Donkey Takes Over HIVE & Is Looking R-O-U-G-H

Donkey and Dadsers did their father-daughter act for Ryan Allis’s HIVE shitshow yesterday. Donk, looking like 75 miles of bad road, posed with Danielle Blum, Ryan’s latest piece, and two other attendees.

Julia’s panel followed Dadsers’ meeting of the minds, which included Mariana Grace talking about hypnosis in transformation, whatever the hell that means. Robin would have loved it!

After Rainblow & Petey embarrassed themselves, everybody drank cacao!

I looked over the HIVE Global Leaders Summit webpage again and noted a few changes – our burro stocked the speaker list with family and friends! She sure has Ryan & Danielle wrapped around her little wedding-ring-free finger.

Hive women? I kant.

So, is Dadsers making the journey to Camp Septic? He sure seems supportive of his albatross’ epic massages, pointless retreats, and attempts to ape having an actual job.

Bottom Picture!


    • Nope. His arm is stretched all the way out, perpendicular, and his right hand is next to her shoulder.

      • Hoverhanding his own daughter. Running in office shorts. That Petey is quite something.

        The tryhard of the Donkey in booty shorts and a child’s Princeton t-shirt is fucking dazzling.

  1. That may be the two most ridiculous pairs of running shorts I have ever seen!
    Especially Peter’s — Who, I mean who, runs in dress shorts, complete with belt!!

    • And, as usual, her cameltoe is off the charts.

      Does she think she is being sexy?

      Did she get a shipping container full of XS shorts in exchange for one of her shills?

      We’ll never know…

  2. Well, good for Judy if she is getting PAID or even just getting gigs for her friends out of Allis. Allis is a grifter, so it’s nice to see him getting grifted by Donkerina.

    Please tell me that Cailleach didn’t add an accent aigu to the “de” she already made up, and that that was just a typo by some Hive intern. There’s no accent aigu on “de”, Crone! And why fuck would you call yourself “de Weingart Ryan” in the first place? You have one parent named Weingart and one parent named Ryan. Weingart-Ryan is fine if you have to be double-barrelled. Nobody on Earth but you is named “de Weingart Ryan,” because that’s not how names fucking work.

    • I missed the opportunity to sign myself “Albie von und zu und unter und über Quirky” above.

    • I noted the “de” too. Just what is this woman’s deal? She has practically no carbon footprint and I’ve never really been able to understand what the hell it is she does.

    • Since dé isn’t a particule, she might be a craps player (dé means ‘die’ as in dice) or a seamstress (it also means ‘thimble’), but surely she’s a pretentious twit.

      • I posted elsewhere, but it isn’t French, it’s Irish. It sort-of means “Witch of God”.

      • I have to wonder how pretentious her parents are. Her name is not her fault, but how tough would it be to go by Callie or something similar and keep the legal name for legally necessary reasons?

    • Cailleach Dé isn’t French. It’s Irish. It means “Witch of God”, believe it or not. Though no Irish person would name their child that.

  3. So Donk is wearing fake hair AGAIN? And dyeing the sausage curls black? To copy Myka? Yeah, that’s totally normal and healthy.

    • 1. Profess friendship for the envied woman.
      2. Obtain her confidence.
      3. Find out about problems in her relationship.
      4. Charm her s.o.
      5. Dress like the intended victim.
      6. Pounce.

  4. It’s like she has polterwangs. They appear, cause mayhem and confusion, disappear. I don’t know what to think.

  5. Looks like Jairek inherited his dad’s Marfan’s, I mean totally natural good looks and grill.

  6. 2 things –

    1. face is looking very puffy which leads me to believe she got some fresh fillers before heading to burning man and
    2. as someone who has recently gotten into running the chafing that must have occurred after bottom picture must have been epic!

    • I just think she put on some lbs. since last year, where she was post-breakup skinny.

      The fashion choices of these women are abysmal. Not exactly dressing for thucktheth.

      I was amused to read that Cailleach means ‘old hag’ in Scottish. Look it up, the Wikipedia entry is fascinating.

  7. I love how Petey’s number is significantly lower than Donk’s. She’s always late and lazy with everything.

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