Everywoo Who’s Anywoo Is In OMG Bali, Momsers Too!

"What's the plan now, Julia? I'd suggest putting a bag over his head, leaning back, and thinking of all the money you and your future children will get when his parents die and you divorce him."

Goodness gracious! Everyone and their mother is heading to, or is in, Donkey’s cheap labor paradise for A-Fest Bali, a sort of upscale HIVE.

Launched in 2010, A-Fest is an event that gathers an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries who are driven by epic ideas to impact the world – entrepreneurs, employees, artists, leaders, innovators, visionaries and more.

The festival takes place in paradise locations around the world. Here you will receive powerful training, profound mind shifts, bio-hacking techniques, deep and lifelong connections, incredible adventures and unique opportunities to multiply your impact and expand your game.

“Is Alex everything on your 73-point checklist? I’ll never understand why our song didn’t become number one with a bullet?”

In addition to Toilet Julia, Bali welcomes …

Will David Berkowitz crash A-fest and put a ring on it?

Bottom Picture! Strippers Mulia Mallison, Baya Voce, Jennifer Russell, and Blonde Goddess(?) wow Camp Septic with their bodacious ta-tas.


  1. Holy merde!

    Ali Shanti shared a live video.
    1 hr ·
    Happy BIRTHday to me and my daughter. 19 years ago, with her birth, I began the process of growing up. Evolution is a beautiful thing. And I could not/would not have grown up without the motivation that my child created inside of me to become a good woman. Heck, back then I didn’t even have any idea what that meant.

    And, inspired by Marc Angelo Coppola’s video on Attention, an announcement and a vulnerable request for your support.


    Whose birthday is it, Skankatron? Never change.

    Thanks to RBDer Fluffer for the alert!

      • That room looks diseased. I cannot even imagine what one would catch just from touching that daybed.

    • I’ve got news for her….it seems she still doesn’t have any idea of what being a good person means. Sorry Skank Child. Happy Birthday, anyway!

      • And, on another note, how in the hell does she look at videos and pics of herself (and I’m sure she does), and think those lashes look good? She’s not the only one as I see a lot of bad variations. I can’t understand the fascination with them. They are truly awful.

      • I left the video on for about three minutes. Batshit insane. She makes her daughter’s birthday entirely about herself. Who the fuck has time to listen to/watch Skankatron’s daily talking cure?

        I fast forwarded and caught her bawling at the halfway mark. In her robe with her tits hanging out and her porn star eyelashes. And she still managed to get a grifter link into the ad copy, er, post.

    • Awww, for awhile my handle was Handbag Is Not A Toilet Baby because of one of Shantitown’s happy-birthday-to-me-becoming-a-mother videos. So little changes in Wooville!

      • Those horrible pictures of herself on the toilet while birthing her son. What lunatic makes such posts public? I’m still trying to forget!

    • Rung! omg, bless.

      deranged the lashes look, deranged. Can’t click as the voice/content causes great irritation

      • I can never make it past three minutes. She’s like her own William Castle movie, complete with gimmick – those eyelashes! THE HOUSE ON BOULDER HILL, see it in Skank-O-Vision!

  2. I would like to formally request that Jess Magic cease and desist from burping up any further woo portmanteaus. Please and thank you.

  3. i always thought momsers was the parent that was expecting more out of judy, but i guess the “Whats the plan now julia” was just a line for the camera’s sake in miss advised

    • Her mother was quite critical of Judy’s antics, and such criticisms date back to New Trier and Georgetown. Momsers even stopped speaking to her burro for six months after visiting this site. However, Robin seems to have turned over a woo leaf, what with attending Donk & Petey’s HIVE shitshow and visiting Judy at least twice in Ubud.

      • I underestimated how gullible the Bogglers would be to the HIVE song and dance. Between that and a boyfriend with a grown-up job, Judy must be in both parents’ good graces for a change.

    • When has Judy ever done a thing and not taken credit for it? I mean, she usually takes credit for things she didn’t even do.

      Williams is a woo-hunter on his own.

  4. Will any of these people vote in the actual upcoming election? What the fuck is freedom culture? Doesn’t she know brevity is the soul of wit?

  5. I am intrigued by the self-improvement / seminar / party-hook up-drug using festival scene. Has anyone ever gone to these things and walked away with a better format to improving their lives? Also, the A fest says invite only, with a Apply button upper right corner of the site. I call bullshit dudes.

    • Donkey swears by BM. Encountering your “true self” when taking drugs out in the desert is life changing, if if doesn’t kill you. It’s what’s called a crucible!

    • If you’re an employee, you can go for bio-hacking techniques! Maybe make a new type of pet. It’s thrilling when you think about it.

  6. Cost to attend is $3900 not including airfare or hotel. I looked at the application and they want five recent media references and a bunch of other qualifying crap which I doubt would qualify A Donkey. So unless she finagled some way to work at this thing (maybe there are washroom attendants or something), I doubt she is going. List of past participants turns up no woos we know except for Avocado.

    • Since she couldn’t even pay back Rain the 4k she owes him, Donk is only going to this magical event if she’s comped or hosting, and I can’t imagine Patricia Arquette on stage with A Donkey.

      Interesting that Jaahass Johnson is attending. Do we have Alex Williams to thank for that invitation?

      • Jahhsss is supposedly emceeing something, according to what she posted. I watched all the previous event videos and they have a ton of entertainment, so Jess is likely just introducing one of the tweedlers or ubiquitous fire spinners. Donkey probably got some other minor role in doing entertainment or physical fitness intros.

        They divide these things each time into presentations, workshops, meals, excursions, and parties. It looks like they’d need a number of support staff to manage each of these sections. The difference between this event and Hive seems to be in the quality of people involved each of these areas. Like you said, Hive is like the ‘lite’ version of this. AFEST claims their attendees go twice a year, which means easily that someone will fork out $20-30k per year for the privilege of rubbing shoulders for eight days total with other rich entrepreneurial people of some sort, so they can claim this as a business expense. Donkey would never qualify to attend or present at this level, so she would be only qualified as support staff. There’s a lot of cultural appropriation wherever they stage this. Most attendees seem to be in their 20s and 30s. One event showed children involved.

        I noticed Pinchbeck as one of the previous presenters, also poly Queen Esther Perel, and Avocado tweedled at the Mexico event which looked more downscale than the other locations.

        Watch the post-videos if you get a chance. I doubt Donkey will be flown around the world as support staff on any of these. She’s lucky this one is in Bali and can lamprey herself on to Jahhsss to get some kind of job there.

  7. I am struck by how many schmattas she has in all these photos. Also for the most part they don’t seem to be the same thing in every color.

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