Khalil(SP) Gibran Helps Jena la Flamme Navigate The Well Of Loneliness


RBDer Curling Irons at Dawn first alerted readers that self-proclaimed erotic empress Jena la Fraud is single again. Quelle surprise!

I just read an Abraham Hicks quote that “the best thing you can give someone is your happiness.” A timely reminder of an easily forgotten obvious truth.

This is especially relevant for me at present, as my partner and I will be living apart for 2019, in different continents, and I feel very sad about that. We are both clear that we need to be in different places for the time being, but this clarity does not defeat the sadness and loneliness that weighs on me, at least not yet. It’s an evolution, day by day.

My mission is to feel, embody and live my happiness, even without his divine presence in my daily life. I love him profoundly and that has not changed. The love is present, just not shared daily rhythms of life, the hand to hold or shoulder to lean on. God, I miss him.

This is the Koan of my spiritual journey at present.

This weekend I’m engaging in an amazing Brazilian Zouk dance festival in Reno. I’m surrounded by curious, open-hearted people.

I am the butterfly and the empty space.
I possess deep knowing and I know nothing.
I am the sun in my heart.
I am the water in my tears.
I am the blood of my moon.
I am the wind beneath my wings.
I am the Earth under my feet.

If you’re in the Bay Area, think of me when you gather.

Love your sister in magic, xo Jena

Who could have foretold that Sacha Nielsen, AKA DJ Deadbeat Dad, would abandon Our Lady of Insurance Fraud, only to take up with another woo goddess on another continent? Was the marriage a sham all along? Did the “musician” and cacao master only want a green card?

Not to worry! Like Gloria Gaynor, Jena will survive:

Poetry to help make sense of our current physical separation. I feel a bottomless anguish that I am trying to dissolve with dance and music. I pray for strength to navigate the distress in my heart.

“You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore.
You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days.
Ay, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God.
But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.

Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf
Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.

Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.
And stand together yet not too near together:
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.”

By Khalil(sp) Gibran

Together evermore, eh, Jena? Or at least until husband #4 comes along. #zoukyourpainaway #somethingtypicalishappening


  1. I think she is taking too much zouk, and burnt cacao. What a dummy. No sisters to talk real with her? Yeesh. #hegone anyone in sankt wherever for Swiss missing Jan 12 affair to attend and report back? Donk?

  2. Good grief! I don’t think she realized that she had been scammed for a marriage green card until reading it here.

    • I think you are right! Even Ray Charles could have seen that, Jena.

      She looks like a old-lady character in an old-tymey movie in that wee little hat.

        • Spring Byington with a touch of Ann Sothern (though that feels like sacrilege to say; La Sothern always projected fierce intelligence, La Phlegm not so much).

          • By Jove, I’ve got it! Spring Byington with a touch of Sothern and a soupcon of Zazu Pitts. It was, after all, Pitts who was the original gold digger in Erich von Stroheim’s “Greed.”

            gold digger

          • I didn’t put this well, but I mean it as a clowny frumpadumpalous, not a fierce old-tymey character.

            How the FUCK do these people have enough money to faff about like this? I am admittedly stuck in my life at the moment but GODDAMN.

  3. Khalil Gibran may as well be the patron saint of these woo grifters. He got gullible WASPs to pay for his drunken, wild sexing life until he died from complications of alcoholism.

    On the other hand, he finished several BOOK, so there’s that.

    • Posters with corny pictures of sunsets and Khalil Gibran quotes were a thing when / where I was kid.

      • This. One quoted Gibran in middle school and then got over him, just as one (not me, of course) might have read Anais Nin when a college first-year and quickly tossed her aside. Is la Fraud next going to cite Sylvia Plath?

  4. Also, with softness: when you’re “making love” non-stop and giving a “man” a free place to live and he still don’t want that – that’s cooooooold.

    • really, most lenient of the doormats approaching over the hillness and still he absconds with the cacao. takes a really special gal to prompt that. dumb self centered or just him, and no friends to caution her? she’s ready for semi annual nuptials even and no

      Makes one ponder when the handfast ends for the other woo goddess sister that charges for sisterlyness

    • Smellsberg knew she wanted to have kids with this deadbeat and he didn’t tell her to run for the hills because he couldn’t wait to be their “soul-uncle.” Gross, just gross, especially when one considers some of his sexual fantasies.

      • Yep.

        And swiss miss emerged to post a shill for the hot chocolate in a styrofoam cup soiree in Geneva, And to post a longing post of his “NYC days” no mention of what’s her name

        • Swiss Mister is behaving as though la Flamme doesn’t even exist. I actually feel a bit sorry for her and agree that we realized he was long gone with the wind before she did.

          • They got married last January and he split when she moved from Harlem, which was at least six months ago. So that didn’t take long.

    • You could have just said it was a post from that infinitely disgusting woman and we would all have called for NACHOS! NACHOS! NACHOS!

        • It’s a love letter to herself accompanied by a love video to herself which is very Terry-Gilliam-for-Monty-Python animation, except all of the interesting things Mr. Gilliam does in his animations are instead replaced here by ladies’ private parts and blood.

          Also, she wears her signature jaunty hat.

  5. “This weekend I’m engaging in an amazing Brazilian Zouk dance festival in Reno.”

    None of those words put together make a lick of sense.

      • Could she be making aThinly veiled reference tp the johhny cash song?

        Bodies in tbe warehouse sadly, not yhe desert yet

  6. “Brazilian zouk” is A Thing. It’s a descendant of Lambada: The Forgotten Dance.

  7. So he had her thinking they were still together just “living on separate continents for a year”. Wow.
    Guess the penny dropped at last.
    I get the impression woos are not allowed to call someone an asshole, instead they’re supposed find some “lesson” from being treated like sh!t.

    • I think that’s part of the grift. I can’t wait to see how she sells her services as a highly evolved pleasure and relationship expert if she can’t even see through this loser.

      • This has gotten me thinking that she really doesn’t have a strong sense of herself. Why would anyone let this (Swiss Misster) be okay, and yes why aren’t the other goddesses calling bullshit? He (aside from being very good looking in person) sounds like an irresponsible jerk. How could she respect a man who has to put up a fundraiser so he can feed his kids, so he can work on “sacred geometry” if she had an ounce of self-respect? Is she so afraid of being alone that she makes excuses for this stuff? And that earning a living is always related to the latest scam. Ugh, she really disgusts me. Thank goodness they’re not procreating!

        • The woo shtick involves CONSTANTLY talking about how wonderful you and your friends are. Any deviation from the norm, i.e., critical thinking, is frowned upon unless it’s a grand performance involving an epiphany in which you’ve learned so much about your weaknesses that you’ve tossed them behind, reaching the next level. Blah blah blah.

          DJ Deadbeat was a fucking joke from day one and Jena certainly would have benefitted from ONE GREGDAMN PERSON attempting to open her eyes wide, eh, Skankatron?

    • She was so high on her own fart fumes. Remember, this is about when she met Dodi at the magazine party.

    • We have a 50 year old Julia Allison living in our city… not kidding. She loves selfies, lip dubs and often is seen giving her food what look like 2nd date blowjobs.

      Oh and she’s posted on insta, over 19,000 times but does it b/c her 2,000 followers “mean so much to me.”

      • ok, i scrolled down to the part where she was at dim sum and made her own soy+chili-oil dipping concoction for har gow (shrimp dumpling).

        oh honey, no.

        • She is cray… all the men run for the hills too. It’s hialrious watching a donk in real time.

      • She has better taste in food and wine than A Donkey, I’ll give her that.

        But what a deeply silly person. Not in the fun way.

        • Yeah, Donk seems to have no genuine enjoyment of food and drink; she hollowly brays about what someone tells her she should like (cupcakes/Carrie Bradshaw or green juice/the woos).

          • Did I hear a distant ringing?

            (Though I actually am named for the NYC bike we haven’t seen since she left Evil Manhattan.)

  8. Ok, I’m unclear. She says that they are living on separate continents for a year but, doesn’t say they are splitting up. Do we know for sure that she knows it’s over completely or does she think this is a temporary thing?

    • Perhaps she’s delusional enough to believe this year-long continental divide is a temporary thing, but Deadbeat has already been gone for at least four months. What’s 12 more?

      The woos usually attempt to sugarcoat reality. Jena will be back in a couple of months, again doing the cryface, along with “We’ve decided to consciously uncouple.”

    • la forgotten says they “need to be in different places for the time being”, but it’s unclear whether temp or perm.

      i wonder when the different continent-clock started ticking? the maximum he can be out of the united states at a single time is six months, otherwise US-CIS could declare his residency “abandoned” and take his green card away.

      • Were they even married long enough for him to get a green card? Serious question, all the international marriages I know of have involved months if not years of bureaucracy.

        • I keep wondering if the Ellsberg’s could have provided any influence to expedite the matter…

          • Hes a hero. Not in the eyes of the current management tho of the ins though. Unless you mean pat and jean did some special things

          • Thank you!

            Boy, did he ever cut it close. Skipped out while Jena was packing up the Harlem place. Poor form, Cacao Kook.

        • I don’t know much about immigration, but I thought if someone overstayed their visa, they are sent back to their home county to wait through the visa process.

          I know for a fact that you cannot get a fiance visa unless you can show you have the funds to support a non-working fiancee for x-amount of time. I don’t remember exactly how long, but I am sure it’s at least six months, if not a year. Fiance’s cannot get permission to work until they get a work visa, and my understanding is that takes some time. I cannot imagine cacao and yoni steaming makes her enough money to have the necessary funds saved up in the bank.

          I could see Jenna not bothering to look into what the actual process is to get a spouse a green card and understanding what an involved process it is. I do believe she married for love and him for the green card, and once they found out how arduous the process is, he saw greener pastures back in Europe.

  9. Is it possible this woo-oaf got booted out of the US because of a drug arrest? These enlightened ones pretend that their medicine is all natural and legal, but their dirty sweat and tweaker eyes don’t lie.

    • That would actually make him less of a POS. At least there would be a reason behind his inability to keep a single adult commitment. I thought about it lately, and I feel for the girl. Despite the whole adult choices and such, she really didn’t seem to get it or see it coming. Whoever suggested it, is probably right. He ditched her (during a cross-country move) to follow his dick & drugs to Iceland, Europe, dusty hell…fed her a line of bs (which she bought because the idea that he sponged off her and split was too much to comprehend even for dirty hippy grifters). Then, she reads here about her missing Carcosa, speaks to him and asks when he’s coming home, hears 2020 and puts two and two together. Now, the girl’s crying her eyes out and posting about it online. But, these scumbag friends of hers are as crickets as Carcosa. I mean, really. If I came in here and said my huscat of less than a year grifted and skipped town on me, I’d get more basement insight and support in a night than phlegm’s gotten IRL from these flakes in months. Seriously, look at the weak response to all her trauma posting. That community has the depth of a dildo folding table. It’s so distorted and warped, no one can call a conman a conman (even to support a “sister”) for fear of their own reflection being caught in that mirror. Fuck your “national sisterhood day”, “feminine empowerment”, “goddess” bullshit. You woos are lousy friends and your bullshit shtick is merely a juvenile attempt to avoid all personal responsibility, criticize everyone else and grade yourself on the curve. I’m looking at you international president of sisterhood empire foundation and multi-national condescension enterprises Noodles Moody and your self-righteous prattling about the healing effects of baby poop as a nutritional substitute and multi-year plan to bring peace to the middle east by reuniting the aggrieved with their foreskins day sponsored by Scotch Tape. CWA friends. Fingers crossed phlegm will see the light, ceremoniously burn the antlers, delete her account (including Carcosa’s mangina photos), pack a bag, go home (you always can despite what Thomas Wolfe said) and start over. It’s never too late. A lesson learned the hard way is better than never learned at all. Oh, and phlegm, the basement’s always open. I’ll personally dust some Cheetos off the lumpy sofa spot beside me anytime. There’s air Franzia, Xanax sammies and good advice galore, and that’s all better than “I am the water in your bidet” bad poetry and lambada of loneliness you’ve got now.

      • Between this post and the one you gave about her accident and why it is suspect, you really do win the Internet crown this week You totally nailed it.

        What I don’t understand is if Jena has dual citizenship for the US and Switzerland, why the need for the continental divide? What is keeping her in CA to where she can’t just live with him over there for the year? Why the move from NY to CA anyway? Was this just his way of getting a free place to stay while in the states for a while? There were other places in NY they could have moved if Papa Chevalier wanted to sell that building. It doesn’t seem like we have the whole story about this, and I doubt we ever will. Either Peter Pan has moved on and has tired of her, as he seemed to do with the mother of his children, or there’s some other reason for this decision we don’t know about. It’s just bizarre that he completely takes off just a couple of months after getting the green card. I hope they revoke it.

    • Excellent question! Deadbeat and that Norwegian nutcase hosted a week-long drugfest in Iceland not too long ago. Maybe he’s been kicked out of more than one country.

      • He is offering Ovaltine service in Geneva this weekend, any basement dwellers there?. Oh, and he posted he is “feeling chill” with whatever tinier and cuter and his still “founder” of Jean’s grift.

        • “Our first cacao ceremony,” as if if and Soraïa Pi are a thing.

          No wonder Jena’s posting “hot-blooded statements” about being angry at her “partner.”

  10. Adding to the mystery, they both removed their “married” status from their Facebook pages several months ago.

  11. Jena posts: “Have you ever said something to your partner that you really don’t mean? Meaning it was a hot-blooded statement that is actually not representative of your deeper Truth? If so, what do you think happens when we say hurtful things we really don’t mean? I’m curious.”

    • She’s clearly pissed off but for some reason is trying to cut him some slack. A commenter wrote “Partner?” I guess because the post is so cryptic.

  12. Can you imagine their phone conversations? He must be the king of gaslighters. And she’s so hungry for love and validation…

  13. Hey, Jena, did you get this clown to sign a pre-nup? Or are you going to give him 1/2 of your real estate?

    • Good question! If Jena runs into some legal trouble here, maybe mother-in-lust Patty Ellsberg will let her use the family attorney?

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