Fire Sale: The Dump That Rain & Rainbow Shared On The Island of Novato Will Soon Have New Owners


The Unbreakable 55 Wildwood Lane, Chad McNally & Julia Allison’s maison de l’amour, recently went into foreclosure, though property manager “Justin” was still AirBNBing the dilapidated love nest until the bank accepted an offer of $1,150,00, over 300k lower than the foreclosure estimate.

Grifty sent me a link to the AirBNB listing a few weeks back, which still featured Donk’s decorating accidents and scathing new comments from more unhappy renters. I had so much going on at the time, I completely forget to save the evidence and the listing is no longer. Yes, your Gilly has failed you!

I do wonder if poor Rainy ever got his 4k deposit back from the emotionally healthy Julia that she is today – only her name was on the lease (and possibly her father’s). She manipulated the middle-aged DJ into co-renting the moldy “villa” for 5.5k per month and and expected the masculine to pay for everything else. Donk was broke as a joke for much of 2018 and kept stalling when Rain asked for the return of his deposit. Bon chance, Alex Marson!

In other Baugher housing news, Wilmette’s 1310 Sheridan Road, the Lakeside Assisted Living Facility, has received one review:

Bottom Video: A gift from Moroccanwear!


  1. Oh, Morrocanwear, you magnificent scoundrel! Dodi Berkowitz fits right in, doesn’t he?

    55 Wildwood Lane, we hardly knew ye. Here’s hoping that the new owners buy a lot of sage to smudge out the ghosts of woo and green skin tags.

    • I wonder if she ever removed all her crap in the garage. Donk’s stuff was stored there while she was in Bali and “Justin” was playing property manager. I believe her lease ended on September 1.

  2. Whoever staged that monstrous dump didn’t take the cellophane off the lamp shade. Store return living room set as soon as an offer was made on the money pit?

  3. How does a dirtfest DJ afford $5500/mo.? Maybe I missed this.

    If he was paying on his own, he is by far more of a wallet than this new guy.

  4. I can’t believe none of these people have been swept up in the monstrous opiate disaster plaguing our nation. They seem to have money to burn, enjoy getting high and escape-ism. Oddly fascinating the bullet has dodged this cast of characters.

    As for the house, be careful what you own. It owns you.

    • Donkey certainly doesn’t have money to burn. She was broke for most of this year, often begging friends to stay on their couch, and moved to Bali because it’s CHEAP.

  5. It is too bad the Airbnb listing isn’t up anymore. There was a picture of one bedroom walk in closet that had quite a few of Donkey’s pink storage bins on the shelves and other items that had to be hers. I have to wonder if she ever got her stuff out of there.

    And Morroccanware, I AM SLAIN. I think Avocado’s face is the funniest. The whole thing is great.You win the Internet today for sure.

  6. That ugly dump sold at auction for over a million, wow. I get that the value is in the land and location, but neither is that fantastic in the case of that house (I could be wrong but don’t think I am).

    Does that review of the Lakeside Assisted Living Facility mean that momser and dadster are Air BNB-ing it? WTF, these people are so weird. Julia didn’t actually fall that far from the tree.

    • I wondered if the new owner was simply paying for the location and had plans to bulldoze that rickety eyesore.

        • I love your screen name! You are LB guest stars Charo, Jimmie Walker, and Andy Warhol combined!

          • good catch- i think Charo was the most famous one of all

            i forgot about jimmie walker

            do not remember andy warhol, but then again, there were so many!

    • Look at the comps on Zillow, AFF. Apparently Novato’s a hot market right now. Absolute teardowns on less land are going for 800K.

  7. Somewhat OT, but I remember Avocado’s father lives in Calabasas, much of which is now up in flames.

      • She really looks like a basic overmedicated suburban housewife

        • Now is no time to sugar coat it or beat around the bush, greg, tell us what you really think. 🙂

          • I have no patience for idiots today. She’s such a stupid helpless asshole. She packed a faux fur jacket and liquid eyeliner but no diapers or pants or toothbrushes, and she descended on her BFF Francesca (who – isn’t this someone she knew only from online and only from wayback?) with those pantless diaperless children, two cats and a dog?

            And she congratulated herself for going to the ER all by herself. I can’t. Suck it up, buttercup.

            Also her fucking enormous veneers are weird and clacky and no one wants to watch five and a half minutes of her being annoying. GROW THE FUCK UP, YOU ARE JUST NOT SPECIAL AT ALL. YOU ARE A SUBURBAN DIVORCEE WITH WHAT SEEMS TO BE A PILL PROBLEM.

      • Well, she has a new revenue stream locked. Another lawsuit for the concussion and stiff neck…..Which she made sure to document.

          • There is speculation she already has one going over an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in surgery and her losing an ovary.

          • Oh, that grift has a bench trial scheduled for this week 11-14

            Kings County Civil Court
            Index Number: CV-711125-17/KI
            Case Type: Civil
            Classification: No Fault
            Filing Date: 03/27/2017
            Disposition Date:
            Calendar Number: P-18-KI-008855
            Jury Demand: No

            and another case with bench trial for 07/02/2019

          • My eyes are watering from the BO just looking at that photo

    • Jason Feifer? Excuse me while I vom in the shower. Of course he was emailing Donk.

      If Alex Williams wrote book reviews for the NYT, he’d be sure to review this crap.

      • Yes that was kind of an embarrassing tell, but maybe he was being nice in describing her emailing him non-stop, since the book (BOOK) idea came from that exchange and it is not a flattering idea

  8. The stuffed bear in the first pic looks like he just gave up. Can’t blame him.

    And why are the Baughers AirBnBing their home? Are they really that short of cash these days?

    • That’s a Google “Local Guide” review. Either someone did it as a joke, or they got the address wrong.

      • Thanks for clearing that up. I guess it was just too good to be true that now they’re following her down the woo path, they’d also take up her habit of renting out a home to strangers

  9. Thank you for the kind words about the video. It is Jib Jab, so not exactly hard to create, though I do think my song choice was great. Also, Derpin’s totally vapid blue steel during the “your lights are on, but you’re not home” lyrics was intentional. Again, not hard to create.

    I only wish there was more space for other exes in the video…redacted on sax, Harold Ford on bass, and the Georgetown law library on pan flute.

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