Before Dr. Son o’ Sam, Delusional Donkey Allegedly Targeted Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Bragged She’d Make Him Fall In Love With Her


Amazing as it sounds, folks who should know better tolerate Julia Allison because of her “high-level connections” and her strange ability to get an audience with anyone, or so we’ve been told.

Our burro was allegedly hanging with Google’s Sergey Brin earlier this year, even spending the night at his house but definitely not with Sergey.

Just as eyebrow raising, Donk supposedly told folks she was romantically targeting someone high level at Uber. Later reports suggest it was someone who had once been high level – former CEO Travis Kalanick, who, according to yesterday’s WALL STREET JOURNAL, is currently worth $5.5 billion. Considering everything online about Kalanick, it’s difficult to imagine him falling for an aging jennet long past her expiration date. Indeed, the greatest love the world would have ever known was not to be.

Targeting Kalanick is also a shocker because Donk was the one who outed him to Forbes, in 2014, regarding a 2011 Orwellian Uber limo launch party in which attendees were able to watch and identify Uber users in real time.

Now, remember when your Gilly promised you some great posts after we’d moved? Stay tuned …


  1. So, as many have suspected, Dr. Son of Sam is a big step down for her delusions. it won’t be long before her inner cunt comes out and starts treating him like he’s beneath her. 3,2,…

    • She barely gave him the time of day for 10+ years. If Marson kept asking the hosebeast out, even after all the negative online content, does he deserve what’s coming?

      • Good question. I’m not sure anyone other than child molesters and terrorists actually deserve what inevitably comes with her. But there is little chance that he does not know

      • I don’t think that’s true, though. I think he asked her out after the party where she quizzed him about his sex life, and then he saw her dumbass Sex and the City Ruined My Life interview, remembered meeting her, and thought he’d try his chances again.

        Which is lame, but infinitely less lame than her dumbass fairy tale story.

        His social media suggests that he dated at least one normal-seeming woman in the interim.

  2. colonic
    It’s apparent why shit-for-brains thought this particular wallet would be an especially good fit…

    Excellent fauxto choice, Gilly!

  3. this could be why her parents seem to be fine with her lifestyle, if shes telling them “oh im just chilling with sergey brin today” and name dropping whenever she can

    • Her entire charade of a life is devoted to keeping the family checks coming in, because the Big Break is around the corner, Daddy!

      L’Affaire Coobie was one of my favorites in her cargo cult career.

    • Re: Petey & Robin, we received a long email from another tipster a few days back. This RBD lurker is close to our burro and indicated the ‘rents tell anyone who asks, “Julia has a very exciting career as a speaker and consultant to global businesses, and is keeping very busy on her travels.” Remember, these ostriches still believe Donk really was going to marry John McCain and had to say no because of his travel schedule.

      • Do we think they really believe all this, or are just trying to save face with their fellow suburban country club snobs?

        • I think they believe it. A longtime RBDer who knew Donk in NYC met Robin & Petey at a social gathering and indicated both parents seemed quite delusional about Julia’s abilities and future prospects.

          • So, they’re as batshit delusional as she is. Britt has got to be the Marilyn Munster of that family

          • Also? How do they square that with her being broke as a joke and them paying for at least some of her basics in life?

          • Because, in their world, “the masculine pays”. Until she locks someone down, that masculine is Petey.

          • I gotta respectfully disagree with that. If “the masculine” is always supposed to pay for everything, why bother with a job at all?

        • I wonder how they rationalized 1 Derpin, 2 dirt DJs, the failed book, the eviction, her circle of grifters, and her “dance career.”

          • Haven’t Petey & Robin joined the circle of grifters?

            Also, they let Rainy know on more than one occasion that their beast of burden nearly married an OMG! McCain.

  4. It’s not hard to con/blackmail/guilt/lie/flatter your way into staying in someone’s house for the night. Which is how Donkey gets by full stop, so not surprising at all.

    Lol post McCain Donkey is so pathetic! She failed to lock down Pancakes and thinks she can has a chance for a techie billionaire LOLLLLLLLL

    Oh honey, no. Take many seats.

    • Or just happenstance. I’ve stayed overnight at some very very fancy people’s houses, and I’m nobody at all. It’s no skin off their nose; someone else is changing the sheets and cleaning your plebeian stench off the tub.

    • It’s the fawning that allows her to couch surf when in the states. Nobody butters ‘em up better than Donkey.

    • I don’t know. I don’t think Sergey Brin would let me stay at his house. The closest I’ve gotten to famous is meeting a chef who was on Chopped. Though I may meet one who was in Top Chef here soon. That’s about the extent of it for me and Mr. LRC.

      I’m not impressed with her but, she does manage to know/play with some high profile types and along with that comes some perks the rest of us can only dream of. I’m actually not interested in any of the people she is but, hanging in a yacht would be nice. It’s annoying that her scheming works out for her as much as it does.

      • I think it’s mostly because she is shameless at throwing around names of rich and famous people she barely knows as if they’re good friends and is just so brazen about it.

        Kind of like during her college days how she berated a hotel clerk over the $8 grapefruit and claimed to be a Washington Post reporter who was going to “ruin” the hotel if they didn’t remove the charge.

      • First of all, if it’s a month with an “r” or a day ending in “y”, the Donkey is lying.

        Second, legalese: spending the night in SB’s house, may mean one of the many houses he has somewhere in the world, or the 4th guesthouse in his compound, which is like 500ft away from the main house, and is normally used by third-tier staff, one of which the Donkey “befriended” (she has no real friends) and s/he let her stay while s/he was traveling, or maybe the Donkey pulled some trick along the lines I-can’t-find-a-car-to-take-me-home and crashed on the sofabed and overstayed her welcome for the night, so that she could brag about spending the night in SB’s house.

        The bottomline is that we shouldn’t fall into the Donkey’s name-dropping fake-notoriety trap.

        • Yes and no, Wolf. She does exaggerate her connections, but we have it on excellent authority from a few folks that our Donk does have some enviable contacts. Stay tuned …

          (That Gilly. Such a gregdamn tease!)

    • She failed to lock down poor Goat Soap,who is clearly not playing with a full deck. Imagine that!

  5. Ugh! This would have been my dream the Kalanick-Allison match-up. Especially since he’s still the target of several DOJ criminal investigations. That’s one way to ensure a guy won’t leave, he’s in federal prison. LOL

  6. When the lights are off, and Ms. Baugher is facing the bizarre facts of her life, there must be some very real, somber moments. She went up the river and it’s looking more and more as if Captain Kurtz had a mentally retarded sister. “The horror, the horror!” (I do not know how best to avoid the use of the word retarded, I know it is not PC; apologies if I am offending anyone here, except you Ms. Barfer).

    • This is my feeling as well. I’ve always believed she’s motivated by panic and narcissistic injury. Those are fuels that burns hot and fast, and what the individual is left with at the dimming of the day is terrible emptiness and fear. I can’t help but feel for her.

      • Nope. She’s left too much collateral damage on the path to her inevitable self-destruction for me to care that she occasionally comes face-to-face with her foul wretchedness at the end of the day.

        • Especially since she’s had more advantages and more breaks than most people, but seems to find new ways to squander every one of them

  7. Hahahaha….. I love this post because it comes full circle to when Julia fled NYC in a cloud of failure to go and try and stake her fame in Silicon Valley and she was so delusional that she would meet and bag a “rich tech founder.”

    I can’t seem to find the article about Julia and Meghan Asha where they dressing the nerd costumes and literally said they were looking to find and date rich tech founders, but this is a nice throwback:

    • I’m categorizing the RBNS and RBD posts, which will take forever, and will probably come across that founder fever moment at some point. I did a bunch of 2009 posts early this morning. Julia cozying up to Kevin Rose’s ex-girlfriend while she stalks him. Really creepy stuff and nothing has changed, eh, Caeli?

  8. Brin’s gf is touch woo-y so this isn’t surprising. Donk also comes from what some would call a “Good Background” (I know, douchey) but this often puts people at ease, if you went to the same high school/college as their friends and are familiar with the same spaces.

    Julia makes me kind of depressed because she just can’t get out of her own way. A lot of the people she hangs around are just as narcissistic as her, they just have more self-control and self-awareness. I really thought she would have married a lower-level millionaire with some sort of company by now, had kids that annoy her and perhaps even be in the middle of a divorce that she blogs about.

    • Meet us back here in five years and we’ll be discussing Mrs. David Berkowitz’s divorce from her booooring scientist hubby – such ennui, he was always in the lab, of course she had to seek comfort from the first dirtfest DJ who gave her the time of day.

    • Why would some millionaire marry her? Why would any guy, for that matter? What does she have to offer?

      She doesn’t have the looks to bag a rich guy (never really did, not even at her peak), is a chronic liar, brays constantly, needs nonstop adoration, doesn’t come from wealth, and so on and so on and so on.

      • The braying…. ugh.

        I honestly don’t know how any man she dates puts up with her tacky loudness and blatant desperate attention-whoring. What grown up intelligent functioning adult could stand to be around such a loud, attention-seeking, childish, narcissistic, vain, habitually lying, emotionally-stunted, bratty toddler?? Dating Julia Allison is the equivalent of dating Donald Trump. They have the same personality disorders.

        I seriously don’t know why adult men put up with her. She is so gratingly unpleasant to be around, and for any of them who have professional adult jobs she’s got to be an utter embarrassment to bring to and social or work functions.

        I guess she could be fun and amusing for a few weeks but damn… getting in a long term relationship with Donkey, yiesh…

        That’s why I think she’s probably desperate to get Dr T Cellz locked down asap with a ring on her finger while he’s still blinded by the easy sex before he opens his eyes and realizes how obnoxious, psychotic and broke she is.

        • At least Trump has things to offer: money, access to famous people. And there are more than a few women don’t immediately flee from him.

          If she were any good at sex (according to all reports/rumors, quite the opposite), then maybe I could see why guys would want her. They probably start with her because they erroneously believe that craycray=hot sex. But by the time they figure out that she’s awful in bed, she’s got her claws in too deep for them to make a clean break

  9. That Smellsberg porno, or one of them, is out, not with him thank greg, or one of the overtly vulnerable unbalanced ones he took advantage of though

      • “docu-porn”

        Once again these assholes think they’ve invented something entirely new or that their product is somehow superior to the boring, regular thing that it actually is.

        • If Smellsberg didn’t have his father’s clout & connections and his mother’s money, he’d be living on welfare.

      • The apple falls very FAR from the tree sometimes… A father calls the whistle on a government poring napalm on women and children, sending 18 year old boys to a meat grinder…. His son makes, uh, a documentary porno? That’s a head scratcher.

  10. Hi Aunty Gilly! Not sure if you’ve ever featured this on RBD, but an interesting look at “The Failure of Donk” can be visually seen in the Google Trends data starting from 2004:

    You can see a huge buildup in searches circa July 2008 when the Wired Magazine cover came out, and then a 4 year decline till July 2012 when the Bravo show flashed in the pan…..and then a sharp-and-immediate fall after that, and then a HUGE decline for the next 6+ years.

    For someone with all the advantages in the world, it’s kind of crazy how badly she’s squandered every opportunity and burned every bridge along the way.

    I look forward to the Marson breakup stories!!

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