Are Donk & Dodi Sharing A Home In NoPa, North Of The Panhandle?


Where is our digital nomad staying these brays? From August:


If you didn’t make it out to hang with me in paradise last winter, here’s another chance!!

I’ve rented a gorgeous villa in Ubud from September 15 – February 15th … 3 serene, huge bedrooms with en suite bathrooms & A/C, fast internet, a pool (of course!), and cleaners 6 days a week. It’s both QUIET and in a FANTASTIC location in Ubud – literally a 6 min scooter ride to Yoga Barn! I looked long and hard for this place when I was there last year and let me tell you, it’s epic.

I will arrange to have you picked up at the airport by the precious Mira Handara, and a scooter delivered to you, etc. It’s so easy to have a beautiful experience in this magical land!

I’m renting out the entire villa for $129 a night (if I’m not there) or $50 per room for the extra two rooms (if I am).

Ask me what’s available! Would be wonderful to have friends come and go from this super special and gorgeous temple I’m creating there this winter.

Love and hugs,

Dear friends, come visit me … but it will cost you and I may not be there!

Our Rainblow appears to have hooked up with Dodi during HIVE, met Robin in Ubud, and was then whisked off to Shanghai during one of the esteemed doctor’s conferences. Where has she been staying between trips to China, Switzerland, her much loathed Chicago, and Boulder? Supergrifter Maria Teresa Chavez posted fauxtos of Donk palling around with Jennifer Russell in San Francisco, in November.

So, is Donk shacking up with Dodi at his lovely 3-bedroom Victorian, purchased last year for $1.2 million? If so, has she gone through his emails and FB messages and discovered his IG account?

Grifty notes Dodi will have to return to his lab after the holibrays. Will Donk continue to freeload or does she head for another vacation from vacation-itis somewhere warm, as is her wont?

Bottom Picture: Julia’s latest woo nutbag tenant. Most of our burro’s income during the past five or so years must have come from AirBNBing domiciles she was renting. THIS IS SUCCESS!



    • And dough for massages, because they’re so much more $$$ when the masseur isn’t indigenous to Bali.

  1. Is the brighter yellow residence his? Because if so, check out the pinkish curtains top right…

    It looks kind of garish, actually…

      • I didn’t think vegans ate eggs. Donkey must be expanding her horizons. Possibly to fit her new mark’s dietary habits, like she did with ILYRain. If he took her to Meatball Bar, I doubt he is a vegan/vegetarian.

      • Looks like the off-putting crap that Devin Stetler of the Easter Island Stetlers used to concoct when he was the Healing Chef.
        Sweet potato turds, brussel sprouts a la terre

    • The food looks fine… I’d eat it if somebody set it in front of me, LOL, but get a load of those bath towel napkins! Do they rival Whorenado Ali’s curtains or WHAT? And the stupid fucking expressions on their stupid fucking faces… Give me a fucking break.

        • I keep noticing things… Two people appear not to have even arrived (bath towel napkins still haphazardly folded and on the table); no liquid in a single glass; five plates of the exact same shit on the table and yet to have them are still ostrich? They must’ve been grifting for grub and gave a load of bullshit about being influencers or some crap like that…

        • Also check it out, looks like she is wearing slippers. Maybe she is couch surfing at the hobbitses treehouse.

  2. The Panhandle?

    Is that a neighborhood popular with the homeless?

    Are we on the verge of Fictitious Homeless Face Puncher 2.0, North Cal edition?

      • Unfortunately her humanitarian effort to have all of the poors moved to Oakland was ignored, so she must live among them. My heart goes out to her.

    • The homeless are all over town, but the worst area is called the Tenderloin, which is actually not too far from Dodiville.

      • If Dodi really is interested in strippers, he’s well familiar with the Tenderloin and the Mitchell Bros. notorious O’Farrell.

  3. What’s so weird about her is that she’s never really had a LIFE. And i speak as someone who put off having any kind of responsibilities for a long time. Actually having an existence that doesn’t revolve around the next new person, place, or thing is going to be a disaster for her. One place to call home. With one person. She’ll freak out.

    • Different Drum:

      Yes, and I ain’t sayin’ you ain’t pretty.
      All I’m sayin’s I’m not ready for any person,
      Place or thing to try and pull the reins in on me.

    • Agree. One thing I talk to my male friends a lot about, and they start these discussions, is how they need to shift from dating “good time girls” (selfish, all about them, in love with social media, going out, desperately cares about “perception” and “presentation” as Donkey has told us many times) to looking for women who are emotionally stable and could be good mothers.

      I mean, yes, Dodi, please give us our wedding but do not have babies with this selfish maniac.

  4. Poor phlegm. She’s on about “tribal uprisings” (What does that even mean? Sounds Game of Thrones or tiny Owen Wilson from Night at the Museum like), but no sign of her husband. Of all the woo, l’d really like for her to find someone who doesn’t make her peddle condum dildo classes and vaginal chairs for a living or blog about their private sex life and tell all his followers that she’s a “submissive” or make her resort to crowd sourcing strangers to move coasts.

      • A college dropout with a bad shoulder(s?) neck? and only one gold dress and one ankh, five head and odd articulations, job where?

        the white house maybe

          • She had a speech coach at some point for some reason, to sound less dumb?, think it was their fault she sounds even more phony when speaking to a camera

          • Hope not, since we laughed too, I think it was all vanity to sound like a Serious Professional

      • This. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for a grifter who bragged and bragged about being a gold digger, as if this were a subject position we all want for our daughters. She’s an asshole and I find hilarious that Antlerface has absconded with their cacao stash.

    • For NYE she posts some old picture of an ex-lovah but no Deadbeat? Oh he is so gone with the wind. Even the woos are on to her at this point. Donkey responded to nearly everyone who commented on her St. Moritz lovefest, but she ignored both of la Fraud’s idiotic comments. Maybe Ms. Gray will come clean in 2019? Bring on the cryface picture.

  5. Can anybody tell me what was with the “Sankt moritz?

    Does she not know how to spell it or is it a thing?

    • It’s the German and Swedish spelling of Saint. Donk was just being a pretentious asshole. Once we called her on it, she changed the spelling because she never reads here.

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