Updated: Now With Christmas In OMG! Switzerland! Donk Allegedly Pressured Engaged Couple To Move Into Their One-Bedroom SF Apartment

Earlier this year, when Donk was crashing on various couches across America, she supposedly pressured former marina roomie/evictee Grape Nehi and her fiancé, Dr. Jay, to move into their small apartment. Where did Donk plan on sleeping? In the living room?

But the real shocker is that Dr. Jay actually considered letting our old burro move into the home he and Nehi shared on the island of San Francisco. Why, you ask? Allegedly for Donk’s connections. That’s right, Count Chocula’s Chief Medical Officer believed Judy could garner him entree to the high-value circles that she inexplicably inhabits.

Ultimately, Nehi and the good doctor passed and were married a few months later. Donk clomped back to Ubud, her tail between her legs … until she finally said YES! to Dr. Dodi, who had been pursuing her since the dawn of time.

Note: Places We Like To Frequent has been updated. No more broken links and the best of Donkdom, past and present.

Bottom Picture! Jena la Flamme’s followup instagram post to her yoni steamer. Mr. Ed as object of desire?

Update: Sankt Moritz, Christmas. Oh, it’s on, Mama Jacy!


    • If he is a player of sorts as one of our posters who knows him claims he is, my bet is on no, at least for the short term.

        • I’ll take the bet and box it. It’s happening.

          Having done zero research on esteemed Son of Sam, my hunch is he will do this and he thinks his family would like for him to take this step.

          Little do they know…

      • I missed the part where someone said he’s a player; have only seen a couple of comments about him dating strippers. Is there more to know?

        • Just look at his public FB profile compared to Julia’s. No couple photos. No “in a relationship.” Ask Nisha how that usually works out …

          • Then he’s line with all of Donk’s previous suitors who never acknowledged her on FB, except when it came time to write the phony breakup letter.

        • I just said “player of sorts” as shorthand to what the person who knows him said. Focus on the “of sorts” disclaimer.

    • Donkey could just hook up Mr. Jay (the new Mr. OMG! Randi!, I am betting) with Latka for some stem cells infused with cord blood…

      Greg, she is so shameless when it comes to barging in on others.

      Get a job, donkey! Get your own stall!

      • Thiel has greater connections than Donkey. Mr. Grape reports to Thiel. No one is that desperate for *connections*.

    • Ew! THAT was rather disturbing.

      Re: Dr. Jay, he has access to Peter Thiel, fer crissake, and he’s interested in A Donkey for HER alleged contacts?

  1. Nehi is either a major doormat or naive as hell. I mean, she saw how busted Donkey was during the eviction they shared…

  2. It will never cease to be funny to me that Dr. Jay is likely the person in charge of handling and weighing Peter Thiel’s poop.

  3. Son of Sam is looking at the camera, Donkey is gazing up at him. He ain’t all *that* into her

    • I’ve always loathed her subservient female poses.

      I’d stick with strippers, Dr. Marson. The feminine known as Rainblow makes the masculine pay and pay and pay.

  4. I never visit her Instagram, but just did. What a horrible person. She’s cleaned up all the crap she used to have with the recent exes but left Jack McCain up there? How awful – both to Jack and to her current “new boyfriend” of the month. Gone are the gross photos she had posted on whatever social media it was (wasn’t it Instagram?) about Devon (was that his name?) rubbing her clitoris on that brown blanket in front of the fire? Remember how she overshared all about that either on Insta or FB? It also seems she posted photo after photo in February 2011 of old photos of her in fancy gowns… guess she was hoping to make Jack want her. Wasn’t that right around when they were on the outs and he basically had to talk her down when he wouldn’t fly to her birthday thing? And then he dumped her shortly thereafter?

    • Her parents believe Donk and Pancakes were really going to get married and they trotted out that horseshit in front of Rain on several occasions. Believe me, she’ll still be bullshitting about Jack McCain when she’s in her eighties. Certainly Dr. Marson and his family have heard how Jack asked her to marry him, but she had to say no because of his travel schedule. Coming from a self-proclaimed digital nomad who spent much of 2018 couch surfing, this never-ending whopper takes some real gall.

      • Her parents really rubbed that (lie that it was) in Rain’s face? No wonder she’s such an asshole. Who does that?

        I learned some time ago – the hard way – that when someone makes all these grandiose, self-serving claims, it’s time to fire up the Google. (That time I learned my lesson, I felt like the detective at the end of The Usual Suspects, when he realized he’d had Keyser Soze right there the whole time and let him go.)

        • Also, based on what we know, her parents sound so fantastically weird. Like, from a different planet. I have a feeling that if I knew more about them I’d find them a lot more interesting (in a “books should be written about this” way, not in a “I want to meet them for high tea!” way) than their Donk.

          • Yep, agree.
            Again, I have to assume that brother Britt is the Marilyn Munster of the family

  5. I wonder what the NY Observer’s staff is feeling now that their boss offered advice to Saudi’s head royal on how to weather the storm that arises when murdering a journalist in a clandestine operation at an embassy in Turkey. Knowing the writers and media people in this community, who would work there? Also, I was told Jared undressed a young doppelgänger with his eyes every time he saw him. Not that there is anything wrong with that…..

  6. Holy mother of Greg!

    He is wearing the same (vintage Sears) shoes!

    IN THE SNOW!!!!

    Does he even own a second pair of shoes?

    • She’s wearing the same dumbass look on her face and Archie comics raised back hoof. They were made for each other. They will make each other miserable, which will delight me!

      • Her old style persona is creeping back. Soon, it’s going to be a steady stream of A-line dresses, suede heels and giant statement necklaces. Her hippie no make up days are numbered.

        • Yep.

          In 2020 she will write an article denouncing the woo world and disowning Burning Man as a drugfest for smelly white people with too much time on their hands.

          • I was considered by many to be Rainbow, though many others went by the same moniker. And I was happy to be given that identity for a while, but it was all a lie. I also felt like a fraud, insecure and embarrassed — like I didn’t belong.

          • I was forced into sexual situations by many men and an ex-lawyer, let’s call her Allie, who kept insisting on a “clear no”.

          • “I was given copious amounts of drugs and then compelled to dance to the most horrid repetitious music. My only rebellion at the time was to resist dancing and instead contort my body off beat and run around the stage and even into walls in a plea for help. And they took my beloved dog from me. Luckily she ran away from them and crossed the rainbow bridge.”

        • Very true. It’s creepy watching how she shape shifts according to whatever she believes her latest mark is into.

      • OMG I’m having HORRIBLE flashbacks to that John Mayer concert she is probably still processing (much like Davos, so things do come full circle). She couldn’t shut up about how she was wearing “thigh-high boots” and IIRC TWEETED about this sexiness TO MAYER repeatedly. It was around the time I first discovered the Donkey show and, still completely unimmunized, I nearly died of cringing.

        So yes, if those are the boots, you may just as well say goodbye to me because I am to join the Choir Invisible.

      • If you look at the mid-right-hand border of your screen (CB’s awesome fauxto collage), you’ll see A Donkey doing the very same back-hoof lift. Just a wee little toddler wriggling with delight!

        • Yes! I saw the same thing last night! Next she will be blowing kisses. She already did the “I gotta pee” pose twice, once at Thanksgiving and once the day of the opera. Posing is back, bunnies! It’s the old status-seeking Donkey shining through.

  7. I have a dark opinion of Ms. Baugher’s new relationship and it is not the standard “she’s gonna fuck it up”. I have a brother who is in a similar field to Mr. Marson. Doctors work very very very hard. They often have god complexes. They are often extremely cruel, arrogant, with biting sarcasm and low opinions of most others. If this man honestly went through the past 8 years living fast and loose while working very hard, sort of keeping tabs on Ms. Baugher, he is quite aware of her LSD-in-the-desert, weird loser ex-bfs, getting fucked in all kinds of places (double entendre definitely intended). And her history gives him a very real license to lock her up and start immediately treating her like shit. I see the potential for a very, very bad trip with this guy. I don’t know much, but I do know people. I am not indicating I am similar, but I understand how very easily this could be a bad scene for our antagonist.

      • Perfectly said. I see him getting nasty fast. He could cheat whenever and just say, well at least I didn’t blow you off 10 years ago when we were young, and then go around with a bunch of losers doing drugs in the desert. I was working, you know, to be a doctor? It’s gonna go bad, fast. Marson may actually like the back story. It frees him up to entrap and misbehave.

        • He’s intellectually superior and he’ll never let her forget it. I suspect we’ll see her spiral with quasi-intellectual posts to desperately try to mask her growing insecurity.

        • Wow. Is this projection or wishful thinking? I’m all for deconstructing the Donkey because it’s based on actual history and misdeeds, but you don’t even know this dude, and this kind of talk is bordering on unhinged.

    • He isn’t working as a doctor, though. He runs a research lab and teaches at UCSF. He may still keep long hours, have an ego problem and exhibit these personality defects, or he may not. We don’t know him and what little info we have so far is hearsay.

      I do question his judgement about sticking it in crazy, and I’m sure we will see this play out one way or the other. Just trying to be fair here. Let’s not project anything on him based on an unrelated anecdote.

      • The people who do research are competitive as hell. They keep score like catty locals in the only drinking hole in town. You better believe this guy knows what he’s doing.

        • I never said he didn’t, or wasn’t competitive. I was challenging your assumptions based on him being a different kind of doctor and you basing a sweeping assumption about him using an anecdote.

          Did you used to post here under a different name?

  8. When cataloging the 2009 posts I stumbled across this condescending gem from our donkey’s quill:



    Yep, Donk, because all gay men want to dress in tutus.

    Dear God, don’t let this woman and the Son of Sam breed.


    • Our local paper has been running a series of investigative reporting into mollestation in the Baptist church… I keep thinking about donkey wanting that religious child molester to officiate at her wedding to a donkey…

      If Latke has been following her so well all these years he would do well to remember this and maybe take a step back from the desperate-to-be-in-season donkey who has already proven that she can’t be bothered to take care of a defenseless pup — donkey will be pushing her crotch spawn off on whoever she can grift into watching them… the mom all predators dream of.

  9. Saint Moritz? Please be a Sear’s Professional Portrait Studio backdrop at the Modesto Mall. They are sooooooo getting married.

    • I’m convinced it’s a faux backdrop for “A Christmas Miracle: Scammy & The Professor,” one of 36 Hallmark holibray movies debuting this December!

      • He’s not even dressed properly for Switzerland.

        Is he one of those guys who is so smart, he can tell you what makes it rain, but he didn’t have the common sense to get in out of it?

        • I bet he was invited there to speak. He really should be used to winter, having lived in NYC and Boston in the past.

  10. Donk has changed her place of residence back to San Francisco from Ubud, Bali. Of course she has. The Sunset flat they shared? Or is she couch surfing somewhere until she worms her way in?

    • A prediction: The engagement and wedding are going to happen so fast, we’ll be pinching ourselves. “Did our burro really find a masculine foolish enough to marry her?”

        • It generally doesn’t take very long for the masculines to run for the hills. She needs to lock him down fast if she wants that ring.

          • Oh no! Dodi’s mother just commented on the Hallmark Christmas fauxto:

            Ellen Engelson Marson
            You look wonderful. Keep enjoying.

          • Glad she didn’t say “you both” or “gorgeous couple.” We can only hope she is reserving judgement and that a spidey sense might be kicking in after seeing the posey pose alleged hippie with the Chanel bag and preppie plaid.

          • One hopes she can spot a phony and gold digger. Unless one is not particularly bright, e.g., Julie Hagerty, the cracks in the facade become evident early.

          • She looks to be very intelligent (unlike Momvocado). So we’ll see. Let’s hope she has good radar.

            Virtually all of Donkey’s boyfriends’ parents have disliked her, with good reason. Momvocado was an exception, but she seems awfully dim.

          • Oh yes, the “You” there says it all!

            They are not ever marrying and they are for sure breaking up and will not be in each others’ lives as friends for $100000 Alex

      • And then she’d spend the rest of her life braying about how she was married to a doctor

    • these tech founders need to get over themselves with the whole changing the face of humanity crap

      and while they are at it, stop trying to out-woo each other at every turn

      • It’s such a shame that Burning Man was founded so close to Silicon Valley. If it had been in Ohio I doubt the woo would have permeated all the way through the tech culture like it has. And it was not originally woo, it was more of an anarchic statement, so it’s no wonder the earliest adopters have turned away from the capitalist hedonist orgy it’s become. The only good thing left about it is the art.

        • Yes, because nothing says radical self Reliance like trucking in gourmet chefs and models and super aize rv’s!

    • Self-ownage is even more awesome when it’s done on the platform one has founded

    • seems like an epic fail by dorsey though. all he did was use meditation to become more aware of what he was going through – the exact opposite of vipassana intends.

      also: no tech devices allowed? he wore his apple watch to track his heartbeat, took fauxtos, and listened to music.

    • I’ve been cataloging the Code Name TK posts and had forgotten how completely wack she became after boning him a couple of times. Posts about OMG! sex are followed by 9000 pictures of weddings – all still available on the nonsociety archive. She was 28 fucking years old at the time and it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to envision Donk writing “Mrs. Judy Eggers” on the cover of her journal over and over again as she pined for The One in La La Land.

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