It’s Back To Bali For Mulia Mallison But Not Before HIVE’s Father-Daughter Soft Shoe Shuffle & OMG! Camp Septic

We’re hearing Donk is flitting all over California, sleeping on a couch here, staying in some resort there. All that travel and luxury accommodations must get expensive, eh, Petey? Better off sending her to Bali, where the locals are pleased as punch to provide massages at bargain basement prices.

But before Donk departs for Ubud, she and Dadsers are doing their vaudeville routine at Ryan Allis’s latest shitshow, followed by Burning Man. There’s been some debate in here as to whether our burro attends the smelly drugfest next month, but I’m convinced she’s going. How could Judy miss out on Jess Magic bringing gospel to the oppressed white people who are just letting their freak flag fly? Judy, Kitty Kittay, and Ali Shanti shall overcome!

Bottom Picture: Have any other women experienced racial injustice like the Burning Man goddesses? Swing Low, Sweet Donkey.


  1. It seems that her old friend, the loathsome Timothy “Skid Mark” Sykes, has also been spending time in Ubud, Bali.

    That would be too perfect, wouldn’t it?

  2. Don’t ‘cha just love to see both Julia Allison and her father Peter Baugher advising on the Entrepreneurship track?

    Also, Camp Mystic’s website is woefully/whoa-fully behind (hai, Mare-Mare!). Nothing is listed for 2018.

    Finally, neither Avocado nor I Love You Rain are advertising a BM performance on their tour schedules. It is worrisome.

    • Oh. Em. Gee.

      No playa tweedling from the Tweedling Playa?

      Avocado I understand, because he’s ANARTISTNOTANARTIST now, but this is Rain’s bread and butter!

      • Maybe Peter Baugher sent Rainy a cease-and-desist-from-Camp-Septic warning? That letter would have anyone shaking in their boots.

      • they’re both listed in the music section of the camp septic website, but that does not mean they will be appearing.

        la flim-flam is also scheduled to perform / teach so she must have gotten over her various bodily injuries. poor thing! i hope her shoulder / back / whatever is up to the task.

    • From the 2018 Septic Schedule. “Julia” must be our Donkey. Hopefully someone provide a report….


      Reimagining Transitions

      From breakups to navigating new relationships. Who we become during times of transition can be a rebirth in even the most challenging circumstances.

      Day: Wednesday
      Who: Baya & Julia
      Time: 11am – 12:30pm
      Place: Mystic Theatre

      • So she is going to talk smack about Phuturephiphty at Camp Septic? Good choices, Judy, keep making good choices.

      • Julia “The Stalker” Allison is going to give a talk on relationships and breakups? HOLY FUCKING CHRIST. This nutjob stalked Rain for months, making his life hell, and her breakup with Devin Stetler was like something out of a horror film. I didn’t think it possible to think less of Camp Septic but there you go.

        Baya appears to be Baya Voce – not her legal name – a “relationship coach” who’s obsessed with plastic signage.

        • I literally laugh out loud every time you put–not her legal name– this group of people is just so ridiculous.
          The sheer quantity of breakups does not automatically make one an expert.
          I would die if someone showed receipts (rain email) during her talk.

        • Cindy McCain should do a session on how to De-Donkify your home

          • Cindy McCain’s Girls Scout cookies in the freezer stolen by Mulia in the Place We Shared will be avenged.

        • Would that be Baya “Rainbow” Voce? I mean, I don’t know but, if I don’t see a woo name without rainbow in it, I call bullshit.

        • I don’t remember seeing any real intel on the Modesto Strangler breakup. Can none of it be shared?

          • An impeccable source described the breakup to me as “nuclear.” That’s all I’ve got.

          • I think the images of him appearing to be on death’s door step pretty much tell us so we need to know about how it was going before he escaped that “relationship” by the skin of his teeth.

        • Never heard of “Baya Voce” so I looked up her bio at her site. Here’s how she got her start in the spiritual development field:

          “Once upon a time I was a cast member on MTV’s The Real World.”


  3. “Wintering in Bali” is the new “wintering in Arizona” I guess.
    Dadsers loves to sign those check$$$$$.
    I’m sure he’s not averse to seeing all the pics of Julia’s half-clad goddess friends also.

  4. Fucking Jahhhhhhss, does it really not occur to her that pulling focus on herself in a video showcasing a gospel choir is … not really the message she wants?

    • also it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out why no gospel choir has yet been stupid enough to go to BM.

      • They still may not be heading Camp Septic way to teach gospel standards to the oppressed white asshats of BM. Jaahass needs to raise 33k to pull this stunt off and so far she hasn’t even managed to raise 3k.

        • Goddamn it, autocorrect! I typed “Andromedon” because I meant “Andromedon”! WHAT WHITE SHAKESPEAREAN NONSENSE IS THIS?

  5. So if we’re here to just love, and not judge, was Julie being loving when she sent that rage filled email cursing out Chad’s friends and relatives because of their breakup?

    • My first thought exactly. “You must do whatever engenders the most love, god damn it. With softness.”

    • This comment is directed at a specific someone who no doubt called Julie out on her bullshit.

      The truth hurts, doesn’t it, Donkey?

    • The former JIML is like this. “I’m into peace and love; it’s other people who are raging assholes… I don’t know why you have to be such fucking bitch, Tingo, instead of mellow and easygoing like me… now get off my lawn, you little bastards, before I call the police for the fifth time this month!”

  6. Going back to Bali, Bali, Bali
    I’m going back to Cali, mmm, I don’t think so.

  7. The Baugher-world feels like a parallel universe we’re lucky enough to get the odd glimpse of. It must have its own set of physical laws as well. “Down” clearly is “Up” there and “unemployed with no job prospects whatsoever “ must mean “stellar career,” whereas “vindictive psycho-stalker” must equate to “beloved national treasure “.
    Nothing these people do regarding Julia makes sense otherwise . Nothing! It’s doing my head in. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Carroll.

      • I know, but the longer it continues, the freakier it becomes. And we’ve been watching this sideshow for a long time by now.

    • It is totally bizarre. No money? No problem! No talent? No problem! No personality? Start a cult of personality!

  8. Sorry if this has been shared here before (I hadn’t seen it until today when I had the bad sense of checking her Instagram): Jaahass “rapping” about open relationships. The post previous to this one explains her motivations for this disaster.

    • so she’s feeling “crunchy” so she raps to her lover that she hopes the sex is good with the other one? snorrrrrrrrrrre.

      • the “rapping” (I refuse to let go of the quotation marks in this case) is so bad that I don’t know how nobody told her not to embarrass herself. It’s beyond parody, really.

        • We did discuss Jaahass’s poly “rap” in here and looking briefly at the video again, I’m just embarrassed for her. But maybe Rain wouldn’t have dumped Judy if she’d rapped this ditty for him, accompanied, of course, by the Stonehenge dance.

    • Watch it with the sound off and just enjoy how stupid her face is. Pay special attention to her right eyebrow.

      Why can’t these basic woos just accept that they’re white?

      • She looks like a butt hole and sounds like what would come out of one, a whole lot of nothing but hot bullshit.

    • I have been passing over this video because I did not feel I could handle the cringe yesterday. Today, I thought “What the heck, I can handle some cringe.” I was wrong. I could not handle the cringe.

  9. Related dumb dumb lafraud turned 40. please do not let her procreate with the Abandoning Father one. Might have been an agreement green card for a sample

    • Lordy, lordy, look at the insurance scammer turning …

      She’s hanging with Stacey Morgenstern, Rain’s dream lover? Someone alert Mulia Mallison!

      “An intimate all-women’s birthday party”? The type of sexual free-for-all that Jena had with her lover-in-law, Patricia Ellsberg, and Christina Morassi, walking STD?

      • JFAing myself to cringe over the menfolk joining the women later to genuflect over the divine feminine. Christ, their 19th-century, separate spheres sexual politics are offensive to anyone with at least a two-digit I.Q.

      • Adoration of the divine feminine really means “hey, some of us would like to get laid after this so we’ll tell you whatever you want to hear. You are so divine….and feminine!”

        • But where’s Sacha Nielsen? Doesn’t he want to take advantage of the divine feminine and invite one lucky goddess back to the marriage cot that he and Jena share in a rented house in Wooville? When is Deadbeat Dad planning on showing up in SF?

      • This reminds me of Helen’s story on last night’s “The Affair,” when she went to that woo crap with her woo-twit/slut neighbor

  10. Burning Man seems so old and overly commercialized now. Better off spending the weekend at your state fair.

  11. OT — The latest episode of The Affair on Showtime is clearly a spoof on the woos. Including in the episode is a women’s “Moon circle” run by a leader with a feather headdress. There is talk of “Transformative experience “ and “Holding space”

    • WOOhoo(ey)… Consecutive references to “the affair” WRT the woo’s…

  12. Bottom pic safety tip: (As stated previously)

    Surge protectors taped to stripper poles present an electrical shock hazard that may result in bodily injury

    • christinamorassi You’re here! Me too! Love how you’re following me around. ? Will reach out… And how wonderful about the UN! I know I’m meant to help others with mental turmoil, because I can see between the lines and provide clarity… I’m still trying to make this work for me professionally 🙂

      alexisneely @christinamorassi haha, it seems so!! I’ll message you. ❤️ are you actively engaged in healing your own mental turmoil? If so, keep going and watch for my re-release of the money map work, which could help with your professional integration alignment. ❤️? yes of course, I’ve processed so much, I know my own triggers, where they came from etc. I am deeply interested in the subconscious so I retrained as a clinical hypnotherapist, and I’d like to turn that into a real, stable income. I’ll look out for money map, thanks for the heads up ??? so good. ❤️??❤️

      • I am deeply interested in the subconscious so I retrained as a clinical hypnotherapist


    • Taking the public tour of the UN does not mean you have a private meeting with the US delegation, dummy.

      • And with her turkey feathers no less. Looks like she took pointers on how to document trips for social media from Swainey Todd. “Here I am in the NY subway (as filmed in my shower).” “Here I am at the UN (as filmed in an Uber).” “Here I am at the Eiffel Tower (as filmed with my tree house Erector Set).”

    • I can see it now. She waddles in with her turkey-feathered hair, long skirt, no bra, sashaying across the lobby taking selfies (after ditching into a corner alcove to “film” an installment of her weekly retirement long con seminar Pink Eyes Glued Shut aka To Catch a Fool) and starts pulling out workbooks and flash cards and VHS tapes from her Mary Poppins bag that wreaks of Monistat, Chipotle and regret as she rambles on in a pitch heard only by neighborhood dogs all the while ignoring armed guards trying to advise her that the Occupy encampment is down the street and no packages can be left here as it’s security screening not an inter-office mail cubby. To which she responds by trying to get the guard to sign an NDA on behalf of the UN secretary-general so that “the whole world can receive the gift of freedom from money” and war can be ended and future security council meetings can have a weed/dildo table sponsored by Volvo. By the time the police are called, she’s already begun live-streaming and is being actively encouraged to “use your pussy power” and “stand up to oppression of women” by the likes of that Morassi woman, the mental dental and whatever that rainbowed Penniwise clown is calling himself these days. It all ends on a release on her own recognizance, a protective order to never return to the UN and her latest book topic/six month seminar/jail toilet vaginal steam tie-in on the oppression of white woo women by law enforcement patriarchy/building tour guide cops.

  13. Bottom picture Mulia looks like Jafar from Aladdin.

    • Oh Gregdamn. She’s still using “virtual”, as in “virtual companies”? That’s kind of funny. Sort of admitting, not a REAL company, just a mirage on the Information Superhighway. Oh, but the COO she wants has five years experience but is also a woo desperate for “personal growth work”. I’d love to know the salary, maybe someone should apply for a laugh?

      • I’d do it, but I don’t have five years experience as an integrator. What have I done with my life?

        • do you have five years experience as an interrogator? Female impersonator? Integrated derivative? Impulsive shopper? All words mean basically the same thing in AliLand.

    • So I just joined an artists’ incubator here in town and they are going to teach me about marketing and the business side & take photos & put my paintings up on the internets &c. I’m basically paying $50 a month for a marketing director and resources out the ass.

      I doubt Ali is any further along in her bidniz than I am. She doesn’t need a whole person, she should just look around to her local Small Business Development Center and use their resources.

      Also a HUGE SIDE EYE to anyone who “loves to do their own personal growth work as part of their job.” That sounds like a guaranteed recipe for dysfunction. If Ali’s future ex-employee doesn’t come here I hope s/he shows up on Ask A Manager.

      • “But she put nothing about having to attend mandatory blowjob classes in the job description!”

  14. I like to imagine that in the top pic Julia’s bathing in a waterfall of elephant piss in Bali.

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