A Reader Asks: Is Partypants Morfing Into Donkey, Circa 2009?


A reader wants to know if we can talk about Partypants, former RBNS moderator and creator of GOMI – is that site still functioning? Well, ok, though I may not be too involved in the conversation. Sure, I’ve read some of the tawdry tales, but I’ve never been a reader of GOMI and PP has never been on my radar.

The RBDer requesting this post insists Partypants is becoming a bit “unrecognizable” after many “procedures.” PP is also sporting blue contacts and allegedly telling anyone who cares that she’s Jewish, though she’s not. Sound familiar?


  1. Yeah, I got kicked off GOMI after this. Another one who has a whole site dedicated to dishing it out, but can’t take any criticism of her or said site.

    • I’m of two minds about your comment. I’ve blocked trolls a couple of times, as well as someone who claimed to be following RBD but had checked out years ago and came into the blog simply to rip me to shreds and get readers behind him. However, my understanding of PP is that she’s used and abused her readers over and over again, particularly in regards to money. I’ve tried to treat commenters fairly and felt bad about asking for funds to upgrade the site and save our archive. Our engineer was flabbergasted that we didn’t have any ads and offered to get us started, but I said no thanks. RBD is just supposed to be fun whereas PP seemed to be using GOMI to earn a living and not always in ways that were honest.

      • But I didn’t go to GOMI to rip her to shreds. When I commented, which was not often, it was strictly on her stories of the day or in her forums. She saw what I said over HERE and blocked me over there. She is very much watching other sites for comments and blocking accordingly.

        There is a clear difference here on a couple of things. When Alice asked for money for GOMI servers, I donated. But, allegedly, she’s also enticed her readers to call her, and then asks them to buy her pizzas and stuff. I used to see her post her phone number but, I never actually called her so can’t confirm with personal experience but enough people have said it that I believe it is more likely than not.

        I don’t love ads but, well placed ones here and there are ok. In addition to her ads on the side of the page, she also has pop ups that come up on the bottom of every single screen you click, and which you have to close if you actually want to read what is on the bottom of each screen without looking at the ad. It sucks.

        • Good lord, who has time to monitor other sites?! And I didn’t mean to imply that you sought to rip her to shreds; I was simply giving an example of that rare moment when I block someone.

          P.S. My kid LOVES pepperoni pizza.

          • I get it. I didn’t take it that way. I just wanted to clarify the she blocked me from what I wrote here. And, to further clarify….I can still see GOMI, I just can’t login and comment or see the forums she hides. I wondered when I wrote that comment if anything would really happen – as I’d heard rumors of – and, sure enough, boom, it did. Which is another reason why I tend to believe ALL the rumors now.

            What a coincidence, I love pepperoni pizza too. Let me get drunk and give you my phone number so we can talk and I can hit you up for some delivery.

      • She blocks people for the SMALLEST of infractions. She also reads private messages between followers and if she doesn’t like them, will block them both. The threads seem to have dropped in participation by 50-70% – no exaggeration – she’s blocked that many people.

          • There are way worse blogger/Instagrammer gossip sites, in terms of functionality and quality of commentariat, terrifying as that is.

            It seems like a lot of growth in new commenters is via people looking for somewhere to talk about relatively small fry Instagrammers.

          • Many of the commenters are sock puppets. Girlfriend gets drunk and talks to herself.

            Hi, Alice!

      • Gilly you’re lovely and you do a wonderful job and the vibe here is very different imo.

        • Agree! Everyone knows Gilly does this for the funnies and the community here, not to make money.

          • Very true, and while I know that some RBDers left when Donkey went woo, I’m rather fascinated by the shady, slimy, sick subculture. You can’t make up folks like Christina Morassi and Christopher Life!

          • I find the woos mostly boring, but I stick around for the awesome comments, the community (some of the tangential topics are fascinating and so servicey!) and because Donkey will be Donkey, no matter the facade.

        • You are! And funny as anything. I especially appreciate your extensive knowledge of the Russ Meyer canon (and postings of images from same.) And actually all the references to so many of my favorites (old/not-so-old; obscure/not-so-obscure; Ruby Keeler/Best in Show.) Really, it’s the shared sense of humor and wide-ranging cultural (pop and otherwise) literacy that makes this such a delightful community.
          P.S.: Ruby Two-Feet, you been rung again.

          • I get a wonderful charge out of the pop references that pop up in the comments and you’ve made me gasp and/or giggle on several occasions, FLM.

        • Agree, agree. if RBD were a cocktail party, Gilly would be the hostess with the mostest; kind and generous and funny. Thank you for keeping our ship afloat.

          • And you would be making some of the most thoughtful comments at that cocktail party, Morrocanwear.

  2. Dis bish, she’s the fakest fucking psycho on par with Donkey. Christ, what a gregdamn train wreck. Thought she’d drink herself to death before she morphed into a fat Juliar.

  3. she looks so different!

    also im a bad judge of these things, but are those….pelts? or just a trick of the light

    • They are indeed pelts, and, Donkey-like, she yoohooed the pelt installer on her Instagram when it was still open.

      She also shared photos of her under-chin liposuction on said Instagram.

        • Wow, I never noticed how uneven TJ’s brows are. Cannot believe he’d be allowed to work in a salon with those brows like that.

          • He’s so creepy, more like a hologram than a flesh-and-blood human being. Do those brows even match the color of his hair and goatee?

  4. There are several threads on r/BlogSnark about this. It’s truly insane. Her Instagram was unhinged before she made it private (nycaw.) Would welcome this discussion, it’s definitely snark-worthy and fascinating. I am so curious if she is still making a sizable income from GOMI. Also fascinating that she is becoming a carbon copy of the bloggers she snarked on. Is that the joke?…

    • Don’t know about how much she’s making from GOMI (the ads look decent) but a childless relative of hers died a while back, and my theory is that an inheritance (money, but not fuck-you money, it looks like) is how she’s financing her foray into Upper East Side socialite wannabedom.

      • Truly the most basic form of basic

  5. Good Greg, that is just sad. I’m not even trying to be (a 12-year-old’s idea of) snarky, just seriously (honestly, genuinely, literally, whatever) sad. I know people have had all sorts of horrible experience with PP, but she’s never been anything but nice to me*, and regardless of that the sheer WTF of this all seems sad.

    *We never talked in private or anything, and of course we never met in person, but I think at one time I was recognizable because I was the only Soviet citizen (see what I did there) at GOMI. I discovered GOMI before I discovered RBD, and it was much smaller and funnier back then in 2010. I say “funnier” as in “funnier than the last time I checked,” which must have been at least a year ago, so I have no idea what’s been happening there recently.

  6. Sorry to be salty, but PP is scary as shit, as anyone who’s had the slightest dealing with her will attest. If anything, she’s MORE broken than JA. Way more.

    • I’ve never had any direct dealings with her but yes, she is fucking frightening. Always stayed away from engaging her because I have been on various fora/message boards for a LONG time and think I have a pretty good read of people. I do NOT understand her morph from “Brooklyn hipster” to “UES socialite wanna-be.”

      • And yet she has never been nor ever will be either of those personae

    • totally agree. Bonkers in a way that is scary. This transformation into Poufy Social Partypants feels like something out of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, or maybe Grey Gardens.

  7. Haa!! Partypants has *always* been weirdly defensive of Donkey, so it makes totally sense that she would be a FanGirl and try to Single White Female the Donk. NYC “Gal about town” Donk is probably PP’s dream scenario.

    • Way back in the day – when this group was first forming – I noticed that some of the most diehard Donkey Haters were actually those who either tried to be friends with her but were rebuffed or just jealous of the lifestyle she pretended to have.

      • Sure, we have some diehard RBDers who have been around from the beginning and never wanted to pal around with a burro, but readership seems to have changed a great deal over the years. Who’d be jealous of a layabout who works piecemeal, bones dusty DJs, and had to move to another country because she couldn’t afford her homeland? I can’t image any lurker or commenter wants to be Donkey at this stage of the game. Well, other than PP?

        • Oh, I know that most OG RBDers know exactly who and what she is, and never wanted anything to do with her. But there was a small but significant group who were conned by her facade. Back before she was serially fired from every job and stopped dating high profile guys, but now can’t even hold on to balding, drug addled, middle-aged DJs at stoner dirt fests.

          Back then, she was still riding high (mostly on fumes) with her Star job and flouncing around the city like a SATC noob. That is the Donk who those people wanted to be.

          • I was definitely envious of some of the writing and media opportunities that she hustled her way into or got through connections. Anybody with a shard of work ethic really could have made something out of the Star job.

          • Jill Dobson had the job just before Donkey, and she worked it. With hard work and a likeable personality, she leveraged it into a fulltime job as “Entertainment Reporter” at Fox News. Donkey thought that just her mere presence would land her an equally lucrative spot at Fox.

            Back in the early days of RBD (when it started as RBNS) I remember at least a few who had admired her bullshit and tried to befriend her, but were rudely rebuffed. They became some of the most passionate anti-Donk types. Of course those who’ve had the misfortune of knowing her, having to deal with her, or having a JIML have always been a larger group here. (This site helped me recognize that my “best friend” was not just a little cold and awkward, but a full-on sociopath. And I am always grateful for that knowledge, because I never would’ve thought of that and would’ve continued blaming myself.)

            I also resent how she got a book contract with no effort, and then squandered it. After a few years of hard work and learning, I earned a contract from a smaller, prestigious publisher – but I did it on my own. Not by riding the coattails of the Duck Dynasty inbreds.

          • I thought the Trib syndicated column could have been a breakthrough job for somebody smarter and more productive. What a blown opportunity. And handed to her on a silver goddam platter.

          • Her father talked a neighbor of the Boogers, a photographer at the Trib, into vouching for the idiot and got her the job, which Donk proceeded to use as she’d used her column in the Hoya: in the hopes of settling imaginary scores with those who’d wronged her.

  8. Wow. I didn’t realise PP was going full makeover.
    I read a weird rumour that she had a child in Texas. She does seem to be a bit troubled.

    • He’s an adult now. He was raised by his father, PP’s ex-husband.

      I can see why she wouldn’t share that information, given how people judge parents, especially mothers, for not actively parenting.

      • Oh wow, so she does have a child. Yes I can see why she wouldn’t want to share it.
        It does seem that she is not 100% okay mentally though and the child situation might contribute to that, assuming it maybe was not her choice to be away from them.
        I feel badly for her knowing that.

        • I’ve never seen anyone suggest that it wasn’t her choice. At one point, she told people she had had a child and had given the child up for adoption.

          • I strongly believe parents who abandon their children are the scum of the earth. However, PP seems to have serious mental issues and perhaps her child was better off living with his father or guardian while his mother ran off to play Brooklyn hipster and wannabe socialite.

      • Sometimes I wonder if Albie is really Greg Almighty because she knows some shit!

      • She’s told *everyone* about that child, though, in her nonstop drunken phone calls. She told me in 2008 or 2009, while swearing me to secrecy. (I only answered the phone to her once — she was so alarming, once was all it took — but I know some people who felt sorry for her and answered numerous times. They are kinder than I.) PP had a BIG thing for MMBH, for instance, and sent me unsolicited screenshots of conversations she had with her, and there was the child right there out of the gate, too, and over the years virtually everyone who ever interacted with her was told about the baby. However, and this is my favorite part, I was told she carefully chose two gay men as his adoptive parents, because she knew they would be discriminated against by any traditional adoption agency. I guarantee someone else here was told that whopper, too.

        • I should add that MMBH was incredibly gracious to PP behind the scenes, even though she must have been freaked out, and then PP turned on her like mad when Mary didn’t behave as if they were “family.” She did the same to Jordan, and many, many other women. I read the Blogsnark thread when it was first mentioned here (not since then), and you see the same behavior reported over and over and over.

        • She saves the story about her child to use judiciously, though. It’s the ace up her sleeve to fake a deep connection.

          Someone should have told her that Breakfast at Tiffany’s isn’t an instructional tale.

          • As I once said to a friend who was enchanted by the Blake Edwards film, it’s a movie about two whores.

          • A few years back, the skank who went after my then-boyfriend (with the help of my sociopathic “best friend”) dressed up in a BaT costume for a major family holiday and posted pics all over Facebook. She actually thought she was the height of sophistication in her ridiculous fake pearls, bizarro beehive (that looked like it belonged in some dusty truck stop diner), and long gloves.

          • Ridiculous costume at a family dinner? Selfies all over Facebook? OMG pearls? Bizarro teased and sprayed hairdo? Dusty? Thinks she’s sophisticated? Hmmmmm…..

          • This one’s family is literally white trash (grew up in a trailer park, has more than a dozen siblings/half-siblings/step siblings, most male family members have been in prison, claims to have run away and supported herself in her early teens), not upper middle class strivers.

  9. I will always have a soft spot for Alice. She has the power to make better choices, all she has to do is decide to do so. If she truly took control of her life and decided to be happy, then she could be her true self who is not this nasty person she portrays on the internet. I will never stop rooting for her.

    • I don’t know you — have never seen you here — but if this is your approach to mentally ill addicts who never get better, decade after decade . . . bless your heart.

      • Yes, I’ve never seen her/him on here before, nor that IP, but after everything I’ve read in these comments, I agree: PP will soon find her “true self” (Julia in 2009) and leave her nasty website persona behind. It’s a shame what the internet forces us to become.

  10. OMG. I mean O.M.G. This is neither the look nor the persona I would have predicted for Partypants, and I am having trouble processing the metamorphosis. I thought nothing could shock me anymore, but yeah. I am shocked.

  11. Y’all remember back when she set up a chat board here? It was great minus her.

    I also remember her asking for pizzas ?and I know for a fact Bob (where did he go, and where did stalker go that gave him CDB name?) subsidized her move from Ohio to NY. I’m sure she never paid him back, just like her donkey idol.

    • As of 2015, when I left GOMI, she was still asking for pizzas. She was all over the GOMI chat, spamming her phone number and begging people to call her. I deleted my account after she PM’d me her phone number, with no other message, like five times in a row.

  12. Dont know anything about her at all, for some reason I thought she was British.
    But I used to love her posts here and adored her dark rapier sharp wit. I still read GOMI from time to time, for the Jordan Reid posts, and still find PartyPants as funny and snarky as hell. don’t know anything at all about her but wish her well. She, Jacy and JP started a great family here. And all love to aunty Gilly for doing god’s work in keeping it up!
    I think if PP can make a good living out of GOMI, why not? Good for her! If Gilly wanted to start ads on this site I would be more than happy to click on them, if it helped pay some of the costs (and time) that she puts into it.

    • I’ve spent time with her. She is straight up fucked in the head and fucking disgusting.

    • Her humor really isn’t all that funny when you think about it. And it comes from a pretty dark and hateful place.

      • Agreed. She wasn’t on here all that long and when I was cataloging the 2009-10 entries, I was appalled by some of her posts. I didn’t find them funny at all. Just angry and resentful.

  13. I remember her well and found her oddly endearing even though she came off as somewhat batshit. Like posting her phone number online and inviting strangers to call her…that sounded off so many alarms in my head. We chatted online several times and I had no beef with her, although she struck me as very lost and unhappy.

    She reminded me of the quintessential high school misfit who openly made fun of the popular kids at school yet secretly wanted to be accepted by them; she seemed to genuinely admire Julia and the NS gals’ hustle despite her supposed ongoing disdain.

    I know she had her issues here and was rightfully given walking papers, but I was glad to see her do okay with her own snark site. And now I’m officially freaked out that she’s a deadbeat mom who’s currently living her best wannabe Manhattan socialite dreams a’la Donk; I liked her much better as an angry bloated wannabe Brooklyn hipster cat lady. This seems so sad and desperate.

    • And speaking of sad and desperate, wonder whatever happened to angry puppet master Loren Feldman? He was another batshit one but he was a hoot!

      • No idea. He uploads and removes his Julia puppet videos on You Tube. Over and over again, though I think he might now make all videos available for a monthly fee. I’m sure consumers jumped at the opportunity to subscribe.

  14. Looks like donkey wants in on the attention Scoldly garners by using her kid online to appear worldly wise and sexay nekkid with deep thoughts. She posted eleventy billion articles on chilrens and parenting issues. But, crickets response ’cause when you don’t actually have chilrens while blabber-posting chilrens related things about parenting hardships of which you know nothing, you look sad. No way to spin it as “my heart breaks for all the kidz” when your heart is full of spite, scheme juice and glitter nail polish in atrocious color. It’s not like the SiL is going to let you borrow one of her’s again for the purpose of differently-abled aunt onesie photos to exploit for online attention from the latest mark. “See what a quirky maternal type I am? I wear onesies while dangling toddlers over gourds for Facebook likes. So fun! Pay no attention to the Google images of me dressed as sexually provacative school girls exploiting dangerous sexual stereotypes for NY media attention while bemoaning rape culture and claiming sexual assault high-ground for having once been physically rape adjacent…That was years ago.”

  15. My heart hurts for PP. I have friends who lived hard, mean lives with few opportunities for real happiness and end up battling addiction, some who even lost their battle with addiction. For any who are finding ways to do what they lobe that brings them happiness, I secretly root. Change your life. Find joy. Life is too short and cruel to do otherwise.

    I think she looks good in that top photo. There are so many wealthy people and children of wealthy people who use surgery and procedures to alter their looks (Ivanka Trump, donk). I don’t bemoan the same to those of less means. If it makes you feel beautiful, then by all means. Why does donk get three noses and PP denied a new chin? There’s a whole Melissa McCarthy movie that’s costumed post-chin-op. Defined jaw shouldn’t be just for cake-eaters. That I am a woman of a certain age who cannot currently afford defined jaw aside. I’ve always felt this way, even when I was the poor, dirty child who got Cs and Ds in “personal appearance” in first and second grade public school, long before I became the catlady lawyer at lol. All women deserve to feel beautiful and have the means to define it for themselves. My heart aches a bit when a woman has scrapped her way up in life and gets her ankles tugged to remind her what she came from. Just like a friend of mine, who is a published author many times over and NYT’s best seller, groans inside when someone yells her old name across the room at a book signing.

    • I think that’s a lovely and warm-hearted point of view.

      If I still posted on GOMI, I would quote you the next time PP started talking trash about another woman’s cosmetic procedures. Or name change. Or any other kind of self-reinvention.

      • Okay, not cool to trash the elevator they themselves rode up in. Send it back down without taking a piss in the corner or licking all buttons, after giving blow jobs for shoes.

    • Yes, I don’t begrudge anyone doing anything, really. I don’t like hypocrisy and that seems to be PP’s thing. She rags on bloggers for deleting comments and blocking critics, she does the same. She has roasted people for cosmetic procedures and trying to claw their way in to a different social strata, she has done the same.

      Similarly, I actually don’t fault JA for having three noses. Whatever. But, from what we’ve heard, she has or at least had, a tendency to make people feel small and dismissed for not being at her level – whatever she thought that level was physically or career/contact wise. She’s still being a SJW all over the place when we know she’s legitimately screwed people over by sleeping with their boyfriends and stalking those boyfriends after breaking up. Again, it’s the hypocrisy that gets me.

      • I hear that and can’t argue with logic. How are we meant to have a civilization when these bark face scolds are running around arguing out of both sides of their mouth? These twits, who think the rule of law doesn’t apply to them, who snipe at those who got where they are by hard work, or prattle on about remaking the world through “love” while acting on their every base and catty instinct behind closed doors, are why we can’t have nice things.

    • This is a truly lovely post, Curling. Graceful and thoughtful. Sigh if only A Donkey could learn from you!

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