Happy Pescatarian Thanksgiving, Bunnies!


Be sure to wash down that tofurky with several sips of vino. And for dessert …

We’ll be back sometime over the weekend.

Fasten your seatbelts for upcoming posts:

Burro in the hot tub (yes, it’s next!)

A Skankatron horror show of epic proportions

Rhoda on a rampage


  1. That poor, undercooked turkey and the puddle of gak beneath it never fails to horrify.

  2. That’s quite a walk down memory lane (and through the Hall of Noses). Oh, Preppy Housewife Judy and Sex and the City Judy, we hardly knew ye. The Morticia Pelts and Caftans Judy of today is a far cry from Judys Past.

  3. Catuerwaller trying to nail down a male for preggers an route to Costa Rica…ugh hope he wraps it unlike novowels

    • I noted Jaahass has a new beau. Golly, I hope he’s not purtier than she is and she forces her woo buddies to tell her how bee-u-ti-ful she is. Over and over again. Those fragile goddess psyches!

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