Updated (2): Culturally Illiterate Julia Allison Would Like To Put David Cronenberg, Jordan Peele & John Carpenter Behind Bars

Nisha Moodley, who enjoys posting naked pictures of her toddler for all the world to see, has a not unreasonable request:

Julia Allison, whose life was destroyed by a TV show and whose father hates free speech, would like to take Noodles’s request several steps further:

I take it Simone and the two Julias didn’t see “Get Out,” which was nominated for Best Picture? I could suggest several smart books about the pleasures and cultural significance of horror, both literary and filmic, but what would be the point? Just asking Judy and her intellectual acumen to read anything other than the latest self-help slop would be like asking a bear to shit in a toilet.

Bottom viewing suggestion! Karyn Kusama’s “The Invitation,” a horror film about murderous California woos, is one of the best-directed motion pictures of the past few years. Frankly, maybe we should put the woos behind bars? Oh no, your dotty aunt Gilly is confusing representation with reality again!


I was VERY impressed with her use of “myriad” on the vocab test and with Dr. Donkey’s continuing attempt to make spurious alliances between artistic expression and real-world horrors.

Update 2: Donkey of the Red Guard is now blaming pop culture for U.S. school shootings and our “sick society,” while handmaidens Noodles and Jim Clark cheer whatever idiocy falls from the burro’s maw:


  1. Well I mean, this IS coming from the bint that demands suger be outlawed.

    Fucking idiots all around.

    • The same dumb bint who wailed on “sexist” Mad Men because she’s incapable of contextualizing anything other than her most recent vacation from vacation-itis.

    • scoldy julia is one of my favorite personas as it reveals that she has no substance.

      can compare to cotton candy: no substance, bad for you, squashes down to nothing and leaves a bitter aftertaste in your mouth.

  2. We should all only read Epictetus and make hysterical jokes (which lesser humans will never understand). I mean, a movie like Let the Right One In is obviously an abomination when compared to the enlightened class and humor of Sex and the City 3. Maybe there could be a special “jail” for movie makers who don’t appeal to burro tastes and homeless people who don’t realize that Frisco isn’t for them. What do you think? How can I help?

    • I weep for a world in which Kathryn Bigelow and Guillermo del Toro are forced to make moldy Kate Hudson rom-coms.

    • Yes, yes.

      Only Epictetus and the Communist Manifesto.

      I am glad we are having this conversation.

  3. Yes, let’s ban scary stories. Lock up the people who make them! Then we should cull other art forms for things that we deem offensive or capitalist. Get rid of all these traditions! Nevermind that storytelling (scary stories, etc.) is a core element of the human experience. People who make this kind of art should be tortured! Let’s call it the Cultural Revolution!

    Great idea, Donk.


    • That’s the thing with abusive people, selective tolerance always rears it’s twice augmented head. If you don’t like it, don’t watch them. Free will is a powerful thing.

  4. The irony burns here, especially because Nisha just posted a photo that would result in her execution in a handful of countries.

  5. Let’s ban Frankenstein and everything by H.P. Lovecraft while we’re at it!

    This is straight out of the vintage “Why do men still rape women?” and “Sugar should be illegal!” Julia playbook.

    • Why stop with the 19th century? Let’s ban The Castle of Otronto and the legend of the golem!

    • All it needs is a dose of “Ashton, how can we help?”

  6. Well now we know Nisha Scoldey has poor little Macaw sitting in front of a TV while she glams and slams and posts epic drivel and scams her sisters.

    • Exactly.

      Macaw must have got scared of some ad for a horror movie while he was watching TV *by himself* and now she is overcompensating. Sorry, parents of young children, but just because you are going through that very special time in life when you are parenting young kids, the whole world is not suddenly going to become toddler-friendly.

      My daughter and I watch The Simpsons together, even the Halloween specials, but I explained to her that on the Halloween specials all sorts of weird things can happen but they are all “pretend” and that we recognize those episodes because the letters on the credits are green and the music is “weird”. She calls them “Spooky Simpsons” and asks to watch one every now and then.

      One day we were watching a “spooky Simpsons” and something horrible happened (a dinosaur bet Homer’s head off, something like that) and she pats my hand to comfort me and says “It’s all pretend”.

      • I watched Creature Feature and Chiller Thriller with my dad when I was a wee one. And we have some treasured memories of those times.

          • I don’t remember — I was too young.

        • Some of my most delighted memories of my son’s childhood years involve our eating dinner watching Mystery Science Theater with both of us cackling so hard I feared we were in danger of choking. This was when he was 10, 11, 12, and he has maintained that same taste for absurdity (and horror movies) to this day. As have I. Puma Man 4-ever!

  7. She’s got all the arrogance, contempt and conceit of a world-renowned celebrity with none of the talent, experience, knowledge, work ethic or instincts. She’s a veritable Walmart Anna Wintour. Although, that’s unfair to the hard-working employees of Walmart. My sister’s a Walmart manager, who works 15 hour shifts, helped raise two nieces and has five rescue dogs. She has more work ethic in her weekend plans than donk had in her whole career.

    Also, donkey, let me ‘splain you something. We don’t police art, thought or expression. It’s what separates us from the Taliban, you millenial twit. Irony is a condescending dingbat, who has excelled at living a life of extremely poor taste in multiple mediums from print to fashion to reality television, wanting to outlaw artistic expression she finds in poor taste due to her own limited taste. This is a democracy, you killjoy jailer. Best zip your trap about outlawing poor taste ’cause if a vote is called, you’re first up for the gulag.

    Also, are you seriously incapable of comprehending the hypocrisy of those statements coming from a self-professed catalyst in a “global movement for love” who on the same night posted a NYT article on our culture of contempt? Did you even read said article before slapping it up there with your insightful “Yes”? Because it doesn’t mean what you think it does, as in practically the same breath you’re screeching “Lock Her Up!” at some of the most talented artists in the film industry. Are you really that stupid? How did you get this far in life with that noggin just hollow and rattling around the internet like an empty soda can, with the tab broken off and dropped inside, blowing through a parking lot on a windy day?

    Some advice, if you don’t understand it, don’t comment on it. And until an authority tells you that you got it, assume you don’t understand it. Dean Koontz is a rare talent. Saint Odd and his whole Odd Thomas series changed my life. There are some truly poetic and meaningful thoughts in his writing that can only be born out of the dark canvas in which he works. They moved me and compelled me to change parts of my life for the better and strengthen parts that were incapable of processing trauma and true evil. So just shut it. Can’t say that nicer and convey the value of your social media silence over the newest asinine thought that made you break it. While it’s fun to watch the trainwreck of your life since it seems you truly excel at being an unsympathetic figure, ignorance can be dangerous when it’s matched only by your zealotry.

    • Slow clap.

      That’s the thing about people this stupid – they are so sure that they understand, that they’ve mastered everything.

      And if they’re so damned spiritual, why can’t they see that in our art we must explore the dark as well as the light? That we can’t have the light without the dark? That we must be able to examine all that is dark and ugly, and even that which is dark and beautiful? We mustn’t be afraid of ideas.

      • Stupid arrogant people have always existed, but the Internet has multiplied their stupidity and their arrogance, with disastrous consequences for everybody (see: measles epidemic, Trump presidency, Brexit etc).

    • Wow! That pretty much sums up Donk.

    • Curling Irons, I BOW TO YOU! Pulitzer Prizes in Literature have been won for less than this paragraph:

      “Also, donkey, let me ‘splain you something. We don’t police art, thought or expression. It’s what separates us from the Taliban, you millenial twit. Irony is a condescending dingbat, who has excelled at living a life of extremely poor taste in multiple mediums from print to fashion to reality television, wanting to outlaw artistic expression she finds in poor taste due to her own limited taste. This is a democracy, you killjoy jailer. Best zip your trap about outlawing poor taste ’cause if a vote is called, you’re first up for the gulag.”

      • I like the empty can with the top in it rolling around a parking lot on a windy day part.

    • I am not worthy of your truly eloquent rant, Curling Irons. You will, of course, be ignored by Judy,

  8. these people are so weird. they want to “escape the judgement of society” about their various lifestyles, substances, etc. (not saying they are bad, just that others have different perspectives) that others find dangerous, but scary movies are beyond the pale and no one should be allowed to watch them? what? and I say this as a total baby who gets scared by even bad horror movies and can’t stomach watching them.

    should we all just watch videos of divine orgies with our kids instead?

    • The woos are quite arrogant about their lifestyles and beliefs. No one has better sex than any of the goddesses! Sugar should be outlawed! Psychedelics are the best thing since sliced bread! And both Noodles and Jim Clark, one of Donk’s biggest fawners over the years, loved the idiot’s suggestion to ban a film genre that she didn’t like. So tolerant!

      I don’t know where to begin with this idiocy. When the Production Code was at work in Hollywood, from 1934-68, horror often examined cultural anxieties that couldn’t be broached in more conventional films and gave a voice to the marginalized. Guillermo del Toro plays with the conventions of 1950s horror in The Shape of Water, aligning those without power – the disabled woman, the black woman, the homosexual – with the ultimate outcast, the creature from the black lagoon. I could go on and on but Dumb Donkey exhausts me. How can Dodi stand to listen to this epsilon minus blither on?

      • Bet you 10 million dollars he loves horror and she just has to clutch her pearls because some cleavage came on screen once and instead of being concerned with violence, “Don’t look at her! Look at ME!”

        • I was thinking so, too! One of my best friends is at Cal-Tech and he reminds me a bit of Dodi. My mate adores horror – the more fringe, the better. His wife has no interest in the genre but doesn’t give him a hard time. But if Donkey can’t have every element in her latest romantic fantasy fine-tuned to her specifications …

          • Yes, exactly. “How could you watch this garbage?!”

            I know the type you mean. My ex worked at cal tech and is a bigtime genomes dude…and he loved horror and weird shit.

  9. Wow. I am not concerned one bit because literally NO ONE gives one fuckin shit what these shit-for-brains think. HAHAHAHAHA

    Julia looks like a horror creature. Should we lock her up?

    • I say we look her up because she expired eight years ago and no one likes a moldy Donkey.

  10. Lots of the best horror films are based on mental illness and questioning your perception of reality, so of course these vapid twits are frightened by them.

    • has probably never seen an episode of “adventure time”. horror, and warped reality, mixed with social commentary.

  11. Off topic: Can any food-loving cats help?

    I am surprising my mother and grandmother with fondue when they visit (mom’s favorite). I am making a pretty standard cheese fondue (gruyere, emmentaler, white wine, etc.) and would like to have a huge spread of different ingredients for dipping. I am planning to go to Whole Foods or a similar store (will not sob in the chocolate aisle) – does anyone have recommendations of things to dip?

    I have done some research and will get the traditional things (red skin potatoes, toasted baguette pieces, apple, carrots) but would like others! I am open to meats/cured meats, veggies, fruits, other breads, really anything.

  12. Please tell me her responses were photoshop magic from someone here???
    She can’t possibly be that stupid. Hopefully daddy lawyer can make all of her dreams come true. Lots of cease and desists going out in Hollywood & calls to Attorney Generals, she’s such a busy bee regarding worthy causes.

  13. I’ve seen “Insidious”. When does “Beyond Insidious” come out?

    • Not sure, but didn’t moviegoers who watched “Insidious 3: The Last Key” go on blood-splattered mall rampages afterwards?

  14. Great, and here we go. Julia is now an authority on mirror neurons and the brain. Because she’s boinking a doctor. I’m surprised it took her this long. Next, picture of her in a lab coat. Don’t forget the coat pull, Julia!

  15. I have a history of severe anxiety and depression issues, but I LOVE scary movies! I’m not sure if I felt relief at feeling scared for a tangible reason for a finite period or what. I hate these type of blanket opinions of hers, because not everyone likes the same thing, and that is fine. I personally cannot tolerate or enjoy the Bachelor (I’ve tried and I don’t know why I can’t get into it). It’s fine!

    • She’s pulled this Orwellian shit before. The next horror movie I want to see? “Donkey in the CRISPR.”

    • Oh gosh, you’re right. This is about her listening to boyfriend, the information bouncing around in her empty noggin and spewing it back out all backwards in an attempt to sound smart/cutting-edge and get pats on the head. But, again, she doesn’t have the intellectual acumen to read anything he says off a cue card.

    • Doctor by injection. (sorry made myself puke too)

  16. Those Mesopotamian motherfuckers who chiseled out the Epic (“epic”, the bastards!) of Gilgamesh must pay.

  17. And fuck those Lumiere brothers for freaking those French peasants the fuck out with their insidious footage of a train arriving at a station.

    • There’s actually a lot written on reality television, its appeal and celebration of the worst human instincts, its harm on society and potential to cause the eventual downfall of civilization. But on anything actually relevant and accurate, she’s crickets.

  18. I’m sure this rabid opinion of hers hinges on that one time back in the ‘80s when little brother Britt got to pick the movie at the rental store and he chose a Hallloween flick instead of a gooey romcom.

  19. Oh my GOD. Listen, I absolutely live in fear of horror movies and could do without them quite easily, AND I recognize that many of the lesser films border on torture porn and glorify violence. But there are good horror films. There are GREAT horror films. To say that you have to be sick or twisted to write horror is really fucking rich coming from a woman who is a walking horror film to her exes/their families and any new girlfriends. I bet dear old Rainy would rather tangle with Leatherface than get another shitty, toxic email from Julia demanding attention and cc’ing his parents. JFC.

  20. While she’s at it, why not ban romantic comedies and the likes of Sex and the City, which by her own account, gave her unrealistic expectations of relationships?

    She’s such a fucking loon.

    I second The Invitation, it’s straight up great.

  21. Maybe the tipper goreish thought is an old policy platform issue from the REPUBLICAN senator she elatedly campaigned for.

  22. I’ve always hated horror films but leave it to Ol’ Donkula to make me want to watch ALL OF THEM.

    • exactly! I can’t stomach them but she has made me passionate about defending the genre.

    • To damn the entire genre is so short-sighted. It encompasses a lot more than mindless, gratuitous slasher porn.

  23. Of course the stupid donkey misused “myriad” — the “of” is unnecessary. And incorrect usage

  24. She “wonders why they aren’t in jail”? For real? Does she understand how laws work? Isn’t this dipsh*t’s father an attorney?

  25. Update(2) is disturbing.

    She is blaming mass shootings on entertainment.

    Are we witnessing the birth of NRA Donkey?

    • NRA Donkey? Red Guard Donkey? Will Hays Donkey? She’s definitely morfing into something beyond the scoldy pale.

    • Whenever I grieve I make sure to post selfies so people can tell me how pretty I am. That really helps me forget that I doubled down on a random fling and how hard it is to be a sexy omgFrEe sPirIt saddled with a child.

      • Coming soon at The Next Dirtfest “Rearranging Twigs; Literally” A Heartversation About Post Hookup Fling Grief, When the Party is Over and the Vowels Fly the Coop ala antler head.

        She goes on and on and on and on and on in another post.

        • But I’m so glad we are having this (endless, navel-gazing) conversation with Noodles.

      • Who the fuck knows?? The state of the world? Noah No Vowels? Wes Craven movies?

    • She might want to get down with the sunscreen and lip balm crowd before she looks even more like Jahass or Scammy. No snark, just sayin’.

    • I just want your sunset and your heartglow
      You have antlers, I’ve got cameltoe
      My yoni bunions need your cocoa
      Now you’re gone, I’m flying solo
      I put my coochie out there, you’re a no-show?
      Am I a goddess, or an actual ho?

      • I’ll get to work tomorrow n the best right now! I think we have a hit on our hands.

        • Ugh. I’ll get to work on the beat right now. I think we have a hit on our hands. My thumbs are dumb.

  26. Julia Allison, a real life bunny boiling psycho stalker of ex/boyfriends, the very Julia Allison with a documented and self professed unhealthy obsession with infantile and nonsensical rom coms and Disney fantasy, a Julia Allison that literally wages psychological war against other women to try to claim a man when she’s not busy being a thief and breaking laws regarding privacy and property….THAT Julia Allison thinks movies are why we are killing each other.

    Never mind the fact we’ve been killing and torturing each other throughout history in worse ways than we can possibly think of in modern times.

    Okay. *pats head* Drink your oat milk sweetie and go watch some cartoons…you know the one where the coyote gets murdered every episode by a bird. Don’t you go and get any sick ideas! It’s comedy! Not horror!

    • I was the victim of a gaslighter, harasser, etc., for a short period of time. It is simply violence that people can’t see. Physical violence shows on the outside, emotional violence doesn’t. But, it is every bit as damaging.

      And, in my mind, being a grifter and taking people’s money for snake oil is also a violent act. But she supports that, doesn’t she?

  27. So anyone who watches A Handmaid’s Tail should have their head examined? Because it checks the boxes with violence, sexual assault, etc.

    Julia Allison, I thought maybe you were moving towards redemption as you appeared to be in a seemingly happy and normal relationship, despite all odds, given your history and personality. But this recent doubling (tripling?) down on wanting to IMPRISON movie makers (who aren’t otherwise breaking the law, just making movies in a genre you don’t like), has me convinced you are, truly, deeply, off your damn rocker. Ballsh*t crazy. Fit for a straight jacket. And plain stupid.

    • A don’t even get me started on that Shakespeare dude with all the stabbing, poisoning and strangling!

      Europeans can be so perverted.

      Can anybody think of the children?

  28. You know what’s seriously fucked up, Julia? Having no respect for people and homewrecking relationships so they can dump you 2 hours later. You know what else is seriously fucked up? How you derive such pleasure from appropriating and facilitating the destruction of other peoples’ culture and home. YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP? Your fairytale prince complex. You are a disgusting person inside and out. Your self-righteous bullshit is SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP. Get your head examined. You’re 40 years old with, like, NOTHING to show for it.

    • Also curious what relationship JA “Homewrecked”?

      And What is this, 1965? Are you people still seriously using the term “homewrecker”??!

        • Unfortunately, you know this WK wants to label this behavior as simply being empowered and showing up in her womanhood. So she presenced someone else’s man in her container? So what?

      • You’re so ignorant of her crimes because she has pulled one over you at the moment. But that’s ok, we’ll be here for you when she fucks you over as well which is guaranteed, just ask all over former “sisters” and ex-boyfriend who ran off screaming into the night.
        Go ahead. We’ll wait.

        When you come back, do bring snacks.

      • LMFAO Hi Julia! I have fuck you money to spare, which means I have time to laugh about how something I said off-hand is bunching up your panties so hard you had to visit the basement to defend yourself. I’ve never cheated on anyone in my life but I have friends who have and showed at least a little remorse for what they did. I’ll sleep soundly tonight knowing I have hit all my goals (not to mention, have everything you ever wanted), but you have to wake up every day and look at your ugly inside self. I guess you better start planning for retirement cuz Dodi is likely getting a prenup! Xoxo

  29. I’ve never in my life seen such a pathetic, angry and sad group of people.

    You’re defending horror films because you just can’t stand a woman you’ve never met?! A woman you stalk???


    What will you defend next?

    The NRA? Trump? Rapists? Child molestation?

    Who here is in therapy? Show of hands please. Maybe bring your comments to your therapist and see what she/he says about your mental disorders.

    I feel sorry for you.

    • Many of us have met Julia Allison, Einstein. Have you? Do you have any idea of the stunts she’s pulled in the last 10+ years? Why the fuck do you think site has existed for 10 years? You’re the one needs an education in Donkey herstory.

      Also, you’re conflating artistic representation with the NRA and rape? Don’t expect an invitation to MENSA anytime soon.

        • Like I give a shit. Again, familiarize yourself with this reprobate’s herstory before playing white nit.

          • I’d like to hear from anyone who has actually met her. And what your experience is.

            Otherwise just admit you’re a bunch of gossiping harpies who have nothing better to do with your sad lives than talk shit about someone you have never met.

          • If you think anyone here is going to tell a Donkey rep about their personal experience with this jackass, you must be nuts. As your idol used to say, Don’t you have a job to do?

          • If you want to hear from people who have actually met her, read through this site. You want us to do your work for you? You can easily find what you are looking for if you look for it. It’s not our job to do that for you.

          • Bwa ha ha! Unlike Donkey, I work full time and have a family. Why don’t you ask your object of desire what she does for a living, other than give talks twice a year at a Ryan Allis shitshow. Also, check out the places we like to frequent or some of the sidebar categories. White nit, educate thyself!

      • Fun body shaming insult! You must be proud of yourself for that one. How old are you?

        Also I’m a woman.

          • You have a family and a job and yet you’re in here commenting?

            Why aren’t you paying attention to your husband or your children – or your boss??

            You seem to be more interested in this – than the people who supposedly love and the job I assume you get paid to do. Is your boss cool with you spending so much time during a work day “working” on snarky gossip?

          • My children are at school, Einstein, and this is a fun reality show, certainly funnier than the Real Housewives of Wooville, and we all need a break.

            How do you know a donkey? If you don’t confess, you’re just another woo grifter!

          • Einstein, it’s not 3:45 everywhere in the world. You’re as dumb as a donkey.

          • At least Ellsberg could write a coherent defense/comment when he came in here. Not this type of drivel.

          • Yes because it’s 3:45 pm for everyone. We are ALL in the same time zone. I mean, I can’t even read your stupid ass comebacks. My 3 year old niece has better insults.


          Sit down before you fall down, sweetheart.

    • Awww, Donk$ter!

      Who here didn’t get a ring put on it for birthcray? Show of hoof, please.

      I feel sorry for you, Donk$ter.

      P.S. Donk$ter!

      • Oh my greg! I laughed so hard at “Who here didn’t get a ring put on it for birthcray? Show of hoof, please.” that I missed my exit, ran out of gas before the next one and had to call the huscat to come get with a gas can. Oh wells! I caught up on the white nitting while I waited.

        Oh Auntie Gills, can we please, please unblock the window-licker minion? It’s truly too much fun goodness reading the insufferable scold’s nonsense to be denied after so many months of donk crickets. It’s like the baby Jesus knew we’d been denied the full joy witnessing birthcray madness, so he sent us not only donk off the rails but a dingbat toady as well. Bless Greg for he is good to us!

    • Speaking of child rapists, your deal jules was originally scheduled to have a known child rapist officiate her self-wedding at burning man. No, I haven’t met her. I tend to stay clear of nuclear waste.

  30. And LOL – so you claim to have people who have met her but then you conveniently claim that no one would tell those stories. Sounds like lying to me. But what do I know? ???

    • Yo, White Nit, all sorts of people have told stories about her over the years. Look at the archives. For example, the mother of one of the suitors she horribly dicked over – Check Gawker for that disgusting story – has been a reader and commenter for years. Also, your burro behaved horribly for much of 2018. Again, check the archives and then return if you actually have some knowledge of your subject.

      • I don’t have the time nor the inclination to go through your archives of sad. I’m just passing time while in the doctor’s office.

        So far you’ve mentioned one person who knew her a decade ago. And you just said she “behaved terribly” in 2018, as if she’s your daughter who you want to spank.

        Do you have a sexual fetish? Is that what’s going on?

        Also you still haven’t answered my question: is your boss down with you spending all your time on this?

        I’m imagining she doesn’t know.

        • “I don’t have the time nor the inclination to go through your archives of sad. I’m just passing time while in the doctor’s office.”

          How did they know it was archives of sad if they hadn’t the time to read anything? And isn’t one usually explaining symptoms in the doctor’s office, not “passing time”?

          Doesn’t read, doesn’t go to doctors – I’m calling Woo troll.

        • Wait, you don’t have the time or the inclination to read the site? So what are you doing reading this site? LOL

          Based on your writing, I’m guessing you’re in middle school. Or perhaps someone a bit older who isn’t familiar with concepts like multitasking, downtime, Internet culture, and time zones.

          Good luck figuring all that out, and thanks for stopping by!

          • I did wonder if she was in the ortho’s office, passing the time while waiting to get her braces tightened.

          • Or having that stick pulled out of her ass

          • The IP address indicates San Leandro, CA. Sugar Cookieloaf certainly livened up my Friday afternoon until the kids got home from school, though I eventually became annoyed with the sixth-grade vocabulary and blocked her.

    • Really. She’s doing Donk’s dirty work – shades of lasagna – but no mention of what the fuck she does or why she’s here. BLOCKED.

      • She WORKS dammit! Unlike little us who apparently have to explain to our bosses why we haven’t gotten anything done in oh, the last 10 years.

        • I turn my back for one minute to do some OMG work and I miss all the fun… this day job is interfering with my PhDonk studies. I definitely need to devote more time to RBD.

        • or – we’re responsible, productive adults that multitask and get shit done, therefore don’t have to answer to our bosses.

          even those of us – especially those of us – who work for ourselves.

    • LMFAO Hi Julia! I have fuck you money to spare, which means I have time to laugh about how something I said off-hand is bunching up your panties so hard you had to visit the basement to defend yourself. I’ve never cheated on anyone in my life but I have friends who have and showed at least a little remorse for what they did. I’ll sleep soundly tonight knowing I have hit all my goals (not to mention, have everything you ever wanted), but you have to wake up every day and look at your ugly inside self. I guess you better start planning for retirement cuz Dodi is likely getting a prenup! Xoxo

  31. Notice her white knight said nothing about Julia Donkleson pillaging cultures and lands that aren’t hers? Lololol I guess the other things ARE THO IMPORTHANT

  32. I think this geniusly curated post had the most lmfao s, but no phdonk for me. And
    I see a thesis squabble of the horror gulag incident.

    There is a disagreement amongst the scholars here if precipitated by Dr Zuckerberg Funded or by Brother back in the day . Love if you… Coffee talk discuss.

  33. Again with this?! No, just no. I can’t with this window-licker. Honey, if I, who has never been the “well-adjusted one”, am having to set you straight, then, you in danger girl.

    First of all, “school mates”?! You’re from Chicago. Just stop. It’s embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for you. Second, you know nothing about children, apart from still being one, so shut it. Third, I assume by “murder their school mates”, you mean mass shootings, unless there’s some kind of kiddy killing occurring of which I’m unaware. Driveby juicebox poisoning? Toddlers and TEC-9s? Death by, Greg forbid, sugar?! But nonetheless, mass shootings are *not* perpetrated by “small children”, dingbat. Those are teenagers and young adults. I know they must seem small to you as a 38-year-old “lurching toddler”, but trust. They’re not. Further, “get the idea” does not equal causation, bint. And even if it did, America’s children are not as monkey see, monkey do as you, donkey, with your Sex and the City life that was thrust upon you, all The Ring style, when you innocently scrolled channels and it flung itself upon you from the screen, dooming you to a life of ugly white plantform shoes, black tights and sausage casing dresses, two sizes too small. No, honey, the actual causes of mass shootings are much more complex than merely “get[ting] the idea” from “entertainment”. They have to do with mental health (something you should be far more familiar with than you apparently are), social isolation, bullying, breakdown of communities and family, access to healthcare, destimatization of mental illness, structural barriers to education and opportunity, socioeconomic factors, economic parity, availability of mental health care and not least of all, the proliferation of guns, particularly semi-automatic weapons of war. See, other countries have violent video games (not movies, dimwit), too, but they don’t have our rates of gun violence and mass school shootings. The significant difference comes down to the sheer number of guns and access to high-powered weapons of war, not The Shining, Rosemary’s Baby or Get Out, you insufferable harpy.

    You and Scoldly need to shut your traps on children, society at large and all things more complex than nail polish. You’re not qualified to speak authoritatively on anything beyond the danger of combining privilege and stupid in a public forum. And don’t f–king get me started on Scoldly and her grotesque appropriation of grief complete with serious nosering face photo. My head will explode. I have not the strength to even go there right now without doing violence to furniture.

  34. Side conversation… I rarely watch TV (cable cutter who watches a few DVDs a month along with CDs and books from the library) and it is very jarring how much advertising is on TV these days. When I see it, it seems like so much more then there was a decade ago. I do wonder about the effects on children and on adults who are predisposed to form a world view and make economic decisions based upon ads.

    • I don’t make economic decisions based on ads.
      I acquire attention deficit disorder from ads.

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