Look Who Just Landed In New York City!


Now hold on! Isn’t DJ Deadbeat Dad supposed to be in Europe for “personal and professional reasons”? Has he returned to New York because there’s suddenly a demand for hot chocolate ceremonies?

Honesty is la Fraud’s middle name. And though Jena NEVER reads here, we’re waiting to see how she attempts to spin this news in 3 2 1.

If you’re interested in seeing some of the designs that Sacha wanted you to fund to the tune of 10k, as well as how he would like to personally heal you via vibrations, check out https://sachanielsen.my-free.website/

P.S. Some interesting intel is coming in re: one of Donkey’s ex’s. Waiting on verification. Look for a new post tomorrow.

Bottom Video! The healing powers of the magical cacao bean:


    • My first thought was “neon sporran to stop people laughing at his baby carrot and petit pois in tie dye pantyhose.”

      This guy is middle-aged. Unless he fell into Woo-dom late in life, like Judy, he should know that tie-dye cargo shorts with lots of pockets, that display your manly Thai bamboo mandala tattoos, are by far the most practical travelling pants.

    • It’s not a current fauxto. I just happened to find it when briefly looking through Jena’s FB page and the suitcase seemed apropos. The snap is from May 2018, when Sacha was heading back to Europe. I believe he returned for Burning Scam and then took off again.

  1. Thank you, Oh Good Looking One, for pushing Smellsberg’s greasy face to the bottom of the page.

    Will you be cacaoceremoning in New York any time soon?

      • JFAing to say that there’s an ecstatic dance event at union square (judson memorial church) on tues, jan 29th 6.30pm; maybe he flew in for that.

      • Oh my word! Talk about a cacophony. That was just awful. No one is doing any healing if forced to listen to that mess. Speaking of healing, Sacha claims in Bottom Video that drinking hot chocolate helps one to go “deep into your beautiful belly and heal past trauma.” Sheesh, I’m going to fire up a Swiss Miss K-cup right now!

        • Good Greg, that noise did not agree with my or my kitties ears!

          I showed a friend my stash of healing liquids yesterday and we are going to have a healing creme de cacao drink next week, as well as healing Margaritas and Fluffy Ducks, lol.

  2. Those leggings on his “design” site with the big explosive period stain and white elastic control top are going straight on my Xmas list for all my crone (thanks Nisha) friends. NOT

    • Those designs suck, as does the design of the website. The “He-Art” at the bottom of the Design page looks like grade school Android Jones. Why would anyone need to be funded for this crap? Oh that’s right, he’s on the grift.

  3. When I click on any of Sacha’s designs a sad face comes up. Literally. It made me laugh because it’s not only typical that a woo website is broken somewhere but, it’s like the website itself knows what I am thinking when I look at his designs. I wonder if when you drink a cup of his cacao, it makes you want to stomp on his antlers?

    It is interesting to me that he has said he misses New York and now he is there. I wonder if he was not on board with Jena’s move to CA and that’s what caused a rift.

    • I’d be happy to stomp on his antlers without first having to fork over $40 for a cup of hot chocolate.

      • No, no! No antler stomping. Those antlers are reserved for the epic Moroccanwear, forever, in perpetuity, always, in the universe or something?

  4. Figures this douche has a “man”bun

    • He’s a total d-bag. No real source of income, dresses like bad hipster crossed with Euro woo, can’t afford to care for his children – Jena was well aware of this clown’s BS when she hooked up with him. I’d feel sorry for her if she weren’t just another woo scam heARTist.

  5. OT: A reader just informed me that “the medstitute” is back on Donk’s wikipedia page, and the reference is worded in such a manner so as to make it difficult to remove.

    • During her Georgetown years Julia dated many medical students and, according to the issue of Wired magazine in which she appears on the cover, she became known as “the Medstitute”.[8]

        • Never forget: When Donk was playing medstitute, cruising moneyed MDs to be, she was engaged to that law school schlub who defended her pathetic ass in the Georgetown student paper.

          • Constantly punching above her weight class as she always tried to OBO her way through life

  6. OT: In today’s Shanti diarrhea, the old raunch thanks Myka McLaughlin for guiding her to see what she couldn’t see herself, whatever the hell that means.

    • Is she drinking out of a specimen jar with a bloody tampon in it? If she’s added some kind of gross, sad performance art to her grift, I might be persuaded to part with a few dollars to livestream it.

      • I immediately flashed on specimen jar but thought it might be too vulgar to note. Silly me! How can one avoid vulgarity when discussing the walking STD jet set?

    • It’s funny how the woos believe that if they just love themselves a little more, all the world’s problem will be solved.

      Drinking from a jar, that is success!

  7. Wait, they were in NY together. She moved by herself somewhere to the other coast. He was is some far away land presumably a country without extradition, only to return to NY?
    So basically he wanted her out of NY? Ouch.
    If I saw that coming towards me on an airplane I would deboard and rebook, no matter the cost.

    • Psssst, the coast is clear, Deadbeat. You can return to New York, but just be sure not to post something foolish on social media.

  8. Whoa….his profile now says “Former Co-Creator of Pleasurable Living.”

    A few weeks ago it was just “Co-Creator of Pleasurable Living.”

    Maybe he really has moved on from JLF!!

    • He’s been ghosting her for months, while she keeps posting tributes to the greatest love the world has ever known. It was painfully obvious when she posted about their California naked spa getaway over the holidays that Deadbeat wasn’t even on the same continent.

  9. OT: Donk just posted a poem by Mary Oliver, though I doubt she even knew who she was until some woo posted an obit.

    Julia Allison
    1 hr ·

    “To live in this world

    you must be able
    to do three things:
    to love what is mortal;
    to hold it

    against your bones knowing
    your own life depends on it;
    and, when the time comes to let it go,
    to let it go.”

    – Mary Oliver 1935 – 2019

    • Way to jump on the Mary Oliver bandwagon, Donk. Little late for you to just now be googling her.

      Re: deadbeat dad’s website, I’m laughing so hard. It looks like shit my college boyfriend had on his dorm room wall. It’s far out, man! Or, to use my favorite David Eddelstein line (from his review of “Speed Racer”), it’s “eyeball lacerating.”

      • i don’t think she read past the fourth line – posted not realizing it’s about letting go of something you cherish.

        • I suspect every time she and Dodi get down to it, she’s remembering Mr. Tantric Sex and dying a little bit inside. She was always so hung up on his looks, from the time she first suggested they be fuckbuddies after he ghosted Caeli.

          This is why I don’t think she’ll be happy with Dodi. She’s too superficial.

  10. Boy, I bet this clown is making Jena’s head ache, with her having to continually write and then rewrite the spin about their perfect marriage. Now he says he’s in New York? I thought they had to be on separate continents for a year. He could be anywhere though. You can check in anywhere you want on FB.

  11. I believe he needs to physically be in the USA for certain amounts of time during his initial green card holding period. He can not stay outside of the US or his residency will lapse. On a greater scale, this guy is likely planning to become a citizen in a few years. This is probably his entire scam. Then his children can have a foothold in the US. But why? is Switzerland that bad? Switzerland is the real winner here, dumping this waste of space on the USA. Give me your tired… give me your hippies….

    • Why would Sacha Nielsen bring his children to the USA? This deadbeat dad puts the “I” in irresponsible and has shown little interest in parenting. He couldn’t even afford to buy Christmas presents for his children because he was too busy banging on garbage can lids to get a real job. Certainly he doesn’t want to have to play full-time parent in Wooville USA while he’s trying to follow his bliss? And if he were a responsible dad, why bring your kids to a country with precarious health care and children getting shot in schools on a regular basis? It’s not like those kids are in, say, South Korea where this is very limited space.

      • I suppose you’re right, but he will be granting them the option as adults to get into our nation. And it seems historically this will become a more and more difficult thing to accomplish. I think we will be seeing him on the subway eventually asking for change.

        • I don’t think he’s given two thoughts to how this affects his kids when they grow up. He can’t even figure out how to buy them Christmas gifts or give them a stable father figure now.

        • I agree with the panhandling denouement, but only after his “very good looking in person” self has gone to seed.

        • Why would someone want to leave Switzerland for the US? I mean, Daddy Cacao wants to find more marks for his grifting, but his children have more opportunities/lower unemployment/subsidized university there.

    • I think you are giving him waaaaaaay too much credit.

      Strategy? Long-term plans? The Good Looking One?


  12. I agree with Wolf. I don’t think this guy thinks past the end of his nose. He’s a good time Peter Pan. I wonder how he affords his travel?!

    • Hmm, how could a drug friendly hippie possibly afford constant international travel? Hint: it’s another sort of burro.

      • this is kind of interesting: took a break from desk-erranding and went down the rabbit hole looking at child support in switzerland.


        Only one allowance per child
        Only one allowance is paid for each child. If both parents are working, the preferred claimant (the question of who is preferred is regulated by law) receives the child allowance. The other parent has the right to be paid the difference if he or she works in a different canton from the preferred claimant where the statutory allowances are higher.

        You live in Switzerland
        Employees and self-employed persons who live in Switzerland and are paid at least 587 francs per month are entitled to family allowances.
        Persons not in work are normally entitled to family allowances unless their annual taxable income exceeds CHF 42,300.

        am i reading this right: all he has to do is “maintain a permanent address” in a part of switzerland, and he’s entitled to a family allowance?


        it’s the european version of the “vacation from vacationitis” model similarly employed by a certain burro.

        • It’s the country’s business to do the banking for the worst people in the world. Their citizens benefit. The only drawback is you have to be Swiss. Which must suck.

  13. Hey – they’re NEUTRAL! Even when they have no ethical righ to be, accepting the currency with blood dripping off of it. Neutral!

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