An Important Message From Morrocanwear; Site Update

Actual photo of deceased Lilly as she approaches the rainbow bridge.

Our dear Morrocanwear would like to remind RBDers:

Lily is dead. She has been dead for several years. That is why we don’t see pictures of her. Stop asking about Lily.

Site update: Everything appears to be working extremely well. Any spam problem is now far behind us. We should be adding some plugins over the weekend.

New post up tomorrow!


  1. I haven’t asked where Lilly is, ever, I don’t think. That said, I also don’t remember anyone ever confirming death. I could have surmised it, I suppose, but I don’t think we ever heard about it officially until now.

    Lilly is probably up there gently suggesting to the Powers That Be that they change the name of the Rainbow Bridge to something less triggering for her.

  2. But where is the 7 paragraph ode to Lily’s life which is really all about ME ME ME ME ME???

    I’m not sure if I’m impressed that she didn’t make that yet another public attention grab or concerned that her lack of doing so is because she somehow did something reprehensible to cause the end.

    Are you sure Lily is dead or are you speculating?

    • Now don’t. Lilly is dead. If the dog were alive, she’d be at least 18 years old, probably closer to 20. Also, Lilly was on her last legs around three-four years ago when she suddenly disappeared from Donk’s feed.

    • It is pretty apparent that Donkey dumped Lily at the Wilmette assisted living facility, and let her parents usher that poor dog into the great beyond when it was her time. Donkeynis a coward and a horrible pet owner. My speculation is that she didn’t announce Lily’s death because of the almost certain backlash she would have gotten here and possibly from some of her other acquaintances.

      Pets are not props. That poor dog. It is times like these I want to believe in reincarnation and hope Lily comes back as a creature who has a much happier life.

      • I agree that Donk very purposefully didn’t mention Lilly’s passing on social media. She’d been a lousy pet owner for years, leaving that poor creature with various caregivers while she traipsed around the country, and one could easily imagine Cancer-Free Dan calling her out.

        Lilly is actually Lily? I never remember!

        • Two Ls, most of the time. Donkeys are never consistent.

          I wonder if Lil(l)y’s brother Langdon is still with us? Likely not, because it’s not the most long-lived dog breed.

          Sweet doggie, she deserved better.

    • There’s no way Donk could spin all her pointless travel and self-indulgence into a story of holding her Beloved Dog’s paw through her end of life. What’s she going to say? “And then my parents texted that Lilly had died, after they’d spent 8 months and thousands of dollars caring for her… I had a sacred healing massage in her honor, and was sobbing so hard I could barely enjoy the 3-day music festival I attended”?

  3. I think Noodles & Co. got married. Well, she posted something about “vows” on IG and then deleted.

  4. The sad thing is that Julie let that other Julia in L.A. be Lilly’s caretaker for the last year or two of her life. Once Lilly slowed down and became “work” Julie couldn’t be bothered anymore. The woman is a soulless monster.

    • That other Julia seemed to love Lil(l)y, too. She (Lil(l)y,
      I mean, but it was true of Other Julia as well) always looked well-groomed and cheerful in pictures.

      Compare with the photos of Lil(l)y from the Novato Love Shack, where she always looked like a dingy wet mop.

  5. My own grumpy shih tzu is about a year younger than Lilly, and she’s still going strongish! She’s stone cold deaf, the farts are toxic waste, she walks into the occasional door frame, but she can still jump on and off of the sofa! ALL THE EVIDENCE WILL NOT ROB ME OF THE HOPE THAT SOME DOGGIES ARE IMMORTAL!

    • But your dog has a reason to live; Lillydog was all, “They promised me things would be more fun over the Rainbow (eeeew, ouch, that name!) Bridge.”

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