THE Romance Of The 21st Century Continues


Didn’t she come back to the states for “work,” not another vacation from vacation-itis?

Where will you take your burro next, Dr. Dodi? You still have a lab, yes?


    • I thought she’d finally retired that word, along with ineffable. Is Alex bringing back Old Donkey?

      • I’d love to believe she’s worn him down already, but at this point I’m convinced we’ll be seeing a 2019 wedding(s).

        • He’s already blown past Christmas and New Year’s without a proposal…

          • I really think Valentine’s or (less likely) her birthday are the last two shots for a proposal. If she seals the deal by then, the inertia of moving in, planning a wedding, merging finances (dear God Dodi, no), decorating, and “nesting” will provide Julia a cover story for why she’s not working. It will also keep her somewhat satisfied (temporarily of course) so she doesn’t self destruct.

            If it goes beyond March, it’s going to get nasty. Little by little she’ll reveal herself and he’ll be forced to see it. Dodi is a dope, but i think even he will wise up just enough if donkey acts out in spring or summer. He might be able to keep her from fully moving in and he should be able to keep finances separate. It will be interesting to see if Peter has to get involved once again.

          • Agree, Sexist – if she can bag that proposal by Birthcray, she can chalk up all her complete manic insanity to “just so stressed about wedding planning” and get him down the aisle, and he’ll be none the wiser.

            I can’t imagine this is Alex’s Mom’s dream girl, for her son, by a looooooooong shot

          • Peter Baugher is PRAYING for that engagement. He just liked this L.A. Love photo and has been liking every post related to the greatest love the world has ever known. Dadsers never even bothered to acknowledge PhuturePhuckPhace or Avocado’s existence.

          • I think that if she doesn’t get the proposal by the birthcray, it ain’t coming

          • Helena, your comment made me LITERALLY snort out loud. My cat may return to my lap to continue her interrupted nap at some point.

    • Yeah, I don’t think “indefatigable” means what she thinks it means. Unless of course he’s already tired of taking pictures of a narcissist her standing by herself next to really large objects to make her mouth appear smaller? I guess it tracks.

  1. Oh, dear.

    The cray is starting to show.

    If she does not have a ring by birthcray 2019, there will be blood.

    • He’s already literally taken her around the world, so you know she’s expecting an EPIC (instagram-worthy) proposal.

      Maybe a flash mob with Marson doing a lipdub of Train “Marry Me.” Initially I thought Bruno Mars “Marry You,” since it’s more upbeat and fun song, easy to dance to, but those lyrics don’t really go with this most epic of love stories.

      And the ring! Do we think Julia would go for just one honkingly huge, vulgar solitaire, or will she require a ring covered in unicorn poop, errr, I mean, pave? Or will she fully lean into the woo and eschew blood diamonds in favor of something environmentally-friendly and lab-created? Lolololol what am I saying? She probably won’t accept anything less than a doorknocker of a diamond with all the unicorn poop that can possibly be crammed onto the ring.

      Though I bet right now she’s using the “OMG I love you so much I’d be happy with a bread tie!” shtick to get him to propose.

      Man, this year is going to be amazing. Don’t fuck it up, Julia.

      • I know somebody who hired a flash mob to do the Bruno Mars “Marry You” thing to propose. He’s a conniving, lying asshole who always wears baggy shorts instead of pants (even in winter) and she’s a sloppy, nasty drunk.

        I found it on YouTube. Shall I share?

          • I kind of felt sorry for her until a friend told me how she adamantly insisted that getting shitfaced drunk when she didn’t think she would have to drive her kids anywhere was fine.


  2. You know what’s indefatigable? Donkey’s predictability.
    Boring, predictable donkey is boring and predictable.

    Take my picture! Take another one! Now get this one!
    Aren’t I cute, daddy I mean dowdy I mean Dodi?

    I can hear her drooling over fauxtos of herself louder than I can hear any future wedding bells…

  3. Indefatigable, oh my god. Can’t she ever just use a normal word, like tireless or energetic?

    A word like “indefatigable” brings to mind a person caring for a loved one through many months of a serious health crisis, with multiple daily bedpan and poopy laundry duties. “Indefatigable” could be used for the couple’s friends, who work out a weekly schedule to take most pet care, shopping, cooking and gardening off the shoulders of the carer.

    I’ve watched this exact scenario unfold (!!) in my friends group lately. Not because it was posted on social media for attention or funding (other than “So-and-so had serious bowel surgery again last month, was 3 weeks in ICU but finally back home, bring lots of old books and new music!”). But because people who aren’t galvanized by a bottomless pit of selfish need actually form supportive, mature friendships with other people who reach out and take real action when needed. They don’t post obsequious emoji-rich flatteries on FB or offer discounts to blood moon cacao caterwauls.

  4. OT: la Fraud has been posting manically to FB, including fauxtos of her wedding to Deadbeat two years ago, along with comments that she was born to be a mother. As Jacy would say, Oh honey, no!

      • I believe she would be a worse mother than Donk. Jena is impulsive, irresponsible, unemployed, single (which isn’t necessarily a negative but in this instance …), living in a group home, and is in many ways as solely interested in following her bliss as is her soon to be third ex-husband.

        • I think Jena is only a worse prospect b/c everyone would look the other way at her neglected bae-bae, where-as the Baughers or Dodi’s parents might step in.

    • Would the children of La Damned be better off than Skankatron’s kids? I can’t somehow see her dragging them to dirt festivals as teens, to cramp her style.

      • I se la Fraud leaving those kids unsupervised at home while she goes to a zouk festival in Costa Rica.

        “This is Child Protective Services. These kids have no food and no one seems to know where the mother is. Should we contact the FBI?”

  5. One of my favorite things on Instagram is Keith Leans on Things (about Dateline’s Keith Morrison), which Donkey reminded me of in the *leaning on love* picture.

    • Because of the terrible angle, she looks like she is squished in between the letters.

      • I never realized how much she and her Mom look alike.

  6. OT: Living in poverty? Let Ali Shanti tell you how she pulled herself up by the bootstraps. Be sure to listen to Eyes Wide Shut and have your checkbook ready!

    • Sorting through issues relating to “being evicted,” “being homeless,” “getting tuberculosis,” “losing parental rights”? Try my online seminar where I teach you how to spend your parents’ retirement savings instead!


    • Her alter ego he had lots of FB ads going , any other base my entire dwellers see or we targetted here

    • even her own (real) sister subtly put her on blast about the “own bootstraps” remark. (Then went into some mumbo jumbo, Family Space Cadets)

    • Wow, her cuntosity knows no bounds.

      The world would be a much better place if we could just give every man, woman and child a law degree from Georgetown.

      She is truly gross, inside and out.

    • Her first in class group scam from the get go Full of typos , anybunny dare? Jean Brodie missing you..

      Remember you are here voluntarily.
      Joining any group on Facebook is a choice, and to join this group is choosing to say “yes” to expose yourself to other like-minded people who want to create a better life for themsleves and other people. If resistence​ shows up, welcome it and name it. By doing so, you invite other to do the same.
      No promotions or spam.
      While we want you to do what you want, we do not want you to promote your specific offerings here. The only offers that will be made here are those that come from Eyes Wide Open. If you would like support with vetting and promoting your offers, please reach out, but please do not post here.
      No hiding.
      Living an Eyes Wide Open life means learning not to hide. And, you need safe spaces to share what’s true. Being in conversation about our desires as well as about what we have to give can be edgy and vulnerable. You will receive the most here by sharing openly and vulnerably​.
      No shaming.
      Shame is a deeply embedded program designed to counteract sovereignty. Oftentimes, you may not even know you are doing it. If we see you using shaming language toward yourself or other, we will lovingly point it out so you can see it too and begin to make a shift away from shame.
      Clean it up.
      You will make mistakes in the process of coming to live Eyes Wide Open. Yahoo! Yes. Thank you. Mistakes are how we learn and grow and evolve. So learn to clean it up when you do! We’ll guide and teach you to do that​, if you aren’t sure what it means.
      We love you. We are here for you. It’s time.
      Stay Curious.
      When we engage curiosity, we are able to bring our best selves to the table, and not let fear take over. Living life Eyes Wide Open requires us to face everything couragously and see things as they truely are. If and when you notice resistenac​​e, get curious and see what happens.

  7. SAT words make a comeback. And Donk looks like she is reverting to her teens year in this pic.

    Woe betide Alex if he doesn’t pull through with an amazeballs OTT cheesy romantic proposal ASAP.

  8. Indefatigable!!! He is ineffably indefatigably indefatigable!!!!

    Donkey’s thesaurus strikes again. I am so smarth!! Better take some selfies of the sausage snappers pointing at some margin notes of your latest self-help book to prove how smart you are, Donkey! Could have been Obama’s speechwriter!!

  9. Julia is playing her cards way too hard. She isn’t even getting Facebook likes anymore on her “epic” love story. It’s so bizarre for an almost 40 year old woman to be updating her social media accounts on a weekly basis with bad photos and poorly written declarations of love. I don’t think Marson proposes by Vday / Bday. Would likely want to date for 9-12 months.

  10. I’m hoping for an engagement soon, with all the entertainment that will provide, followed by a gradual realization by Dodi that she’s horrible, followed by him breaking the engagement, with all the entertainment that will provide. Dare to dream.

      • It’s the ONLY way I’d be happy with an engagement!

      • I said dare to dream and I meant it, FLM! Dream I will; for tearful photos, for fake breakup letters (“I loved you TOO much, Rainbow.”), for reports of stalking, and please let it happen, for inside intelligence from everyone he has ever known to our dear Gilly.

        His shoes are worrisome.

    • LaFlemmme is so clueless about what it really would be like. I think she’s fantasizing a baby at her breast, staring off into the sunset No idea how hard it is. She’d be a single mother for one thing. And what would she wear? Baby poop would ruin her gold lame midriff-baring “costumes”. How would she zouk and steam her yoni with a toddler getting into the dildo cabinet? Ya, no.

  11. Oh, sweet baby Jesus, I just realized that the love sign is RAINBOW. Stop trying to make fetch happen, dumb dumb.

    • Yeah, I had an eye-rolling moment about that fact. I’m surprised she isn’t pointing at it or jumping in the air. She looks sort of tired and defeated here, quite unlike her usual posey parker self. Maybe it’s the drab outfit, too. No more crop tops or colorful Bali schmattes?

  12. Que the false pregnancy in… Three… Two… One…
    Howdy Dodi is going to buy a ring if Dad$er has to bill him for it

  13. I’d held off on telling Mr. Handbag about Johnny Brown Shoes, M.D., Ph.D., because I was sure as soon as I did, he’d ghost her, and then it would just be more emails to confused parents and demands for laptops and who knows what all. But I finally broke down and told Mr. H last night as we sat in bed reading, and he looked at me in surprise and said, “So she might get a happy ending after all?” He said it so sweetly, and I knew in that moment I am filled with darkness and not worthy of him, which is too bad, because he’s stuck with me until I die. So I tried to make it up to a tiny bit by saying, “Yes, she might very well get the happy ending she’s always wanted,” and who knows, maybe she will.

    • I know I am am cooking my goose here, but after so many years as a donkologist, Imma say it: I hope she gets the happy ending, and manages to live with it. I really do.

      Ducking, covering.

      • honestly just that she’s posing in this photo while wearing PANTS and a sweatshirt and not a clown face of makeup with sausage curls and body contortions and skirt pulls feels like… progress. i want to have the kind soul of Mr Handbag and wish nice things for strangers. so i want to believe i see character development in JAB and that she might really be changing for the better in this relationship.

        but. we’ve been watching this show for too long. even a hopeful soul can only really feel trepidation for Dr Indefatigable and his family because if he’s the relatively normal, intelligent guy contributing to society that he seems… he’s not getting out of this relationship without sustaining some losses. it’s sad.

        it’s sad how sad the world is. but here we are.

        • You’re adorable! But pants and a shirt are just a costume. She shape-shifts to suit her suitor. Don’t you remember mylar ass chaps and pepperoni nips of JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO! (Must I be the custodian of your memories too?)

      • Chad McNally’s parents hope the same! If anyone deserves a happy ending and an endless vacation from vacation-itis while living off the masculine’s dime, it’s Julia Allison Baugher.

        Short Attention Span Theater?

        • Yeah, sorry if that makes me an asshole, but I don’t wish a happy ending for a person who “was inside” (which was my point of no return with her, but I could refer to many other well known examples of what we’re dealing with here).

          I don’t wish her an unhappy ending either; I have no desire to see her happy or unhappy. She’s a strange beast I watch on an online reality show, so I can’t really feel that emotionally invested either way. During the nearly 9 years I’ve been watching, I’ve seen her do MANY incredibly assholish and often simply evil things, much more than I see in an average person, so that is enough for me not to include her in the universal “well wishes” I have for the world population in general. Sorry, but based on what I know, she is a worse person than most. Since she’s a strange beast on a reality show, though, I have no personal beef with her. Seeing her happy doesn’t make me sad, or vice versa. Her actual wellbeing is not that important to me either way. As long as this basement lives on and stays funny, my Donkey-related needs are fulfilled.

          All of this said with softness, natch. I certainly have no beef with the catladies and their (ceramic) spouses who are kinder than me and enjoy the idea of Happy Donk.

          • As others have noted, a happy ending with OMG marriage and no divorce seems a bit unrealistic given everything that went on in 2018. Does a Donkey change its bray overnight? And we’ve been through the parading of This Man!! many times before.

          • This too. I’ve always been in the “not happening” camp, and that is based on my long experience with her self-sabotaging idiot self. Once she fucked up 1) Debbin and 2) BOOK (I’ll never forgive her what she did to BOOK!), to cite the two most glaring examples, I knew she’s fully capable of fucking up anything.

          • Fucking up BOOK blew my mind. She couldn’t even turn in some drivel so that she didn’t have to give back her advance? Who does that?

      • It’s nice to think she has changed, or will change, but I don’t have a big picture of her in a stable relationship. Even the photo by Dr Indefatigable is a little off—she has a long history of posing in front of sculptures of the word ‘love,’ and of course she is ‘rainbow’, and it’s notable that she set this sculpture as a destination for their day. She seems to have a little trouble putting the hand mirror down. And based on the role of the masculine in her past, I kinda doubt she can afford to live in Sankt Franziskus on her own dime, and if that isn’t a spur to her notion of love, what is? But who knows, maybe this will turn out to be “more than the greatest love the world has known” and not some Mondo Cane scene.

      • My definition of a happy ending for her is completely different than the one she thinks she wants. Mine would be for her to keep having failed relationships for a few more years until she gives up her desperate search altogether, and finally has to pull her life together as a single woman, secure and confident in herself, truly focusing on others in addition to herself, developing real substantive interests and a real purpose. Because in the long run, you can’t really be happy unless you know who you are and have a rich inner life. People we love eventually leave us or die, ultimately we go out of this life alone. Marriage won’t bring her happiness at this stage because she is looking it as saving her. Only she can save herself, and she hasn’t even started to try, with all this woo window dressing. Marriage to her is about the big party and a husband that worships her and provides all. This only can bring disappointment. So yeah, my wish for her is to wake up and truly become her own person and not just pretend to change so she can land a man.

        • Also, T-H-E-R-A-P-Y. (even though knowledgeable cats seem to agree that it usually doesn’t really work on her kind)

          • She would have to want to change, and she already thinks she’s perfect. An illusion that Dadsers’s checks enable.

          • Her idea of change is:

            “I lazed around on the beach in Bali instead of lazing around on the beach in Los Angeles… I’ve evolved! I’m making the world a better place!”
            “I ate a vegan cupcake instead of a regular cupcake and it was delicious! I’m so evolved!”
            “I used to wear polyester bizness lady costumes, and now I wear polyester goddess costumes… I’m spiritual now!”

          • I recently cataloged the 2009 entries and it’s interesting how terrified she was, is, of therapy with an actual therapist, not some woo grifter who puts up a “Love Doctor” shingle and tells her what she wants to hear while stuffing her maw with plant medicine.

          • I doubt therapy can help her. And she certainly ain’t gonna do it on her own. Just a twisted shell of a person

      • You can’t want for someone what they don’t want for themselves. I wish I would have learned that earlier in life. Someone like Julia is not capable of happiness in the traditional sense. I heard a great quote that sums it up better as to why happiness will elude her: Happiness is a feeling not a destination.

    • Mr. Handbag is a goddamned national treasure, is what.

      But so are you!

    • I’m going to share this tale in honor of sweet, sweet Mr. Handbag. I grew up with a Julia. Total nightmare mean girl as a teenager, went to an actual Ivy League school where she made a complete spectacle of herself then off to NYC to make a further spectacle of herself. In her 30s became self-employed in a creative field (haha, but tons of family money) still making a spectacle; stalking men, attempting to move in after one date, surprising them on their doorstep 3000 miles from home.

      In her forties she met and quickly married a rich guy who seems pretty nice. She seems happy, does her hobby job and spends his money. I keep expecting to hear about her torpedoing her life again, but it’s been a few years. It could happen.

      • Good, one thing-Donk not yet in her forties, tho almost!

    • She does not deserve a happy ending

  14. Her wiki does not list her as currently unemployed anymore, “This page was last edited on 5 January 2019, at 20:01 (UTC).” Hive hire? lol

    • Dadsers is cleaning up anything that could upset Bernie and Ellen. We’re waiting for our C&D.

      • Of course he is. This is his last chance to get his daughter in a fine romance.

        Btw, Gilly, you’ve been ON FIRE! Can’t keep the popcorn stocked!

        • Aw thanks, dear heart. It’s actually been a bit of a challenge to keep up with all the stories flowing out of Donk and Wooville!

    • Read the page history notes, she wants the Wiki locked down. That entry has to be her. Also one other thing was taken down, and that was the citation about her being called a “medstitute” in college. I’m surprised it was taken down because it was cited in one of the recent mainstream articles written about her. This was up for a couple of months so hopefully it was long enough for Dodi’s family to get her number.

      • I could edit her page every day if I wanted to, but I won’t mainly because I find it offensive that this nobody hick HAS a Wiki page in the first place.

      • Wow, the scrubbing of her Wikipedia page has been very thorough.

        No doubt she outsourced to somebody, there is no way she is going to do it herself.

        All the references to negative articles (such as the CBS article about rewriting history) have been removed.

        Oh, the irony!

        • She thinks its EU and the right to be forgotten.

  15. I’m genuinely curious… does she really want to marry him? I mean, hear me out, she JUST HAD A 73 POINT CHECKLIST, of which, I know he doesn’t meet much of… is she just playing a game of chicken? Racing towards the socially acceptable outcome – marriage under 40 years old? And she’ll just figure out the rest later?

    My feelings are on some level, he’s not enough for her (good looking enough, rich enough, not enough status, not enough time to whisk her around the world). My prediction is they will marry and be divorced in under 3-4 years. She’ll use the time while married to upgrade to someone richer and hotter and then dump him. Sorry Dodi.

    • He went to an Ivy, his parents are still married, he owns a house, he has hair, he probably reads the Economist or whatever shit she pretended she read, he loves travel and takes her along, he has a job, I forget what else was on her bullshit list. Not “sick whip”, I guess. How does he feel about costumes?

      Lol, like she’ll be able to upgrade to anyone richer and hotter. She couldn’t keep Chad or Debbois, and Latka is a catch in comparison.

    • *This man* is honestly the best thing that ever happened to her. He’s a catch. I just hope dating hippy djs has given her skewed picker a tug in the opposite direction and her sense of partner may be sorta straightened out after 15+ years of wonk choices and bad decisions. It actually could be a happy ending. She never would’ve appreciated him ten years ago. If she’s learned anything from dirt festivals, grifters and poor judgment, let it be the value of a good partner. Actually pressing learn on just that may give her the happy ending she desperately wants, or at least the best shot at it.

      • The only thing he hit for her is the ability to pay pay pay up. She hasn’t learned shit. All she’s learned is how to tell if someone will take care of her the way she expects—-and what she expects now is a much lower bar $$$$ than before (ahem, MCCAIN). She doesn’t really have a choice anymore.

    • She wants the same thing she’s always wanted: status. At this phase of her life status means successful husband + money + babies. So yes, she really wants to marry him.

    • As Albie points, out he seems to hit a lot of points on the 73 Point Checklist or, what I have affectionately termed “The ME, ME, ME Manifesto”. In which many of her points were…..he should support ME, he should want to do things with ME, he should want to make ME happy and so on.

      He may not have founder money but, he’s a doctor/research scientist, which seems to hit “status” to me. Not sure what he’s making now but he has already taken her on some pretty impressive trips and I’m sure his ability to increase earning potential is there. So, he certainly checks off more of them than any of the other recent loves of her life. Certainly, he can probably afford a shirt with hood AND torso.

      Let’s hope he’s “sexually delicious”.

    • Of course she wants to marry him. Donk has told friends repeatedly that she wants a husband and children more than anything else in this world – as a tipster indicated, the bisexual claim is total horseshit and designed to attract men. Dodi has status, money, and parental approval. I doubt she finds him sexually delicious, well, unless she’s turned on by the Son of Sam, so look to find her stepping out – “but I thought you knew I was poly! – after they’ve been married for a few years.

    • Oh, please. As if someone rich and/or hot is going to want anything to do with Peter Baugher’s Beast of Burden. She’s not attractive anymore, she is not an heiress, she has an abrasive personality, and is not particularly interesting nor kind. Not a catch. Hell, she is the opposite of a catch

  16. Mr. Sad Rat and I were in Venice right around the same time, and I recall seeing that sign and thinking it reminded me of a piece of tacky Burning Man art that Donk would surely want to pose in front of. Sure enough.

    BTW, I have a question about the last post. Was it speculation or based on a tip that Donk wants three weddings and her parents want her to get hitched at that musty country club? The content of the post didn’t make it clear.

    • In her BOOK! proposal, she blathered some nonsense about wanting a bunch of weddings.

        • And with the more attractive (at least until he shows his gummy grin) Devin Stetler, of the Easter Island Stetlers

    • It’s a hypothetical, which I thought was clear in the first paragraph. Many of the woos have had one, two, three wedding ceremonies and I’m guessing Donk will want the same over-the-top ridiculousness exhibited by, say, Bear and Kitty. I believe their wedding(s) went on for three days.

      “Following in the footsteps of her woo brethren, Donk is most likely making plans for at least three weddings, assuming Dr. Dodi pops the question and destroys his future. One of these weddings will probably take place in San Francisco, primarily for friends and Dodi’s California family. Another wedding will occur at Camp Septic, with Annie Lalala officiating as various woos spout gibberish and Donk & Dodi, in their underwear, ingest plant medicine and grin maniacally. I DO, I DO, I DO!”

  17. She seems schizophrenic at this point. I mean, pick a lane. Either you’re “Rainbow” who trips and hangs at dirt fests or you’re the wanna be housewife in the plaid skirt. Her Facebook pictures are beyond embarrassing. If my son, brother, friend – hell anyone I knew, started dating someone with that page, let alone googling them brings you here? I’d be like RUN. RUN FAR! She just looks like a freaking lunatic. Then add in her documented history and whoah. RUN, DODI. RUN! It’s hard to believe the people around him aren’t saying it. Surely there are people working with him who are whispering behind his back when he walks down the hall. “Have you seen the facebook page of the fucked up lady he’s dating now?”. It makes me think there probably is something very off about him too…

    • Re: Dodi, an alleged history of dating sex workers isn’t exactly a calling card. But if these two crazy kids do indeed tie the knot, we’ll have content coming out our ears.

  18. I know I’m way behind (for various personal reasons the Brexit catastrophe has been taking up a lot of my attention), but I wanted to say that my family used to belong to that dumbass Michigan Shores Country Club. Lots of leather chairs and wooden panelling that’s supposed to look like an English country house, and that Tudor special event room is laughable; wooden beams do not a Tudor room make. Michigan Shores is boring as hell (although the last time I was there I was probably 10 or 12). But my family & friends at that time all came from that sort of background so I spent a lot of my childhood in various clubs around the country, which sounds pretty douchey and I assure you it was.

    As I have mentioned before, my mother went through a significant woo phase, so for most of my childhood my immediate family cared very much about which country club we belonged to and making sure to avoid association with the NOKD crowd. When the woo came that all went out the window, and frankly I think we were all better for it.

    TL;DR: Michigan Shores might be the Sill / Baugher traditional club but it’s pretty blah and has nothing about it that stands out in any interesting way, so it would actually be perfect for Julia’s wedding.

  19. One hour ago Julia just posted a poem:

    Julia Allison
    1 hr ·
    “To live in this world

    you must be able
    to do three things:
    to love what is mortal;
    to hold it

    against your bones knowing
    your own life depends on it;
    and, when the time comes to let it go,
    to let it go.”

    – Mary Oliver 1935 – 2019

    She’s already talking about letting something **someone** go??

    Is Great Romance World Has Ever Known unravelling already???

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