HIVE Superstars Petey & Robin Hang With Their New Crew; Site Upgrade Happening


Up next, Petey officiates at Maria Teresa Chavez’s Shakti Uprising Radiance Retreat in OMG! Bali.

Note: The site upgrade is happening. We may have to go offline for a few hours but don’t panic!


  1. Sweet mother of Greg!

    Are we witnessing the woofication of Peter & Robin?

    Pass the pop-f’ing-corn!!

  2. When I was working in the corporate world in my 30s, it never once occurred to me to involve my parents in my work.

    I mean, I get it, he pays all her bills. But still. Grow the fuck up, Donkey.

    • I suspect they’re just thrilled she has the appearance of a job. Or something to talk about with their friends when they discuss their kid’s real accomplishments. That Coobie bra thing had to have been wearing thin.

    • THIS. She’s so weird. I mean, we’ve all known for ages that her only sense of identity comes from how she sees herself reflected in men’s eyes. But the daddy obsession is pathological. We get it– you have no career and your emotional age is about 12. But an almost-40-year-old woman falling back on what her daddy does for a living, in order to seem relevant? Inviting your dad to polyamory parties? Is she trying to shock her dad, impress her friends, or what?

      I have good friends whose parents I’ve never even met. I have co-workers I’ve worked with for years, and I have no idea whether their parents are dead or alive. “What does your dad do for a living?” doesn’t even come up with 99.9% of the adults I meet because it just isn’t pertinent in any way.

  3. So, I guess people can stop hoping for her parents to put a lid on her batshit life? They are never going to cut her off financially

    • I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they joined their pathetic burro at BM this year. Peter Baugher IS the new Timothy Leary?

    • “Hive alums” send to imply they paid to attend. From what I’ve seen and read, Hive seems incredibly woo-ey and intellectually downscale. Isn’t like $5k a person or am I thinking of a different woo scam conference?

      Imagine paying 10k+ for an event like that so you can “support” your destitute daughter.

      • It seems like there’s very little actual content, and a lot of padding (e.g., break into small groups and talk among yourselves; use the hot tub; do yoga on the OMG back deck). But I don’t have a fake career as a Global Thought Leader so what do I know.

        • HIVE seems very low rent. If you’re near Silicon Valley, why not have an actual attorney who’s versed in entrepreneur/startup law speak about “purpose driven” companies (what company isn’t purpose driven?) instead of a Midwestern retiree? It makes me wonder what sort of hold Donkey has over Allis.

          As you note, these clowns seem to spend more time engaging in Zumba-ing and massages than they do in intellectual discussion.

          • My husband has a purpose-driven start-up. His purpose is to earn as much money as possible so that we can pay our bills and send our kids to good schools, while also treating his employees well and refusing to compromise his ethics. However, one of his stated business principles is ‘avoiding assholes and bullshit’ so I guess I’ll never get to see *him* headlining at a Hive retreat.

          • Mr. Handbag works for a purpose-drive non-profit, and the purpose is providing safe housing for the poorest of the poor in our city. He sees conditions that shock him every day, and he tries to fix them. He doesn’t know things like HIVE exist, and if I told him about it we’d both end up so tired.

          • Yes, but do your Masculines wear Superman underpants? Do they wear one-piece flannel infant clothes? Only the most evolved, conscious, embodied Masculines, who are Changing the Planet, do that. AHO!

          • I have a purpose-driven meeting scheduled for tomorrow. The purpose is to drink glasses of alcohol and listen to my friend telling me all about that guy with little social skills and a giant deformed head whom she, against her better judgment, agreed to meet for dinner once again last week.

          • Helena, I want to hear everything about this story, like start at the beginning. Maybe you should email it to me, and feel free to write it while drunk. Address is my first name, dot, last name @ (My real one.) I had a professor in grad school with a gigantic head, and he turned out to be truly awful but quite interesting. He looked like Barney Rubble.

          • Ha, ha, hahahaha! Sadly, the purpose-driven meeting with intention got postponed as the friend’s caught some cold. I’ll update you when I hear more about the giant head, though.

          • Years ago, I dated a guy who looked more than a little like Fred Flintstone. But he had a great sense of humor and was pretty good in bed

          • Next time i am in a long meeting i am going to sat” excuse me while i take a purpose driven trip to the bathroom”

  4. Maybe her brother doesn’t care or is used to it (it being his parents going along with whatever Judy says), but I can’t imagine that his wife doesn’t see this as a totally bonkers development.

    If my sister in law was a batshit woo that was dragging my in laws down with her, I’d be really concerned about leaving my kids with them for any period of time

  5. The most recent information re: the upgrade. We’re now looking at how the upgrade looks on a test site. From our engineer:

    I attempted to clone the live site to a test site then try a load of the new theme to see how much of a change there would be, but the only way to clone was through a manual migration.

    I ended up having to do a complete FTP dump of your site, then uploaded those files to a test server in one of my spaces to create the clone.

    That process took about 2.5 hours. What is left: I have to import the WP database, that is when I find out if I have replicated your site.

    If that is successful, the next step would be to load up the NEW theme and see what we end up with on the test site.

    Do all the above first, then I could provide you with a more thorough estimation on the time required to make the site as you want it.

    The other option is to just go Kamakazi on it and upload the theme to the live site and hope for the best … not always a good choice .

    I suspect when the new theme is installed there may be some significant changes that need to happen to make the new layout appear as desired.

    In a normal situation this is standard, most themes are defaulted out of the box then need to be configured for the desired layout.

    My concern with your site was solely based on the amount/type of content you have and you have a pretty decent amount of content.

    Now it is possible that with default layouts on the blogs and pages, may get you exactly what you want. But I believe that would be the exception.

    • fingers crossed.

      take it slow and steady – load the site in the sandbox and then apply the theme. if it takes more time (and hence $$), let us know.

      • oops. this was reply to gilly, not to our engineer.

        trying to say that rushing it may cause problems later down the line, but i’m sure GSOB and auntie gilly have everything under control.

        • Don’t worry, MM! We’re being cautious and loading to the test site, particularly because the archives are so extensive that just loading the theme onto RBD could cause everything to go Ka-BLOOEY!

    • I’m not sure what I just read. It was interesting, and then it went straight off the rails, did it not?

      • I found it pretty horrifying. He makes some seemingly legitimate points and then starts talking about how Julia Has Turned Away From God. Whatever you think of her, I don’t think of Julia as damned and I don’t think women shouldn’t control their sexuality or put out when they want to. I do, she does. It might be the only thing I ‘d admit we have in common. And if people have a problem with that because MIGHTY YAHWEH, fuck them.

        The PUA article this Solider of Christ thoughtfully links to (although he does describe it as misogynistic) is even more offensive. I have news for men who talk about being Alphas. No actual “Alpha male” I have encountered who I would describe thusly ever even thinks about being an “Alpha”.

        • It’s fascinating how this blog gets repurposed to eyebrow-raising ends. McCain’s post is fairly well-written and I was on board until he referred to Julia as promiscuous. She’s far too insecure, and too calculating, to sleep around indiscriminately. Her goal for several years has been marriage to someone other than herself, and she’s told woo after woo that she wants nothing more than a husband and children. When McCain cherry picked a dumb New Age moment in Mess Despised to make an argument for A Donkey coming back to Jesus, I checked out.

          • It got worse.

            My argument isn’t whether or not Julia is/was promiscuous. She probably wasn’t – she just hinted that she was to make herself sound interesting. But even if she was, what of it? As long as she and her partners are consenting adults and take the basic precautions, I fail to see this as a mark against her or any woman. I know that promiscuity can be a sign of other issues, and women and men who go in for and don;t take those basic precautions are indeed flirting with disaster, but I assume someone best known as The Condom Fairy back when anyone gave a shit would not be in the latter category at least.

          • We’re in agreement here. I’m indifferent as to whether someone might be labeled “promiscuous,” well, unless it is to discredit him or her. But Julia, as you note, pretends to be more sexually active than she actually is. This exhibitionism was part of her shtick back at Georgetown – “I had to explain ‘booty call’ to my silly mom!” – and it continues with the woos, e.g., the spurious bisexuality claim.

        • “I have news for men who talk about being Alphas. No actual “Alpha male” I have encountered who I would describe thusly ever even thinks about being an “Alpha”.”

          This. Not too long ago I kind of half-jokingly implied to one such masculine that he was “an Alpha” and he got half-jokingly, but maybe not even, offended at the notion. “I guess I could be an alpha male shithead….” were his exact words. With softness.

        • The whole alpha male construct is a bunch of bs made up by a$$holes seeking to justify their a$$hole behavior, the “im just fulfilling nature’s destiny” defense

          Your point is well taken, though, and is analagous to techies who call themselves”disruptors”

          Bill gates and steve jobs became disrupters by their actions of blood sweat and tears coming from their garage, not because they attended dirt festivals to earn disrupter street cred points

      • Umm hummm, and yeah she doesn’t suffer from guilt but rather lack of accountability and promiscuity is the least of her problems. As others have said better than myself she seems t0o lazy and self-absorbed to sleep around.
        I read a very specific part for a specific reason because it was *flagged* 😉

        • Yes, the accountability quotes were dead on. I truly didn’t see what was coming until he used the word “cursed,” which I assumed was either snark or would be revealed to be a metaphor for a psychological condition. And then the comments. . . Yahweh almighty. Scary, scary people. At least one brave soul tried to argue that the broken can be redeemed at any time. So gracious of the righteous to allow that might be true! They’ve really got their fingers on the pulse of the infinite and ineffable, don’t they?

          • Sadly, I get excited when I see someone applying the concept IRL until it’s used to make an incorrect point. Then I get confused especially since the quotes were *parsed* from online opposed to asked directly. To me that implies someone is trying to create a *narrative.*

        • That misogynist blog is so creepy, and it sickens me to know that men like this exist. It’s pure Handmaid’s tale stuff. The way they talk about women is like they’re discussing merchandise. There’s no hint that they are talking about human beings, just objects that either fit or don’t fit their warped worldview of the only and ideal way women should be and how men and women should interact. And the tossing in of religion and right wing extremism is just a cherry on this shit cake.

          Donkey’s fault of emulating the sex and dating habits of some popular TV show heroines of her era wasn’t her downfall. It was (and still is) her personality. And if they want to get all analytical, it’s got nothing to do with promiscuity, it is the conflict between how she presents herself as this unencumbered free spirit vs. the unrealistic regressive ideal she’s maintained in her mind as what she actually wants. She wants some guy to idolize her, pay all the bills, squire her around the world, sire her a prop child or two, hire a nanny, and be fine with her not working or having any purpose in life besides getting glittery mani-pedis and posing for photographs to impress others with her oh so perfect family and home.

          So when the unencumbered free spirit reveals herself to be hell-bent to turn any chosen guy into an ATM that worships and keeps her, they run. Sexuality has nothing to do with it.

          • Now that I’m quite, quite old I’m more convinced than ever that the vast majority of problems could be solved by the simple Know Thyself. Know who you are, accept it, put the dark parts through the refining fire, do as little harm as possible — but just be that person. Anything else is suffering and life ruining.

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