Julia Allison: A Life Coach To Life Coaches?


Rhoda and I were speculating about Donk’s possible income sources when the lengthy share below popped up on FB. Writer Sterling Griffin is a “mastery coach to entrepreneurs” and CEO at LifeChanger Academy.


Today I got back to Louisiana to be with my Dad.

Back in April of this year, my family found out he has a terminal illness. Without getting into too many details, it was discovered he had late stage pancreatic cancer.

And as it stands now, he only has a short time to live. At most a couple months.

So I’ll be spending almost all my time here for the next few months, at my Dad’s side.

I have so many questions for him, so much I still feel I have to learn, so many lessons I want to carry on from him and bring to his future grandchildren.

The grandchildren who, unfortunately, he’ll never meet.

So each day while I still have him able to, I’m asking him questions about his life, learning from his genius. (Shoutout to the wonderful Julia Allison for help on the questions to ask).

And each day I can, I want to share them with you. Maybe the lessons my Dad passes on to me, you may find meaning in them to.


In asking my Dad about his time in high school, I was curious if he was popular, more nerdy, or a loner (like I was).

I wasn’t surprised to find out my Dad was extremely popular, and even was voted “MOST FRIENDLY” his senior year out of all his class.

I went on to ask him if he dealt with bullies, and his answer surprised me.

He said I was never bullied, and so worked hard to keep others from being bullied.

“When someone was being bullied, I always stepped up for that person, whether I knew them or not. Everyone deserves to have a friend, and so I tried to be a friend to everyone.”

He stopped fights from happening, he spoke up when bullies tried to make fun of others.

My dad, was, and is a protector. Especially of those who can’t help themselves.

I’m asking myself, where in my life can I be a better protector of those I know (and those I don’t).

How can I protect others financially through giving or paying well?

How can I protect others by how I speak well of them and to them, whether or not they ever hear me?

How can I treat everyone I meet with care, love, and presence? Whether they are a cashier at Chipotle, a Lyft driver, or anyone anywhere?

The lesson for today is: Protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Thanks for being that protector for me my whole life Dad, and thanks for being a protector of others.

I love you Dad

Oh dear, this is something of a quagmire. Having lost a parent to cancer, I found Griffin’s words quite moving, but is sharing such a post with 2 billion Facebookers an act of bravery, of “transparency”? Griffin is friends with the usual suspects, e.g., Ali Shanti, and has papered the internet with testimonials for his coaching business and humblebrags re: his alleged income.


But the headliner at this blog is Julia Allison and we’re more interested in where she fits in here. Grief counselor to self-proclaimed web millionaires? Is she turning into a self-help guru for the tech exec and entrepreneurial-type folks she knows? A life coach of sorts, as well as facilitating connections among various marks? Her name has cropped up on lots of random little posts this past year that are similar to Griffin’s.

It’s all just speculation. We have it on good authority that the only gig Rainbow had when with Rain was HIVE, so Her Laziness would had to have been pressing nose to grindstone during the past year and that’s out of character.


  1. rhetorical, but how can she jump-start other peoples’ happiness, when she can’t even jump-start her own?

  2. I find this confusing. How does one ‘coach’ without having first had some success in life? And what kind of fool hires a life coach who is one Google search away from being exposed as desperately unsuccessful?

  3. When has Donkey ever asked a dying person questions? She missed doing that for NGMB save a tacky and inappropriate photo of their hands.

    I wonder if she is recycling the profound questions she asked at NYFashion Week?
    Do you like pink?
    What do you think of tiaras?
    What was your inspiration?

    If I was on my deathbed the very last thing I’d want is A Donkey asking me her stupid forced idea of meaningful questions.

    • I, too, wondered about Donk’s qualifications here, seeing as both of her parents are still with us and she seemed more interested in posting fauxtos of her dying grandmother’s hands than conversing with the woman.

  4. JFAing to say that this paragraph of word salad might provide a clue why this guy thinks Donkey is worth listening to. He is so full of shit.

    “So here’s what happens next. I hear about this business coach who sounds right for me. But to afford him, I have to put ALL my money in, and borrow from my dad, and use the final payment from the final solar sale I ever. Put it all into this biz coach. And in the next month, working him, I went to $4000, enough to pay rent but not enough to pay for a 2nd month of coaching. So choice point.”

    • Wow, Sterling Griffin looks exactly like I expected him to look from his post. Dollar-store Lewish Howes.

      • A bro Shantitown:

        THE NEXT MONTH I MADE $12,000!
        After that, $16,000, then $19000. You get the picture. 6 figures cash in my first 9 months since I started. Then people started asking me, how did you do this?! “No, I’m not telling you shit! These are my secrets! No one else is going to know about them but me.

        • This is all formulaic boilerplate, it’s a marketing ploy they teach these phony wannabe online coaches to do in those grifter ‘mastermind’ courses. Even the spiel about him going into debt to take the expensive mastermind coaching course, I’ve read this before too. In fact I think it might have been Shantitown who said something like this a few years ago when she was in an early phase of reinventing herself, that she was investing some huge amount of money to take a mastermind course. IIRC it was around 100k.

          To keep the coaching scam going requires relentless hustling, which this guy seems to understand, but that Donkey was too lazy to do. Typical Donkey, she shows up and thinks that’s all she has to do.

        • Shantitown’s FB posts now are nearly all such cons. Over & over & over again. I’m amazed anyone comments, but I suppose those who do are running their own grifts and owe SK3B a favor.

          The old raunch’s latest post:

          Ali Shanti is with Theodore Tehrani and 5 others.
          21 hrs ·
          If you are ready to go from having a business with a team that’s dependent on you and often squabbling to building a company that has a culture that you want to keep showing up for, read on …

          For TEN years, I was stuck at $1.5M in revenue. I know, I know, a good place to be stuck. But stuck is stuck is stuck.

          And the problem with being stuck at $1.5M is that even though I had a team, I was managing all the details of my business, leaving me with not enough time to pursue the additional things I want to do in my life. (Mostly, more businesses, and books, and podcasts, and, yes, fun and relationships too.)

          You know how it is.

          Well, two years ago, one of my key team members practically forced me to do something.

          It was either implement the EOS system from Traction (which it turns out we were not really ready for) or hire Raj Sundra and implement his 90-day Transformance game system into the business.

          I was SUPER resistant to doing the 90-day game, but said yes anyway because I KNEW we needed to do something.

          It’s now two years later, and in this last year, we hit the Inc. 5000, increased revenue to $3M, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, my team just held their first leadership team retreat without me there for the whole time AND we hired an incredible COO, with 180 candidates to choose from and 4 who I would have been over the moon to work with.

          Each of the COOs we interviewed said we have the best company culture they have ever seen.

          And, I attribute this almost entirely to Raj and his Transformance game system.

          I did not know how to create a company culture that I wanted to be part of, but Raj does. And, with his support, we did it.

          Now, I have time for podcasts (the Ultimate Attorney podcast just launched and the Ali Shanti Show is in the birth canal), books (I’ve got two in the works), and a relaunch of my Eyes Wide Open work into the world, which I had to put on hold 3 years ago because I couldn’t handle two companies.

          Raj let me know that he has ONE spot available to help a business owner/team go from business to company with a culture that is second to none.

          Message me if you’d love an intro. :heart:

  5. This wizard’s site has a testimonial from Lewis Howes (of Miss Advised and other cosmic achievements) and that could be the tie to Donkey.

  6. First of all, if I needed someone to help me think of questions to ask my loved ones, I would consider myself a failure. Secondly, if that person I had to ask was Julia Allison, whelp, I have really hit rock bottom.

    When my mother was dying we just talked. It was a conversation, not a list of questions. It was not her job to impart wisdom. At one point we spent quite a lot of time with her showing me her new kindle.

    • Same Morrocan, about when my mother was dying.

      But you know what else? We just talked and spent time with each other. My sisters are still surprised sometimes about the things that I know about mum and dad’s lives before they were married and having kids together. I just say ‘It’s because I talked to them you dumbos.’

      It could also be that I was the last of five kids and they were in the trenches together with my older sisters. And I tell ya, some of them were real arseholes lol.

      But for my whole life I will say that one of the best days I spent with mum was the day she died. She was there to hold me when I was born and I was there to hold and comfort her when she died. It was an amazing experience.

    • Yes, I didn’t need to ask anyone what sort of questions or conversations I should be having with my father when he was dying of colon cancer, this huge hulk of a man reduced to concentration camp hollowness. I simply dove in, talked about shared memories, asked him about his childhood, successes, regrets – all while trying to ensure he was as comfortable as possible. I was there every day for weeks and didn’t have time to crowdsource my behavior.

  7. I’ve been a mother for more than three decades, and am now also a grandmother. Because I started so young (like a farm animal) I’ve never had an adult day I wasn’t mothering someone. My children are my tribe and my favorite people on earth, and for the love of god I hope when I’m dying of a horribly painful disease they won’t expect me to MOTHER THEM THEN, TOO. Ffs, dude, could your father’s death not be about him?!? Buncha self-centered, narcissistic yahoos, Christ.

    • I have compassion for anyone attempting to navigate a parent’s terminal illness, so I was moved by Griffin’s post. However, he’s posting about his father’s illness on a very regular basis and I’m conflicted as to whether this is in the interest of “transparency” or an attempt to monetize tragedy. Just a quick glance at Griffin’s webpage made me distrustful.

  8. I’m confused. Is that top thing a real JABba ad spotted in the wild? Or a mockup?

    I am sorry for Mr. Griffin’s loss, but clearly his capslock was deranged by grief.

    Also, Judy as a life coach is risible. “Have your parents bail you out” is not actually an option for most people, Donks.

    • I believe the ad is a mock up done around the time of the coobie fiasco. The image popped up when I googled Julia Allison Life Coach! I’d have to search the archives for more info, but Winchester might have created the image.

      Yes, Life Coach Donkey is offensive on several levels, but she does seem to be working some sort of grifter counseling service behind the scenes.

      • I remember she was offering several free coaching sessions and one catlady was thinking of taking her up on it for fun. I believe this was a ploy to show chad McNally that she wasn’t just a lazy layabout. I think it was around the reimagine factory timetable, if not before. Definitely after her eviction from her SF apartment for illegal subletting.

      • To clarify: I did not create the image. It popped up somewhere when she did one of those native advertising type pieces. I know it’s on my website but I’m honestly too lazy to look it up right now. If memory serves, I think it was a mock up (like her book cover) of a future *business*, that like book, never came to fruition.

          • I’m dreadfully embarrassed, so must speak of myself in the third person: Gilly’s research skills suck!

            I wonder how long she was running this ad and if she got any business at all. I’m guessing very little. A catlady who should have known better sent her an email at xojulia expressing interest in using Donkey’s services and never heard back. I told the RBDer not to poke the beast, but this was after the fact.

  9. Julia as a “life coach” is like getting Ozzy Osbourne to be your sobriety & abstinence coach

  10. “Do you have rich, indulgent parents? It’s good to have rich, indulgent parents. OK, I think our hour is up!”

  11. Did you guys see her new relationship post?

    Julia Allison updated her profile picture.
    1 hr ·
    So, it turns out … I fell in love.

    • This must just have gone up. A UCSF prof? What in the Sam Hill?!

      Thanks for the alert.

  12. I made that graphic as a joke a couple of years ago. Glad it got some use. I’m not a big fan of Judy; I just don’t like you cunts in the basement.

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