Dazed & Confused Elderly Hippie, In Winnie-The-Pooh Onesie, Found Wandering Venice Boardwalk – Can Anyone I.D. This Woman?



    • I am so glad that they made vegan gluten-free cupcakes and put a ton of food coloring into the frosting (which looks disgusting, by the way).

      I am going to have people call me chocolate ganache from now on so that if anyone wants to make me cupcakes they get it right.

      • That’s still just a big ol’ platter of sugar and starch and food coloring. Refined carbs=refined carbs. They’re not health food. I made and ate a ton of cupcakes when I was vegan.

    • I see Randi’s “Pick Three: You Can Have It All (Just Not Every Day)” in the New Releases section every time I go the library. No one seems to have checked out the slim self-slop volume, which my librarian confirmed was the case. This makes me happy.

    • That’s the period when she was constantly stuffing her face with cupcakes and then denying that she’d packed on poundage

      • Also stuffing her face with candy bars while squatting in an aisle at Whole Foods. Thank God she found plant medicine, AKA drugs, and all that self-destructive behavior ended!

        • I’d bet her insides look like those of an elderly woman, after all the abuses she’s done to herself

  1. Was Homeless Face-puncher on Playa? Donkey’s schnozz in 2nd Winnie the Pooh pic and in cupcakes pic looks awfully swoln up.

    • I zoomed in on the crown to admire the Mickey Mouse ear looking flower poofs, but there is so much more there! The crystals are literally the dumbest things I have seen in months.

      • I hadn’t noticed the crystals, so I enlarged the fauxto. My daughter used to make such crowns when she was six years old and playing fairy princess.

    • She also really really REALLY looks like my hippie grandmother back in her Ken Kesey & The Merry Pranksters days.

      • … except back then, it was actually possible to be a hippie, instead of A Donkey who waited years and years for Burning Man to become established in the mainstream before she ventured there in her luxury RV stocked with pre-fab polyester costumes

    • I hate the whole after-40-you-choose-your-bum-or-your-face thing, but I know some aging orthorectics and it’s not a good look. (The most maddening thing about that particular eating disorder, too, is how the people with real allergies and intolerances would give anything not to have them, and the youtube clean-eaters use those diseases to serve their narcissism and vanity. It’s so shameless.)

  2. Too much frosting will always ruin a good cupcake

    I did not realize the importance of loving myseld until zooming in on sign on side of bus.

  3. Dear Greg, her dentures. I’ve said it before: she looks like a wild animal about to rip someone’s face off… except her teeth are too square and too blunt and too plastic to actually do it. Can she even smile any more, or can she only bare her teeth and leap into the air to mimic joy?

    • And she’s resurrected the black sausage-curled hair extensions from 2010, looking dustier and rattier, but good for her for hanging onto them through all her moves evictions, in case she needed to SWF someone with long, dark hair. #Myka

      • She looks really really bad and strained in all of these pictures. Makes toe-pointing-uncomfortably-straddling-Adirondack-chair-sideways picture seem natural and flattering.

      • That’s the beauty of extensions — you can just pull them out, stuff them in your purse, do your sexy times. Boom. No worries your date will see them. And then you can carry that purse around for years and years: there they still are! Blow the dust off them, strike a pose, and you’re 24 years old again.

        • If you keep them wadded up in a vintage Gucci briefcase (because GUCCI! High fashion!) you’ll look like a serious businesswoman. Then surprise… you’re a girly girl! Boys like long hair! It doesn’t even have to be real!

  4. I would like to note that not one of us has even mentioned the Disney Winnie the Pooh costume, which must have been sweltering in the desert. It is not even cute Pooh Bear from the sweet A. A. Milne books, but the stupid, stupid Disney character costume, that she is running around the effing desert in so she can “spontaneously” pose with a hunny jar. Ugh, as if.

    If an acquaintance of mine did anything so criminally stupid I would be mad texting our mutual friends to laugh and judge, but this is so Judy, that the group of us who are here for the laughter and judgement barely clock it. Amazing!

    • Seriously, her planning and desperation to appear spontaneous is so obvious, it’s embarrassing. And mother of God, what has she done with her face?! It’s so very. Oh, too many to name.

    • I was in Target last night and walked past a display of onesies including that very one she is wearing…sooo triggered, I beelined straight for the cheetos and Franzia.

  5. Watching that old cupcake-eating video from the Non-Society days, I am struck once again by what a hick she was (is). White tennis skirt with pink gingham shirt. In Manhattan. SMDH.

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