Updated: VD RingWatch 2019: Rom-Com Dream Now Reality?


“Eeyore, will you make me the happiest bear at Pooh Corner?”

Is Dodi doing it today? Or will he wait until his long-expired burro turns 38 at the end of the month? Have his parents discovered Judy’s carbon footprint and are begging their only son to reconsider? And greg dammit, why has her massive pinterest wedding file suddenly disappeared? So. Many. Questions.

For those of you worried about Dr. Dodi ruining his life, please remember that she blew it with the other two suitors in the schlub triptych (which is now available from Android Jones at a reduced price!). The Medstitute cruised any wallet with wealthy parents when engaged to the Georgetown Law student who defended her vulgar, narcissistic ass in the school newspaper, and Prom King dumped Carrie Bradshaw 2.0 after she’d told the entire world that she just wasn’t that into him. And boy, did Judy go into a downwards spiral when her dashing suitor pulled out.

Get ready for Rainworthy insanity should this month come and go without a marriage proposal.

Update: Our dear Moroccanwear has created two fabulous tee-shirt designs commemorating RingWatch 2019!


  1. From the googles though it is down at the moment hidden from basement dwellers and Dodi friends alike:

    “Pin by Julia Allison on Wedding Magic | Pinterest | Wedding
    This Pin was discovered by Julia Allison. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on … I am going to have the most expensive dress in the world…. More information.”

    “I am going to have the most expensive dress in the world”


    I am in camp not this year.

    • She pinned Coobie photos of herself to her Yoga board.

      Looks like she’s shopping for a little brown “Cavapoo.” My bet is DOGGGGGG then RINGGGGGG.

      I wish I had one-tenth her self-love, my life would have been very different.

      • One cannot bring a dog into Bali. So iI guess this means she has already decided to abandon that place.

          • Magic was never her dog. The Bali lady agreed to “share” her with the crazy gringa (whatever the Bali equivalent is) for some reason. Hopefully, Bali lady got PAID for that!

          • If you click on Lilly in categories, you’ll find the story of Magic, who was used to get attention from Rain long after he’d run for the hills.

  2. I think that the proposal is not happening and that she is going to spin it as “we are comfortable the way we are, I am an evolved modern feminine that does not need paperwork from City Hall to love and respect a masculine”.

    Of course, internally she will be seething with rage and disappointment.

    • It really is.
      It makes me think of the horror movie The Ring, and Dodi will be in for some epic horror times ahead if he doesn’t put a ring on her delicate hoof soon.

    • I’d wear a #RingWatch2019 t-shirt. It would be as awesome as the “I survived ClitStorm2016” (or whatever the year was) shirt that some brilliant catlady envisioned back then.

      We come up with fantastic shirt ideas on a more or less regular basis and the best Ol’ Donk could do was the sad wannabe North Korean design of “Noah’s First Annual Run” or whatever that supremely lame shit was. Speaks volumes.

          • are these an actual thing? wouldn’t it be fabulous if you were wearing one and while sitting on the subway or bus, looked across and saw someone else with one of these masterpieces?

          • I had something like this happen to me on one occasion, though it had nothing to do with fabric. I discovered someone I knew read RBD and then I had to force myself to remain mum even though I was screaming inside!

          • As I told Gilly, you have to pay extra for the glittery blood diamond graphic, but it’s what Julia would want. But the rainbow graphic was free, because, like our Rainbow, it’s basic.

          • I’d love to see one with the ring through Dodi’s Nose. Because that’s where she will try to put one.

  3. She must be tweaking that she’s not allowed by Dodi, his parents, or her parents to post more things like wearing RED today in some status setting… She is under control, for the moment.
    My preciousssss

      • I believe her parents and a couple of besties from her inner circle are advising Donk to keep her marriage obsession on the down-low. That would include making that pinterest category private.

    • I don’t think Dodi or his parents have anything to do with this. It’s all about the Baughers. It’s Pancakes 2: Electric Boogaloo. They are trying to rein in her worst impulses, her pathological need for external validation and high status, so that they can fool this poor schlub into thinking she’s marriage material. All we’ve done all along is point and laugh at the ridiculous public spectacle she’s put on. I guess if you try to shut down both the show and the audience, and hope they don’t peek at the syndicated reruns, everything might work out this time. Except the hosebeast always comes out eventually.

    • Oh, the WORLD will know.


      Reminds me of the joke:

      -How do you know someone is a vegan?
      -They’ll f-ing tell you

      • Her Twitter is private. Which I thought was not allowed if you have a verified account

        • It is funny that she can do that because she has nothing going on. The other woo scammers have so many grifts that reply on constant new traffic and marks-looking at you Scoldley and Scammy and Fivehead and… they can’t go private, Lol.

          • JFA to say Scoldley has really tried to turn on her wokeness after being called out here about the similar alabaster hue of her crowd of feather appropriators

          • Isn’t she a valued consultant to global organizations like the esteemed HIVE? That’s what her Sex-and-the-City-ruined-my-life profile indicated and you know it must be true. HA HA HA HA HA!!

      • The Onion or The Hard Times had a headline recently along the lines of
        Vegan DJ struggles with whether to tell people he’s a vegan or a DJ first within seconds of meeting someone new.

      • She will want everyone to know so she can envision them gnashing their teeth and rending their garments with envy over Dr. Dadbod, someone that she’ll barely stand to even kiss just a few months after the big fancy wedding.

    • I’m beginning to think it didn’t happen. =[ Rally for birthcray? Come on, Dodi, get it together. So many hopes and dreams and laffs lie in the balance.

  4. And Jena The Insurance Scammer with another absolutely pathetic long winded simpleton rigaramole about He who Absconded with the Cacao that ends with a shill. And he has written nothing about her, but others, yet again. She is sadzballs and no sister to talk sense.

    • Just noticed that, too. He communicates with other women on social media, just not his wife. It’s got to be a blow every single time. I mean who moves to another continent and interacts not once with their spouse on social media, not a peep to a single of her posts about him, referencing him and even tagging him. He ghosts her and still has the temerity to have his sensual co-grift with her up. He’s a disease. Like my scrappy teacher used to say about unattractive people, “I hope he’s nice.” But, mangina is as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside.

  5. My new theory is that she’s planning to follow the Noodles roadmap. She removed her wedding pages to avoid being accused of premeditation.

    • Yep. Donk has really thought this one out and is eager to avoid a replay of the Pancakes fiasco.

      • We know the scheme juices are flowing: she backdated her “in a relationship” status on Facebook.

        But, at the same time, I have faith in the never-learn button: things are going to go South very soon.

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