Did Michael Austin Jacobs, AKA Nye The Crypto Guy, Receive A Cease & Desist from Bill Nye?

Fozzie, AKA Le Roi de Burger and a host of other names, including Ali Shanti’s old piece, is no longer on Twitter as Nye the Crypto Guy. Did the science guy threaten to sue his idiot ass?

The newly christened “Mr. Michael Nye” has been giving talks on “transparency.” Can we ask you about that night with Pamela Madsen and her “husband,” Fozzie? Your encounter with Colby Collins? “Co-parenting” with the old raunch?

DJ Commode (how many names did we give this clown?) will also be appearing in a Netflix documentary about greed cryptocurrency:

Will the filmmakers will do a background check on their talking head? We’ve received a lot of angry emails about Fozzie, and I sure as hell wouldn’t want this snakeskin-wearing douchebag playing spokesman for my community.

Bottom Picture! The idiot’s chapeau. No shit.


      • I wonder if they paid to hear such life changing advice as “it’s better to optimistic, than not”?

        Just another “no shit” moment brought to you by a member of the douche brigade.

        • I’ve lost track of the names we’ve given him vs the names he’s given himself… let’s see, there’s DJ Jedi Jewelry, DJ Commode, WC Hammer, Le Roi du Burger, Fozzie, MAJIII, Pimp Lion, Nye the Shilling Liar…
          Do his parents just call him “Michael” or “Mike”? Does he still live in their basement?

          • I believe he named himself MAJII. Re: Fozzie’s residency, he could be using the rents’ home as a base – he’s always en route to some crypto shitshow – but he might be living with the older woman he met while on the crypto circuit. He’s so Julian Kaye!

          • He probably has them call him Mister. I crack up at douchebags who put Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr, whatever into their social media IDs

          • I’ve been cataloging the 2010 RBD entries and Donkey Douchebag just loves to name drop using Miss and Mr. She’s madly pursuing celebrities on Twitter and once Meghan McCain falls prey to the suckups, Donk brays such gems as “Going to lunch with the ineffable Miss Meghan McCain! Look out, Houston’s!!!!” Just ick.

  1. What are the angry emails about?

    I always wonder if being with Ali Scammy broke him. I mean, from what we know, it seems he’s always had the shill gene so I’m not really blaming her for him continuing to do that. But, he seemed different after that break up. The drugs, the anger. Was it really just because he loved her and she broke his heart? Or, was he kind of coerced by Ali to do things (yes he’s an adult but, in that way that you sort of allow yourself to be goaded in to doing things when you are madly in love against all reason), particularly that woo sexual scene – that he wasn’t really in to. Did the dildo table and Colby traumatize him?

    • The emails are about what a scammer he is and could someone please inform the sender about Fozzie’s misdeeds. My response is to read the gregdamn archives under the category Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely.

      He’s always been a scammer. One need only look at Fozzie’s college and recent grad YouTube videos, in which he looks like a 12 year old with facial hair stuck on his chin. These vids, about coaching and all sorts of laughable cons, were posted before he’d encountered the walking STD. DJ Commode was also self-publishing groundbreaking best sellers around the the same time. Such a turd.

      • Yes, he’s always been a scammer, from the kissing booth nobody visited up until now. I remember the author incarnation. So, as I say, I’m not blaming the scamming on Ali. But, his anger over that situation – and at the woos, all of them, not just Ali, makes me think more was broken than just his heart.

        • Kissing booth fail will go down as one of my favorite all time stories.

        • He’s written about his drug usage during his time with the old raunch and shortly afterwards, and I tend to think that abuse was what caused the meltdown. Remember, Ali Shanti has written many times about loving psychedelics more than anything in the world(!) and how Craig Filek introduced her to hard drugs. I’m sure she’d be happy to introduce a recent college grad to her favorite things. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons she hangs mostly with men 15-25 years her junior?

  2. Top 100 catladies surveyed say, donk was denied birthcray ring twenty19, has finally learned to put a lid on it or is scheming up surprise pregnancy ring 2020? 2/3? It’s just so quiet in donktown. What could this mean? Is donk watch finally coming to an end? Is a donkey a private citizen now? So many questions.

    • She surfaced a few days after birthcray a couple of times in the last few years. Let’s wait and see.

      • Would she really wait to surface online if she’d gotten a ring on her hoof?

        • Good question. Do consider that she’s long past her expiration date and doesn’t want anything to go wrong this time. Donk can’t afford Petey and Robin guilting her over losing Dr. Dodi the way they’ve lambasted her for losing Jack McCain. Just ask Rain about Dadser’s Pancake spiel.

          • Oh I’m sure they’ve been hammering her to not screw it up, as it may be their last chance to unload her. But why wait for days to announce an engagement?

      • I’m guessing she accidentally forgot to take her birth control pills for the last six months.

        • Unfortunately, it can take years after taking birth control pills to get pregnant. Took my cousin seven years. We’ve been trying for four years and begun to accept it may not ever happen. I’m thinking even if they’re actively trying, they may need some fertility help.

          So, truth, it may really be her very last opportunity. He has years. Many of our male friends my age have married much younger women to start families they held off on so long. When we saw the fertility doctor, and she told us the actual statistics for women in their early forties, late thirties, I sobbed. Celebrities have made us believe it’s easy when it’s actually very hard and expensive.

          • The sad truth is that after 35 the chances of having a baby (i.e. getting pregnant and carrying the pregnancy to term) drop precipitously.

            They should teach that in school.

            Also, the success rate for IVF is 15%, i.e. it fails 6 out of 7 times.

          • Anecdote for sure but I had my first at 37 and twins (!) at 40. It did take a while and I did start the journey a lot of women do when confronted with a later age and trying to have kids. I also only had one half of my reproduction machinery working. I know this isn’t worth much in your journey but it’s just a little story of how things can also go.

      • Noodles wasn’t much younger when she surprise-conceived little lower case novowels.

  3. If I’m not mistaken, I seem to recall Fozzie and Ali met when he was in the audience at one of her presentations. He was in the front row and locked eyes with her… The rest was history.

    • Tho magical! I couldn’t remember how they’d hooked up. So this idiot got turned on when the old raunch tried to entice him into enrolling for the money map?

  4. This is (kind of) OT, but has anyone listened to the “Escaping NXVIM” podcast? All these woos…many of the same tactics, ideas.

    • Love that podcast, though the main interviewee Sarah seems not to have pushed the learn button allllll the way. Also, her husband is called Nippy, which ?!?!

      I just read Flunk. Start., a book by Sands Hall, about her years in $cien+Ology and her long process of leaving it. Very well written, and really the first book to make me sympathize with someone’s reasons for joining.

  5. Yes, a Scammy victim trotted out only for that reason, he was swept in and victimized. Whatever his deal before. Cringe when he’s the content.

  6. In the Twitter thread someone linked a few posts back, there was a comment I didn’t understand — something about how Fozzie was wearing his bandit scarf because he isn’t “the real Nye,” but is pretending to be. Is Nye is a rotating office, or like the Papa Emeritus role in the band Ghost? Man, in the future, not one word of what I’ve written here will make sense.

      • I think so? But what role did an original Nye the Crypto Guy play (as opposed to the person who actually began Silk Road)? I suppose I could look it up but god have mercy.

    • I had to laugh when she made the comment about only having 15 minutes to talk about it — the camera was panning and caught one guy jumping up at that very moment in an “Aw hell no!“ moment — that’s when I bailed as well.

      • I watched about one minute and fast forwarded to the end. The kids are not down with the cool mom!

  7. Well, Nippy has just shot to the top of my all-time favorite names list, tying with Jumpy.

    • I’m with you, Morrocanwear. It might just be a new nickname for the cat I currently call Giblets (his real name is Acorn).

    • Which I might actually believe. Fozzie seems to know a meal ticket when he sees it.

    • Scammi probably pulled her kid out of school, referred to the kid’s holding an iPhone at a drug festival as an “international documentary filmmaking workshop,” and crafted it into an elaborate tax write-off.

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