Happy 58th: Donk Celebrates Birthcray Eve With A Jumpin’ Fauxto From Last Year’s Historic Occasion


Is Dodi in Bali? Will tomorrow be the big cray? “OMG! I’m engaged! Engaged to be married! I will soon walk down the aisle and achieve every girl’s most important goal! I LOVE YOU DR. ALEX MARSON!!”


      • I pity the fool that had to take those pictures, as usual.

        What kind of person celebrates her birthday by prancing around the garden doing ballet(ish) poses for the camera, while carrying a bunch of balloons?

        Our Donkey, that is!

      • Last year’s Donk, pretending to be happy when she was seething and bawling because ILYRAIN, who moved out of their house 6 months before, and who was in a new relationship, didn’t call her on her special day as she demanded. Now look at her picture and know this is the backstory.

  1. Whew, well she’s not preggers or she would have brayed.
    Maybe this is a reminder for Marson not to forget.

  2. I have one of those jumpsuits, and I would never ever ever allow anyone to take my photograph in it, because it makes even my sadly deficient ass look huuuuuuge.

    Judy, why?

    • She has body dysmorphia. The kind that makes her believe she’s cute ‘n tiny

      • I’d say good for her, because more women ought to be happy with themselves and their bodies, however imperfect. But Julia’s frequent use of the photochop tools is not the best way to model pride in her own appearance, either.

        • She’s not happy – she’s delusional.

          An honest assessment of her flaws and attributes would go a long way toward helping her look better. To dress for the body she has, not the one she wants

    • The operative word being “IF,” because it would have been her birthday on Bali time when this monument to herself was posted.

  3. Does gilly have some kind of symbolic signal that is activated when there is long awaited breaking news?

    Something akin to the vatican sending up white smoke to signal the selection of a new pontiff?

    • We do have three folks who send info on a fairly regular basis, as well as intel that just shows up in the inbox.

      As soon as we hear anything …

    • I believe the Baughers will build a giant wicker man along the shoreline behind their dated home, and light it on fire. A pink heart shaped puff of smoke will emerge to stun and thrill the gathered throng.

  4. She’s so sad posting and promoting her own birthday. An acquaintance I know was doing that recently. For like 3 weeks before her birthday hashtagging her own party she was throwing herself for herself. She sang at her party. She works as the head of her rich dad’s foundation.

    • Julie used to announce her upcoming birthcray weeks before the holy event took place. I’m guessing her woo besties still hear about her year of pain and transformation for a good month leading up to the blessed day.

    • I am starting to think he did, but the Donkey doesn’t know it yet.

      He is probably playing it cool, along the lines of “I am a busy important person, I would LOVE to go to Indonesia with you but I can’t right now, maybe next week, but YOU need to go NOW, the world needs your catalyzatification for change, all that magic is not going to spread itself, GO, DONKEY, GO, Fly away and never look back!”

      • I figured that when he inevitably had to go back to serious work, she’d freak out from the lack of fawning attention and his ability to swan around with her on perpetual vacation.

        The best thing he could do, and I hope he did, is keep her from moving in with him, so he can see for himself how her entire parasitic existence focuses on finding a host organism to infect. Don’t fall for it, Dodi! Make her show you what her actual joke of a life looks like after the sex dies down..

        • This. She’s an emotional vampire, a Marilyn Monroe, and no human being on the planet could ever provide all the love and attention she’s convinced she deserves. I so hope Dodi is able to extricate himself before real, permanent damage is done.

  5. This is an old pic. Also it’s been up for 11 hours and Dodi hasn’t liked it. I’m calling it.

  6. It’s 10:30 PM Birthcray 2019 in Ubud.

    Do you know where your Donkey is?

    If Dodi was with her in Indonesia we would know, it ain’t happening.


    • I don’t think she’s in Bali. She ain’t leavin’ SF if she has a man. She has too much important desk errands to run now, like breaking into his phone, email and looking for a 4 bedroom house together.

        • She has been pinning recently to her Home Design board on Pinterest. Including Wookie-fur bedding! Also to Couples Photoshoot board. Wedding Magic board still MIA.

          • Most of her pin boards are for fauxto shoots (goddess fauxto shoot ideas; couples fauxto shoot inspiration; men’s fauxto shoot ideas; happiness fauxto shoot; etc.) Think about that for a minute: she collects photos of other people posing the way she wants to pose. “This is a happy person; I want to pose like them.” “This is an engaged couple; I want to look like them.” “Rainbow-colored cupcakes– I can use them as props in a fauxto.”

            Not things she likes; or places she wants to visit; or recipes she wants to make; but things she wants to use as props in her staged fauxtos.

          • So bizarre! She likes representations of representations of the material world, ignoring Plato’s admonishments about aesthetic recreation, even taking one step further into the abyss.

            You’re doomed, Judy!

      • I keep thinking she is Bali because of the picture, but that is a self-commemoration of Birthcray 2018.

        She is probably in SF, the scheme juices flowing into the Bay by the gallon.

        • … throwing a tantrum if Dodi didn’t take the day— hell, the entire birthcray week— off work.

          “Can’t I just come down to the lab to visit you? It’s my birthday! I want to wear my ‘slutty lab tech’ costume and jump on the furniture and pose with all your colleagues! It will be hysterical!”

          • Oh, dear Greg, I wonder how intensely the people in the Latka Lab hate her already!

          • What, didn’t you hear? She hangs out with uber nerds now, she eats in their cafeteria so she’s like, almost a scientist now. She’s disrupting and curing diseases now, totes.

            Crazy bitch probably already tried to take credit for his shit.

          • Photos of her wearing a lab coat, dark rimmed glasses and hair up in a messy bun, holding up test tubes with brightly colored liquids (they’re Jell-O shots, but who cares) should be coming soon.

  7. Jena already left Switzerland… on her way to NYC alone. Who flies all the way to Switzerland to see her husband after months apart… And stays just a few days? And who can even afford to do that???

    • Someone sans job and with access to $. And antler is crickets and just posted again about a cacao thing with tinier and cuters and youngers

    • Wow. She was supposed to be staying in Switzerland for a month and even tried to rent out her room in the communal goddess shithole while she was away.

      Maybe she’s finally gotten the message and will stop embarrassing herself.

      • In NYC . Probably to check on her property and maybe a deposition and shoulder therapy before she dances in a warehouse.

        Donk stayed of social media on birthcray. Is she locked up?

        • She’s stayed off social media a couple of times on the blessed day during the last few years. Pics pop up a few days laters. She appears to have posted the same 2018 jumpin’ birthcray faxuto to Facebook that she posted to IG, though it might have been removed or is marked private.

          • It is! Surely a “Facebook expert” and Advanced Publicity Strategist can get it right on one upload?

    • It must be extra humiliating to get pumped-and-dumped when your entire persona is based around your confidently superior sensual siren coochie.The only thing she has to offer has been used up and flatly rejected.

      I bet this gross manbaby spent those days cooing at other women on his phone. In French so La Flimflam couldn’t understand.

      Poor Jena. The Australian woo friend who she says “sculpted her into the woman she is today”, has a FB page full of actual travel and activities and involvement, and she’s heavily pregnant by a man who seems to genuinely love her. That’s gotta burn.

      • I was thinking about this with respect to Noodles and Scammy earlier in the week. They all seem to be “thought leaders” in things they are actually bad at.

        Noodles = Girl Power! when she was a doormat with Ferrett.

        Ali = Make lots of money! when she declared bankruptcy.

        FlimFlam = Sexy Sex! when she can’t even keep someone on the same continent.

        • if julia weren’t so gregdamn lazy, she too could be a “thought leader” in a field in which she’s failed miserably. Oh wait …

          Advanced Publicity Strategist = five likes on her FB cover fauxto

          • Julia is a “global catalyst for love” because she’s been such a remarkable model for how to find and hold onto love.

          • So she’s a “thought leader” in several fields? Take that, you run of the mill grifter goddesses!

  8. She’s wearing maroon!

    Oh sorry, I spelled that whole sentence wrong.

    She looks like a fucking moron.

  9. “And antler is crickets” – gafaw

    I can just picture some freshman anthropology class a millenia from now trying to decipher this site and that comment in particular. You know they’re going to be off so far that if accurate were London, they’ll be Tokyo…or Sydney. “‘Antler is crickets’ is obviously a mammalian metaphor for social chaos theory that a lone alpha male left to itself will devolve until it is consumed by the more productive social insect.” Greg, I hope the whole after life theory is real as I could spend a good chunk of eternity watching playback reels on how off base freshman liberal arts interpretive studies of Old English literature, bronze age archeology, iron age religious surveys and biblical iconography really are. “Wait. What? Pilar of salt wasn’t literal? They were being sardonic in the Old Testament? Alexa, show me the current physical location of the mean nun who beat me as a child in Sunday School, and order me a vintage Louisville slugger with Prime instant delivery stat.”

    • It took me quite a few months to decipher all the code names and nicknames, who was a relative, friend, or OMGBoyfriend, and all the in-jokes when I first got here. All the Meagan/Megan/Meghans alone were confusing as hell.

  10. OT: the shill guy has changed his name again

    says its because it no longer represented what he is about

    or perhaps a cease and desist letter from the science guy?

    • This deserves its own post, especially because of some of his recent BS.

  11. Isn’t it a bit strange Donks and Marson were ecstatically sharing photos and love, and now it’s died down nearly completely?

    Oct 2018: OMG we met and it was amazing!!!! So many pics!!!!!
    Nov 2018: Pictures celebrating Thanksgiving together!!!
    Dec 2018: Look we’re still together at Christmas!! It’s serious u guys!!
    Jan 2019: Slows down. We went to the opera together.
    Feb 2019: NOTHING AT ALL.
    Mar 2019: 1 Instagram birthday post, not mentioning Alex Marson at all, and no birthday pictures at all (totally unlike Donkstergram).

    This follows the same trajectory as other doomed relationships (CRAZY ABOUT EACH OTHER –> Luke warm –> Hate –> Breakup several times)….but this is on a crazily sped up scale.

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