Dr. Dodi Berkowitz Finds Genetically Altered Babies “Scary,” But The Real Scary Can’t Wait To Get Preggers


Today’s New York Times contains an article about a Chinese scientist who allegedly used the gene editing technique Crispr to create genetically altered twin girls. This revelation has sparked a huge ethics outcry in the scientific community. The future Mr. Allison weighs in:

The researcher, He Jiankui, said that he had altered a gene in the embryos, before having them implanted in the mother’s womb, with the goal of making the babies resistant to infection with H.I.V. He has not published the research in any journal and did not share any evidence or data that definitively proved he had done it.

But his previous work is known to many experts in the field, who said — many with alarm — that it was entirely possible he had.

“It’s scary,” said Dr. Alexander Marson, a gene editing expert at the University of California in San Francisco.

That’s all we hear from Dodi, but you know Peter Baugher got a hardon when Donkey phoned him regarding her beloved’s appearance in the paper of record.

Re: babies, altered and otherwise, since Donk tells EVERYONE that, more than anything, she wants a husband and a family – so bisexual – we sure hope the good doctor is using condoms.


  1. Ugh, she’s going to be even more insufferable. Smugly trying to explain science & medical information to the masses a la Gwyneth Paltrow / goop. Claiming his research and ideas as her own. It’ll be fun the first time she forgets and does that in front of him. hahah

    • She certainly claimed credit for all of her previous beaus’ accomplishments, particularly Debbie Seltzer and Chad McNally. They were NOTHING until they met Donkey, and she stressed to anyone and everyone that they were the men they were now because of her “investment,” i.e., harassment.

      You should see some of the stuff that pops up in our email.

      • I think she also took credit for Avocado as well. According to her, they were all changed for the better because of being involved with her. If that isn’t a Trumpian level of delusional narcissism, I don’t know what is.

        • The claims she made re: Rain AFTER he disengaged were wackaloon, as though he’d not spent 40+ years on planet Earth prior to meeting the transformational Rainbow.

          • Excuse me, but if it wasn’t for Donka, Rain would have NEVER attended the chair therapy sessions that turned him into the awesome man he is today.

          • Grifty, re: the extraordinary harassment of Rain’s new GF that you mention in the prior post, the attempts at love bombing just so Judy could get intel on her ex, I’m finding all sorts of similar behavior while cataloging the 2009 RBNS. From March 11, in reference to Kevin Rose, the digg founder who dated and dumped and loathed Donk:

            Over the past few days, Jackles has also been Twittering some poor fool named Melody, and has apparently lined up lodging with the unsuspecting woman, about their upcoming trip to SXSW.

            Melody is the same Kevin Rose ex-girlfriend whom Jackles Twitted about having a “verrry interesting” chat in her car in San Francisco after that classy cake-licking incident in which she crashed Randi Facebookzucker’s party and went down on her birthday cake.

            Oh Melody. Can’t you see? Jackles is sucking up to you as a way to get as much information about Rose as possible so that she can redouble her efforts to snag another tech millionaire. You are merely a pawn. She’s got the wangs, all she needs now is the information in order to once again to make her moves on Rose when he too is in attendance at SXSW.

          • Wait, how did I miss “the extraordinary harassment of Rain’s new GF”? Well, this explains everything. The two-week proclamation of true love.

  2. I wish the thread from the previous post, the one to Latka’s parents that began “If you’re reading here,” could be expanded on and featured somehow. There were even more exploits with exes we could name, but the Rain story is the one I hope this poor family is aware of. The fact that she claims she “spent the year in Bali in prayer” is straight up scary given what she was actually doing. I’ve said it before, but it’s never been more obvious than with Rain: if their genders were reversed, the police would have been called. The level of phone and text harassment, not to mention the emails and photos?!? If a man had done that to a woman, everyone would be in agreement she was in danger, but Judy just skates right on to the next mark unscathed. And while it sure seems like this guy, out of all of them, doesn’t deserve it, NONE of them did. We’d never say a woman deserved to be stalked and tortured by a man just because she was a woo or a DJ who wore deconstructed hoodies or whatever. [REDACTED]s 1 & 2 didn’t deserve it; Pancakes didn’t; Avocado and Rain didn’t, either.

      • Poor Debbois should be his actual name. It’s all I can think when I see his pathetic face. He’s still waiting for the 4 bedrooom home in San Francisco.

    • I nearly did put up the mysterious REASONABLE WOMAN’s (my, my, who could she be?) comment, but RBDers alerted me re: this NYT story just as I was getting ready to run errands and so I threw this up quickly. Frankly, we could write non-stop about Donk’s wretched misdeeds, particularly those that took place earlier this year, but if two people are determined to get married, there isn’t a helluva lot one can do to stop them. I’m not entertaining any rescue fantasies here.

      • JFAing myself to apologize if I appeared harsh. I think it’s commendable that you want to save Marson from years of misery, but I don’t think we have the power to make that happen.

        • I’m on the fence on how innocent he is in all this/how much we should feel bad for him. He’s read here. They always do. And they always storm in here and defend her, or clutch their pearls, shocked people here could be so “mean” until they see her true ugliness.

          Dude at MINIMUM has seen how fake her FB life is. If that’s the girl he wants, have at it.

          • Whatever happens is gonna happen. If he has bad judgment despite overwhelming evidence, so be it. Won’t be the first time or the last time someone falls for someone toxic underneath a slick veneer and learns a lesson. I just hope his work ethic is stronger than her ability for manipulation.

            Just another rinse repeat chapter in the Donkey show. She is again putting on a curated identity to attempt to trap the most recent man she has in her life. It’s sad that after all this time she still has no idea who she really is, and so it won’t be long before her need to control and “improve” him will take over so she can sit in reflected glory. Basically, she is a virus in human form, and Marson should be able to understand that analogy.

    • Absolutely. No one deserves to be stalked, lied to, have her make it seem has though everyone has “overlap” with her. I think it’s her angry side that really gets to me… the rage has always seemed frightening. It was there years ago and the RAIN emails suggest the anger is still there.

      And Gilly, my my, I suspect you know who I am. 🙂 (Didn’t try to hide from the Mods, just felt these new posts deserved a screen name change, given their focus.)

      • She’s one of the angriest people I’ve ever met, which is certainly why the love bombing seems so manic to me. Donkey insists to women she’s harassing how she’s just like a puppy(!) when there’s always a hidden agenda.

        I know your intentions are good here, but I need a rest from posting for a couple of days. After yesterday’s bizarre, really mean personal attack – and I know where it came from – I’m a little RBDed out at the moment.

    • Of course. She has the illustrious Alex Williams on speed dial. His most recent Pulitzer Prize winner, “Alkaline Water Makes a Big Splash.” I’m not kidding.

  3. Peter and Robin are going to be raising that little crotch fruit because that bitch couldn’t even barely be fucked to take care of a poor little dog. She’s literally going to leave it filled in soiled diapers with a babysitter and only drag it out for selfies.

    Dear Alex Marson,
    I have personally witnessed your gf DRAG her tiny senior dog behind her in SF because she was in a rage to get to where ever the fuck she was going. If you ever see her on the street alone you’ll see what a soulless dead eyed attention whore she is and there’s nothing under it. She makes it a point to harass ex-boyfriends and their female friends to alienate and your privacy is GONE if you keep seeing this freak show. If you value your career and reputation, run. Don’t walk.


    • I’ll never believe she wants a baby. That is, I’m sure she “wants” one similarly to how she wants a big poofy wedding: 1) to get attention, and, 2) probably even more importantly these days (tick tock!), as a fool-proof (in her idiot brain) method to lock down a masculine who will replace Dadsers in terms of cheques. But does anyone really think she would hesitate for a second if a statusy tech billionaire proposed to her (haha!) under the condition that there will be no babies ever? Right.

    • Thanks, Wolf, especially after that comment from the rude troll, which I removed. If you’re reading here, troll, and apparently you are, I’ve been able to keep this site going long after Judy went AWOL. You’re welcome. I hope you have a lovely day.

      • JFAing myself to let troll know, yes, many bisexuals desire marriage and family, I should know, but Julia stresses that she wants a husband. As those close to her have told us, she’s not bisexual.

  4. Isn’t it kind of ridiculous to quote a real live scientist and have him say nothing but “it’s scary?” That sort of comment sure does sound sciencey, doesn’t it?

    When I say “ridiculous,” I’m looking at the NYT, not poor (in more ways than one) Dr Berkowitz who I’m sure had more insightful things to say on the matter.

    • I had the same reaction. I kept waiting for Marson to reappear in the article and was baffled by the no-show.

    • Yes, yes, it is ridiculous. But the New York Times (“Meet the new boss, son of the old boss”) is nothing if not ridiculous.

    • May not have been his fault. He may have said more, and the writer or editor cut it. Or maybe what he said wasn’t easy to edit down to a reasonable amount of space. It’s a highly technical subject and sometimes a person interviewed will give an answer that isn’t easy to distill. Having been a tech writer and having interviewed scientists before many times, it isn’t uncommon to get a really long-winded technical answer to a simple question. Kind of like this rambling post of mine.

      • Oh, I’m sure it wasn’t his fault. I am quite certain that anyone with his credentials is capable of saying more than “it’s scary,” because *I* could have said that. 🙂 And even I wouldn’t exactly brag about being quoted by the NYT if they quoted me sharing this profound observation. It just seems like a weird decision to include *that* quote in the article. I was dissing the NYT, not Dr. Berkowitz.

        • JFA: now that I think of it, I would actually be kind of angry, like, “why did I take the time to talk to these clowns if this is all they take from it?” Especially if I were a real accomplished scientist and not an obese jealous hater living in my stepdad’s basement.

      • but then again, as a complete statement: “it’s scary” = “it’s worrisome”.

        are we sure he hasn’t been fully assimilated into the soap-avoiding cult of woo?

        • OK, that would be somewhat hilarious / the only way I could imagine he’d be satisfied with the result of his conversation with the NYT.

    • in my limited experience with reporters (both television and print) all of the questions they ask a just for the sake of creating an inventory of bullet points to insert as needed while writing the story or putting together a news piece

      not uncommon at all to end up with only a snippet or two in the final edit

      • Honestly, as a sometimes reporter, I think that’s generally the way. I still would have wanted a better “soundbite” from someone like Dr. Dr. Latka, though.

        • Some people are just not quoteable. I’ve interviewed famous people and a few times, I’ve talked with a few who say a lot, but when it comes to looking for good quotes, I come up empty. Speaking in cliches and using long, complex sentences are two of the biggest problems for me

      • I come from a family of journalists, my father was a war correspondent in the 1990s Yugoslavia (which explains why I’m so adorably special – special daddies have special daughters, it’s just a pity he’s not in the top league, American suburban lawyer!). I know the practice exists and most people never get quoted in full (by a long shot). But, what Albie said. It’s THIS particular snippet. I don’t think “it’s scary” is anything worth having a scientist say it.

        • But he is not some random scientist. Given that he is one of the top go-to authorities on CRISPR in this country, having him weigh in on the moral side of this newly breaking story at least establishes a US position on the subject. I don’t think it is completely worthless as a comment at this fresh moment, because I’m sure there will be a lot more in-depth stories and opinion pieces on this in the very near future. The ethical implications are huge and controversial.

          • He’s on the radio now, and when he was introduced as “Dr Dodi Berkowitz, who commented that this is ‘scary’”, he sort of laughed and said, “Yes, that’s what I was quoted as saying” and went on with an actual intelligent, science-y discussion.

            Clearly, his “media consultant” girlfriend did NOT coach him for this interview, as he is not babbling, hee-hawing, saying ummm, etc. like she does.

            LOL, his fellow panelist just mentioned the example of finding the genes for Borderline Personality Disorder!

  5. Okay, this whole situation is seriously messing with my head, largely for personal reasons, which I fully acknowledge. My doctor brother has just informed me that there’s a ‘whoops!’ baby in his future. And while I’m sure there were steps he could have taken to prevent that (although I’d rather not think too much about my bro’s choice of birth control, frankly), it’s clear that this was a deliberate decision by the lady in question.

    My husband and I struggled with infertility for more than a decade, so maybe our absolutely exstatic over-the-top euphoria when I got pregnant isn’t the usual reaction. But it breaks my heart to imagine my brother not feeling that and instead trying to make the best of the situation, and it absolutely enrages me that he’s in this position.

    A baby is not a fucking accessory or a way to trap your baby-daddy or just a thing that you do because all your friends are getting knocked up. It’s the hardest damn job in the world. Totally worth it; my child is the light of my life, but it is REALLY hard to be a good parent. And every child deserves good parents who want them. I know that’s not what they all get, but it’s what they deserve.

    Sorry for the rant, ladies; I apparently have a lot of feels about this. I will he absolutely heartbroken for that child if Julia ever reproduces.

  6. Ali scammy bawling in the arms of a masculine, again. She’s not perfect and doesn’t have it all together in case you did not know, but she’s an expert so send her your money for. The. noney. Map.
    (Typo stays.)
    Hope donk and LaFraudster never ever ever ever never ever procreate in any way.

    • That post was appalling. Martyrdom becomes her.

      Personal to Alexis Neely: Have you ever thought about putting a fucking sock in it?

    • Zhe looks good when natural but when all done up like a valley of the woos barbie, it’s scary
      Thirsty thy name is LaFraud

      • If one is a friend or a friend of a friend, there is a FB comment on this fauxto from Annie Lalla. She suggests putting the snap – “my favorite photo of you ever!” – on match.com and then leaves a link to the site. Is Annie just shilling or is there trouble in paradise? Buh bye, hubby #3?

        • funny the rational first thought about anything they do or say is how is connected to a shill or scam? She is no longer “married” on facebook. Wonder if he scammed her or it was a mutual arrangement to split so soon after. Bwahaha. Maybe he is back with the fatherless kids (just joking of course he is not, but prob better he is not, like Ole Filek is not the best influence or mental dental on their offspring)

    • Is she wearing The Good Looking One’s wedding headpiece?

      And where is he anyway?

      PS: So. Good. Looking.

    • The Annie Lala comment seems to be taken down… At least I can’t see it since I am not one of Jena’s Facebook friends. But both Jena and Sasha have eliminated the FB “married” status on FB, although Jena mentioned her “husband” was in attendance for thanksgiving. In any case, his presence on her FB page has been diminishing rapidly. Waiting to see the laundered, public explanation for the split when and if it happens. In the meantime, he still claims partnership of her business. What the hell was in it for her? A grand fauxto opp???

  7. I don’t know. I feel terrible admitting this, but I would love for Donk to settle down and get married. This dusty shit show has been depressing on many levels. And one can enjoy a wedding for the entertainment value, while still hating the bride (I’m looking at you Meagan Markle!) .

    We all need a little joy in the news cycle, don’t we? Seeing Donk in a big foofy dress living out her pink tacky dreams would make even my cold, dead heart swell for a minute.

    • nah, i feel the same (about jules…I honestly dont get all the hate and conspiracy theories against ms markle)

    • She’s been awful to so many people that I just cannot wish her happiness and fulfillment

      • Marriage is the type of thing where you truly only get out what you put in, except in very rare circumstances. Meaning, I don’t necessarily think it will result in happiness for her, probably quite the opposite. But I do want a wedding! haha

        • The wedding alone should provide us with copy for years to come. It’ll be interesting to witness how long she can keep up the OH SO HAPPY pose once the rice has been tossed. For Donk, every girl’s OMG! dream of bloated nuptials has always overshadowed her actual understanding of the day-to-day struggles and compromises that marriage entails.

          • Absolutely right, Gilly. I love being married, but 80% of it is household management, social calendar management, hard work, letting things slide, and routine. Haha. And that’s on top of my other career(s). I’m not sure our little Jules is going to be able to hack it for very long either way. But dang do I want a wedding. FOR THE COPY

        • It will finally allow her to shed the spinsterhood that she truly hates and fears. Even when a marriage to the Son of Sam ends, she’ll still be able to say that some guy loved her enough to marry her and that HE’S AN OMG DOCTOR!

          • When commenters note the inevitable brag MY HUSBAND IS A DOCTOR, I see Donk morfing into Linda Richman.

            No big whip, Shirley. We’ll talk. About donkeys being bad.

          • “It will finally allow her to shed the spinsterhood that she truly hates and fears. Even when a marriage to the Son of Sam ends, she’ll still be able to say that some guy loved her enough to marry her and that HE’S AN OMG DOCTOR!”

            >> Eh, let her. It could become her new Wired cover for the 2020-? period. Donkey may think otherwise, but I don’t believe too many non-donkey adults really consider a) getting married and b) to a doctor an amazing high status marker that automatically makes them “super jealous.”

            I’m still far from convinced it’s happening though, although I would certainly enjoy the tacky hickfest.

    • He’s completely normal, intelligent, and articulate, of course, yet I can’t help thinking, “Crazy donkey-fucker!” when I hear him. How is this guy dating someone who believes in alkaline water, juice cleanses, jade eggs, and yoni steaming, and has a fake career?

      • It’s a headscratcher, especially as he appears to have dated someone with actual accomplishments prior to Donk and she was dating a polyamorous dirtbag DJ scrounging out a living. Riffing on Grifty above, I hope his passion for research triumphs over her pettiness, dissembling, and constant pleas for attention.

      • Normal, but some not so subtle signs of social inadequacy that I don’t want to call out here. Things that will not affect in any way his career, but might bother a Donkey.

        Also, I have to cast a side eye at someone partnering with Seth Richie Rich who states that bioengineering is the next level tech revolution, and saying publicly it isn’t his intent to capitalize on it because it is morally important. I call bullshit. It sounds like he wants to exploit people like Marston for cheap money, with the long term intent on making big money via patents, copyrights, etc. The end result is that this so-called breakthrough technology is ultimately reserved for the rich.

      • I’m betting on a wedding. It all adds up: slightly socially awkward guy who has dated attractive and serious women in the past, but it never worked out. Meets a moderately attractive and showy woman who makes clear very quickly that she is all in. The subtext here is, “I’ll show them.” By indulging and supporting an unreasonable woman, he is subconsciously trying to give a big F You to all of the reasonable women who didn’t stick around.

        Ask me how I know this.

  8. When the lure of Donk’s magic pussy wears off(can’t imagine what else is driving this thing), I think he will wake up and smell the coffee. May be after the wedding but better late than never.

    • Looking forward to several videos of Dr. Dodi looking like Devin Stetler in front of SF’s Armory when A Donkey forced him to go shopping for a Christmas tree. Poor Debs was so thin, so haggard, so sad. I think he dumped her shortly after and was then forced to post a public breakup letter. “Jules, you were nothing but fantastic and great to me … “

      • Yes, guy will be left a shell of himself whilst posting “ours was love that transcended time but it’s just that the time was wrong” type jams.

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