Woo Fauxtographer Leah Marie Captures Idiots At Their Most Idiotic


Bottom Video! Thanks to Grifty for alerting us to woo fauxtographer Leah Marie’s page, which includes a VD snap of Donk and this visual memento of the second greatest commitment container the world has ever known.


  1. TOTALLY off topic, but I was just reading a review of the new netflix show “Russian Dolls” and there’s this line that stopped me:

    “Nadia’s party is brimming with hip guests, including her best friend, Maxine, who’s hosting the bash and cooking her a birthday chicken”

    birthday. chicken.

  2. Kept the sound off on the video. Did Nisha denounce the rampant mixture of cultural appropriation when she spoke?

      • Yeah, I was horrified to see how many people at that event I recognized. Looks like poor what’s-his-face-hang-drum-thumper never found his perfect woman despite paying Android Jones some five-figured amount to paint her.

        I wonder when Smellsberg is going to understand that sleeveless tops do not favor him.

        • Speaking of, I gasped when I saw Daniel Ellsberg had attended this antlerfest.

          • Well, he was the dad-in-law at one point, and the mom and she are still very tight. It does sort of make you go hmmmm though.

    • Oh man, No Vowels does look miserable.

      All I can see when I look at Antler Boy is an insincere douchebag. At one point I thought he actually did love her. In the beginning of the video, you can see that he’s struggling to maintain eye contact with her. His priority is looking like Mr. Serenity while traipsing off to other continents to find other gullible woo poon. (Gullible Woo Poon should be his DJ name.)

      • I have to wonder if NoVowels isn’t repelled by the woo crowd. He wasn’t hanging with them in England or when he was with Summit. It would be interesting to know if this was one of their areas of disagreement.

        • He seems to have embraced a few of their ideals – see YouTube videos – but he seems profoundly uncomfortable at some of these events, particularly having to attend a wedding ceremony in which the bride flashed her cooch at everyone.

    • All these culture thieves don’t have a single friend that can tan without assistance of modern chemicals.

    • I can’t decide which grosses me out more: the woo who brought her elementary school child to a wedding where the bride did a strip tease, or the cuddle puddle pictures where the guy in the hat is putting his nasty paws all over anyone with a yoni.

      Filth, I say! Get off my lawn.

    • I hope she doesn’t try to take credit for Marson’s achievements as she attempted to take credit for evolved Rain and every other man she’s banged.

    • See? What did I say about his future earning potential? You don’t get grant money and equity partnership from people like Parker and the Zuckerbergs if you’re just developing some new zit cream.

  3. The whole wedding of J and S looks like her ultimate dream come true: A day where everyone has to focus on her, watch her, photograph her… in fact, if you can handle looking through those wedding pix, you will see she did a striptease at one point, took off her panties during what appears to be a solo dance. Gawd, I hope she didn’t throw them into the “audience” like a garter…

    • Yes, her dusty cooch all out. And the big fella still absconded with the cacao!

      • I hadn’t scrolled down far enough to see those fauxtos. So gross. Maybe Daniel Ellsberg caught her panties.

    • She was bending over, with her entire bare ass pointed right at Sacha, while removing her thong. I’m surprised she didn’t fuck him in front of everyone there as an encore. Actually, maybe she did and they just didn’t post the pictures.

      • If they had fucked as an encore, this crowd would have cheered them on before joining in. No one denies Christina M. her turn-on!

    • She took her panties off at her wedding, danced and was photographed with her full undercarriage on display *at her wedding*. At her wedding. Went dancing around with no panties at her wedding. Had her lady bits photographed hanging out, in her wedding dress, with her legs spread. At her wedding. I might, with plenty of wine, do something similar in a dark, private room with my husband. But, not while being filmed, in public, at my wedding and posted on the interwebs. Dear. Jesus. I’ve always had a soft spot for her. Felt pity for her. But, baby Jesus on a cracker. You hung your ass our at your wedding. Even my trailerhood, hillbilly, southern redneck sisters know better. Your kitty was out at your wedding. I need an f’ing fainting couch. I can’t. I. Kant.

        • JFAing my JFA. There was a vagina out at your wedding. It was yours. I kant. Nope.


          Still. Nope.

          • EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW! When your wedding photos look like they’re stills from a porno set you have reached a very trashy low.

          • In fairness, it wasn’t as if everyone there hadn’t already seen her bathing suit area. Also, it being her third wedding, and the fact that her husband wore antlers and she sported a fur toupee, i’ll bet her granny couldn’t make it because, I don’t know, it was double coupon day at Kroger or something.

          • Did any members of Jena’s birth family even attend Nuptials #3? Or did they quietly withdraw after her equally lurid wedding to Smellsberg?

      • Yes, yes, true. But, her vag was out. At her wedding. Could’ve been Elizabeth Taylor’s eighth to the YMCA construction guy, who she met at recovery, with Michael Jackson giving her away, but I bet not a single vag in sight.

        I feel like we’re so numb to the bizarro emanating from the woo that we just cruise past this as if it’s business as usual. She took her vag out. At her wedding. And let someone post photos of it. I told my huscat. He was like, “Huh?” Exactly.

        • Oh, and not just that, she took her vag out at her wedding, attended by Daniel Ellsberg, he of The Pentagon Papers fame.

          You could not make this up.

        • Curling, I’m as disgusted by you. Laughing at your funny rant. “Her vagina was a guest. At her wedding”!!!!

          I thought the bending over with her ass out whilst removing her thong was the lowest point, but then she crouched down and spread her legs wide open while wearing a see-through dress in front of her wedding guests and FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHER!!

          I hope the photographer (even being a woo) has health insurance to cover counselling. Lawd knows I would need it.

          These people are gross.
          Absolutely f*ckin G.R.O.S.S.

          • I laughed, too, when Curling Irons went off on this lurid, exhibitionistic display. But I don’t think we’ve become numb to the oversexed alternate reality of Planet Woo, else we wouldn’t be losing our shit … again.

            I’m friends offline with a couple of former RBDers who just can’t stomach the woo. And I get it. However, I am fascinated by this looney tunes subculture, which I didn’t even know existed until Donkey clomped their way. You couldn’t make up folks like Jena, Mental Dental, Christina Morassi, Smellsberg, Shantitown, etc., some of whom seem to be skirting the law.

  4. That video of Jena + Sacha wedding.


    I almost can’t believe this is something people can sit through without snickering and cracking up at the absurdity!

    I CAN believe that the fellow she married (the one wearing feathers on his head and a court jester outfit) has left her. That’s pretty easy to grasp.

  5. hive is soooooooo 2015

    voice of block chain is where it’s at today

    get with the times, people!


      This video is right up there with – dare I say it? – Dancin’ Donkey at Red Rocks. Must. Watch. Again.

        • Apparently it’s a fashion statement. I’m often around tweens who imitate these k-pop bands, complete with masks and and hoodies, so when I saw Fozzie decked out as Jimin from BTS, I could not stop laughing. What a fucking buffoon! He expects his 41k twitter followers to take him seriously? Also, most of the attendees at this sparsely attended convention look as though they only read comic books and have no plans to leave their parents’ basement until the bitcoin money comes rolling in.

      • I assumed it was an antifa-style mask. You know, so the facial recognition software can’t tell our AI overlords exactly where we are and what we are doing, at all times. But it’s interesting to ponder what is more likely to motivate Fozzie: paranoia or K-pop?

        • Of course you’re probably right re: antifa but my parental frame of reference would be more k-pop, so I roared and roared when watching this nonsense.

    • What is weird is that I looked at the Leach’s past employers, and right before her four month stint in San Francisco, she had a job with a consulting company that has a link to an article on block chain on its home page.

      This is all getting very incestuous.

      • Hmm, that’s weird…it’s now disappeared from her FB page. I guess people do still read here…

        • “We partner with you to develop growth strategies and transform your organization to effectively execute”

          do what now?

          is that like “beheading the head of the head of the kobayashi clan” ala wes anderson’s ‘isle of dogs’?

          • I am so working a comical “do want now?” into something today.
            Seriously these word salads meant to sound intelligent aren’t doing what they think they are.

    • Am I the only one who thought the blonde said “con artist” instead of “coin artist”?

      Like when Ali Skamti says “gifting” and you hear “grifting”.

      • I noted that, too. At least she sounds more intelligent than the bearded ginger. “Awesome event. Lot of cool people here. Showing bravado.” I think everyone went to a state college. (sorry)

          • Me too, my parents had no fucks to give about funding my education or helping me get a student loan, so a state school was all I could afford. They’d never been to college so we didn’t know what hoops to make me jump through to get a scholarship. I put myself through by working multiple jobs. I still can’t believe I pulled it off.

          • My beloveds, I attended a great state school too and had to transfer to a private school for family reasons. It was a joke that I cribbed from Angelica Huston, who spoke something similar to son Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 50/50.

          • JFAing myself to note that only three American schools offered the grad program I wished to attend. I chose the public university because the faculty was the best.

  6. Didn’t Alexander Goldinsky coach Jena la Flamme in the best methods to scam insurance companies?

  7. Oh my god I need help. I can’t decide if I should follow the expert financial advice of Ali S or her ex Fozzie. I mean, Ali’s money map looks amazing, but NYE is clearly the hipper of the two.

    • I would go with Nye, only because he seems to shower on a regular basis.

      I prefer the figurative stench of desperation to the actual stench of lack of hygiene.

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