Is Dr. Alex Marson Working With An Advanced Publicity Strategist? Newly Single?


When we noted esteemed Dr. Marson was following underwear models on Instagram, his account disappeared and a new Alex Marson account appeared, this one showcasing Donkey & Dodi, who was now following the likes of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Surely a certain donkey was behind the sudden change?

Lo & behold, Dodi just appeared on OMG! Jairek Robbins’ podcast. Is Judy again working her intellectual acumen behind the scenes? She’s sucked up to Frankenstein’s monster’s monster son and his wife with a tenacity that rivals the Meghan McCain days. At the very least, our burro must have provided an introduction

On the low-rated podcast, Dodi speaks for 40 minutes about his research, the benefits of vulnerability and collaboration, and very little about his personal life. Julia is never mentioned, but Dodi does speak of a privileged upbringing and of his father’s work as an architect. To his credit, Marson is smart and likable, if a little aspergery.

Regarding the greatest collaboration love the world has ever known, a tipster just sent us the following OKCupid profile, indicating it had never popped up before:


  1. Mysterious songbird, please swipe whichever way you’re supposed to swipe to express interest. I want this one to play out a bit.

  2. Looks like he hasn’t written anything about himself yet. Maybe Februarcray made him realize it was time to launch a profile. It seems like just enough time has passed for him to have seen her for who she is. The fake veneer only lasts for a few months.

    • As I listened to the Podcast, it became increasingly difficult to imagine Marson in a long-term relationship with a high-maintenance emotional vampire like Julia Allison. For his sake, I hope the OKCupid profile is new.

      • I saw one other video of him on YT and came to the same conclusion that he may be high functioning on the spectrum. He had some repetitive verbal tics. He would not do well with a money-driven harpy like Donkey, (who reminds me of Mnuchin’s wife.)

          • And who could forget that stellar book published by Vanity Press? The Great White Lady met the miserable black children and they were enchanted by her beauty and her altruism!

            Dante has a special layer of hell just waiting for Louise Linton.

          • Dollar store Cruella De Vil.

            Her book was self-published, not vanity press. So at least she didn’t waste her own money on it (apart from the $4 she presumably paid the cover designer).

      • JFAing to say, though, the choice of podcast and host has her hoof prints all over it. I’ve only listened to part of it so far but it doesn’t seem like Frankenchild did his homework on Dodi’s field of expertise.

        • She must’ve set this up. As for Jairek, what a fucking tool. Praising the Kardashians for monetising their “vulnerability” and mentioning the net worth of his mentor. To his credit, Marson pushes back about the benefits of vulnerability.

      • Agreed, that OKCupid profile looks like something he started without a lot of enthusiasm and then forgot about it and abandoned.

        Someone who was actively looking for a partner / hookup etc would have put more effort into it.

        • Unless it’s brand new signup and he didn’t realize how much he would have to do when starting out. I’m the eternal optimist. I’m hoping he’s seen the light.

          I remember how Donkey went ballistic when she found out Derpin put an ad on Tinder when she was in Costa Rica. I’m wondering if she knows this exists.

          • Given how avidly she reads us, she knows now!

  3. I’m calling it. It’s over. It explains the crickets. Have we ever known donk to be quiet when she gets what she wants? She brayed about the opera and posted roadside metal love sculpture photos, in pants. No way she’s being this silent if there were more romance going on. RIP Dodi. We hardly knew ya. Are coming to a close of overarching donkwatch? She’s just so non-present anymore. End of an era?

    • if he is serious about dating, he’ll soon have to take down the profile pic and the post about Donkey rewarding his persistence. When that happens, then we’ll know.

      • He might be too terrified to do so at this point

      • I tend to believe the OKCupid profile will be what’s coming down. He probably began creating this page some time ago and never got around to finishing it. Marson is clearly a busy guy; he didn’t pay much attention to his first IG account, and Julie, who NEVER reads here, was clearly the creator of the new “safe” IG page.

    • Though doesn’t she usually pump UP the declarations of perfect love as she’s getting dumped? I seem to recall that when they begin to resist or try to break up, that is when she writes long odes to the power of love and the clarity of relationshipism and/or surprises them (the avocado fast-food line dinosaur scare, the miss advised SF pop-up date)/

      • True, but this one may be different, I’d say mainly because the parentsers must have put some sort of muzzle on her in their no doubt frantic efforts to make this one work. I don’t think they cared what she posted online about Debbin or Dwayne.

        Also, let’s not forget that Judy usually needs her save spinster face time, so we likely won’t hear about any dumping / conscious uncoupling / doors open! still BFFs for life! from her for a couple of months after the fact. Didn’t it take about a year with Choad?

        And, while I agree it’s too soon to call anything, and I DON’T want to give up RingWatch2019: didn’t she mark the blessed occasion of her birthcray with some nonsense about how maybe this will be the year when she finally figures the world out or whatever? I have to say that doesn’t sound like a coupled (happily esconced in lovership) Donk-speak to me.

        • Chad dumped Donkey but continued to screw her for months. She begged him not to tell anyone about their breakup and when he did – months after the fact – she made him write a breakup letter that unsurprisingly read like Derpin’s breakup letter.

          If Marson wised up and sent her packing, we may not hear about it for years.

  4. Profile is suspect (sfdralex). I’ve never done a dating profile (no judgment) but putting dr in his profile seems umm desperate. So, I guess maybe it tracks, he does (did?) date donkey.

    • I was going to point out the “Dr” in his profile name, too. Rather toolish, but given what we know about him (and his taste) not surprising

    • I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe so many names were already taken on OKCupid that this was all he could manage that was short and easy to remember and not something like SFAlex40340560.


    • All I know is if you Google sfdralex now, RBD shows up in the search. Um, err…oops?

        • Unsurprisingly, RBD is a better Social Media Consultant than the greasy donkey is

    • I dated a dr who lead with that as his profile name. Because let’s be real – you are at leave 40% cuter when you’re a dr.

  5. As someone familiar with OkCupid, I know you can check and see the last time the person was on the site. Does it show on the profile?

    • Please someone, check this for me. I need to know but am not local and have been married forever, so if I tried to check I would probably end up electronically proposing marriage by mistake.

    • I have a family and have never been on a dating app. Surely more than one catlady is registered with OKCupid and could check out Marson’s profile for activity?

      • I have an old OKC account from several years ago before I managed to trap and domesticate my huscat. I tried to take one for the team by re-enabling my old profile, but I couldn’t find Marson. Either he’s taken his profile down, or it’s restricted to younger kitties than me. Sorry! (And ugh, now I need a shower … )

        • How funny would it be if the reason donkey never found his account is because she’s over and above the age limit he set?

  6. Antler crickets on a ” them”. Also anyone could post something like that,sure basement cats know. Nonetheless either she’s learned in locked up , in an instuyion or lost in the sauce… She’ll be back very soon

  7. So Alexander hasn’t posted anything on his new Insta since Jan 6th. Donks still follows him, but doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that the wedding of the century is forthcoming.

    • He’d never posted anything on his original site. I guarantee she put those six photos up on the new site. Once again, pissing on her territory.

      Julia Allison No photo credit for your favorite Rainbow? Babe!

    • The sad thing is, he really does have a lot going on and a blog of sorts would be great for his lab. Unfortunately Donkey has no idea how to do anything but call people on her ancient contact list.

      • I believe she pressured NYT embarrassment Alex Williams to write that Jess Magic puff piece, but she’s burnt too many bridges over the years to have a solid rolodex of contacts, particularly for someone alleging to be a PR expert. HA HA HA! Remember when she’d come into FB and crowdsource for hair stylists, makeup artist, copywriters, etc., when she was working some low-rent woo fauxto shoot? Christ, what a farce.

        • I will never stop being absolutely astonished by that. She really believes this is how professionals do it, right?

  8. On one hoof, it’s a pretty basic profile that anyone could have faked. On the other hoof, some people aren’t very creative with their user names, like a person with a red VW who has a license plate that says “RED VW.”

  9. Birthcray bray is up on IG! Dodi is a magical being and she is dressed in rainbow toddler nightgown.

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