Donkey Is Moving Back To The States For “Work,” As In Monitoring Dr. Dodi?


Commenter Greg discovered Donk’s new Ubud rental listing. It’s very interesting:

No sign of Magic. Has she crossed the rainbow bridge alongside Lilly?

Bottom Picture! Once more, with feeling:


    • Bali? What are you talking about? She is a very busy and important business lady with pressing business to attend to, not some lazy hippy! Bali! As if! She vacations in Nantucket.

    • My money is on birthday. They’ll use the words: whirlwind, deep, and epic during their announcement.

      Then she can do cutesy pregnant burning man photos.

        • Those fauxtos will indeed be rom-com barftastic. It’ll be interesting to see how she bungles actual marriage, since it’s hard work and not part of her wittle girl fantasy involving THIS MAN asking for her hand and Dadsers walking her down the aisle.

  1. Did she actually bring that effing cuddle pillow with her to Bali? Why on earth? I mean, she is packing to go somewhere and she presumably has limited space in her luggage and she stuffed that atrocity in there? I guess if you only wear half shirts, they don’t take up much room. As long as her gorgeous, totally not stained and repulsive looking white patent patchwork platform boots and her long sleeve with nipple sticker shirt made it, she’ll be ready for any special event.

    • I wonder if she begged Ryan Allis for a job so she could appear responsible to Dodi and his family? Who else would give her a job? She has no work history or skills besides putting on a PowerPoint presentation about how to get media attention using ten year old information?

      • Rain indicated she talked about having “clients,” but the only job he ever knew about in their 2+ years together and apart were the piecemeal gigs with Allis. However, his next shitshow is in India, in February, so she wouldn’t have to move back to the states before her lease is up.

  2. I didn’t really do a deep dive into comparing prices in these listings but 30m Indonesian rupiah = $2100/mo more or less. Seems SUPER cheap for a major city in a first-world country, but vastly overinflated for a third-world country. I’ve never been to Bali but this seems like yet another situation where she is making money off of the people who own the property. It’s so shameless and gross all while she is catalyzing for LOVE.

      • Is this how she makes most of her money? By renting out properties she’s renting? Is it possible to actually live on this income, especially when you owe monthly rent and are being displaced all the time? I have no idea, but even if this is the source of most of her income, she’s still been living hand to mouth for the past few years. She couldn’t pay Rain back the 4k she owed him, at least for several months.

        • comparable to paying off your visa with your mastercard. you’ll make payments, but never get ahead.

          the shortfall is made up by her allowance from dadser, the occasional allis gig, and not paying rain back the $4k she owes him.

        • Oh, so global catalyzer (or whatever she calls herself) means tenant from hell.

          From the grifter’s point of view, subletting is a great deal.

          You are only “investing” a month of security deposit, while the landlord has parked a mill or two in the house, has to pay a mortgage, insurance, property tax etc. and if the sub-letters misbehave and set the house on fire, or destroy the carpet, or shit in the closets, you only lose your corny pillows and a month’s rent.

    • Doing your nails while you Google yourself is VERY DIFFICULT.

      Only people with very a high intellectual acumen can do it.

  3. Here she/it is on Airbnb
    6 minutes by scooter here, not 5, always little lies and inconsistencies.

    She says “I am an American so there won’t be any translation issues.”

    Her bio:
    “Artist. Change Activist. Social Alchemist. Animal Lover. Journalist. Speaker. Seeker. Lover. Dancer. Friend. Human.”
    animal lover….

    And, well, the reviews aren’t all epic:

    “Unfortunately, we were REALLY disappointed and utterly APPALLED by the cleanliness, sanitation, and plumbing of Julia’s home during our stay this weekend. Basically because of the home’s sewage system, we were unable to use the guest room bathroom and completely disgusted by the green/brown sewage that boiled up from the shower right as we were about to jump into the shower. What was supposed to be a nice girl getaway for one of my best friends became a total nightmare. She was scared and upset by all the bugs, unsanitary bathrooms, we also found a used cup in the bathroom, unfleshed toilets, dirty kitchen counters, stained carpets, and white hair in the bed sheets. (EDITOR-Magic or Lilly hairs???) My friend also got bug bites from sleeping on the loft bed on the second floor. To top it off, when I had messaged Julia regarding these sewage issue, you responded over a day later, when there was nothing we could do. Additionally, she charged us an additional $200 on the side to stay that weekend because she said she was planning on staying there that weekend. And when we tried to ask for a later check out, she asked for us to pay another $200 on top.”

    And… cue her response-
    Response from Julia:
    Amy was the pushiest and most manipulative guest we have ever had. We have never had anything less than a 5 star review. She attempted to get a refund of her stay by making up all kinds of stories about our home. One thing – our home is in the country and there are no screens on the windows. That means sometimes flies come in if you leave the windows open. That’s part of being in nature. We recommend that all guests leave the windows closed if they don’t want bugs to come inside. 🙂 As for the other allegations, we have never had another guest have an issue with any of these items, so I don’t know what to say about this. Although, we did laugh at the “stained carpets.” Our home has WHITE carpets, which means that there are sometimes faint stains – many of which have been left by other AirBnB guests. We do the best we can to clean them, but providing pristine white carpets is just not possible. We believe we have an extraordinarily clean home, but you’re looking for perfection, a country home is not where you want to go for that.”

    • Hahahaahhhahahha! What goes around comes around! Being an absentee landlord from across the globe isn’t exactly the cakewalk you thought it would be, eh, Donk?

      • “We recommend that all guests leave the windows closed if they don’t want bugs to come inside.” Hahahahaha! Have you ever heard of screens?

    • looks like the only review of the “epic” Ubud location was this –

      “This is a true gem and we felt we had struck gold when we walked through the door. Beautiful tropical paradise and spotlessly clean and tidy. The pool is gigantic, beds very comfortable and the staff on hand to help with any queries/questions. We really can’t fault it and would love to come again.”

      I hope her landlords are OK with this. I think it’s disgusting that she’s doing this.

    • Julia Allison quite literally provides a “vom in the shower“ moment!
      Moment after moment after moment, apparently…

      • (Credit: Professor Paul Brians – Washington State University)

        In French, a set of two rooms or more forming a single accommodation can be advertised as rooms en suite (forming a suite). But the single word French word ensuite means something entirely different: “then, later.”

        The phrase “en suite” came to be used solely to designate bathrooms attached to a bedroom. Following standard English patterns, they hyphenated the phrase as “en-suite bath” and often made the phrase into a single word: “ensuite bath.”

        It is clearly nonstandard to use “ensuite” as if it were a noun synonymous with “toilet” or “bathroom”: “I went to the ensuite to take a shower.” You may puke on your suit, but not into “the ensuite.”


    • I like how she pretends it’s her property. Never change, Judy.

      I assume she wants to walk away from the lease and is hoping someone will take it over for the balance of time (hence the price in local currency–why do that if she’s in the US?).

      • Scene: 2060
        Rocking share Lakeside Assisted Living Facility

        “Let me tell you about the time I had an 8 figure compound in Bali, in Indonesia…”

        • Dear Greg, that’s a scary idea! imagine being stuck in a nursing home with no escape from the wildebeest and her fabrications and manipulations. *shudder*

          • Fortunately, most of them would be senile anyway

    • I think most of those reviews are from the “home she shared” with Rain.

    • ANIMAL LOVER?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? RIP LILLY (rolling over in her doggie grave)

  4. Isn’t Magic actually somebody else’s dog that Judy was just co-opting as “partly hers”? I can’t keep up with her nonsense.

    • When she was texting, phoning, emailing Rain 40x per day, she got his attention when mentioning she just had to tell him amazing news! The poor guy thought she might have gotten a job and could pay him back. No, she wanted to let Rainy know that a Balinese woman had given her a dog named Magic. The best part: Julie didn’t really have to take responsibility for the dog. When away, which was often, she could just give the dog to the woman. As you might imagine, Rain was thrilled to hear this amazing news AND that she still couldn’t pay him the 4k she owed him.

  5. Her hair at scalp level is so repulsively greezy and stringley in that bottom photo (not to be confused with THE Bottom Photo.)
    Also: “En Suite!” “The states!” So veddy British Expat, our Donkey! Also: cuddle pillow is ridic enough, but WTF is that “goddess” portrait bed-throw? Wherever are such things even on offer (in British Expat parlance)? And what kind of dummy would purchase and proudly display such hideousness? (Last question rhetorical, obviously.)

    • P.S.: Love the way the hanging tendrils from hideous macrame “fiber art” appear to be viscous excretions dangling from hideous goddess-portrait-bed-throw’s nostrils. Good photo-editing, Donk. You could maybe make a career of it on Facebook as profile pic expert.

    • I also wanted to comment on the bed throw but had already nearly had a brain bleed trying to describe my (epic) reaction to the pillow so I turned in for the night instead. But the throw…wtf? I particularly liked how it is placed near the end of the bed in a way no one has ever placed a throw before so one and all can enjoy its artistry. She truly has the weirdest, worst taste. From framed prom dresses to Wookiee comforters to the house of a thousand chairs and one depressed giant teddy… Hopefully Dodi can afford a designer for her when they decorate the (epic) abode they will share.

      • You just know that she envisions herself as the “goddess” on that bed cover, thinking that she is beautiful and divine (ugh).
        Like she does with the folders of her photos and ancient press clippings, she probably demonstrates her sexual energy (masterb**ion) whilst gazing adoringly at it and seeing herself in its image.

        Yuck, I need NACHOS, stat!

    • I thought the throw looks like Courtney Love

    • No matter how hard she tries to paint on a think coat of sophisticated, the tacky always shines through.

  6. I’m surprised AirBnB allowed her back after the illegal sublet and eviction in San Francisco.

      • Apparently they let her rent the Novato place too. What is so weird is that AirBnB has a ton of rules, but for some reason they don’t screen people who sign up. And they should.

        • JFAing to add, all they would have to do is ask for proof of ownership, or if they are renting, for a copy of the lease to check for a no-sublet clause.

          • Why would they bother doing that, though? Nobody comes after airb&b if it’s an illegal listing, I imagine they have no liability; the tenants are always the ones left holding the bag. I’m sure the hosts sign an acknowledgement when signing up that releases airb&b from any responsibility if the host is not acting within the confines of local leasing laws.

          • To prevent fraudulent listings. They can say in fine print it is up to the posting host all day long, but if someone ever took them to court over it, I bet they’d lose big.

    • That’s precious, Airbnb is all about Airbnb not the customer or the leaser. Julia probably got bumped up in status with the company after her last alleged illegal stunt.

      • They’ve been known to change some policies after they’ve been taken to court and had tons of negative publicity on social media. So far they’ve let this one slide.

  7. That cuddle pillow has more DNA on it than a crime scene in a whore house. I can’t imagine packing for a trip and thinking “hmmm better bring this pillow” with me.

    • I wonder if she got like a dozen of them in exchange for promoting them on “social media” (the old spokeswoman grift).

      • Oh that would make sense. She can’t keep anything in her life longer than a month, this tracks.

  8. Jena La Dum, The Forgotten One, just posted “It is 11:11 on my wedding anniversary day”
    Oh my I almost feel sorry for her. I just can’t believe everything is not a scam or crooked dealing with her.

    • Meanwhile, Swiss Misster is celebrating a Book of Fakes anniversary with his “awesome beloved music brother.”

    • She posted a question about what to do when you fight with a partner and in the comments someone replied, “Partner?” Oh my.

    • If they get divorced and they don’t have a pre-nup, could he help himself to any of her sexually delicious properties?

      • Hah. Touche gold digger. He is a FOUNDER of pleasurableliving, says it right there in his profile and their joint website entitled to half!

    • This post is really fucked up. Is she doing irony? Methinks Jena is very, very, very angry and doesn’t know how to manage it. Have her woo sistahs abandoned the insurance scammer in her time of need?

      • Yeah it must be hard to talk about rough times in a relationship when, everytime you are in one, you and the current beloved immediately sell tickets to the MasterCourse of Love and/or Sensual Dancing as Subtle, Previously Unknown Sex Metaphor.

      • It’s almost like her many attempts at mini scams manifested in one huge Karmic bite back.

  9. Jena posts about today being her wedding anniversary but doesn’t say anything personal about her husband… And Swiss Mister posts about today being the anniversary of his friendship with some music dude, no mention of his wife AT ALL. I remember when Jena and Michael announced their divorce. They never mentioned trouble in paradise, then one day he reveals their breakup in a carefully-crafted “Jena and I are no longer married” post on FB as if the news would shake the world. Jena must be going nutts this time, having to navigate the current breakup on her own. Whadda bet she consults with Ellsberg on how to go public with the truth without damaging her extremely valuable brand?

    • No one has been brave enough to ask any hard questions in the comments about the estrangement. One laughing emoticon response was made by an artist in Switzerland. It really does look like he’s just abandoning her for good.

      It seems too much of a coincidence that the split started with the sudden decision to move out of NYC for California. Yeah, he’s a childish freak and a coward, but I have to wonder if this wasn’t some unilateral decision she made that he never bought into. She had said in earlier posts that she planned on spending part time living with him in Switzerland, and she might have reneged on that. Who knows with these woos. They want to project an illusion of omnipotence and kumbayah, so they’ll never tell you the real truth.

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