Bithexual Boulder: Dr. Dodi Berkowitz Is Ringing In The New Year With His Epic Burro & Her Non-Lesbian Lover


In case you need a refresher, from September 2017:

Epic Myka then proceeded to deny any sexual activity with A Donkey, though they stayed besties and Donk even crashed on Electric Barbarella’s couch when everyone else said thanks but no thanks to housing a burro.

It should be interesting what, and who, goes down when Myka & Rob & Judy & Dodi get together for the holibray.


    • You’re such a joy, NGMB. Thanks for sending Dodi to Donkey. It was you who created their epic hookup, yes?

      • Yes dear, it was me. Things were a little dull for awhile up here and we needed a little more entertainment other than Bali-Rainbow-swimsuit pics all the time.

        • If Alex dumps her, like they all eventually dump her, we’ll have bad melodrama for the ages.

          He’s such a busy guy. It’s hard to imagine he’d even have two minutes to write the obligatory breakup post for Julia’s adoring woo fanbase. No matter, she’ll just dust off Rainy’s Dear Julia letter and change the names.

    • Each time she writes “Keep enjoying” I can’t help but think of (a) the “dear heart” shade and (b) that the rest of the sentence is “…while you still can.”

  1. If the past is any indication, Donkey’s next move is her usual vacation-from-vacationitis trip to somewhere tropical, right after the new year.

    One wonders what will happen when Dodi has to go back to work at his 60-plus hours a week job..

  2. the question is will be down with the poly party stuff, or will he pull a fozzie and bolt?

  3. And one of the DJs formerly in her life just moved to boulder wth his tiny cute russian wifey. Maybe they all get together with scammy and her Table and mental dental? would be amazeballs

  4. Maybe Dr. Scientist only puts up with Donk’s “I LOOOOOOOVE YOU!” antics in the hope of scoring threesomes?

  5. i’m confused (nothing new for me). Is this Marson commenting on JAB’s post about her bithexual lover a relative of Dodi’s? Or is the post about the bithexual lover an older one? Did she just repost it? I remember seeing these photos before… but mostly I am flummoxed by any person named Marson being publicly supportive of her woo-woo polyamory stuff when it seems she’s been presenting them a much more traditional, uptight, sprout-roasting-while-wearing-cap-sleeves persona. Maybe I need to go back in the archive to find the posts where Myka denied the extent of the relationship… which… AWKward.

    Also, how fucking passive aggressive do you have to be to call your girlfriend’s boyfriend “a gift from spirit” while also saying YOU PREDATE HIM. ugh. I’m pretty sure that people secure in their polyamory don’t do this kind of public pissing contest stuff.

    Also can someone educate me on why this beau has earned the Dodi Berkowitz nickname? I don’t get it. I’m behind in my donkology. There’s too much to keep track of after all these years.

    • Sorry for any confusion. The comments after the snap of Donk and Myka kissing are related to Donk’s recent cover photo, where she, in a plaid coat we’ve seen several times before, and Dr. Alex Marson/Dodi Berkowitz are grinning in a Christmasy St. Moritz. Ellen Marson is Alex’s mother. No one is commenting on Donk’s phony bikissable claim, which she made back in September 2017.

      Marson’s RBD nickname, Dr. Dodi Berkowitz, comes from him looking like the bastard lovechild of David Berkowitz, AKA the Son of Sam, and Dodi Fayed.

    • Because he looks like a combo of David Berkowitz and Dodi Fayad. (Though both of them no doubt had less hideous shoes.)

  6. thank you. very helpful! i knew i was missing something.

    it’s hard to say if JAB is more irritating in a relationship or out of one. the number of heel pops alone…

  7. So I have a theory that Rob and Myka have broken up, he hasn’t posted a photo of her or with her since September 3, at Burning Man. Before this, he posted photos of her or them frequently…

    • Schuham’s last FB public mention of Myka referred to a talk he’d given about “brilliant thinkers,” including Al Gore, Buckminster Fuller, and his then girlfriend.



      • JFAing myself to add that Julie doesn’t mention seeing Myka AND Rob for NYE, just Electric Barbarella.

        • I noticed a post from Rob at Thanksgiving in Boulder posing with his dad. No pic or mention of Myka, bit again I wonder if they are keeping a low profile because of google results showing RBD. It’s a thought. He has a real company and not some woo bullshit.

          • Possibly, but he also mentions the ubiquitous Schmachtenberger, Julie’s biggest fan, here and elsewhere in his posts.

            I wonder how it went down with Myka if he told her, “Hey, honey, you’re the best but you’ve got some seedy friends and I can’t be publicly associated with them, or you, on social media.”

  8. I saw a recent mention that Flusher Price and La Burra were no longer friends… What’s the scoop on that?

    You guys remember Amanda Cearny, Skinny Julia’s friend who has all the Instagram posts that are obvious shade on Donk? I’m watching a Netflix original (documentary) called “American Meme” and there is a blurb on her… She said she gets paid $50,000 on her sponsored Instagram posts… that adds up to some FU moolah, eh Donk?

    P.S. Donkey!

  9. So my theory is that she’s angling for a NYE proposal, because being surrounded by the social media obsessed woo crowd will mean maximum amplification of her big special news. Being too public herself would tarnish her new, enlightened, Camp Grounded personality, so she’s going to be relying on others to fawn all over her nonstop.

    • Remember how well it worked out for her to scheme to get engaged to Derpin in Europe. She got a little pink ring out of it and nothing else. Dodi will doubtless get to see Donkey’s real personality if he doesn’t put a ring on it for Christmas, New Year’s, or for her birthday, because she’s counting on that timeline, dammit.

      Ever notice she doesn’t ever put an apostrophe on New Year’s?

      • Didn’t she buy that pink for herself?

      • If Donk treats horny Dodi to a threeway with another brunette, he’ll probably put a ring on it the next day.

        “Geez, Rainbow, this is even better than our second date blowjob. You really are an erotic goddess!”

        • Doesn’t seem to have kept Duran Duraner from spinsterville

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