Nice try, you busted old burro, but you’re too late.

Congratulations! You just bought yourself 10 more years of RBD.


    • Unfortunately, we literally won’t be able to share details for months but she failed spectacularly. Rhoda, Moraccanwear, Grifty & I have been laughing our asses off!

      Love the Post piece. Maybe the police will arrest Donk during her next fauxtoshoot.

        • And my husband! He broke up with her but let the donkey live rent free in his NYC apartment for a year, as well as drive his car all around East Hampton. That gold digging whore!

      • Did she tell the world about your mental health issues, then tell you to stop being such a victim when you balked at buying her a Mac Air laptop?

        • She also wanted me to buy her a porsche, a place in the Hamptons, and hire an oncall “happy ending” masseur!

          • Happy ending masseurs are much more affordable in Ubud! If you come and stay at her place in Ubud your happy ending costs will go down by eleventy billion baht a month and you only have to pay her a teen-tiny illegal rent to stay with her! Also, you can get your teeth fixed and have some life saving nude equine therapy while you are there. You can’t afford not to go.

  1. What did the devious dastardly Donkey do?

    Were lolyers involved?

    Did she try to impersonate a catlady on email?

    So many questions…..

  2. So what’s the point of this post if you can’t tell us anything? I feel like there have been a whole heap of posts lately where Gilly has said, “Oooo, I have intel but I’ll tell you later!” and then never says anything more.

    It’s great that you and a few others have been laughing your asses off about this Gilly, but you’ve left the rest of us out in the cold. Thanks. Maybe next time, keep the scandal to yourself until such time that it’s safe to reveal. Otherwise you come across as a show off who is creating a division between those in the know and the rest of the community.

    • This post is obviously directed at Julia Allison Baugher – the headline begins “Personal To” – and her daddy, letting them know that the mods and the folks upgrading this blog are well aware of their behind the scenes machinations. That explanation sort of read like Uma Thurman’s line to Sofie Fatale at the end of Kill Bill Vol. 1. I know that you know that I know …

      A new post not directed at A Donkey will be going up tomorrow.

      The people named in the comments have been working on the upgrade, so of course they’re aware of what’s been happening. Also, unlike A Donkey, I have a family and a full-time job and sometimes make a quick comment that I don’t have much time to ponder re: offending someone.

      Re: cryptic posts, yes, I know it’s a bit frustrating but I’ve been sitting on a lot of intel that will be posted after the migration – we have to switch hosts because of space – for two reasons: 1) a reward for folks who anted up dollars for the upgrade, 2) the site is now so rickety that we’re only getting half of our usual traffic and comments, so what would be the purpose of publishing big stories with limited feedback?

      I hope you have a lovely day!

      • “This post is obviously directed at Julia Allison Baugher…”
        Yes, I got that, and that’s my point. Why convey this on a site that’s all about community? You’re holding what is essentially a private conversation on a public site, and it’s a conversation that 99% of us can’t participate in.

        “I don’t have much time to ponder re: offending someone.”
        I’m not sure if other comments have been made, but there’s no offence taken on my part. I’m just puzzled.

        “I’ve been sitting on a lot of intel that will be posted after the migration…”
        That’s all that needed to be said. Makes sense to me.

        “I hope you have a lovely day!”
        Good community-building. Well done!

        • With softness, I hope you would consider giving Gilly a little bit of a break for now. She is just frustrated and blowing off some steam. This migration has turned out to be a lot more complex than we thought in order to keep the integrity of the 10 year archive vs just closing it and starting over, and there have been behind the scenes machinations from *cough* certain people *cough* on more than one occasion to keep us from getting the job done. One of these things happened today, and we were able to foil it, that’s all. Please just let it go, and thanks. Trust me, you don’t want to know how much time and effort have gone into trying to get this done right and we are all more than ready for it to be done. Don’t forget we are all volunteers here, and so it feels bad for us to be criticized when we are putting many hours into this while we have other responsibilities.

          • Amen, Grifty.

            Juliar, though I love the community at RBD and have made some great friends outside the blog, the website is not it’s This site is “all about” microcelebrity and self-proclaimed advanced publicity strategist Julia Allison Baugher and the shady company she keeps. Over 90% of the comments revolve around our burro and her creepy crew.

            As Winchester and I note below, Donkey and her minions deserved to be addressed publicly; I sure as hell wouldn’t send her an email.

          • But we *are* a community Gilly. We self-identify as a community of cat ladies and sad, sort of angry basement dwellers. We talk about so much more than Donkey and her dirtfest co-horts, though that’s what drew us all here in the first place. So I disagree with you there.

            That being said, now that I’m aware that there have been some behind-the-scenes stresses and dramas, and that you’re holding posts until the new site is ready to go, this post makes a bit more sense to me and I’m happy to walk back some of my original statement. Sometimes all that is needed is a bit of context and extra info. Thank you to those who provided that without snark and accusations of infighting.

            I stand by my right to voice an opinion that may not be in line with the mods, though. We’re not always going to agree, and that’s fine. I also stand by my right to change my stance when new info presents itself.

            This is not a flounce. Consider this all said in softness. Have some franzia on me.

          • Oh, thank you! Now I can sleep nights knowing that we’re back in your good graces.

            At this point, I’m guessing you are Rachel the Undeddy or simply have difficulty with reading comprehension. What about “though I love the community at RBD” indicates that I am unaware of a community existing at this site?! For fucks sake, I’ve been here since the beginning. That noted, not everyone who visits this site is active in the comments. As Rhoda told me, and as I discovered when doing our fundraiser, most readers never comment. “Long time lurker, love the site!” They simply read the post, occasionally read comments, and come to the site because they find the subject of this blog – Julia Allison – interesting, silly, outrageous, etc.

            Also, as I noted above, more than 90% of the comments concern Julia Allison and her cohorts. Yes, commenters speak of books, movies, vacations, ask for job advice, etc., but the overwhelming responses discuss the focus of the blog.

          • I feel compelled to point out here that we actually don’t self-identify as cat ladies or sad basement dwellers. We are represented by Miss Allison as both of those and, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, we have adopted those personas.

            I, and the people I have come to know off the board, are all happy, hard-working and social.

            I would also like to say that there is no group running this site. The content is all on Gilly, and has been for years. Every single post.

          • I should note that the indefatigable Rhoda alerts me re: more than half of our content, and she found the story that I’ll be posting later today.

          • actually, it’s surprising that there isn’t a lot more infighting. the majority of us are a well-behaved lot – occasional catfight, but it all works out in the end.

            please give the mods a break – they’re doing the best they can, while holding down regular jobs and feeding their families.

            for the william gibson fans out there, there’s an arc from “pattern recognition” concerning an online forum where cayce steps in between two site regulars that are going at it and gently reminds them that the site they frequent is up and maintained on a voluntary basis; same applies here.

            those of us who are regulars, or have been here from the start and know of ja’s antics irl appreciate the sense of community here, and understand that the rbd mods could have walked away and shut this site down at any point.

            those disagreeing are welcome to flounce and never darken the rbd doorstep again.

          • Thank you for the with softness remark, it’s a really good tone setter that has been developed here. I should have used it myself.

            Also, thanks for letting me know what has been going on behind the scenes, it provides some helpful context.

        • If you’ve every had your website fucked with sometimes it’s just fun to let the fucker know you’re on to them.
          Take solace in the fact that a Donkey being called out directly was likely warranted and caused her to wear a diaper for the remainder of the week.

        • Are you Da Fuck? ’cause your attempts to foment unrest within a generally chill community is very similar.

      • I’m late to the party. Is bit too late to donate? The pattern link in another post doesn’t work. I’m a bit behind admittedly. SSSF!

  3. Hugs, kisses, cheetos and Franzia to you, most wonderful behind-the-scenes bunnies. I’m approaching my ten year donkiversary and looking forward to another ten.

    Thank you now, still, always, and forever!

  4. These photos are just spectacular. Julia thinking she looks great when, in fact, she looks unhinged.

    My heart belongs to bottom picture 4-evah though.

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