O Sacha, Sacha, Wherefore Art Thou (Very Good Looking In Person) Sacha?


The woo tribe is desperately trying to locate Sacha Nielsen, AKA DJ Deadbeat Dad, beloved third husband of erotic goddess Jena la Flamme. He was last seen DJing from a van during Burning Man. A reward is being offered for his safe return.

Hearts go out to bereft Jena! How will the mistress of pleasure continue to be frisky on Fridays when yet another spouse has disappeared?

Stop the presses! Sacha has been located. In Geneva. What’s this? A cacao ceremony without his wife?!

Meet Soraia, a healer and mediator at a magazine, SpiSu. At least that’s what her FB profile indicates.

So, was he hustling la Fraud for a green card the entire time?

A big thanks to RBDer Curling Irons at Dawn for the WANTED! poster.


  1. Lol, Deadbeat has a new Cacao Consort. Womp womp, Flimme-Flamme. Now you know how his abandoned kiddos feel. Bet it steams your yoni!

  2. None of these people should be allowed to breed

          • But if we ran any sort of fundraising program, even for some jerk’s neglected kids, Donk and Petey or one of their minions would attempt to shut it down ASAP.

          • Gilly, are we allowed to get some details of what happened, or are you too annoyed with their shenanigans to relate that particular tale/tail?
            Thanks, darling. Kissy face, skirt pull.

          • Nosferatu-tu, you’re referring to Sacha’s GWTW status and not the kids, yes? I know very little. There were no tipsters here. He and Jena seemed to be working various cons together, including the big cacao grift, and suddenly he was gone after Burning Man. Sacha was in North Carolina, I believe, when she was going through a stressful move, and then just disappeared. She’s living in a house near SF with several woman, and he finally resurfaced yesterday in Geneva with a new grifter goddess. Also, Sacha and some total nutcase hosted a druggie tour of Iceland in there somewhere. Not sure how that turned out!

          • Sorry, Nosferatu-tu, I thought you were referring to Jean & Deadbeat because of the first comment in the thread.

            YES! I will share details of what went down with Donk, after the need to protect a reader has reached its expiration date. Still furious!!

          • Oops, yes Gilly, sorry I didn’t make that very clear! Luckily your intellectual acumen was of such a high standard you understood ?

            Can’t wait for the details! Love how you protect the tipsters and all the work you do for us basement dwelling losers. ♥️

  3. He still lists himself as a founder of one of her grifts ! Lol
    Not Wanted too

  4. Last siting on her IG sept 20 and she says he’s in the alps and she’s “counting the days to see him” hope she was in on the greencardcscam and got Paid….else what a hoot

  5. Yea, well, those of us who lived through the 60s (and 70s, and 80s, and….) knows how successful those “open relationships” usually are. Especially when one participant is travelling a lot. Alone.

    I since really hope this is a wake up call for Jena. When even SHE brings more to the table than her partner, that’s a hefty red flag. With or without rhinestones.

    • Yeah, he’s completely out to lunch. No sense of responsibility, whatsoever. And he’s not 20 years old. Why would someone pushing 40 find his adolescent qualities attractive? Or is it just because he’s so damn good looking?!

      • Looking back he didn’t even spend his birthday in 2018 with her….
        in related OT news, smellsberg is out about that foot in the bathtub we saw with him…

  6. the good-looking one was definitely hustling for la carte verte.

    madame spi(t)su looks somewhat like flim-flam, so i guess he has a type.

    • Better poses tho. With softness ahho namaste

  7. What Rhinestone said. I really hope she was in on it. If not, I feel for phlegm. No one deserves to be conned by a blockhead. It just feels wrong. If you’re going to get sweetheart conned, at least let him be a looker with some smooth moves and/or some dough.

      • I had wondered if some of her online hysteria regarding moving from NYC to California had to do with feeling abandoned at a stressful time. Moving can often be a traumatic experience and having to do it all by oneself is daunting. Hence the over-the-top appeals for assistance packing up their apartment. Jena did delete those appeals at some point, perhaps feeling a bit embarrassed after the fact.

        • This is truth. That’s the rub there. I saw this stress inventory years ago in which life events are assigned a numerical score. The highest were 20, and there were only five, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the end of a relationship, the birth of a child and a move. And her’s was a cross country move with stuff. I moved twice cross country and refused to take furniture stuff. It wasn’t worth it. I packed an SUV, sold the rest and got new, mostly because the hassle with movers and breakage and cost that rival the stuff value. If she wasn’t in on him adiosing her to do it alone (which from her desperate pleas, it didn’t sound like she was), he is a grade A asshole, plain and simple. What a creeper. It means his ditching his children wasn’t the greatest love he’d ever known, heat of passion decision, it was a long con. Ugh! I know the first rule of RD is don’t internalize, but this guy is the worst of the woo. It’s calculated woo. Inauthentic enlightenment, which is just drugs when you think of it. Dirty hippies with sex and drugs who don’t care who they hurt. At least some of the other window lickers seem genuinely convinced, albeit by head injury, trauma or short bus assignment. It’s a thin between woo and con and seems held only by how much they really believe in it. Whoever wrote “if he did it with you, he’ll do it to you” needs to be given the conch, the spirit stick, the oracle headpiece and the open position at Hallmark.

          • Writing from the beyond after toughing out that long comment to read:

            “Whoever wrote “if he did it with you, he’ll do it to you” needs to be given the conch, the spirit stick, the oracle headpiece and the open position at Hallmark.”

          • We were in the process of adopting our youngest child when my husband’s company lost its financing. He found a new job 2000 miles away and he travelled to adopt internationally and then we moved with 3 young children in the same two weeks. Oh, it was also Christmas. I always said that I should have announced I was interested in dating women and asked for a divorce that month too, just to see.

            The car broke down and then we got in an accident during the move too. It was a terrific month.

          • Morrocanwear, that sounds dreadful. Wow.

            Reminds me of my parents telling us about adopting my brother and sister (twins. I was inside). They had been told they would be getting twin sisters who were due in about 3 months, so hadn’t yet started preparing. Then they received a call saying they had less than 24 hours to travel about 9hrs away to adopt these new twins. Same thing, storm, no baby items ready etc. Then they found out 9mths later that further punishment was coming in the form of me!

            I remember how stressful they said it all was, so I can only imagine how much worse it was at the time for you guys. As you said, too bad you didn’t go full woo for a month! Your 3 little angles are lucky to have you guys.

    • Why do these woo women think they are the ones who will transform these Peter Pan men? Donkey believes she transformed Chad, and Jean Gray presented her relationship with Swiss Mr. as some merging of the divine.

      Clues, woos: look at their history, and don’t buy into the “Oh, I’ve changed!” lie. (Pay attention, too, Dodi.) And also, if they have cheated WITH you, they will do it TO you.

      Life lessons one should know by age almost 40, unless one thinks life is one big episode of The Secret.

      • As always, Grifty, excellent analysis. I’m amazed that a middle-aged woman who’d been divorced twice didn’t see the bright red flags.

      • In her defense, Donkey has transformed several men into the marrying kind…just none of them were inclined to marry her.

    • Also, I wouldn’t feel too sorry for her. Remember she dumped her first husband at Burning man one year to run off with a woman.

      • The one who drew pictures of Baby Jena shooting out of her mother’s vagina and traveling to her girlfriend’s vagina? GOD DAMN THAT WAS CREEPY.

        • I think that was a later squeeze, the one she was with before basically dumping her for Sascha. This was quite a few years ago, maybe even pre-dating Donkey’s first Burning Crotch, or coming pretty close. She wrote a confessional blog post about it once.

  8. OT: I just stumbled across this 2008 “lipdub.” The two WIRED “nerds” in suspenders are ineffably punchable, and even though this video is 10 years old, Caroline McCarthy, drink in hand, still should have known better than to let herself be filmed with these jackasses.


  9. Would someone be so kind as to add some clarity or details on this for me? I am too lazy to go through the woos’ individual social media but am curious to know: was he really missing? The poster looks a but tongue in cheek. Was Jenna posting about not being able to find him?

    I felt rare sympathy for her during that move. My bf once “had to travel to a work conference” on the very weekend we were moving (just across town). He “tried to get out of it” but his boss “was a bitch.”

    Yeah, while I dragged moved furniture, he was sleeping with that boss.
    (all very long ago, youthful folly, no condolences needed!)

    • The poster is tongue in cheek, and no, Sacha wasn’t really in the missing persons registry. He was just suddenly GWTW. I explain a bit more in a response above to Nosferatu-tu.

  10. He was here over Thanksgiving. She mentioned him in her post when she was dressed for Disney on Ice. She played the violin and he played whatever he plays. Much merriment ensued, probably followed by group “playtime”.

    • That’s right! But otherwise nothing. Now a new wackaloon goddess has surfaced? It’s hard to believe Sacha and Jena are still together. One assumes they’ll be divorced sometime next year.

  11. What kind of heartless person walks away from a marriage consummated in taxidermy and ordained with a ceremonial stroke from your Mother-In-Love?

  12. She was probably trying to get preggers and hope mother in stroking barb helps $ but can’t/didn’t… hence the absconding with the cacao and no kisses or mandms left nada.

  13. The Feathered One was there for Thanksgiving but there were no photos of the two lovebirds together and you know the routine, “Photos or it didn’t happen!” All of Jena’s post about needing help to move were probably directed at him. Guilt tripping, misdirected.

  14. This now posted on Jena’s FB page:

    “Yesterday I had an exquisite day. The evening ended with connected, dynamic, heart-felt love-making with my partner, but let me tell you how it began…”

    Isn’t her “partner” far, far away?!

    • The post is a shill and we’ve seen no pictures of her “partner” for months, not even when she claimed he was visiting for Thanksgiving, as you note.

      Jade eggs? How very Gwyneth of her. And she’s still pushing the steamer and the cacao. Jesus, get a real job!

      Jena la Flamme
      13 hrs ·
      ~ 3 ways to revolutionize your sex life closing tonight ~

      Yesterday I had an exquisite day. The evening ended with connected, dynamic, heart-felt love-making with my partner, but let me tell you how it began.

      Starting in the morning, I guided a friend through an initiation, including 3 practices she’d never done before.

      We began drinking a cup of steaming hot cacao brewed with coconut cream and maple syrup. Say, yummmmm. The effect of the cacao is to feel relaxed, yet energized; sensitized, and emotionally liberated, with a dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin boost.

      Next we did yoni steaming. This is an ancient practice found around the world that I’ve only recently discovered and absolutely LOVE! What’s not to love about warm, herbal steam rising between your legs to your sacred space, supporting your hormonal balance and womb health? As the steam worked its magic, she relaxed in a comfy specially-customized yoni steam chair, and contemplated her completion of 2018 and what’s ahead.

      Then we did a jade egg practice. I gave her a high quality jade egg that I sourced from my Jade Egg teacher, Layla Martin. In the beautiful candle-lit womb-like feminine space I created, with a matching soundtrack, she surrendered to her healing journey to restore her trust in men and in love, and to release stagnancy from her sexuality, instead replenishing herself with sexual vitality.

      At the end she shared how light yet grounded she felt.

      She revealed her insights—the light bulbs that had gone off on the process—and summed it up saying, “I feel all golden!” What a delicious way to feel!

      These are among the benefits you can expect from a Jade Egg practice. Yes, in this case the Jade Egg practice was enhanced by the Cacao & yoni steaming, but with or without those additional components, it’s a practice that makes you feel THAT GOOD!

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      1. More sensitivity to pleasure and less numbness

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    • Partner is not husband… all that husband stuff nay have been for INS to see on social media before interview… maybe she was in on it for a a little pocket change or some pipe

    • with all the shilling, surprised she didn’t have a tumblr page. could have launched ‘jade egg online’ (yeech) there, but TOO LATE!

  15. Completely OT, I’m home alone, tired, grumpy, still in PJ’s, bad headache from longstanding neck injury and I’m STARVING!! Barely any food in the house as I really am a basement dwelling loser who hasn’t gone out for weeks. (Ok, I have lots of indidvual ingredients but nothing to make a complete meal together and no protein etc to cook it with. Not that I’m well enough to cook anyway). Was desperate enough to get out a can of spaghetti to microwave and ……. bloody can-opener broke! FML.

    All of the above to say, would someone please bring me some takeout!?!?
    Ethel-egg, how fast can you swim? Lol.

    P.S. Dear Greg, I’m adulting worse than Donkey! *slumps to pantry to get a packet of water crackers*

    • PPS Actually, can’t get up. Have 2 cats sleeping on my legs. Such sweeties. Ok, I feel better. I am not JA. I have 2 furry ones who love me ?

      PPPS. Do cats taste like chicken……?
      Ok, I’ll go now. Sorry for the randomness. Love you all. Would love you more if you brought me food ?

      • The virtual is the best I can do, dear heart, because I have no idea where you are and don’t look at IP addresses unless someone with intent to harm stops in.

        • I’m all the way over in Tasmania in Oz, the small island at the bottom of the mainland! So, I think Ethel Egg is the closest in New Zealand, hence the swim comment ??‍♀️??‍♀️ Haha.

          Thanks for the virtual food! That was actually a sweet thought, especially the corn chips inside! Great to know we can always rely on awesome Aunt Gilly.

          • You’re welcome. I didn’t realize you were on the other side of midnight (in comparison to where I reside).

            Now please eat something!

    • Equally off-topic, but your SpaghettiOs comment reminds me of this: I had some chickpea pasta the other day that was so very like real pasta… Wanted to pass that along for those here who may be gluten intolerant and consider purchasing some if you see it… Give it a try… it’s practically the real deal.

    • May I recommend Caviar and a ramen restaurant? Or, if you feel really lousy, Go Puff for all of your Honey Bun and Cheezit needs?

        • I also did not realize you are so far away! Caviar is a food delivery service and Go Puff is a company that brings a person all the delights from a convenience store. So, stoner food delivered right to your door. What a world!

          • Sounds awesome! Unfortunately, where I live I can’t even get Uber Eats because they’re not in my area yet. Woe is me, no McDonalds delivery, or that awesome Thai place in town, drool.

    • Take it from me, popcorn with some lovely grass-fed cow butter have cured many a miserable evening in my life. Hugs to you and lean on us if you need more advice about comfort food.

      • Ahhhhhh, butter-drizzled popcorn! I ‘overdosed’ on it back in 1998 and haven’t been able to eat it since! I was working for the Child Support Agency, making assessment about child support due and trying to collect it. What ex-parents put themselves and their children through can be really bad. I was so burnt out that when I got home each evening the only energy I had was to make microwave popcorn with butter. I’d sit like a zombie ?‍♀️ and eat it, then crash and go to bed. It was a really demanding job. Thankfully, my previous employer headhunted me back to work for them.

        Thanks guys, you’ve all been awesome with support! I’ve eaten and am actually going grocery shopping today and going to the hairdresser as well. Can’t wait to feel more human ???
        Love from the other side of the world ?

        • Sorry, I didn’t mean it to sound like all separated parents are difficult. I only dealt with the cases where a parent refused to pay etc. Anyone who had private payment arrangements or were on amicable terms together rarely contacted us, so I mostly saw the extreme cases. Some of the stories still haunt me. Hugs to anyone who’s had to go through this as a parent, with or without a ‘difficult’ ex.

          • You’re going to be just fine. I know you deal with a lot of stuff, but you have your shit together more than you realize. It’s totally ok to vent on us now and then–as long as it’s not with a yoni steamer!

            My favorite comfort food is potato chips.

            Being from an Italian family, we were never allowed to have Spaghetti-o’s, but man, those things can be very good at certain times!

          • Haha omg am laughing in public at your yoni comment!

            Thank you for your words of support. The basement is an awesome place with really caring and funny people. Hugs forever. We are never breaking up!

          • I can offer you a virtual cacao ceremony, wherein we Skype while you watch me drink hot cocoa and I charge you $60 for it.

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