Happy Nude Year: Ali Shanti Is In Love (Again) & Dragging Her Angry Kid To Dirtfests

Alexis “I love fucking working with millennials” Neely is in love. No, not with the younger man taking her from behind but with the younger man below:

This love caught me by surprise, opening my heart at another level of willingness to face the parts of me that are here to be healed.

I am learning I can ask for my secure attachment needs to be met without encroaching upon his freedom, and in fact leading to more freedom (and devotion) for both of us.

I am so grateful for good, loving men who are willing to learn how to truly “meet” powerful women.

“Meet” meaning “unaware when they are being bulldozed by predatory, manipulative older women,” Skankatron?

The old raunch is now at Envision, another dirtfest, in Costa Rica, and is putting her poor son through the wringer for the umpteenth time:

Life. Seriously. It can seem so hard sometimes, and yet when I keep my right attitude in the face of the challenge, the shitty turns to better shit than I ever could have planned.

Last night, after a 6 hour bus ride to get to Puerto Viejo (on our way to Punta Mona for NYE), the cute little bungalow I booked had somehow and without notice gotten canceled by Hotels.com.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but the town was 100% sold out for the holiday weekend. Like no kidding ?, every bed, couch and hammock booked.

I felt really bad because we were also traveling w a new friend we had been paired up with for the trip, William, and I had assured him I had the lodging for the night handled. Doh.

Noah (my son) was already resistant AF to this whole trip. If you saw my insta/FB story, you KWIM. And I was seeing his worst nightmare play out before my eyes.

I could have freaked, gotten demanding and gone down the rabbit hole of righteousness, persecution and seeking to blame. A past version of me would have.

Instead, I knew there must be some opportunity or possibility here I wasn’t seeing.

Don’t get me wrong, I could feel my anxiety. But instead of projecting it out, I acknowledged it, breathed it down and met it inside myself, waiting to see what would happen next.

And, of course, as it does, Life met me there. Turns out the man who lives next to the bungalow we were meant to rent is an angel. Bruno offered us the camper on his property for the night.

Again, I could have pitched a fit because it was soooo hot and clearly hadn’t been used for a long time. But I knew it would work out.

We walked into town (in the rain), seeking food and shelter and WiFi for my son to download his shows for our offgrid time, only to discover the WiFi was a no go.

He was beyond pissed as this was literally his worst nightmare coming true. Sleeping in a hot, moldy camper and unable to download any of his shows.

But, Life knows. And through it all, I got to show him what equanimity in the face of challenge looks like.

We got back to the camper, and it had cooled down a little and he fell asleep easily while I chatted with our travel buddy, William, discovering a (no surprise) strongly synchronistic connection until midnight.

We slept great in the camper! Thank you Bruno. We love you!!

It’s morning now and I’m lounging on a couch in a WiFi cafe in Puerto Viejo writing this, with a vegan latte, tofu scramble, and my kid far happier than he looks in this photo downloading his shows for when we go off grid later today at Punta Mona.

Life, you freaking rock, especially when I let go and let you take me.

Happy New Year everyone! May you find your equanimity in the face of every challenging opportunity this year and for ever more.

Happy New Year to Ali, too, and to my dear bunnies. And wow. Just wow. How “freaking” mysterious that the “cute little bungalow” Skankatron had rented was mysteriously cancelled. I’m flashing on a moment in “Best in Show” in which Eugene Levy & Catherine O’Hara can’t enter their hotel room because their credit card is maxed out.

Thank goodness for Ali’s “equanimity” but thanks more for Bruno, else that kid would be sleeping in the gutter instead of a hot, moldy camper. Can you imagine growing up with an out-of-it alcoholic father and a druggy, promiscuous mother who drags you to smelly woo shitshows?

Bottom Picture! Will this jaunt to CR again end with everyone naked and muddy? #motheroftheyear


  1. Happy New Year, Gilly and all my fellow basement dwellers!

    So much to wade through here. First, the old skank needs to stop trying to sound like a kid with the AF and KWIM acronyms. It cringes me, to quote Annie Lalalalalala of the Incestuous Bridal Procession Lalalalalalas.

    Recently on Facebook, there’s a woman who posted publicly about being arrested for driving with an expired license and Q-tips in her possession, which the cop somehow randomly deemed drug paraphernalia. After much outrage over her arrest, it turns out she was also charged with meth possession. I sense Old Raunch is leaving out an equally big piece of the puzzle regarding the mysterious cancellation of her reservation.

    I always feel like going through a delousing station after reading about these people. Their BO almost comes out of the screen

    • Happy New Year to you, Shirley! Sorry I couldn’t do a year in review post. We’ve just had so much going on over the holibrays.

      Re: the old raunch, I cannot abide her writing. First in her freaking class at Georgetown? She freaking writes like the love child of Donald Trump and a tween girl. I’m convinced she freaking doesn’t have a vocabulary over 200 words.

      I’d love to know what really went down with that bungalow reservation. There was no way that hotels.com could help out Skankatron if the botched reservation had been their fault? All very mysterious, especially when Ali is running so many million dollar bidnesses and presumably has global clout.

      Her poor kid always looks so greg damn unhappy. I sometimes wonder if he’s discovered the basement.

      • Let’s hope he discovers the basement rather than firearms.

        Whorenado Ali is lying through her bedazzled teeth… She was hoping the masculine would pay. I wonder what she declared of value on the paperwork that you fill out on the plane before landing in Costa Rica… $12, a turkey feather and three dildos? How does this bankruptcy biatch even have a credit card to book airfare?

        • Her post reads as though she were obligated to take some clown that she didn’t know named William along. Huh? I’m assuming this isn’t her boyfriend. WTF? How does her kid deal with the constant chaos?

      • No worries about the Year in Review. With so much going on with Donkey and then the woos, it would be book-length

        • It would! A lot transpired in Donkville and neighboring Wooville this year, not to mention all the shit that went down in the basement. I’m still trying to figure out if I do or don’t want wedding bells in 2019.

          • No wedding, please. It will be too much.

            I bet Donka is already practicing how to work the words “my husband” into every sentence.

          • Or even “my husband, the famous research scientist/doctor”. Ugh. You’re right, Wolf. She’ll be insufferable. More insufferable.

          • If she does marry him, I wonder if we’ll get another email along the lines of “I’m a private citizen now. Please never talk about me again. I have to go make dinner for my research scientist husband.” Which admittedly sounds a letter better than the emails she sent out requesting a blackout because she was a “private person” living with a grown man named Rain. SO private, in fact, that she was dancing in mylar chaps during her famouth beau’s sets.

          • Those who are either old school Donkologists or {shudder} actually met/knew her for real remember that she was the worst when she was smug.

            Whether it was when she got the “job” at Star and was flouncing all over Fox or when she was screwing Pancakes, the insufferable index was off the charts.

            Getting married — and to a doctor, not some smelly middle-aged knob-turner — will be the worst, in that respect

    • Lalalala was “winced” IIRC which I only point out because I love it so much, and it makes me giggle every time.

  2. OMG! Best in Show reference! Eugene! Ruby Two-feet, you been rung!
    And Happy New Year to all in the Catlady Basement!

    • RTF reporting in. Sorry I can’t come up with a catchy AF greeting, KWIM my cat ladiezzz in da basement??

      I just cringed myself out. Ali…ugh. Please leave your son alone!!

      Happy New Year everyone! May this be the year of The Wedding.

      • Happy New Year, you two. Also, I LOVE Best in Show. Even more than Waiting for Guffman. Is that … wrong?

        Why does Ali take her poor kid to these events? He clearly DOESN’T want to be there. Can’t he stay at home with his dad, AKA Estelle Parsons, or is the old guy back in Thailand, the sex capital of the world?

        • Happy New Year fellow basement dwellers!

          Gilly, I can assure you it’s not wrong to love Best in Show more. The reason why?
          All the gorgeous woofies ? ?!!

          P.S. please never post that mud woo group photo again. It winces me to NACHOS!

        • Makes perfect sense for catladies to be rabid Christopher Guest fans. I always thought he could do so much with Julia, especially in her woo incarnations.

  3. Hey, how can I find pictures on here of the stall that rain and rainbow hard shared?

  4. So vain she filtered that photo and reposted it- accompanying her Tolstoy length post… then deleted.. so vain… caught it by goddess

    or just if that doesn’t work


    • HA HA HA! Since the grifters with whom she’s constantly grifting are nearly all men who are 15-25 years younger than horntoad Skankatron, one suspects she wants to look as fresh as a daisy as possible. When I’m back home I should put up the unfiltered faxuto.

    • Out of the frame, just past the tincture, are a huge dildo, rope, a bag of weed, and two chocolate bars. NEVER FORGET!

    • iirc, they also got together earlier in the year.

      donk is tagged in the comments, but no like from her – sisterectomy complete!

    • I always will have a (with)soft(ness) spot for mare mare beach hair and the looks of contempt she would side-eye the beast named donk with. She recently got filler for boob wrinkles.

      I’m glad she’s still friends with Megan/Meagan\Meghan Asha Parikh. I hope meg let mary tap out a tune on the gourd like head.

    • I hadn’t seen this picture, but Mary posted a nice photo of her and Meghan on FB in September, which I posted on here.

    • They’ve stayed close friends since the falling out with Julia, and IIRC had been friends before either of them met Julia anyway.

  5. She lost me at the six hour bus ride. That will be a HARD no, skanky pants. Her poor kid just wants to stay at home or go to a resort with a swimming pool and cute girls, not hang out with his mom’s smelly friends and their pubic hair.

    Someone around my age used to the word jawn in a business meeting a couple of days before Christmas, and you could hear the millennials clenching their jaws to stifle uproarious laughter. I think my New Years resolution might be to use as many young person words and phrases in my speech as I can, so I sound groovy af in the new year!

    Happy New Year to all of the funny folk who made my 2018 as delightful as it was. I love you all as much as Donkey loves terrible shoes.

    • The main reason why they kid can’t stay home is that she needs to AirBnB her rented house to survive.

      This is success!

      • Sorry to report – she has other offspring …

        that deserves a roof and no strangers ahoove

    • These dummies are still using “epic” 10 years after it emerged from the 4chan primordial soup and 5 years after Pizza Hut used it in an ad to describe one of its takeout deals.

    • So bizarre. Does it get any more passive aggressive? “Thank you, Bruno, our savior, for letting us sleep in your hot, moldy van that hadn’t been used in years. You’re a mensch!”

    • I was wondering the same. My instinct is that if she didn’t get a New Year ring, then the bloom is off the rose and we are on the downhill slope to a breakup. Um, excuse me, to “a new transition in their glorious relationship, no longer ecstatic lovers but still BFFs until Dodi get’s a new tiny ‘n’ cute”.

    • This. I hope Noah manages to get into Princeton because the admissions staff takes pity on his horrible upbringing. Once there, he has a transformation, reaching the next level and becoming the treasurer of the Young Republicans.

  6. My 79-yr-old mom constantly uses “peeps” on FB. Also phrases like “Just sayin” and “I cannot” ? I adore her and don’t have the heart to explain how uncool this is. But she’s no skankatron thankfully.

    • Awww, that’s cute.

      I sometimes use “catpeeps” on RBD because I know it’s not cool. It’s so you all have fair warning of what a lame, sort of sad adult I am
      “ *winky face* “

  7. SK3000’s gentleman friend looks like a lot of gentlemen I knew in my 20s.

    They often left their wallets at home. Also, they wrote poetry and/or songs.

    • Alvie Quirky, yes! I knew those guys, too. They also considered themselves too artistic/evolved/talented to succumb to the oppression of a JOB.

      • In this instance, I’m guessing the feminine is paying, as was the case with Fozzie, who’s found himself another sugar mama.

  8. With all the woo-shit she preaches, how was she only able to manifest a smelly, moldy trailer from her guiding goddesses?

    • Who Do You Think You Are! It’s not about the decrepit trailer; it’s about Ali’s EQUANIMITY! Even though she probably fucked up with hotels.com – there are definitely missing pieces to the story here – Ali managed not to freak out. She kept her cool and allegedly behaved like an adult. Isn’t that freaking amazing?

  9. Imagine having that self-absorbed narcissist as your mother. Imagine being a teen, and your mom is posting all about her sex life on her [open] Facebook page. Imagine being a teen, and there’s always some new dude in your mom’s bed, or sleeping in a van with you.

    Also, paging AFF: those look to be some higher-end cabinets and countertops. How Ali Scamti find herself in a place without beach towel curtains and plywood floors?

    • I don’t believe it’s Ali’s house. She was hanging with insufferable Adam Roa and his bros, doing some podcast in which she went on and on about her sex life with the creepy ex in Rochester, Craig Filek, and she posted some gibberish about Roa and being afraid to be held by the masculine. Just ridiculous. If you want a big laugh, here’s Roa in the “trailer” for his YouTube episode about breaking up with some woo goddess. Oh, how Adam grieves with his shirt off! Your heart goes out to him!

      • That’s why I was wanting pictures of donkey’sstall yesterday… I ruled it out, but there were similarities with regards to the high ceilings and white trim work, etc.

        • This will always make me chuckle -from the horror

    • It’s like Ali is trying to turn her family into a poopy, scammy version of the movie Hereditary

      • OMGracious, yes. That’s exactly the creepy no-proper-boundaries-or-judgment-for-the-inappropriately-horrifying vibe.

    • From what I’ve heard about Mr. Sad Rat’s mother, she was absolutely a narcissist. The effect on him was horrifying and I would not wish it on any child.

  10. May I (humbly, with softness) suggest Where’s Magic as the new Where’s Lilly? Because I don’t see this alleged new pet in any of her fauxtos.

      • Well, technically anyway… It can also depend on where you eat in Bali before you board a plane to leave the place…

  11. So she’s in boulder maybe tracking davidiot with his 2nd or 3rd place and a fat new jeep and money to make terrible music in a new studio while his tiny and cuter flails I mean dances too. Plus Duran Duran Duran is on if you know what I mean… paging mental dental too

  12. What doesn’t make sense to me is that the kid described a worst case scenario which is exactly what came true. That might be a moment to reflect and say – hey, this kid is growing up and sometimes knows what works for him… instead it becomes a self-congratulation about her not freaking out.

    I don’t know Ali well, but I was at an event with her where I overheard her telling two ladies in their 20s how important it is to be with a man that will pay for everything. Maybe this is just practically where she is in life and this is the best advice she knows to give, but it’s not hitting any high watermark for empowerment.

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