Ménage à Donk: Dr. Dodi & The Boulder Brunettes Ring In The New Year

No sign of Rob. Donk and her intellectual acumen left a Thornton Wilder quote along with the three snaps:

Please, oh please, let there be a throuple wedding at Camp Septic this August!


  1. Top photo: hoping to hypnotize him into adding her to his Amex account.

    Bottom photo: what a prize.

  2. 1. Glitter manicure is back
    2. Funicelloface in pic 2
    3. Enough with the freaking crop tops! It’s goddamn winter and you are in Colorado!
    4. Still no perceptible chemistry
    5. Toddler pointy finger alert

  3. Oooo, is that the same skirt that she was wearing (with a transparent top & a granny bra) on the Pancakes NYE?

    Also, she’s so baiting Dodi with a threesome. Such sensual, much blargh.

    • The outfit is in the same vein. Both are tacky but still beats the flammable street walker outfit she wore to that creepy public orgy party in SF a year or so ago.

    • A lot Harder for her to photoshop those thick thighs thru that skirt as it was for her bare legs at Burning Man. I’m still laughing at how hard she keeps trying to pretend those aren’t her real legs and surprised this photo made it online unretouched.

    • His profile too. It looks like the man in the moon. Their children will be a disappointment to her. How old do you need to be for your mom to order up some cosmetic surgery?

      • JFA to say that I feel bad about writing that. But honestly, he is not a looker, and combined with original nose?

  4. I don’t trust fellow sisters who wear hats like that especially indoors. Its schemey or something.

  5. Alex Williams, the Pulitzer Prize winning NYT columnist – “The 5 Most Popular Dogs on Instagram” – likes all of Donk’s IG posts. Has there ever been a more stylish heterosexual male? ::swoon::

  6. LOL to Flusher Price’s “Madonna Arms” comment. The reason Madonna’s arms are remarkable is because she’s 60 years old. “You look amazing for your age!” is not a compliment for someone who hasn’t even hit 40.

  7. Dr Hammakowitz looks positively uncomfortable in pic 1.

    I don’t think he is very impressed by the pseudo-lesbo antics of pic 2 or by the access to heavy drugs made evident by pic 3.

  8. Also — I am rewatching 30 Rock (amazing) and the second picture reminds me of when Jenna falls in love with her cross dressing Kenna impersonator and they fall in love and have gross sex. I find it truly hilarious her lesbian outing was with a person she looks like/acts like.

  9. Prediction: an ex of Dr. Dadbod’s will show up here in the basement and will spill that he has threesome fantasies on the level of a 13-year-old raised on bad internet porn.

  10. I have zero photos of me and my husband staring into each others eyes. does that mean im doing it wrong

    • I would be unable to stare up at my husband in that kind of adoring manner without us both laughing. And with someone taking a photo? Never!

  11. This is plenty.
    This is more than enough.

    Myka’s HAT! Donkey’s CROP TOP! Latka’s EVERYTHING! The 9/11 tiles photograph above the fireplace!

    I could not possibly have gotten high enough to tolerate even ten minutes of conversation among those three. The sententiousness! The woo! The braying!

    And then, sausage snappers! Lifting a glass to CUNTbunnies! of blessed memory!

  12. A tipster just sent us information re: the living room in which Donk, Dodi, and Myka are romping. That room is definitely in Rob’s $2.1 million Boulder home. Is he actually around and just doesn’t want his name linked to kryptonite?

    • Or did Myka get to stay on in the Boulder place for some amount of time in lieu of palimony?

      • More: Myka’s business seems to be run by two ladies in the Philippines. Which, bravo to those ladies for creating a typo-free, navigable website unlike most of the woo grifts, but also it’s a bit Tim Ferretty, isn’t it?

        • Man like him– photos all outdoors activity, family, travel, art, politics and… younger hotties… you have to have sumptin’ real goin upstairs and in the world on to keep making it in his IG over time, duran duran duraint enough. With softness.

    • Why allow someone in your home if you’re not willing to be seen with them? That alone is telling that you’re making bad life choices. I’m so skeeved out. I just imagine those two idiots attempting to look longingly into each other’s eyes all night just to get a rise out of the *boys*. My guess is that Dodi is intrigued by her faux lesbian thing and she’ll keep baiting him without ever delivering. He’ll tire easily of that and go back to licking & sticking cash on strippers by the end of winter.

      • Awhile back, I surmised that he is the new OMG!MrRandi! and that it won’t be long before he institutes a donkectomy…

        • That would be wise. She brings no value to any relationship.

        • In 2017, he wrote a personal essay about his teenage son’s addiction issues. In it, he mentioned that his ex wife and he both never did any drugs, despite living in the midst of cannabis country, and rarely drank. Makes me wonder how he feels about the Burning Man scene and people like Donkey who have jumped on the “plant medicine” bandwagon so trendy among the woo crowd, and aren’t shy about preaching the party line and bragging about how profoundly life-changing it is. He seems like the type that would see through this right away as just so much bullshit.

          • One would think but he’s also dating a bit of a buffon who planned on changing the world by doing a lipdub in front of her apartment complex.

    • How very Davidiot of her… I just looked up a stat that says there are 10 million iPhone users in India.

      • So prescient! We’ll be making a visit to Davidiotland tomorrow. He might be the dimmest bulb Donk has dated, even Debbie Seltzer seemed slightly brighter than Avocado.

  13. If that’s a genuine friendship between two women of a certain age, I’ll eat my stupid floppy indoor hat. They look like 20-year-olds sizing each other up to see what they can get out of the acquaintanceship. One because she’s gorgeous but insecure, and needs someone fake and trashy to make her feel stylish and accomplished by comparison, the other because she thinks other people’s style and accomplishments somehow ooze into her through osmosis.

    I bet Donks grilled Dodi deeply that night about how attractive he thinks Myka is. She pretended it’s all just good sexy fun between open-minded bikissuals, but stewed with jealous rage deep down when he was a bit too flattering. Then she was offish at breakfast, snarled about his table manners when no-one else could hear, and flounced off on her own until he had to awkwardly come to find her.

    • What do the four (three?) of them talk about? Donk’s many consulting gigs for global leaders? Myka’s stupid lipdubs? Dodi’s yen for brunettes? I’d kill to be a fly on the 9/11 atrocity.

  14. Is it just me or does she have a tattoo on her wrist in pic #2? Or is that already an established thing? Or is it jewelry? Cockroach? Sorry if this has been covered before.

  15. Lord, these photos look so fake. No one is looking at those and thinking “Wow, what a great time these people are having!” What was the point?

  16. I have to agree with the above commenter that she’s teasing him with the hopes of a threesome. It was most likely him taking the picture of JA & Myka looking at each other, right?

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