“I Was Pretty, I Was Happy, I Would Love To … At The Ballet”

Oh, it’s on.


  1. I still say nori the wedding all have been praying for. Has there been one photo of them with any other friends or people? After two times with her his friends would be cautioning against.

  2. Tries too hard, fails so often. Table cloth with thick legs topped off with a chignon trying to escape her head. Wow. Smashed face photo of two dead fish next to the word *passion* is just the best. Thanks G.

    • The passion fauxto had me in stitches. Talk about trytoohard! But she looks happy in the first snap. ::ducks::

    • One of mankind’s greatest questions remains unanswered: Who takes those pictures??

      • Who indeed? Do you think she pays someone? I mean maybe there was a photographer at the ballet who they got to take a couple of shots and gave her their emails so they could purchase them, but the random ones from their travels where they are gazing lovingly at each other? How?

        Why not a selfie of them smiling maniacally because they are so happy to have found each other like the rest of us shlubs?

        • Paying for things is not her forte, so I don’t she is paying a photographer.

          But, at the same time, she posed on several different locations / situations (THIS IS PASSION, damn it, don’t you ever forget it Dodi!!) and probably had dozens of pictures taken just on that night so… it’s still a mystery.

          Does she harass other theatergoers? I don’t think they went to that gala with any friends (because she has none), so she may just be her annoying demanding self to the strangers around her.

        • I think she harasses random stranger into taking these pictures. I had (note the past tense) a friend that would do this. It wasn’t bad for one picture, but she’d keep random strangers tied up for five-ten minutes to get *the perfect shot.*.

      • Maybe Momsers is visiting to help her land the wallet. Almost certainly false, but a pleasant thought.

    • I don’t understand it either and fear one needs a degree in Critical Theory if attempting to deconstruct that frock.

      • That frock looks like a pretty good parody.

        I am the kind of bitch who WOULD giggle if I saw this IRL. I would also tell the person I’d be with, “don’t look now, but there is something you HAVE to see to your left….” Then I would notice the shoes and all giggling would stop and I would feel sad.

      • I really want to understand where on earth she finds her clothing. I feel like you’d have to put a ton of work into find the trash she buys. I mean those shoes??? Did she go dumpster diving in Dee-Lite’s trash?

      • The women at that gala we’re wearing Marchesa, Chanel, Lhullier, etc. and she picked this? She could have rented a great designer gown at Rent the Runway for less than $200.

        Wonder if she brought along her fake Chanel purse?

        • I think I spy it on the floor behind her shoes in the first photo. Of course she would take it! And putting it on the floor…. she’s sooo classy.

          That dress, as usual, is too small for her.
          Size UP, Donkey.

        • How did others attending this gala react to Donk’s tablecloth? Wouldn’t she have gotten a lot of eyebrow raises? When she went to the opera with Dr. Dodi Dadbod, she looked like a $6 hooker. Her mother has never dressed like a tramp who buys her clothes at KMart, so where the fuck does Donk’s fashion sense, or lack thereof, come from?

          • She’s never had any fashion sense, from what I have observed in the archives. The few dresses she’s worn that I liked were things that were other people’s ideas for her, according to captions she wrote to go with the pics. She overdid the hell out of the shiny strapless too-tight fit-and-flare silhouette, thinking it would emphasize her small waist and hide the raft ass. And the past, (oh, how many years now?) have been filled with Yandy Burning Man slutwear and onesies, and one sad and unflattering fair isle dress.

          • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: she may not be the worst dresser I have ever seen, but all the people I’ve ever seen dress worse than Donk are people who DGAF. I have never fucking ever seen anyone who admits they care about how they look dress even half as bad as Donk. To think that someone who has repeatedly claimed to be a “fashion journalist” who covered NYFW for 87 seasons, who cares so much about pertheption and whose favorite thing is looking at pictures of herself appears in public looking like THIS (and I am of course referring to the billions of pics documenting her sartorial choices we have seen over the years) is just MIND-BOGGLING. Out of the people who dedicate any amount of thought to their clothes (+ accessories, grooming etc.), she is absolutely the worst I have ever seen. BY FAR.

      • Never been a fan of the mullet dress (even when it was popular). It’s not now. At. All. This thing must be borrowed from someone smaller (not a dig) but explains why it’s 4″ too short in the front (also noticeable that the back should graze the ankle) and because it’s not her size it lifts up and out in the front.
        Simple long black dress & silk jacket in solids are her friends. But she’s offended them like the rest.

          • It’s hanging on her like it has an empire waist but I don’t think it’s an empire waist dress. Doesn’t she have a single friend to go shopping with her?

    • Get that skirt lined, for fuck’s sake. My grandmother taught me how to sew and she would rolling around in her cremation urn if I ever created something that horrible. High-low hens are hard enough to pull off without a chaotic fabric, especially when it’s so cheap you can see it through the backside.

      I echo the question: where does she get this shit? My family had a pretty serious financial squeeze a few years ago and I was buying clothes for us all as inexpensively as possible (without being tacky or awful), but I feel like I gained an unwanted familiarity with the cheapy clothes offerings of the world. And I never saw anything that bad.

        • regardless of whether it’s lined or not, the skirt is not the right shape for her figure, consequently it drapes wrong.

          • Very true. There are lots of other problems with that dress. But for some reason the fact that the back of the printed fabric can be seen just bothers the hell out of me. It just looks so cheap and half-assed.

          • Bothers me too. And looks like at least one large seam is visible.

            I wonder if she put some sort of boning in the hem to make it stand out. And I know that opens me up for a joke,

    • bumpity-bump. note how she’s awkwardly patting her stomach in the second picture? probably just cannot wait to let the basement dwelling haters know, and is trying to be as obvious as possible until the blessed announcement she’ll make as soon as the second trimester rolls around.

      • Could also explain the now-missing Sankt Moritz vomit post and picture, and visible weight loss. Sad thought, if true.

      • Her parents would be mortified by her getting knocked up before marriage

  3. Aww I would have gone to the gala if I knew these trash bags were going to be floating around.

    I failed you all.

    • Of course they were there, Never. Where else would she be? She has always been a passionate supporter of the ballet! Did you know she once considered a career as a ballerina? And she has danced professionally but Gave it up when she realized how much greater her contribution could be behind the scenes. She is now a patron of the arts and a philanthropist. She is such a gem.

          • That chick is Shira Lazar, L.A. trashbag who gave a notorious talk with Donk at SXSW and was fired by CBS for tweeting Steve Jobs’s death even though he was still quite alive.

  4. I’d like to say that, despite the fantastic title of this post, everything is NOT beautiful at the ballet. Those tights look like some sort of medical device.

  5. Ugh, same poses, different boyfriend. Always the one of her looking at the camera, while the masculine gazes adoringly at her. I mean, he just can’t pull his gaze away from her for even the time it takes to click the camera button. Then, the one where neither one of them can stop looking at one another long enough to look at the camera. I’m surprised she hasn’t managed to work in the one where he carries her as they stare longingly at one another. I suppose there is always tomorrow for that. Or, maybe Dr. Dodi Dadbod isn’t strong enough to lift her.

    Honestly, though she may look happy, she looks very pale and thin to me. Maybe it’s just the lighting.

    • Should I change his name in the category links? Dr. Dodi Dadbod or Dr. Dodi Doormat?

      • Ha. I love them both so much. Would be Sophie’s Choice for me. Hopefully, someone else will weigh in and spare either of us this monumental decision.

        • I’ll weigh in for Doormat. He’s not bad looking, but he does seem to have…issues

          • I don’t find him attractive in the least! Especially since he really does look like the Son of Sam and, yes, has “issues” regarding women.

        • I agree with Dr. Dodi Dadbod, Jankles is so vain and already thinks he’s way beneath her that think will really get under her skin … his full name can be Dr. Dodi Dadbod Doormatt Berowitz etc etc… when they inevitably break up because he realizes what a trainwreck she is, we can bestow upon him his Honerary PhDonk.

  6. His tux fits and he actually has other shoes.

    That’s about all I can say, other than there is a very Pancakes vibe about how she is choosing to frame this relationship.

    Oh, and be afraid—within the last week she has saved several pictures of cute little dogs to her Pinterest page.

    • Yes, I was delighted to see him in OTHER SHOES.

      Donkey’s shoes, on the other hand, are completely insane.

    • the Wedding section of her pinterest has by far the most, 308 pins!

    • You know she’s excited he already has his own tux, he’s wedding ready. (Also more money to put towards her Yandy wedding dress/honeymoon tear-away lingerie which subsequently is the same outfit).

    • The answer is probably a photo she saved of an actress at the Oscars, which would go nicely with her fully deployed acting skills with Dodi. She’s definitely working harder here than in the immortal photos with Derpin in France.

      Has she gotten a house key from him or is she still couch surfing somewhere?

        • Somebody else speculated about this yesterday too. And Gilly discovered she took down the post and rainbow snow onesie pic about throwing up in Sankt Moritz. So, hmmm.

          For everybody’s sake, especially any possible burro’s, I really hope this is not true.

    • Betting he got the tickets through work. I used to work for local ballet as special events coordinator and fundraiser. We sold tickets to the Gala in blocks to corporations that sponsored the event. If the company did a decent sponsorship they’d get tickets for the entire season. Wait for *supporting the arts donkey* all season long.

        • Yes, but there are always cheap or free tickets for those in the know or with connections. I’ve gone to a big deal charity dinner event (with a speaker who later became President of the United States) that had face value of $500, but paid $125.

          • Not sure if we saw her entire post but I don’t think she bragged about how he *bought* her tickets to the ballet. Which she most certainly would have if they paid.
            Someone either bought them and they couldn’t go or they’re part of some sort of sponsorship deal from someone else who had a surplus of tickets.
            Big donors would often call last minute if they had tickets left and told us to find people to use them. Happened all the time.

          • Oh, I agree. I was just pointing out that it’s not unusual for tickets to be sold at deep discounts to certain people

      • Maybe one of his benefactors (Parker or a Zuck) gifted him the tickets, but you can bet he didn’t pull this money out of his lab budget.

        • That seems like the most likely. When I worked for a non-profit with megarich benefactors, they passed down a bunch of tickets to fancy stuff that they had paid for but didn’t want.

          • Exactly. So rebutting the original point by AFF, he CAN wine and dine her in a way that his salary and position may not make immediately apparent because of all the fringe benefits. That shit adds up. And for Donkey it gives her narcissistic intangibles like dressing up and hobnobbing with super-rich people. What’s interesting about that now, though, is that she is no longer a big fish in any pond out there, and will have to rely on these second hand gifts instead of her own scheme-juiced plans.

    • If he coughed up $3k for this event, which I doubt, he at least could have bought her an appropriate dress. (But then she’d need to tell him that she’s broke, and I’m guessing she hasn’t gotten around to that little detail when discussing her ballet credentials and downhill skiing achievements.)

      • This. Isn’t he just a bit perturbed by the clown costumes? Or does Dodi just not notice? Especially if he really was dating sex workers prior to Donk?

    • Perhaps her dad bought the tickets, or a gift from someone who bought a table. $1500 is a lot but nearly $1000 of each ticket was tax deductible.

    • Maybe she busted out the old NBC mic flag. She’s more of a “sneak into an event” type than a patron of the arts.

  7. Every moment must be spent wondering “is this the moment he’ll propose?”

    Too much pressure!

      • He was furious when she blew it with Pancakes – sorry for the awkward word choice – and has never let her, or her subsequent boyfriends, forget it.

        • He and Robin are probably directing her every move. He’s NEVER commented on her FB page before, as far as I can remember. This is their big chance to get her off the books.

          • He certainly never commented on any post referencing Rainy or Avocado, and Dadsers is liking every snap featuring Dr. Dodi Dadbod.

        • Do we know for certain that Dadsers was furious? In no way am I doubting you, but just knowing that there’s confirmation of it out there would be hilarious

          • We have good intel on this one, and Dadsers never missed an opportunity to drop the McCain name when PhuturePhuckPhace was visiting.

          • I understand if you can’t share details, but just knowing this warms my black little heart

          • That’s funny if Dadsers still believes his magical burro ever had a real chance of making him part of a “blended family” with OMG McCains. Oh Dadsers, Dadsers, Dadsers.

      • HaHaHaHaHa! I like that it’s more momser’s and dadser’s inner thought of every waking minute.

  8. I’m not one to bodysnark, but it looks like she’s lost weight. Ordinarily when people are in happy relationships they are chill about gaining a few pounds from all the food and wine and general satisfaction. Makes me wonder: Is he the kind of asshole who wants all his women to be waifs?

    • Worse. Probably wants them with tiny waists, big teeters, and zero body fat

    • That she constantly dresses inappropriately and is so desperate for others to believe that she’s swathed in designer duds, real jewels, etc., is one of my joys in life

  9. I am not at all a fashion person, I’m a shortround and also IDGAF but I know a few basic things.

    I don’t get why she ALWAYS pairs these “frocks” with black tights. Even black stockings would look terrible with that ugly-ass piece of flocked wallpaper.

    I don’t know why Momsers never told her to not pair dark tights/hosiery with a light dress.

    I don’t know why she would pull her hair back so severely when she clearly has thin spots from malnutrition or pelt overuse.

    She just makes me sad at this point.

    • Sheer black hose are on trend right now. Does she know this? Of course not.

      Agree about the Miss Trunchbull hairstyle, but you know she wants people to mistake her for a former ballerina (“bunhead”).

    • She probably got it into her gourd a long time ago that black tights make the legs look slimmer

      • This. I have a friend with kind of unfortunate legs who kind of makes the same mistake BUT isn’t an idiot who wears such tights with light / strapless / SATIN dresses.

        On the other hand, she can’t stand heels, so her usual choice to go with the thick black tights is a pair of some not really cute flat black-ish shoes. Still better than platform hooves, though, plus she can walk without clomping.

        • At least she’s drawing attention away from her lower body

  10. OT but where can a cat lady in her mid-30s get cute spring/summer dresses these days? Anthro doesn’t have much. Where else?

    • TJ Maxx’s Runway department can be awesome. If you’re looking for work and not trendy, Ann Taylor is reliable and always on sale. Everlane is not great for dresses. Boden has the most dresses of anybody and the prices aren’t too bad…but try to catch a sale. You can usually get a 15% coupon at retail me not.

    • If you don’t mind ordering off the Internet (or if you live in NY or SF), Amour Vert has a lot of cute dresses, including silk at a reasonable price.

  11. She has THE bulkiest legs ever; it looks like she’s wearing black ski pants. And how does she never understand that her version of a “dancer’s bun” is all wrong –instead of sleek and contained (to accentuate The Line), it’s just a big old matronly pile of fail? That said, I think she may have found a treasure in Dodi Dadbod, who seems willing to indulge her every adolescent passion (and PAY, as the masculine should.) Don’t fuck this one up, Donkey!

    • Donk only has a few modes – woo, Stepford wife, tech Barbie, ingenue. None of the costumes have much relationship to what actually suits her figure.

  12. I will never understand why she insists on wearing a strapless dress with nothing across her shoulders with black tights. It’s like she has no clue what season she’s in. At least she isn’t wearing a giant ugly Ramalamadingdong statement necklace–though maybe it’s harder to grift them in SF.

    HOWEVER, the shoes are not the worst thing I’ve seen on her. At least she didn’t try to do black tights with the red suede (fake) YSLs, like she did at that one Betsy Johnson show during the Pancakes-era fashion week. And at least they are black leather instead of suede. Except for the stupid double platform, they’re almost cute–though I admit I am a sucker for a Mary Jane-type shoe, which these look to be.

    I despise high-low anything. But, amazingly, nary a skirt pull to be seen!

    So overall this rates better than her previous attempts at getting all dressed up, but still a poor effort overall.

    But, as Gilly said, they do look happy together.

    • I spoke too soon, didn’t realize the dress wasn’t strapless, that’s how unforgettable it was 15 seconds after scrolling by. So no points for eschewing the statement necklace. Definitely still should have worn a shrug of some sort. It’s fucking January, even if it is California.

    • That’s the cheapest muthafuckin dress in the universe. Looks like a blind toddler hemmed it with masking tape. FFS. And what the hell is going on with that head lump under the bun?

  13. I’m thinking this relationship has just peaked. Donk’s mania around them getting married will drive him off soon. I’m sure she’s lingering around the Waiting boards at WeddingBee when she’s not making memories with her lovah.

  14. On the one hoof, she looks happy, on on the other hoof, I wouldn’t be shocked, if, months down the line, we hear she was still stalking OMGRAIN all at the same time.

    • Nor would I. If Donk does marry Dodi, look for affairs with good looking woo assholes. When Dadbod confronts her, our burro will have this excuse at the ready, “But I thought you knew I was polyamorous!”

    • Oh, sad trombone. It didn’t even occur to me this was the same dress, and likely the same ridiculous outdated clompers. Did she starch it, or something, to get it to stick out like that? It looks way less stiff in the Sutro ruins pics.

    • bingo. I wondered if this was that same dress, but unlike the industrious scholar Nosferatu-tu — who has one of the finest Donk-related screeen names of all time, IMO — I was too lazy to click back in time to find out. Somehow it is very satisfying to see it surface again in this new, non-woo, aspiring SF arts patroness, socialite and faculty wife incarnation.

      • Thanks for the kind words, Dyspeptic. I’m honoured ?. The name is because I love all things dark, plus Donk is an emotional vampire who drains the energy (and money!) from everyone.
        She’s also always trying to suck the fame out of life.

        I was initially too lazy to look for the dress confirmation, but it kept bothering me so much I eventually caved in and searched for it. It’s so damn hilarious to see it in this setting. You know that “Aspiring SF arts patroness” is exactly how she sees herself. Where is that intern she wanted back in the Debbois era to help her manage her philanthropic endeavours?

  15. So is she trying to be SF Society Lady now? With a little shot of woo thrown in? I can see her looking at some of the other (actually accomplished, appropriately dressed) women at the gala, and thinking, “That could really work for me.”

      • How odd that fauxto and copy about skiing vanished. Not to worry. RBD is the custodian of her memories.

    • Lol knowing the society people (old money) they’ll close ranks fast against this hee hawing monster.

  16. All I can hear when I look at the second photo is “I love cooooookiiieee!” because the 10 til 11 o’clock of the back of her head is missing like a bitten cookie.

    Also, what everyone said x-100. You do not wear a sleeveless/strapless dress with those greg-awful black tights, dingus. I shop at Ross and on eBay, have zero firsthand designer and runway carnal knowledge and yet, still know that. Shrug/bolero jacket, hick. You’re making the rest of us hicks look bad. “I am not a smart [hick], but I know what [tacky] is.”

    • This is the same person, though, who wore a short white shiny satin strapless bubble dress with black opaque tights and no shrug in Chicago at Christmastime. And that tacky green dress and Lilly’s corpse-skin jacket to the opera a couple months ago.

      • ” Lilly’s corpse skin jacket.”
        Dead. As that poor dog, didn’t even get a woe is me post from her Donkowner.

        • That’s incredible when you think about it. This is a woman who blogs about everything down to the color of her vaginal skin tags and has done so for a good 10+ years, but not so much as a peep about the death of her constant companion during that time. She’ll still publicly post about clothes and outings and skiing and nausea, faux and otherwise, and travel and “loooooove” but not her little dog. When she can no longer serve as a photo prop, not a gregdamn peep about the pup. She has no use for her anymore. My baby girl rescue pup of about half Lily’s age was killed last year. I post about her every few weeks. My social media friends are probably sick of it, but I can’t help it every time Bookface reminds me of her photo “this time x many years ago.” Poor Lily and poor kitten Curling Iron. May they have many joyful adventures on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

          • I hope she feels the most excruciating guilt about abandoning that poor old dog for the rest of her life. I suspect guilt is why she hasn’t mentioned her, and that’s just fine by me.

            I was not pleased to see her pinning cute dog pictures this past week. God forbid she should get another animal.

          • I don’t believe she feels actual guilt — just a fear that others (us) would judge her.

            The JFIML is like that. She never feels bad for what she does, only for potential consequences to her (disapproval from others).

  17. That dress looks uncomfortable the way it wraps around the neck like a choker scarf

    Also kinda dangerous looking, like if dress were to get snagged or cauhht up om something, it could seriously cause an injury

    What is up with the way the bottom of dress is cut? Reminicent of 1980s prom tuxedo tails… … oh the good old days

  18. I do not understand pic 2. It looks like her bottom half is standing a foot to the right of her top half. To her right, that is.

  19. Geez she’s changed her FB profile pic to every new pic she has with this guy. This is the behavior of a 13 year old.

    Also whenever Facebook friends with even 400 contacts update their profile picture (especially to a picture with their significant other), it will get 50+ likes and droves of compliments from friends.

    On Julia’s page she supposedly has “123,000+ followers” and gets literally ONE comment or like sometimes. This means not even her friends are liking or commenting. Yeesh.

    Where can I hire this Social Media Guru??????

    • Dodi studied parasitology, so I hope he recognizes that she’s found her latest host organism. I truly hope for his sake she hasn’t moved herself in yet. The best thing he could do for her is make sure she gets her own space and has her own life and interests. The difficulty is she never does that. She moves in right away. Look at how fast she abandoned Bali once she had a target in sight.

      • One assumes she’s forwarded all her magazines to Dr. Dodi Dadbod, 123 Gold Digger Lane, North of the Panhandle, CA.

        Will Dodi soon be emailing us about Boxes + Tape?

      • “Dodi studied parasitology, so I hope he recognizes that she’s found her latest host organism.”
        maybe he’s getting grant money to date her.

    • She has the maximum number of FB friends (5000) along with those followers. I, too, am amazed that a only a handful of people click the like button on her profile and cover fauxtos, and even fewer comment.

        • I was going to hire Julia as our company social media consultant, but then we realized my grandmother gets more engagement posting about her plants to her 312 Facebook friends than Julia “123,000 followers” gets.

      • I think the trend is away from the olds on Facebook, and toward Instagram, where I am sure she has a private group of the friends she knows IRL. We also know she’s already told (lied) to all of them that nothing here is true, and that no one here knows her in real life (another lie). She makes very few pictures or posts public anymore on FB or twitter where she has all the fake followers because she’s no longer on the branding grift. And clearly, this time she’s desperate to keep things tightly locked down.

        • The medium is the message and social media tends to be fly by night. How apropos that she’s moved towards Instagram, which is even less substantive than Facebook. Sad, though, that IG will deprive us of Donk’s intellectual acumen.

  20. Jut don’t understand what she is trying to pretend. The dress is awful as a San Franciscan I am sure those nasty socialites laughed at how she looked such a wannabe. Our very own donkey is broke and looked thirsty. Her thirst comes comes through these pics. don’t have to have money to make good fashion choices just class, common sense and be your authentic self. Donkey such a dip shit with dr dumbass in toe. They deserve each other and I am sure they were the laugh of the party.

    • Isn’t that halter collar supposed to be choker-style? Why is she wearing it so low? No one wants a side view of her tubesock titties held up by that not-an-empire-waist wasteland er, waistband.

      • I’m guessing she bought it way too small because it was on clearance, or just because she imagines she is a “tiny dancer”. Wearing it low gives her more room.

    • My guess is that she didn’t realize the dress code for this old school opening night would be more NY Met Gala style than Chicago University Club holiday dinner.

      She should get an OMGballgown from Rent the Runway next time. If there is a next time.

  21. OMG that repurposed (with black opaque tights) dress just screams “I’m totally broke!”

    So, Dodi is NOT funding her lifestyle and we all know she is not living in California “for work” and…..

    Pass the popcorn!

  22. Anyone else getting Prom King vibes? ye olde handers?
    I can’t shake the feeling that old bald hot rain dj ph-whatever dude was the only one she really truly fell for, in all these years. I’m putting him above even the McCain-keep-helo-in-the-air-babe, in my uninformed estimation of her true feelings. I’ve clearly been watching this shit show for too long. I think this Dr Dodi might be the one to bring home the ticket, but I’m totally getting those Prom King vibes. She’s just more desperate than she was in those days. I’m all for three weddings with dr dadbod, and rooting for it, actually, because how much fun that will be for all of us! Maybe it will even inspire Mama Jacy and Daddy JP to come back ! (though I love aunty Gilly the mostest too). But I can’t believe she really loves him. She probably didnt /couldn’t really love any one else, either. But that dirty bald DJ dude, Rain whatever, was different. I think she fell hard for him.

    • I’m inclined to agree. As far as we (I) know, he has no money to speak of and yet she hanged on to him like a stage-18 clinger, for what, two years? even though he never even publicly acknowledged her and any joint interviews with them as a power couple or fauxtos of him picking her up and gazing adoringly in her eyes seemed absolutely out of the question. You just know she felt she was making an enormous sacrifice if she put up with the absence of these ultimate proofs of true love.

        • Lest me amend this, sex AND status among the tribe. He is/was a rockstar at Camp Septic.

          Status is a big thing with her, or she would not be concerned with Dr. Dadbod. He has status with the billionaires, which means more to Donkey than anything.

          • Sex and status and the whole “i’m with the band” thing. The look on her face while she thrust herself around the stage was very serious dan-sah, but also smug, I’m sleeping with the artist known as Rain. Also, she WORKED to land him.

        • He is by far the hottest man she’s been with, ridiculous hoodies and cheating ways and pompous attitude and all. At least in my opinion.

      • It’s not like she was ever going to do better.

    • Meh… I think she only wants most what she believes most other people want, and the noncommittal, open-relationship doof with groupies would fit that bill before DadBodDud ever would (in drug-infested woo grifter circles, that is).

  23. Yes. Something about that relationship just rung true for me, not in the sense of actual normal relationships, just in the sense I got of her engagement and investment in him. For almost two years, she went radio silent, because of him. And now it’s all back to the same old. It’s not just her silence; something just struck me as being, for what’s it worth, genuinely the Real Thing, as far as she was concerned, when it came to Rain-bald-Dj.
    Who was it who’d mentioned Lily Bart/House of Mirth when it came to Donk’s life choices. Was it you, Helena? Or Albie? I think this Dr Dadbod business (actually I dont even know who Dodi is – sorry, excuzzzz, I’m a foreigner) rings it home for me, how much she is like a character in an Edith Wharton novel. Minus the intelligence and self awareness.

    • Dodi Fayed, boyfriend of Princess Diana at the time the two of them died. He and the Dr. do look alike.

      I think it was Helena who brought up Lily Bart, and she wasn’t wrong. To me, Donkey is more like Becky Sharp in Vanity Fair. Lily did her best with a tough hand. But the outcome will likely be the same. Also, let’s not forget Miss Havisham!

      • I still think he looks most like Son of Sam

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