Updated (Important): Ineffable Rainy Is Writing BOOK About Why People Hurt People

A 12-year-old donkey searches for her inner adult on the playa. You won't find it there, Bamboo Burro!

Poor Chad McNally! Those two years spent on-again, off-again with a donkey must have been traumatic. Expecting the masculine to pay for everything, gloating about having briefly dated “a senator’s son,” monitoring his every move – no wonder the poor guy dumped the burro for good when he caught her using purloined passwords to riffle through his emails and FB messages. Sound familiar?

As everyone well knows, even after Rainy dumped Donk’s raft ass, the terror went on. Texting and phoning several times a day, then posting and emailing one and all about a “New Year’s Eve breakdown,” in which Donk despaired over losing the beautiful and loving home they once shared.

What’s an aging DJ to do with all this unwanted attention? Journal his thoughts, of course, and turn that trauma into a BOOK. Yoo hoo, St. Martin’s!

While Rain & Rainbow may now be friends on FB – it’s easier than saying no, because she’ll never stop hounding – his in-progress “novella” is clearly much-needed therapy.

Any suggestions for a title?


  1. I hope his novella has character names as hard to decipher as Mark Judge’s book, Bart OKavanaugh anyone?

  2. Monsters of narcissism, the both of them. I’m sure Chad’s book will be insightful as fuck.

  3. Rain the Donkeyphucker intellectual acumen’s is comparable to Jullia Allison’s.

    I can’t wait to read his thoughts on love, life and relationships in print form.

        • Didn’t he also post this huge laundry list of every woo therapy he’d ever gone through right when he was moving out the last time? There was something about chair therapy, if I remember. He was also big into hallucinogens. Just another narcissist thinking he’s figured it all out, yet continues to hurt and use the women in his life.

          • Yes, and the list was INSANE. Filled with every self-abuse book and crackpot seminar he’d attended in the last year. One book was seriously titled something along the lines of Loving Yourself More, Vol. 2. Who has the time for such endless navel gazing?

          • If I weren’t a pacifist, I’d be happy to give him some chair therapy. Right upside the head.

            Maybe that’s the reason for the ubiquitous hoods?

  4. Just another comment about the new site software…the search function is AMAZEBALLS. it no longer restricts searches to headlines, but includes article copy as well.

    I searched for ‘chair therapy’ to try to find Rain’s post about all the woo healing he had gone through, and it called up the appropriate article, even though the exact therapy he used was called ‘transformational chairwork.’

    It really is a great improvement over the old site.

    • It is a vast improvement, but we’ve lost some helpful moderator functions. Hopefully we can get a few of them back when tweaking.

  5. Why can’t she dress up without constantly showing off her tree trunks? She looks like John Cena in a wig and rah rah skirt.

  6. That picture of Rain is hilarious. Can you imagine actually posing for a picture like that? How would you even ask a friend/acquaintance to take such a picture? ‘I really need a close-up picture of me looking intense and dramatic and just a little SEXY from under my hood while my battered silver rings frame my face.’

    • Also wanted to echo my compliments and thanks to Gilly and GSOB and the engineer for all the hard work on the new site! It looks fantastic and I’m so pleased that everything is staying in one place (as awesome as some of the new site name suggestions were). Thank you all so much!

    • I’d say 99% of promotional photos make me howl with laughter inside for this exact reason. “I want it to look like I’m in a Bergman film, you know? How to do that, though . . . I’ve never seen any. I’ve got my snood and my big rings, so give me a second and then ask me about my suffering and my chair therapy.”

      • The Passion of Rain? Rain & Alexander? Autumn Rain? Smiles of a Summer Rain? The Virgin Rain? Rain & Whispers? Scenes from a Rain? Hour of the Rain? Through a Rain Darkly? Wild Rain? The Seventh Rain?

        Oh, who am I kidding? Chad McNally has never seen a Bergman film. He’s a cultural wasteland, like the rest of the woos.

      • I also love promotional photos. I love the black and white moody ones, where the singer-songwriter is kneeling and looking pensive next to the railroad tracks. I love the barely recognizable former lead singer from an 80’s rock group on his solo tour, who is standing in front of so much smoke that he looks like maybe a magician. I love when someone like Peyton Oswald is giving his best Blue Steel to the camera, like a sexy guy. Rain and his stupid hoods are right up there with the best for me.

        • Here’s a thing I also love: when actors on a red carpet are doing perfect sexy face or intense stare or whatever, but the camera angle or the flash lights up TOO MUCH and what we see is a woman deliberately making the most embarrassing face possible, and it is the most embarrassing because it’s sincere. I’m always like, “Whoops! Caught ya, Lea Michele.”

          • Somewhere there’s a fauxto of A Donkey’s contortions accidentally reflected in a mirror, and it’s brilliant.

  7. Chad’s new FB fauxto. Can you say photoshop? Judy liked it because they’re still in each other’s lives as friends.


  8. I do kinda feel bad for the poor bastard. He’s probably suffering from PTSD after having spent time with that fucking loon. It’ll probably take him years to recover and be the hood wearing DJ (mp3 player) he used to be..

  9. How often do we think he washes those beanies? I cannot imagine how ashamed of his baldness he has to be to keep wearing them in the gregdamn desert. Dude, NO ONE CARES.

    • This. I’m certain Corey Stoll and Vin Diesel don’t have a problem getting a date, and Chad is actually the best looking guy that Julia has dated in eons.

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