Donkey & The Downtrodden White Goddesses Learn Gospel; Site Update


Donkey is in the bleachers, upper left.

I assume our burro will be bringing her new repertoire to the First Congressional Church of Wilmette. What trustafarian wouldn’t?

Site update: We’re connecting with our engineer this weekend and should start the revamp very soon. Though Grifty wanted only half of what she spent on our diagnostic and new theme, I’m returning the full amount. She’s worked her ass off and I honestly couldn’t be doing this without her!

A huge AMPAS thank you to the many commenters and lurkers who have contributed to the new site and our domain license renewal – you’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty! I want to thank you all individually, but Dadsers would would be sending out C&D’s into 2019.

Bottom Picture: Shake it, Judy!


  1. Haha…there is someone there wearing ram horns.

    I feel like I should have more empathy for these people, but they just look so foolish. And it looks so boring. Plus it sounds uncomfortable.

    I get that for Julia this is the only connection she has because no real friends, no job, no meaningful volunteer work, but why, oh why are the rest of them still going there?

    Thanks to Gilly and Grifty for keeping the lights on for us. I find community and connection here so I don’t have to spend a bunch of money to live in aWinnebago in the desert every summer and can travel to interesting places instead.

    • No empathy required for navel-gazing layabouts and con artists paying (or having their parents pay) $1200/mo for pointless massages.

      Thanks for the donation, Morrocanwear!

  2. I have been enjoying your content [for many years now], and would like to [continue to] subscribe to your newsletter.

    PayPal contribution SENT! Love you, and all that you do…

    • Yep, I was planning on devoting a post to the new Reasonable Man, or is he just a Camp Septic hookup?

    • Are those pink rubber gloves the new iteration of the Wilmette Repub housewife yellow rubber gloves? Probably for a different purpose, which I don’t even want to know what could possibly be…

    • I wouldn’t assume Donkey throwing a possessive arm around any dude means anything other than Donkey being Donkey.

      Jason R. has at least one adult daughter so if anything started my guess is it would be SHUT DOWN with all the power of a bereaved twenty-something lady.

  3. At least Donkey isn’t putting herself right smack in the middle of the action as usual. In the past she’d be dancing onstage and grabbing the mic to sing.

    Always amusing to watch a bunch of privileged millennials Columbusing R&B and calling it Gospel.

    • I immediately flashed on Pat Boone singing “Tutti Fruitti.”

      Rhoda was noticing that Donkey never really dances, she just sort of sways, e.g., in the DJ booth with, I believe, Avocado.

  4. Like all of the stupid bullshit JA gets herself into, that looks cheesy and basic AF. Which of course means her white lazy ass loves it.
    I see that Paris Hilton is there too. Can you imagine how much she’d cream her panties if she actually bumped into Wonky McValtrex in Black Rock City or whatever the fuck they call that sandy shithole rave full of mostly white chucklefucks.

    • Yes, we just saw that and went ‘huh!” until noticing the NZ address and your comment. Thank you, Ethel!!

  5. “Now the masculine” I AM DEAD FROM REVULSION

    This is certainly changing the paradigm and absolutely nothing like the frat party scene from Animal House.

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