagues at work about recipes, running figures against our daily schedule to see if we could afford it, so many factors to consider in an all or nothing plan that it was completely lost on me that I could phase out meat little by little knowing where I wanted to be and what we could start doing now. <3

        Thank you for the love but please don't think I'm a white hat. I have no import. Just a cog in a large machine, that happens to be legal, one that will run with or without me. I just never learned to check my heart at the door. I just feel this suffering and helplessness acutely mainly because of my powerlessness to change it.

  10. Donkey just wants to scold other people. She’s not going to do either jack or shit for promoting animal rights or sustainable eating.

    As Macaulay said, “The puritan hated bear baiting, not because it gave pain to the bear, but because it gave pleasure to the spectators.”

    Imagine a Donkapocalypse where sugar was outlawed, pescachickatarianism was mandatory, no sex or horror in movies…what a treat for the soul.

    What else am I missing? Compulsory Burning Mans?

    • This, thisity, this. She doesn’t understand, perceive or comprehend suffering, as she wouldn’t have posted that horrific video otherwise. She just takes whatever soapbox allows her to climb onto her high horse. Last week it was all the chillrens and parenting issues folks face. We pointed out that those folks don’t include her. So, she went and scrounged something she could include herself in.

      • she has no ability to truly understand and share the feelings of others, unless they suit her self-promotion, fake-sjw purposes. awareness and empathy are not states she understands, or what it’s like to truly feel anything.

        as a new zealander now considering the US as my home (second home), never thought that the atrocities that occurred there last week would affect me as much as they have. so much, to the extent that i have to limit myself to seeing or reading the news.

        not saying that those who feel (including myself) are better than others – in some cases they aren’t. but at least they’re aware.

      • No persona is more annoying to me than Scoldy SJW Judy. She throws up post after post about some real or imagined outrage, yells at the reader about his or her ignorance and willingness to let OMG! happen, but you know she doesn’t do a fucking thing about whatever social ill she’s bitching about.

        I’ve been cataloging the late 2010 posts and she appears to have gotten out of a Komen run by alleging that she might have cancer. I’m not making this up. It’s utterly appalling.

        • WHAT??? Where can I find that one?

          Why is are the psycho bitches who troll for sympathy (and sometimes money, goodies, and attention) by pretending they have cancer never the ones who get it? I never used my cancer for any damn thing. I fucking hate people like Donkey.

          • There’s more info here that I have yet to catalog. However, this story might be worth a repost. Just give me a couple of days.

          • No problem – thank you for all the hard work you do here!

            But if she was pretending to have cancer or otherwise tried to make people believe it, she’s even worse than I already assumed. And that’s pretty awful.

        • Same or different Komen Run where Billow’s paid Donkey’s entry fee as a birthcray gift and then egotistical Donk promptly ordered JA-monogrammed tennies (as opposed to honor-monogramming initials of someone who actually had cancer) for the run that she of course never did? Somehow, it would not surprise me learn that she explained away her JA-enblazoned hoofwear as being in honor of *her*, the survive-iest survivor who ever survived by proxy.

          • It’s linked to this Komen non-run. Donk was tweeting cryptically about the possibility of cancer and how nervous she was. Definitely eyebrow raising.

          • also linked: the fundraising party she held in nyc that failed to receive any of the funds she allegedly raised.

          • The tennies were pink and if I’m remembering correctly, she had “Julia” embroidered on them, not merely her initials

          • I’m pretty sure that you are right, unicorns… That’s actually what I was thinking as well but it didn’t occur to me at the time that I was mis-speaking when I was correcting Siri’s voice to text.

          • No problem. I just thought it makes the story all the more pathetic that she put her name, not just initials, on the shoes. And of course she had to have them – they were pink

      • I wonder if Petey has ever seen that photo? I mean, the way he nearly shut down RBD for ruining her reputation, blah blah blah… he should know who and what she really is. We didn’t make her take off her clothes, put pepperoni nips on her droopy pancakes, and pose for a photo

        • Good question. He seems to turn a blind eye to her misdeeds. Robin, on the other hand, has been on RBD more than once. She even stopped speaking to her naughty foal for six months after spending several hours in the basement.

          • Wow, really? Did she make herself known? I can’t imagine doing that to my kid. Then again, I don’t have a kid like Judy.

          • No, Robin didn’t out herself in the RBD basement. It was Donk who claimed Momsers was in here and stopped speaking to her. Donk gave a couple of interviews in which she mentioned Momsers being mad at her because of RBNS.

          • Which shows that RBD/RBNS traffics in the truth. I can’t imagine that Robin would’ve stopped talking to her over anything on a website, unless she knew it’s true (or had very good reason to believe so).

            Maybe she read the “I was inside” attention whoring? I don’t know the timing on when Donk said that vs. when Robin read here

  11. A few weeks ago I spent an entire day with relatives visiting from the Midwest (my daughter’s paternal side), and hours in conversation with one man in particular. He’s a conservative Catholic, one of eight kids, a Republican, quiet and sweet and affable, a little aspie. He works as a food scientist in meat processing, and one of the reasons I volunteered my social skills is because my daughter and her husband are vegan atheist academic liberals. I can talk to pretty much anyone, I int bovvered. Over the course of our conversation, I discovered that he spends all of his free time innovating solutions for food banks, as well as collecting and distributing food across his county in Ohio. I had no idea, and I’ve known him 25 years. He’s deeply educated about how food deserts are connected to race, as well as to declining health rates of the poor across the board, and he was instrumental in helping development the plant-based hamburger substitute his (very large) company has recently put on the market. Not once in the years I’ve known him, and not on any topic, have I ever heard him scold anyone or pat himself on the back. He’s just doing the best he can day to day.

  12. Somewhere there is a photo of Julia Allison kissing a strip of bacon, prompting one of us catladies to adopt the user name “Darling Dearest Bacon Face.” Can anyone locate it?

  13. She discovered Andrea Dworkin’s book’s covers (you know she is never going to read one) in 2018?

    She lives in an intellectual Portlandia.

  14. Therapist translation: new dude rubs his hog with bacon grease while looking at serial killer porn.

      • Sorry, I was just picturing what Judy walked in on to set off an unwarranted Just.Stop. rant.

  15. I stopped eating meat about 3 years ago.

    Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals did the trick, I had been thinking about going vegetarian for quite a while, but reading that book sort of crystallized the idea in my head and I just did it. The book is part personal journey, part hard data on the awful effects of industrial agriculture on animals, humans, and the planet. Just seeing the multi-page list of species (yes, species) that are being decimated in order to catch tuna, makes you cringe.

    I used to be a hardcore meat eater (I was eating pork brains, which you can buy in select markets in Chinatown, as late as 2015), but now I very rarely eat meat. When I am on vacation, it’s harder to keep up (trying to find a “vegetable” dish that does not contain ham in Spain is hard) but at home I never cook with meat (except Thanksgiving, there would be revolt if I didn’t cook a turkey).

    You would think that if you decide to exclude a range of foods from your diet, it will get more boring, but actually the opposite is true: my diet is now MORE varied. I am eating vegetables prepared in more creative ways, more grains (I didn’t use to eat a lot of those before), I cook with herbs and ingredients (like tahini) I never used before, I cook more Asian dishes, I learned to make a mean Spanish tortilla… a whole new cooking universe opened up.

    Of course, not being a fundamentalist, I would never scold people, publicly or otherwise, for eating meat. If I am invited to dinner, and someone serves meat, I eat a little and try to concentrate on the side dishes but, all in all, I have reduced by meat intake by, let’s say, 98% and that is good enough for me.

    • I really like this “journey” comment. So describes the place I’m in, and I appreciate the spectrum of possibilities. It’s the all or nothing has been hard for me. Kind of getting that it can be a process that leads you to a place align with your values of not wanting to harm animals or the Earth. The hardcore scold is off-putting by contrast and less inviting to make the small steps you can over time to bring yourself to the place you want to be. Thank you for that!

      • Mark Bittman’s “How to cook everything – Vegetarian” is an awesome cookbook for the meatlessly inclined, full of delicious, simple, doable recipes, and tons of very useful information.

        The funny thing about not eating meat (Safran Foer advises against using the v-word, because people attach all sort of weird ideas to it, like you are some kind of militant or fundamentalist) is that some people are going to give you side-eye for not being committed / militant enough and some people are going to give you side-eye for the exact opposite reason, but that’s THEIR problem.

  16. Her bio is 100% fluff, it’s always hilarious to think Juliar spent like 3 months writing and rewriting a paragraph or two to make herself sound impressive and considered it enough writing and work to go on vacation.

  17. Hmmm, Wired just put out an issue devoted to CRISPR, with a cow (the second hooved animal to appear!) on its cover, with articles on using pigs to grow human organs, and using CRISPR for more “humane” livestock production. In this case, “humane” means using CRISPR to grow big beefy cows (to kill and eat), while sparing the runts (who’ll just have to be killed because they bring in less money.) So Donk’s scheme juices are flowing for some reason or another.

    • Dan Rather has been posting non-stop about a CRISPR documentary he produced, but Dodi doesn’t seem to have been involved in the project. Nor does his doc producer sister, who has worked on some impressive films.

  18. OT: I just discovered a former boss, who left a prestigious gig to become a La La Land life coach, was one of Felicity Huffman’s mommy bloggers on that What The Flicka blog. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any of my former boss’ entries before Huffman shuttered the site, but I’m curious if anyone on here did.

  19. Donkey’s scoldy tirade against meat is interesting. I wonder if she scolded Dodi for taking her to the Meatball Bar? And if vegan cuisine was a normal thing for his sister, the two of them would not have been standing on her front lawn on Thanksgiving clutching a tray of roasted vegetables, and looking like junior high schoolers displaying their first science fair project.

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