Updated: Horrified RBDer Encounters Fashion-Challenged Donkey In The Wild


Rainy, Rainy, go away! Has Donkey’s cauldron of pain finally subsided? According to a loyal San Francisco reader:

I am a long, long, long time follower and have literally never had anything interesting to send in and have never encountered her. BUT I just walked by her! In Hayes Valley at Laguna and Hayes. She was in some reeeeeealy short green dress, terrible faux white fur coat and white heels (blech). She was making out with some guy in front of Meatball Bar. He looked very… normal and boring, had a suit on.

Update: A second tipster sent along the photo below, which was taken on the same day as the first tipster’s fauxto! Was Donk engaging in a streetwalker fauxtoshoot? Both images were snapped on September 16, so our burro’s plans fell through re: Ubud. Couldn’t she sucker enough goddesses into a sublet scam to begin on September 15?


  1. OMG, Meatball Bar is literally two blocks from my house. But I rarely walk down into the commercial stretch on the weekend because it’s teeming with gross Donkey-like bridge-and-tunnelers.

  2. That outfit? With a guy in a suit? I’m sorry, but I read this and see it from a distant photo and I think ESCORT CITY. Mainly because the outfit is so, so tacky and out of place.

  3. Guys…that’s her sunday best.
    You know, for the church of 2nd date blowjobs.

    Also stay the hell out of SF ya evil wench.

  4. This is what happens when you have no friends. You wear white heels and no one is there to tell you not to.

    • All these years, all those “transformational” festivals, all the “enlightenment”, the new woo persona, and she is still wearing the same stripper shoes of her Gawker days.

  5. I find it interesting that she lived in the Marina during her woo transformation but now is hanging out (PAID?) in Hayes Valley with a potentially reasonable man in a suit. Does she live in some bizarro SF or have I just been gone too long?

  6. Was this on Sunday? Has she found a churchy guy so she can now pretend again to be all churchy, just like she did to impress Derpin’s parents?

  7. She is back in Bali I thought on the 15th from this post. Who asks their friends to come stay but they have to pay!
    from her August 22 facebook page.


    If you didn’t make it out to hang with me in paradise last winter, here’s another chance!!

    I’ve rented a gorgeous villa in Ubud from September 15 – February 15th … 3 serene, huge bedrooms with en suite bathrooms & A/C, fast internet, a pool (of course!), and cleaners 6 days a week. It’s both QUIET and in a FANTASTIC location in Ubud – literally a 6 min scooter ride to Yoga Barn! I looked long and hard for this place when I was there last year and let me tell you, it’s epic.

    I will arrange to have you picked up at the airport by the precious Mira Handara, and a scooter delivered to you, etc. It’s so easy to have a beautiful experience in this magical land!

    I’m renting out the entire villa for $129 a night (if I’m not there) or $50 per room for the extra two rooms (if I am).

    Ask me what’s available! Would be wonderful to have friends come and go from this super special and gorgeous temple I’m creating there this winter.

    Love and hugs,

    cc Amanda Robbins, Baya Voce, Brigitte June Huff, Nadia Mufti, Steven Grossman, Jess Magic, Maria Teresa Chavez, Danielle Blum, Ryan Allis, Mia Cara, Rebecca Jean, Rebecca Thieneman, Ariel White, Taryn Southern, Jenna Lee Prince, Katiyana Kittay, Benjamin Tauber, Jennifer Russell, Julia Price, Andrew Hewitt, Myka McLaughlin, Nisha Moodley, Eden Clark, Charlene Jessica Parker, Cailleach De Weingart-Ryan, Tristan Harris

    • nah, she’s rented the place started from sep 15.

      so if she’s not there its $129, but if she’s there its $100?
      Her room is $29, but the others are $50 a pop.

      How much does it cost to rent a place like that for 5 months? Less than $129 a night, I’m assuming.

      • When I grow up I want to be a gong master, like Swami Arun, from Italy.

        It sounds like a totally legit career choice!

    • If the precious Mira Handara is picking me up at the airport AND I get a scooter, hell yes, Donkey, I’m there! (I love that Amanda Robbins is first on her list of potential victims. Go for the big money!)

    • Transbraytion:

      “Bali is an easy, non-threatening place for me to feel special and vaguely New Age. There are a whole bunch of white people who teach yoga and sound healing and sacred breathwork but it still feels exotic! I’m fleeing to Bali once again since I have nothing holding me in the US or anywhere else. Even my woo-iest friends have places to go and things to do, leaving me alone without an audience.

      So I’ve found a random place to crash, on someone’s else’s dime, but I need cash so I’m up to my old sub-sub-letting scam yet again. Since I have no job, no career, no goals, and no responsibilities, I might be here and I might not… but the important thing is, GIVE ME YOUR MONEY.”

      • But if enough goddesses turn sucker, Donk might be able to reimburse Rainy for at least some of the 4k that she owes him.

        The masculine always pays. In more ways than one, eh, Donkey?

          • I thought he was kind of back in communication with her? Like he opened up lines again even after she stalked him and his family/friends. I remember being disappointed that she “won” again by using her creepy tactics. Maybe he is just being nice so he has a chance of getting his $$$ back.

  8. Pardon me if this has been covered before, but who is running Nonsociety.com now? Cuz the blog posts are recent, but seem pretty content farm-y.

    • My guess is that Julia, Dadser or whoever didn’t pay to renew the domain name and GoDaddy sold it.

      Sic transit gloria fuck-you money.

    • Nope, not surprised at all, particularly since poor travelers have commented on Skankatron’s stench as she’s traipsed through airports. Oh wait! You were doing irony! I’ve been covering the woos too long …

  9. A) That man is balding. That is a balding man.

    B) Could this have been a fauxto shoot? Because Donkey’s outfit is a total caricature of sex worker garb, and also what man ever wears a suit in SF? Maybe she was trying to recapture the magic of the Gawker staged lap dance with a hobo?

    C) Why would Donkey pose for a picture like Update for a stranger on the street? I feel like something other than street snapping is happening here.

  10. I was original tipster and I definitely did not send in second photo. Not sure where that came from? It is definitely from the same day though bc that was definitely what she was wearing.

    Also, a funny side note is that as I passed them, a group was walking in front of me and after we passed Donk + man, they were talking about how ridiculous they looked in their outfits.

    This was on sun sept 16. Hayes had an urban air market that day so it was pretty crowded, more so than usual.

    • I think Albie and Never the Bride are onto something in their comments above; it must have been some kind of fauxto shoot. Why else would anyone wear such copious amounts of Ramadallah Ding-Dang bling (statement* necklace + enormous cocktail rings on both hands + bracelet + earrings) to complement a hideous fur chubby, cheesy schmatta and white plastic hooker clompers in the middle of the day (looks to be about 2:30 or 3:00 judging by the light)? Of course, this is Donkey we are talking about, and she has been known to dress this way at Easter morning church services, etc., so who knows?
      *statement being: I am a Donkey, and I have no taste.

      • I’m wondering about a fauxtoshoot, too. Did Donk or one of her minions or a horrified passerby send in the second “Hooker Supreme” fauxto?

        As both images were snapped on September 16, she clearly never made it to Ubud on September 15. Did Amanda Robbins and every other potential sucker take a pass? If our burro is working the boulevard, maybe she can hustle up enough cash to get back to the scooters and the plant medicine and Maria Teresa Chavez.

        • She might be airbnbing the place, and has rented it out to someone who doesn’t realize how delightful sharing a space with her would be, so rented the whole house, and Julia can’t move there until they are gone. It’s a fantasy, but it’s nice to think about her taking advantage of a local landlord in this way, because it really highlights how selfish she is, and that she doesn’t learn from her mistakes.

      • I’m wondering if she’s SWF’ed Myka into mining her contacts and getting Donkey some low-rent modeling jobs. It would fit right in with how she schemed and SWF’ed Caeli regarding dancing on stage and grifting costumes.

        Points to whomever finds Donkey’s official modeling portfolio. I have a feeling it either exists or will soon.

    • Thanks, HayesValley tipster! Your tip is awesome. I’m just wondering where that “gotta pee” posed photo came from now!

      • >gotta pee

        judging by the mess around the base of the telephone pole in the background, somebody beat her to it!

      • Until we got that second fauxto, I guess I hadn’t realized how horrific your encounter with Donkey must have been. Who dresses like that? Especially at 3 in the afternoon, well, other than a hooker?

        • I definitely noticed the outfit before I realized it was her. You sort of expect weird faux fur coats in SF but white stilettos?!

          melting, my dog has def peed on that pole 100000 times.

          Frequent liar, I am on this block so sounds like we are neighbors!

        • I subscribe to the fauxtoshoot theory. Look at the plastic eyelashes!

          Is she planning to relaunch herself as a woo practicioner for tech wallets?

          Look at me! I wear business suits and pretend to be vegan! Aren’t I amazeballs?

          • She will be crossing out the writer at books on her resume, I’m sorry, biography, and replacing it with super-model. Step back Gigi Hadid, there’s someone with Coobie experience in town.

  11. Was ol’ Pettifogger in CA on Sunday? Surreptitiously taking incriminating fauxtos of his La Burra & her married mark? Does this site / sight / cite play right into her grifty hoove$? Let the donkmail begin!

    Strictly hypothetical, of course. Literally. ::winkface emoticon::

    • Absolutely NO ONE outside of a costume party dresses that way, ever.
      ALSO: face in bottom picture???

  12. Hair extensions, cupcakes, ramalamadingdong costume jewelry, white heels fer chrissake, mini skirt, eye pelts, smiling like she’s abashed by her fame and great beauty, her symphony of tacky…is it 2008 again? Where are Pointy and Mare-Mare, where’s the little white dog to shit on the floor?

  13. Her face is melting. It looks all strange. That being said, I saw her riding her bike in NYC when she still lived here and she had a weird Michael Jackson face going on. This is an improvement on that?

  14. That last photo has been heavily fauxtochopped, especially around the upper legs. I suspect this isn’t a donkey in the wild fauxto, but more a planting her own press.

  15. I’m still confused: who the hell is the second tipster? Did Donk leak the photo herself because she’s desperate for attention? Or was this posted friends-only to Facebook and a stealth catlady passed it along?

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