Ashley Tisdale’s Career Continues To Flourish Since Producing “Miss Advised”


The fabulous Ashley Tisdale, who dazzled us in “High School Musical” years ago and was last seen on an episode of “MacGyver,” has just released a new single and video. “Love Me & Let Me Go” bravely confronts her struggles with anxiety. At least that’s what the press release says.

This past week Miss Tisdale premiered songs from her new album, “Symptoms,” during happy hour at the Las Vegas Convention Center. THIS IS SUCCESS!!

Only good things come to those who promote A Donkey, eh, Ash?

Bottom Tweet from Ali Shanti’s Twit!


  1. funny how people who have no money who are coaching people on how to make money always talk about the one(s) that got away

  2. The pastel hair and sequiny eye shadow stopped being a thing (or things) a couple of years ago. Looks like Donkey’s innate ability to jump onto a trend well after it has past is contagious!

    • The video looks as though it were filmed a few years back. Also, that song is terrible, just terrible, and instantly forgettable.

    • ALL of that glitter is positively ghastly… How did someone not tell her that? I think she could’ve pulled it off if she had just kept it on the part of her lids closest to her lashes even if it did indeed stop being a thing a while back… as it is, it just looks like a couple of silver lamé coin purses slapped on there.

    • But didn’t you stick around for the end of the video? Ashley throws off her anxiety, which is symbolized by floating in midair. A true heARTist! (I’m quoting the press release.)

    • Hustler Hollywood? Larry Flynt’s first sex toy store opened in Vegas and it’s still in business. Maybe he and Jena la Flamme co-sponsored Tisdale’s happy hour serenade?

  3. That bathtub is really dirty and so is the water she is thrashing around in. That’s what grabbed my attention throughout the video.

    • I love you, [REDACTED]’s mom. You always say what I’m thinking. (And on a side note, hi — I miss our interactions.)

  4. Pot, meet Kettle.

  5. I’ve got nothing on Ashley Tisdale. By comparison to the woo (who strip at their wedding, don’t school their children, take their parent’s retirement to fund their grift and end up on hospital psych hold), she’s Beyoncé.

    • Agreed. I hate the song and the video, but she’s not running internet scams, exploiting her kids on social media, or appearing at HIVE’s latest shitshow … though she did produce that gregdamn documentary series! winky emoticon

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