Got 7k & No Thanksgiving Plans? Say YES! To The Caterwauler & The Paris Truther’s CR Cuddle Puddle


I had plans to cook a lovely Thanksgiving Day dinner for my family, but isn’t it about time I do something for ME? Journaling while in Costa Rica sounds absolutely wonderful. As for that 7k (airfare not included), who cares about my daughter’s tuition for next semester! She can fund her own education, by selling cacao and dreamcatchers door to door.

I’m guessing Donkey & Dr. David Berkowitz will be stopping in. The masculine always pays and surely the Son of Sam owes his epic beloved another vacation from vacation-itis. No way I’m missing out on seeing the newest woosome twosome in CR!

Why do I always have an incredible urge to punch Elijah Ray in the face?

Bottom Picture: Recognize this former RBD superstar turned Mr. Gay Southern California? Hint: He’s wearing Jedi Jewelry.

Bottom Video! Pure poetry from Tim Ferret’s biggest fan. Look for Jennifer Russell (who behaves as though she’s at a tent revival), Sacha Nielsen AKA DJ Deadbeat Dad, and Jess Magic. Rapper Dmitriy Kozlov tagged Donkey, but I couldn’t spot her.

Rhoda’s reaction to Camp Septic’s poetry reading:


      • I was going to ask, “Is that a gay bar” but then I realized all bars named The Eagle are gay bars.

        Well, whatever, good for him.

        • I’m teasing. He is in San Diego but I have no idea what he’s doing, other than becoming a huge cheerleader for cryptocurrency.

          • Funny how these things are international. I remember a friend of a friend went for a very similar hair / face hair style and another friend of a friend commented “I guess he just wants to make sure he always drinks for free at Gaysir” (you probably figure out what kind of a bar “Gaysir” was).

          • “Gaysir” is magic.

            When I was a teen, my gay friends patronized an establishment called “The Malebox”.

        • oh it was a joke. I am obscurely relieved. It just seemed so radically off I got a case of existential dread.

          • I think poor Fozzie is still recovering from being dragged into that threeway with Colby Collins, not to mention that weekend with Pamela Madsen and her … oh never mind!

    • I used to find him one of the most punchable of the woos— as in, I will literally smash my fist through my computer screen when I see his face— but now I just think of him as a lost soul who “got involved with the wrong crowd.”

      • I still find him creepy, a teenager endlessly identity surfing – sort of like Donk! – and he was truly punchable back in his Skankatron days. Most memorable moment: Fozzie and Ali, both high as the proverbial kite, sitting on the floor of the curtainless master bedroom. DJ Commode has made a few craptastic beats and Skanky is treating his “music” as though he’d just composed Beethoven’s Ninth. You just kept hoping they’d shut off the camera and not post such embarrassing drivel but NOOOO! not our narcissistic nutjobs.

      • The thing that cemented him as an asshole to me was the imperious bullshit he pulled that time at the Mercedes dealership. As if the money for any car like that was actually earned by him.

        • That was a revealing moment! Also, I thought he and Ali were huge assholes for giving that talk on parenting at Camp Septic. He’d just graduated from college and was off talking drugs, “making music,” and doing god knows what else while Ali’s ex-husband, WHO LIVED WITH THEM, was driving the kids to school, etc. Of course, Ali and Fozzie broke up shortly after that Burning Man, during which she blew him off because the young one hesitated to enter the orgy tent.

  1. Rhoda, darling, I hear you.

    MC WC (a/k/a DJ Commode) looks well. But I doubt he is.

    God, what an endless round of shitshow “festivals” the woosters drag themselves to. I’m tired and smelly just looking at them.

  2. is that a receent pic of the fozz?

    last thing i remember him doing was free style rap in CO

    hope is cleaned up and doing well

    • Yep, it’s his FB profile photo, and yes, he’s looking much better than his druggy Skankatron days.

    • HELLO in a Colorado TOILET
      … with his cougar girlfriend’s teenage children groaning with mortification in the background.

  3. it caught me off guard because, at first glance, the ring looks like he smoking a cigar, and a cigar is probably the last thing one would expect to see the residents of wooville put in their mouth

  4. Okay, I know this is self-serving, but look at what I found in one of Jordacted’s posts about her post-pregnancy hair loss, which I can’t even given what many of us have endured here:

    “(Oh wait – I sort of had extensions. Not real ones; clip-in ones that I used to wear when I went to places like bars circa 2009, and that frequently ended up in my purse by the end of the evening, perhaps most notably on the night when Kendrick and I first kissed and he started to run his hands through my hair and I was all Ummmmm ONE SECOND PLEASE, and ran to the bathroom, whereupon I unclipped my fake hair and stuffed it into my bag.)”


      • I am oddly interested in her too.

        There is certain sadness to her online life, and it’s not just the divorce which, as usual, must have been painful for everybody involved, children and adults alike.

        She is trying so hard to be liked, as if her life depended on it, probably because it does.

        I know she is making money with the books, and the shills and all that, but I wonder really now much. She has under 100K instagram followers, I have no idea of what the going rate is for ***PAID*** posts at that level, but I am guessing it’s not a fortune.

        • I do wonder if she turns into a Freudian hysteric when not applying makeup and taking selfies. At some level she realizes how banal her existence is and yet seems determined to live the Hollywood dream, even if all facade and/or eventually through her children. Jordo could be the lead in Lynch’s MULHOLLAND DRIVE sequel.

        • I don’t know if she wants to be liked so much as envied, admired, looked up to. She aspires to be aspirational

    • That is weird because Donkey posted something nearly identical (maybe during her Ryan Allis glory days when she was comped some super-fancy glued-in extensions?) It was the original source of handbag stuffed with hair ™. Jordo’s a copier, and to copy from someone like A Donkey sets her even lower in my esteem.

      • Are we sure it wasn’t the other way round? I don’t know anything about who posted what and when, but we all do know that Donk’s definitely a copier too, to terrifying SWF levels.

        Also, let’s just let this sink in: two adult women competing, if only in their audience’s minds, over who came up with a (NOT cute) story about hair extensions.

  5. somewhat OT:

    lately i cannot get this new song by the struts off my mind, and every time i see somebody posting a selfie or fauxto online, i cannot help but sing quietly to myself (full-on english falsetto) “she’s in loooaave with the camera!”, no matter where I am or in what setting.

    • Jesus!

      How about seeing a doctor?

      Oh, yes, the woos are against “Western” medicine, as if people in Japan or Thailand were treated with a different medicine.

    • She’s sillier than donk. But still got smellsberg divorce dough and now flitting about waiting to get preggers from Swiss horsecface lovely on person. She shallow

    • See a podiatrist and wear shoes in public places you asshat. God, she’s so stupid.

    • Were you first to refer to Marson as SoS, Never? I can’t remember, but I thought it so apropos that I began using Dr. David Berkowitz immediately. Sending much thanks and virtual Franzia your way!

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