The World Anxiously Awaits Julia Allison’s OMG! “Amazing” Recording About Healthy Relationships; Site Update


MTV Superstar Baya Voce, Donk’s partner-in-presentation-slime at Camp Septic, is banging Tim Ferrit. Wonder if he makes her walk 30 paces behind him when they check into a hotel.

Dmitriy Kozlov, Chief Expression Officer at Influex and the filling in the above Baya/Tim sandwich, weighs in on the messiah:

Ten years ago, this man’s writing was the greatest catalyst for my FREEDOM.

It was the one book that was on my nightstand for over a year. I read it cover to cover + audio probably 10 – 15 times. I studied the principles and applied what I could even when I was completely broke.

I was committed to graduating college without having to go “get a job” – and thanks to this book, my dreams came true, as I started my first real, profitable company Purpose Inspired Marketing in my senior year, and graduated college supporting myself financially through my profits.

I even had on my ultimate life list to “have a glass of wine with the author” and thank him for the impact he’s had in my life.

A year after graduation, I got to cross that off the list, as I met him at a meetup upstairs in a Cambridge Restaurant (thanks Jason McGarva and Yanik Silver for helping to make that happen).

The book was 4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss (thanks Bobby Morse and Gregory Goodman for introducing me to his work).

When I saw Tim in Camp Mystic at Burning Man, I was quite nervous to approach him and invite him to my wedding. It was the first time in awhile that I’d felt such insecurity approaching a long-time hero.

In true playa magic, he and his partner Baya not only attended our wedding, but were in our wedding party! After I MC’d a panel on relationships that Baya was in along with my friends Jennifer Russell and Julia Allison (which was amazing, I hope the recording is out soon to share), Mariana asked Baya about the “Third Pole” (primary purpose) in their relationship, which turned out to be Exploration and Adventure.

Exploration and Adventure is a core value that Mariana has been calling into our marriage, and she invited them to stand as pillars for that value in our union (we had several epic couples as our “groomsmen and bridesmaids” holding up core values for our marriage).

And who better to embody it than Tim and Baya?

They said yes!

Even before our ceremony, their YES inspired a new vow for us, Mariana’s words: “I vow to hold the pillar of play, adventure & exploration, such that our lives are rich with experience and adventure.”

In their words of wisdom for us at our ceremony, I remember Tim sharing the unique perspective with us about exploration and adventure in our love…

To paraphrase, he shared: Find adventure in the ‘mundane’ … in creating our lives, our rituals, our daily co-creation together. Feel the depth of exploration in going through the challenging times together, in the evolution and growth of our darkest moments together. This perspective will be the glue for the ever-evolving rollercoaster of our love.

(I’ll share the full wedding video soon with their advice for us along with the other couples).

Later that evening, Tim and Baya sat with us sharing more guidance for our growth journey together.

My present self was learning so much, and my younger, boy-ish self was internally marveling at the experience of one of my biggest “out of reach” heroes sitting intimately with us sharing wisdom from his heart and mind, as a friend on the journey of love.

I got to FULLY thank Tim later for all the impact he’s had in my life through his writing, and now through his presence, and we shared several meaningful hugs.

This was just one magical moment of our Burning Man Wedding.

Goodness, Dima sounds more taken with Tim’s pillar than he does with Mariana, “Conscious Living Executive Coach,” AKA Grifter, but whatever.

There’s nothing more magical than a Burning Man wedding, eh, Donkey? Looking forward to hearing of the intellectual acumen you’ve collected after years of getting dumped again and again. Is your recording coming out on St. Martin’s Audiobooks?

Bottom Picture: Once more, with feeling. September 16, 2018. Our burro had just gotten out of the opera, Pagliacci, where she presumably sang the lead.


  1. Opera? I suppose you can lead a Donkey to culture…Still no excuse for that get-up on a sunny Sunday September afternoon.

    • The woos don’t seem opera friendly. It’s doubtful many of them could even afford to attend, which makes me wonder if Donk is banging a conservative wallet. (The masculine always pays.)

  2. “Is your recording coming out on St. Martin’s Audiobooks?”

    Haaaahaaa. That was good. Also, that outfit. She’s giving me Donkey at Fashion Week 2012. And it’s even more sad now.

  3. Said with gentleness and understanding: I say forget the archives and move forward. That’s my own personal perspective at the moment, after moving cross state and having to purge many belongings… then having to go back and help my kids pack up and donate and throw away their dad’s possessions after his untimely passing. There is/will be enough material now/forever more to keep everyone reading and conversing and engaged and entertained … Then again, what do I know? I haven’t been involved in all this as long as many of you. But I hate to see you stressing or going over board. Because I’m all-to-familiar with that syndrome. God help us perfectionists!

    • I have to disagree, with softness.

      Part of the reason Donkey keeps getting away with her shit is that people don’t remember and she lies her raft ass off about her past. Few hold her accountable

    • Believe me, I hear you, but I’d hate to toss out the Miss Advised coverage and the McCain era. If this gets just too hairy, one possibility is to keep this site going and start a new site for all posts going forward.

      I need an Extra Strength Tylenol!

      • i like that option! keep this site as a historical record and start a new one for all posts

        all the franzia in the world for you, ive been feeling pretty negatively lately (…always?) and started fretting that this site is going under and ill miss it loads. thanks for everything you guys are doing behind the scenes.

        • Not to worry! The entire blog contents, up to the post about the two tipsters encountering Donk in the wild, are saved in two places.

          If we stopped posts and comments here, I might be able to tinker with this site and get it a little less rickety if readers wanted to pursue archives or I wanted to link to something in here from the new site. Hmmmmm …

      • I don’t think anything has to be tossed out. We can leave this site as is with all its posting bugs, and open the new theme under a different URL. The old site would still be searchable, and it would still be kind of slow, but you could make it so no new posts are made there. I think this is a reasonable option if, like we’re finding, the archive is too unwieldy to migrate.

        • Also there could be a simple and easy redirect from the old url to the new one so no one needs to change how they get here.

          • Not sure if we’d want to redirect or just leave up a final post about the new site. As you know, our engineer said there are some corrupted files here, which is not unexpected.

          • A redirect wouldn’t transmit any corruption. It would just mean if you type in the url it would take you to the new site. The old site could be accessed thru a link in the sidebar like we’ve used for things like Baugher, etc., in the past.

  4. OT: I had the TV on when making dinner a few days ago. SLIDING DOORS, which I’d never seen, was unspooling. I was paying little attention … until a woman pointedly said, “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!” Oh, Donkey! You stole this line from a shitty rom-com and couldn’t even get it right when stumbling through a Today interview?

    I assume a film literate catlady mentioned this connection at the time, but I don’t remember reading it.

  5. Ah yes, Tim Ferriss, who’s four-day workweek consists of hiring third-world drones to answer your emails.

    He also talks about how he won a martial arts championship of some sort by learning that if your opponent goes out of bounds, he’s disqualified, so in every match he exploited this rule by getting his opponents disqualified. Not very classy, but hey, it’s in the rules!

    • It’s a wonder he and a donkey don’t get along better.
      They’re both from the “Rules don’t apply to me….unless I can exploit them (and other people)” crowd.

      Regarding migrating the archives or not, I like the suggestion of leaving this site as is and going forward with a new one. Seems like it will be easier for those working behind the scenes, and we still get to keep the Donkey droppings here for posterity and accountability.

      Thanks again to Gilly and Rhoda and the other cat ladies working behind the scenes on this. I don’t post often, but love this place and the commentary.
      Franzia and cat-fur-covered hugs for all!

    • i recall going to ‘wichcraft (sandwich shop) at chelsea piers in nyc and seeing an abandoned copy lying there. future successful person couldn’t be bothered picking it up after they ordered.

  6. My buffers are overflowing.

    I don’t want to brag, but Mr. Quirky and I are kind of an Epic Couple (and have been together for more than 20 years). The advice we would give these children would have been “Don’t take yourselves so goddamned seriously.”

    I have always thought that Donkey aspired to be in relationship with (gag) the Ferrett. He is the Grifter King of her circle of woo grifters. He actually has $$$. I bet she was consumed with envy of Baya Voce (that name!) while they were punditing about relationships.

    • Donkey did seem to pay more attention to Noodley when she was involved with Ferrett. But I am not sure she aspired to swiping him from her. Donkey knew how miserable Ferrett made Nisha. And remember when they were breaking up for the final time (IIRC) how Donkey went public with posts she directed at him about his behavior. And then she went with Nisha to the ballet or opera. I think post-it notes were involved. My memory is fuzzy but this is what the archives are for, I’m sure we could find it.

  7. OT, but it looks like FattyKate got dumped by @jack recently. She stuck around a long time, too. Wonder if that’s why she’s becoming increasingly woo-ey the past year.

  8. Ferrit is so yuck really and Dorsey isn’t pretty on the yes. I hope that young pretty things scams him for all he gots. I am sure she will move on with Another sucker. Love how they called her popcorn maker lol and then intro to the supermodel. Ouch

    • The Ferret is phenomenally unattractive; his lashless reptilian eyes have always given me a case of the skeeves. I probably wouldn’t have noticed them if he seemed to be a good person, but my initial exposure to him was his first (incredibly irritating) book (of which I skimmed a few chapters), followed by its sequels (which I did not read or even skim beyond the cover blurbs.) Supposedly his nutritional advice includes weighing your feces. (Think about THAT; no, don’t.)

      Based on Donkey’s own photo* evidence (image of cheap grey suede thigh-boots sprawlingly discarded in hallway of his SF apt.), they opened kimono to each other on at least one occasion. (Think about THAT; no, don’t.)

      *which is why RBD archives must be preserved; it’s back in there somewhere.

      • Just ick factor something about him plain and simple is creepy. I don’t even want to think about and second preserving RBD archives.

  9. ICYMI- La Balm is never getting a mammogram based on an unsourced article and she posted a 15 min video of the comic stylings of Smellsburg. I would add LOL, but there are no LOLs to be had.

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