If She Had The Chance To Do It All Again, Tell Me, Would She? Could She?


Which door will Baby Donk choose? BOOK was clearly in her from the beginning:

As was the dancer’s bun:

“Bree’s slippers are nicer than mine, so I’ll sneak into the locker room and take them when Mistress Rambeau isn’t looking.”

Decisions, decisions, that’s what a crucible does! Thank goodness our burro made the right choice.


  1. Note that we have never seen her with a cat, not even a photogenic white Angora kitten. Cats are too smart to suffer a Donkey.

  2. Always always always what Judy wants, what Judy’s going to have, and Judy being on the top bundk.

  3. What’s your future career, Julia? ZIP
    What’s between your ears, Julia? ZIP
    What does everyone tell you to do with your mouth, Julia? ZIP

  4. Mistress Rambeau! Saw what you did there!
    Also, Rainbow’s Cruisin’ chaps in Bottom Video, viewed again after a long layoff, are more insane even than remembered.

    • They look so cheap, like something one finds at yandy.com for half-price on the day after Halloween.

      • Donkey missed the memo that her EDM dance outfit should be more Stevie Nicks and less Stevie Wonder.

  5. OT: How nice of Shantitown to use daughter and ex-husband to shill her business, especially when she’s ragged on him for being drunk and disorderly when picking up the kids from school.

    She left a link to Eyes Wide Shut in the first comment. “Join the tribe!” No thanks, O Rancid One.

    • I don’t understand the family dynamic of Shanti. She lives with her exhusband, no sex or anything (coparenting / roommates), but does he work? Does he provide? Is she scamming him? How bizarre. He must be a tool, or dependent (emotional, financial, whatever). It’s really interesting to critique such a bizarre situation so as to value what you have, and also as a warning sign “Do not enter”. He must be bringing in some cash.

      • He seemed to be taking care of the kids while she pranced from dirtfest to dirtfest, and from grifter confab to grifter confab. At one point Scammy was crowdsourcing for a nanny, though I believe she mentioned having no intention of paying her! Perhaps Scammy needed to look elsewhere because Dadsers was off in an alcoholic daze? She said as much on her listserv.

        • It was something like, “Looking for a live-in, full-time nanny who will also cook and clean. Your pay is that you get to live in my dildo-strewn home.” So basically a slave.

          • I wonder if the nanny’s room would have had curtains or towels on the windows and coat ghouls on the doorknob.

    • Hey, grifter, leave those kids alone .

      I feel so bad when people caught in scammys orbit wind up on here.
      Fascinating as it is..

      • ??Agree. And they are doing co-parenting right. There are so many shitty divorces out there that ruin the kids. My parents stayed friends. My dad would stay with me, my mom and stepdad when he visited from overseas, sometimes bringing his girlfriend. I’m certain my parents might have lived together too if they were on the same continent and thought it was best for me.

        • They are doing co-parenting right?! By having recent college graduate and imbecile Fozzie, AKA Your Boy Nye, lecture at Burning Man on parenting with Skankatron, while drunk ? Toddy Pat is driving off the road when driving the kids to school? WTF? As for leaving kids off here, we do, but Kaia is 18 or 19 years old. She’s not a kid and doesn’t live at home.

          • JFAing myself to note that Ali Shanti is the worst goddamn mother in the world, and we’ve provided horror story after horror story of her poor parenting.

    • Thin Bruce Vilanch looks better without the mop top, is all I have to say.

      It’s great when divorced parents are friends and amicable co-parents. I wouldn’t say that was Shantitown and Thin Bruce’s situation, so much as the two of them are enmeshed in some kind of bizarre grifting cluster.

      • Didn’t Toddy Pat (yes, he no longer looks like Estelle Parsons) take off for Thailand, the sex tourism capital of the world, for months while he was supposed to be co-parenting? These are shady, sleazy folks and shouldn’t be used as shining examples of co-parenting.

  6. Glad Scammy she’s blocking face. Also, she did something with half her nails, people do read here, right, cuiloarraine de?

  7. She never had the feet for ballet and she never could square her hips in splits. But the worst of all is that she never had the work ethic to do ballet anyway ?

  8. Catching up on all the happenings and was reading the comments on Alex’s fb post on The Most Magical Love Story. Christine K commented so I visited her profile. Has she been hacked? Haven’t read it all, but seems like a lot is happening on her page.

      • She’s a cunt who tried to get people fired from their jobs just for reading this blog. For all the kids whose financial support was endangered by this monster, I will give a hearty HA HA. I hope she suffers immeasurably.

    • Who exactly is this person in relation to RBD/RBNS? A reader that I’m friends with offline and I were trying to figure that out this morning when looking at Kelly’s odd FB entries and webpage. I guess she does, or did, PR and marketing. She’s certainly determined to burn every bridge possible. A shout out to a friend that includes “but her dad is my rapist’s attorney, awkward”?! Not a single fauxto on FB or her overstuffed website, in which Kelly fashions herself as a SJW but then writes a tribute to her NGMB x 100 grandma who made her everything she is today, including someone who shops at Needless Markup. The Ariana Grande videos? GEEEZ.

    • OK, this girl is cracking up online… Are any of her friends and/or family taking notice and doing anything about it? It’s kind of gut-wrenching to see…

      • Agree totally. Concerning and hope she is getting help. I remember her as being one of Donk’s Very Best Friends (maybe from childhood?) and was mentioned in the NS days quite a bit. Could be incorrect.

        • I don’t believe she and Donk knew each other in high school. Kelly grew up in Illinois but didn’t attend New Trier. Also, I’ve cataloged all the 2009 RBNS entries and part of 2010, and Kelly has yet to show up.

      • She deserves every scintilla of pain and more. You don’t fuck with a person’s ability to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. And especially not for reading a gregdamn blog. Payback is a bitch, and deservedly so.

    • She even starred in an HBO documentary about plastic surgery. Check out “Botox and Restylane” among the RBD categories.

  9. Since my youngest kitten is only nine, I can rather confidently say that it’s not normal for six year olds to write in the third person. If mine wrote that I’d definitely be showing it to my friends and family. Not in an “Isn’t this cute?!” context, but rather a “Should I be worried?!” context.
    I’d also be dragging her to a soup kitchen because I would go bananas if she was talking about having a house built for her.
    It’s actually rather amazing how much her six year old self predicted who she would become as an adult. A self-centered spoiled brat who thinks everyone should be on the bottom and she should be on top.

        • I still feel this is kind of underappreciated because every time I hear about it I go W-T-F. How does a college-aged person not feel absolutely mortified having their Momsers do their college work for them? (Never mind the OMG edginess / cutesiness of having her edit / write your “sex columns” for you as well.) And how does the Momsers in question rationalize it? When you’re in college and are one of the lucky ones (like Donks and I were) who don’t have to make money in order to pay for it and support yourself, then you quite literally HAVE ONE JOB. How do you outsource that to your Momsers?

          • I can’t imagine investing all that money in my kid’s school and then doing the work for them. Education is expensive and the point is to come out educated in the end.

          • This. University education is free (or, can be) in the shithole I hail from, but I still don’t see how it would make sense for me to have my parentsers do my papers for me or, even worse, how I (and they) would cope with what it would say about me, them, and our family dynamics.

    • PS, I’m genuinely curious.. and I know I could Google this, but sadly have to work all day on a Sunday (running errands at my desk) but are narcissists born this way? Or are their parents narcissists and then they learn it from them? I’m just curious if Dodi is doomed to having horrific, narcissist children of his own with this Donkey, or if a father can, someone love a child enough to make up for it.

      • one of the JIML (ex-boss) was a raging narcissist (almost sociopathic), and managed to spawn a narcissistic daughter.

          • actually, she was a grownup at the time – mid-20’s. we worked for a large, well-known organization you would recognize the name). daddy had somehow managed to get around the anti-nepotism rules and got her employed in an operational role for the division in which he was GM.

            i joined the firm and was employed as her manager. people liked the changes i was making as they actually had someone to go to to solve their issues. darling daughter disagreed with the changes i was making, complained to daddy, and it was the beginning of the end for me…

      • The danger with a narcissistic parent is twofold: first, the child is at risk of inheriting the traits, but second, the child will almost certainly internalize and normalize at least some of the narcissistic behaviors. When I hit my 40s, I realized that I had been raised by a narcissist (and also formerly married to one), and then I struggled for several years to figure out whether I was a narcissist too. It turned out that I had many of the behaviors, but they were mostly learned. My desire and ability to change turned out to be the main factor in determining that I was not a narcissist in the clinical sense.

    • Kids write weird stuff. One year my whole grade level did the same project so we could use them on a bulletin board for back-to-school night. We divided up a paper into four quadrants and I don’t remember most of it but one quadrant was about the future and every single girl in my class drew a diamond ring, as in, “I will only be fulfilled when a man gives me a ring.” 9-year-olds! It’s funny but it was so weird and confusing at the time.

      • I was hoping you would chime in on this given all of the angles you’ve had in your life! I could see fragments of that typed “essay”. But all of them together seems worrisome. Or, as Grifty stated, it probably wasn’t typed by her.

      • I kind of hesitate to say this, but when my brother was about that age, they were supposed to write (I think) a sample letter at school and he wrote, presumably to a friend: “I am in Sudan. Here is a list of people who died: my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother, my grandma, my grandpa, my aunt, my uncle.” You would think that could call for a psychiatric intervention of some sort but no. AFAIK he was a happy well-balanced kid and is a happy well-balanced adult now.

  10. OT, if I may: I was once again reminded of something I can’t seem to find in the archives, and it’s Donk’s “How I Friend” sermon. We did have a post about it, right? Unless it was just a wonderful dream I had, does anyone have any idea where to locate that post? TIA, love and light, aho!

    • Not only was this post noteworthy because she was going to actually include this word salad in her book, but it was just your basic Donkey being scoldy, because it was posted as a response to an earlier posted rant that people she’d known as friends for a long time were no longer keeping in touch with her as often or as intensely as she felt she deserved. Waah, her ‘girlfriends’ were no longer calling her to have sleepovers! They put their mind-numbing jobs and their newborn children ahead of her! You can just imagine the song “Toyland” playing in the background as she struggles with the fact that no one is going to indulge the pathological juvenile rituals she demands to compensate for the love she thinks she never got as a child. THAT is how she actually ‘friends.’ It is ‘quid pro quo, or I throw a tantrum.’

      The next time she’d act out her internal narcissistic rage like this would be at her breakup with Rain, when she lamented how both of their horrible unhealed childhood traumas broke them apart, Donkey-leaping in the air someone else’s personal boundary to write to his estranged father to scold him for not getting closer to his son, with the subtext of ‘You’re why your son can’t commit to someone as epic as me.’

      Now that she’s muzzled herself we don’t get to see this much cray in public anymore, but there’s no way something this deeply ingrained in her, staring with throwing her own spiteful birthday party as an eight year old, has gone away. I’d love to see the dynamic between her and Dodi when he starts spending 12+ hour days and weekends in the lab, and he sees that she has nothing besides a fixation on demanding his attention to keep her busy during her day.

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