Magic Is The New Lilly: Once Again, Donk Becomes Part-Time Dog Owner

Donk & Lilly. In oils.

We were horrified to discover that Donk’s been crowing all year about her new dog, a pocket pooch she’s named Magic. A Balinese medicine woman apparently gave the poor creature to our burro, but don’t fret about Judy having to take on a lot of responsibility. She takes care of the dog when she feels like it and dumps the pooch off at the medicine woman’s home when she’s busy, which could mean running off to a local dirt fest with Jess Magic or her frequent, sometimes long trips out of the country.

One suspects this arrangement is for the best. At least the medicine woman won’t have to retrieve the dog at some point, as Robin did when Julia neglected Lilly’s sibling back in the day.

Actual photo of deceased Lilly as she approaches the rainbow bridge.


    • Can you imagine poor Alex Marson having to introduce his parents to Rainbow and Magic? I’m waiting for them to beg Junior to return to dating strippers.

      • Alex Marson – learn from this. This is the amount of love, care and consideration your future children will get.

        • And be sure to read all the entries unde the Lilly category to the right. Your children will be props for a narcissist.

      • I didn’t want to put her full name here, but do you remember the young lady who dog sat at Lilly dog so often and would post the Instagram pictures of her as a clean, happy dog?

          • SS,SF… this belongs below Jean Gray’s thrift store chair…

            “JHN” was Donkey’s pet sitter (unpaid, no doubt) whom she later made a “co-owner” of Lilly, so that she officially wouldn’t have to pay her. JHN took Lilly to work with her, bathed her, and gave her a deserved respite from A Donkey.

        • Gotcha! I remember her now. She was a kind person and I felt bad Donkey didnt just give Lilly to her.

    • Yes, Donk initially had both dogs when at Georgetown and Robin swooped in to take the one home because she was angry re: Julia’s neglect. I know there were some posts about Lilly’s sibling, but I haven’t come across anything yet when cataloging the blog.

      • Thanks for the educating me, Aunt Gilly. I’ve got two dogs and I just can’t imagine giving either up unless I was literally on my death bed. It killled me to even leave my beloved geriatric dog with my parents when I had to travel for a couple weeks.

        • That’s the thing…if you have a dog, she becomes part of your family. JABA’s “treatment” of Lillydog says everything.

      • i never liked it when people brought dogs to college

        9 times out of 10 the dog is in a cramped apartment, gets little exercise, and is alone for 90% of the day

        not the right time or place to be the caretaker of a pet

        • 9 times out of 10, the college student is in a cramped apartment! Uphill in the snow both ways! Jaysus, to quote our Handbag.

    • Name was Langdon. Brother of Lilly, but lived with Momsers. Julia only wanted the all-white girly princess doggie.

      • That’s it! But wasn’t Langdon at Georgetown briefly? Never fear, something will show up when I’m cataloging posts.

        • Yeah, I was thinking that donk actually took both dogs to Georgetown and mom$er rescued both dogs but donk brayed so loudly for a fluffy white female fauxto prop that she got one of them back…?


    • YET AGAIN, the woos are appropriating something from another culture, of which they know little, in order to seem edgy or enlightened. And in order to talk about their genitals.

      Vaginal steaming comes from traditional Korean medicine, which uses mugwort/artimisia in the belief that it will help with infertility (or something). As we all know, there’s no need to “cleanse” your vagina, nor to bring any type of heat to it. If you craved the sensation of heat, you could sit on a heating pad or take a warm bath, I suppose… but then you couldn’t show off your groovy new “yoni” chair.

      This is something I offer my Sacred Sexual Empowerment & Body Confidence clients
      First, eeew. Your “clients” (LOL) get to sit on the same broken rattan chair into which you have steamed your vaginal secretions?
      Second, you are not a traditional Korean medicine practitioner, so stay in your own lane, which is… salsa dancing? Gentrifying Harlem? Cacao ceremonies?

    • Omg and she calls it “technology,” like she did when she posted her desire to learn more about “Rhinestone Technology” after seeing people with gobs of sequins and rhinestones pasted on their bodies. Do I need to update my name to Yoni Technology?

      • Tomorrow’s post will be about Ali Shanti’s sex life, so you may need to give any name change some thought.

        • Thanks for the heads up. I will start fasting immediately to try to keep the vomit volume under control.

        • I feel like we’re all going to need strong antibiotics after reading that.

          All photos of her remind me of Pigpen from Peanuts, with her own permanent dirt storm swirling around her

          • Yes! Especially when the old raunch is traipsing through Camp Septic, the dusty whorehouse where she takes her latest cradle robbing.

        • Is tomorrow today or yesterday? Spill the beans and the bag of dildos and medicine….

          • Sorry, I have a family and sometimes they preclude an RBD post. Re: Skankatron, I have to do a little more research here, which is giving too much energy to the old raunch but alas … there will be a post later today but it will be about our burro.

    • looks like a variation of the torture chair daniel craig got his comeuppance in at the hands of le chiffre (mads mikkelsen), in the ‘casino royale’ bond reboot.

      • As if the steam on your vulva is going going to make its way all the way up into the uterus. The woos are so willfully dumb.

    • “…bring blood flow to my womb,” is the single most terrifying phrase LaFraud has written. Is she trying to *trap* deadbeat or does she have a new mark in mind?

    • Anything is better to these goddesses than admitting that their condomless promiscuity and constant self-comfort fingering isn’t a healthy or sustainable lifestyle.

      How about buying a bunch of cotton panties, bras and sanitary products for women who can’t afford them, in these third world countries you constantly visit, and leaving your own stinky hoohas alone for 5 minutes? Christ. What thrush-riddled assholes.

      • My thoughts exactly. All this talk of pleasure, hedonism….you never see any of these people doing anything useful, like helping the needy, reading to children, working in a shelter. All this self-focus is really disgusting to me. Self-absorbed twits.

  1. She’s trying everything to get preggers! May goddess and zhes prevent!

  2. Much like Trump, Julia should not be allowed to have pets. Her treatment of that poor dog–she should be entrusted with nothing more demanding than a pet rock.

  3. Jesus, Jenna, that chair with the netting cut out looks positively dangerous.

    Are you sure you want to and sit on it, cooch flapping in the wind, your naked ass hovering over pot of very hot water?

    Dunno, maybe she is a genius who is planning her next personal-injury lawsuit.

    • Ironically, this edit (which is new to me too) is from Wreck and Salvage. Adam Quirk is one of the Wreck & Salvage guys. Who’s Adam, you ask? Husband of Jessica Quirk (former What I Wore blogger). They both criticized “internet haters” and “trolls” once Jessica got her own haters. I guess Adam was okay with being an internet hater himself. Or maybe it’s a what goes around comes around thing. What was the name people used to use for Adam? Something about his beard?

  4. After quickly browsing a couple of web sites, it sounds like there is legit concern of a health hazard if a pregnant woman steams her yoni or bacterial infection if the equipment is not sterilized properly between uses

  5. I wish Santa would give us a huge list of Trump and Trump family indictments for Christmas. A big fat juicy post-Xmas articles of impeachment from the new congress would be lovely, too!

    I’m an Aussie and I’m so sorry for America that this lying criminal is your president and I hope that he and his entitled, grifting family get what’s really due to them.

    • Unwise to file impeachment until all the charges are known, and even then, the spineless GOP will never convict. People will take to the streets, and then maybe they’ll relent.

    • DOJ criminal investigations take years not months. And it’s like a sweater with a pulled thread, the more you pull it the more additional crimes unravel. This case is moving very quickly in terms of DOJ. They’re moving successfully up the food chain flipping accomplices like pancakes. There’s what you know and what you can prove in federal court with fact-based evidence. AG & FBI have to have the a factual paper trail & witnesses to back each claim (and there are many).

  6. Dear Gilly,
    You are doing the Greg’s work keeping content on this cite and taking care of your family and real life. Greg bless.

    • Thanks, dear heart!

      Check out the new Places We Like To Frequent, all updated with no more broken links, the best of Donkdom, past and present. New post up soon!

      I hope you have a lovely day! (seriously)

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