Updated: Crypto Con Job? Lurker Seeks Information On “Nye,” Née Michael Jacobs, AKA Fozzie


From our inbox:


I am reaching out to you today to see if I could get in touch with the writer “Sankt Gilly.” I am a part of the Cryptocurrency community and it has recently been brought to light that “Michael Jacobs” aka “Pimp Lion” aka “Fozzie” was covered pretty extensively by this writer.

It appears that he is still up to his old ways of scamming people – so I was reaching out to see if there is any new info or if this writer could share their knowledge about him.

Here is his current Twitter : https://twitter.com/CryptoShillNye

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance!

Dear Crypto Member,

I haven’t thought much about Fozzie in the last few years. We covered him during the year or two he spent as Ali Shanti’s boy toy. I note she is the worst person we’ve ever written about on Reblogging Donk. A consummate con artist into young things hooked up with a batty kid just out of college who wanted to get rich quick and was drawn to older women who would support his pie in the sky schemes. What a surprise they got busy!

While I knew Fozzie had changed his appearance for the umpteenth time, I wasn’t aware he had changed his name too. He seems to go identity shopping more than any high schooler or university first-year or Julia Allison. I’m getting a kick out of the new blond highlights and the videos on his Instagram page.

Unfortunately, I have no information regarding what the former Michael Jacobs is now up to, other than being a cheerleader for cryptocurrency and running a podcast, of which you are well aware. But I will post your inquiry on RBD in the hope that readers might be able to offer some information and/or insights into this strange character.

Update: This email arrived in our inbox on Sunday afternoon.


  1. 42,000 twitter followers. Yep he used the old Shanti/Allison buy your followers trick.
    Also see name change: an attempt to distance from previous unethical and or illegal behavior

    • Yes, the first thing I noted on Nye’s twitter page was the 42k followers and burst out laughing. Maybe Wali’s in love with Michael too?

  2. According to his IG, he is travelling around the country, attending cryptocurrency gatherings (he is Chicago now, he was in Miami a few days ago).

    Sounds totally legit.

    PS: He went to Bali in December. Of course.

    • I saw the Bali bubble on the IG page and lost it. For more yucks, click on the “THOUGHTS” circle.

  3. I was really hoping he had turned things around.

    Honestly, the most inside scoop we ever had on him was Moroccanwear’s story about his failed kissing booth, wasn’t it? DJ Commode just puts it all out there on the social media.

    • I do love that kissing booth story. Other than that embarrassment, I believe the most info we had on Fozzie came from Le Roi de Burger’s mouth. I particularly enjoyed when he mocked gainful employment and later went off on the woos, calling out hobbit Tubbs Franklin for pawing young women at burner fests.

    • I sort of assumed he was young and naive. I assumed Shanti lead him astray, but his new persona proves my assumptions wrong.

      • She brought out the worst in him, but his true love has always been the long green, which is becoming more and more obvious.

  4. When I’m looking for someone to help me understand volatile, wildly fluctuating alternative currency in order to speculate for wealth, I give my old-fashioned money to Nye The Crypto Guy™️. You know you can trust him: it rhymes.

    • I’m not inspired and made hopeful by the sermon on the mount or the Torah or a surah in the Quran or Harper Lee’s TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD or etc. No, my inspiration comes from alternative currency, AKA money.

      • That’s what I thought too, trying to parasitically attach to a famous name. He’s as disgusting and vile as shanti.

  5. OT: Dead Russian Hooker #2 and her yonis are in … can you guess? Give up?

    Isn’t labor in Bali around 1/4th the cost of labor in the states? Not that the woos would ever exploit indigenous populations!

    • I fucking hate the way they swoop into a place like this and act as if the locals are there only to help usher them into some state of awareness or whatever

      • Funny, and that’s an old picture, also there was a band “Yoni” with an album/song “My Little Yoni” in 1994, never original.

        She told them let’s sew butterflies

  6. OT: The gift of desperation, changing your name from Cory Tanner Glazier to Christopher Life when you’re on the run from creditors. ::sniff, sniff::

    • I see he gave himself the gift of weed. My lord, Christopher Life, invest in some Visine!

      Did the former Adele Juliet change her name again also?

      • Nope, but she wants us all to fall in love with Christopher Life:

        I want to honor this man.

        There are infinite combinations of eloquent and complimenting words I could string together in a great attempt to reveal him to you, but I won’t.

        You must see him and feel him for yourself. Fall in love with him, as I have.

        The greatest way I know to honor him, is by not losing myself in my love for him.

        I want to honor him, by continuing to discover my own strength and power, as I learn to do through my partnership with him.

        I want to honor him, by honoring myself, taking responsibility for my own feelings, and not projecting my negative emotional power.

        And, I want to honor him, by leaving you with an invitation.

        If you want to see, taste and understand the way of being All In, watch him. He’s courageously devoted to catalyzing change, in himself, and in our national systems, in service to all life.

        His tireless commitment to the journey of becoming inspires me daily, and his sight is set on a vision, that to some may seem impossible, but to him it is simply his to do. He’s all in, for all of it.

        I am honored to stand by his side in partnership, and have a front row seat, to the awesome and never-a-dull-moment show that is Christopher Life.

        Happy Birthday, beloved.

        What a gift you are.

    • I used to think that he was nice looking, but ‘grifter on the lam‘ is not a look that he wears well…

      • I firmly believe Donk wanted to bang him or did bang him. I know she brought him home to meet Momsers and Dadsers. Wonder if Petey invested in MediMeals.

  7. Glad to see other content besides the fellow harmed by Alli Scammy, who as a victim of her ways I’d like not to get laughs off of.
    Thought Nye was New year’s Eve, guess it’s pronounced nigh

  8. The common denominator between the cryptocurrency world and the woo community is a group of marks who overestimate their intelligence. Natural transition for ol’ Pimp Lion.

    • This. There’s not a lot going on upstairs, so Fozzie flailing about over the latest get rich quick scheme – best selling author, jewelry pusher, DJ commode, boy toy, cryptocurrency – tends to make me chuckle.

      • looking at his insta, i wonder if he got a c&d from bill nye the science guy for using his image in his twitter header.

        rather bad taste photoshopping mr. nye’s image to put coins on his eyes – ancient greek tradition for paying charon, ferryman of the river styx to transport souls across the river from the living to the dead.

  9. Oh my goodness he just tweeted along thread about his past with ali and previous business ventures. One question: didn’t he used to claim he was making that terrible jewelry? He was buying it from a family is Costa Rica and selling it to friends in Boulder.

    • Those tweets can’t be a coincidence; Fozzie must have been in the basement.

      Michael Nye
      Michael Nye
      Frustrated and clearly misunderstanding where I was failing, I turned to making hip-hop music as an avenue of creativity.

      It was fun. I enjoyed being creative. But it soon failed as my relationship fell apart and my life was flipped upside down.

          • Like maybe this website is the only one that has EVER paid ANY attention to him and he thought he could gather dozens of hate readers (us)? Honestly I have no idea.

          • Interesting. The email came in on Thursday, when the post about Donk at the ballet just went up, and I haven’t heard anything back. I wasn’t sure I’d mention anything in here but then I looked at the twitter link, found Michael Nye on IG and felt it was worth a post.

    • Gives me the sadz, wouldn’t be on the radar unless he was taken advantage of by you know who, Alexis Neely, Ali Shanti, Alexis Neely, Ali Shanti, Alexis Neely, Ali Shanti, Alexis Neely, Ali Shanti.
      Better silence on him, just triggers a not healthy dynamic within him I believe, her fault. Someone quoted Dav Savage, leave the 20/30 year olds young ‘ens better than you found them

      Mr Life is high? thought he was videoing himself crying, but daren’t click it.
      Salary in Bali is probably $4 a day

    • That’s the only half-story I remember about this character. That was fun.

      Other than that, I just don’t get what it is that all these people find so difficult about regular productive work.

    • Fozzie and Ryan Swain, AKA Mental Dental, are the only two folks who’ve been discussed on RBD that I could easily see going on a murderous rampage. Though I find Fozzie silly, he and Swainy Todd both scare the shit out of me.

  10. I thought his Twitter detailing his years in college and after were interesting. He seems to have some self awareness, at least.

    Seems All Scammy relationship really knocked him down into even more of a fail spiral. Also, he should probably take note that lot of his troubles are\were drug related.

    Would be curious to know why the anonymous email writer feels he’s still grifting.

    • I feel he is still grifting because every single thing about his new web presence reeks of bullshit. I looked at the web site for his “crypto media company.”

      Pretty sure he heard he simply heard some people made money in crypto, splashed a few keywords all over a hastily set up website and a new twitter, bough follower sand spews nonsense he sees others saying. All in hopes that blockchain companies will pay him, in crypto, and he’ll luck out getting paid by someone in whatever the next big currency is and cash out.

      Think of how highly he regarded himself as an author, coach, musician etc. And how little foundation he had for any of those next big things.

      He is using the sociopathic business model in what he hopes will be the most lucrative field.

      hey maybe it will work.

      • He tends to throw himself into his latest get rich quick scheme with full force, but our boy Nye has a short attention span, so expect a new entrepreneur persona in less than one year.

      • DD you just made my cold, black, dead heart, melt using TSBM in a sentence.

    • Oh boy. This occurred a while after he and Skankatron had broken up. I put posts about Fozzie under “Ali Shanti,” but his scabrous remarks about the woos could be among the comments instead of in an actual post. I think I screenshot the comments but am not sure. Your dotty auntie Gilly is always so much help!

  11. I despise these snooping, outing, doxxing, backstabbing, blackmailing, intimidating shady folks gallivanting (or slinking in this case) around in the name of some unspoken morality of an undefined community. I’ve seen it in the underside of legal practice. I’ve seen it among the mentally unstable. I’ve seen it among the downright vicious. Many times, they’re a Venn diagram that lies on top of each other. I especially despise it when they attempt to co-op others into their malevolent plans or rally the villagers of some random community against some random newbie who intimidates them or takes something they feel entitled to.

    If the kid is doing something wrong, dude, leave it up to the authorities. You’re not a cyber-Earp tasked with defending the honor of a shadow currency community. You’re just an asshole trying to dress your vengeance pig up in the lipstick of a morality crusade. If he beat you at Black Ops (or whatever the hell the real basement is playing these days) or hijacked your team, get a new one. Move on. Don’t hyperfocus on some revenge scheme cooked up in a drug-induced rage. Did I mention I really hate folks who engage in gumshoe personal destruction crusades?

    • I suspect I am missing something here but, if I was working with or about to work with someone who habitually lied and greatly inflated his expertise over a number of small failed business ventures. And had been deeply involved with a group of pro grifters, I would probably go sniffing around too?

      • Co-sign. Just the instability and lack of common sense alone is a huge red flag. Wasn’t it just a year ago he posted a pic of one sad little pot plant and stated his intention to be a big time grower and distributor? Granted, Devin pulled it off, and he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but next to Fozzie he seems like Elon freaking Musk.

        • Oh yeah to clarify I trust NO ONE in any kind of crypto-currency “community.” They are a handful of global-level thieves and a following of greasy, Fyre fest desreving hangers on.

    • I suppose I’m indifferent, especially since I find the “crypto community” about as shady as your garden variety woo grifter. I responded once but have no interest in keeping in contact with these folks or providing them with Fozzie’s backstory. I’ve got better things to do and if they’re so fucking interested in what went down three-four years ago, the RBD archives are available.

  12. Fozzie reminds me of Ryan in The Office. A scummy little grifter who takes people’s money, fails, then moves on to the next bad idea get rich quick scheme.

    • He looks like a 12-year-old who’s wearing fake facial hair. Gawd, what a tool!

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