Delusional, Scheming Ali Shanti Gets Called Out In Boulder Paper

A Colorado tipster sent us a piece on Skankatron’s involvement in the wootastic Starhouse that appeared in the Boulder County News:

From the StarHouse property on a cloudless morning in June, a visitor could see clearly eastward to the high plains, still a vivid green from the spring rains. To the west loomed the Indian Peaks, graced by the shrinking aprons of last winter’s snow.

But as another summer hits full simmer along the Front Range, the future of a unique Boulder County property is harder to discern, after a scheduled closing on a long-awaited sale came and went in late April without a done deal and left its ultimate destiny still shrouded by questions.

Efforts to find a buyer have been ongoing for about the past seven years.

Occupying land previously owned by the late Gilbert White, revered as a pioneer in floodplain management and natural disaster research, the StarHouse sits on a saddle barely more than 10 minutes west of downtown Boulder but a world away if measured by vibes, not miles.

“It’s certainly unlike any property I’ve been involved in, in residential real estate in Boulder,” said real estate broker Roger Walker of Re/Max Alliance Downtown, the lead listing agent for the three parcels totaling 105 acres that are advertised for sale at $5.2 million.

“I’ve experienced so many different incredible reactions to the property, people brought to tears, people saying they can cure cancer based on the energy and the medicinal plants that grow on the property.”

Enter Skankatron 3000B, always eager to promise what she can’t deliver:

Moving around within the center of the circle that evening in May was Alexis Neely, who also goes by Ali Shanti.

Neely, an attorney, California transplant and the founder of Law Business Mentors, recorded video of the whole presentation on her smartphone, seeming to reflect her deep personal investment over the past year in the Tresemers’ ongoing deliberations.

It was a nonprofit group spearheaded by Neely, One Nation of Life, that had a date at the closing table April 24 to buy StarHouse and two additional associated parcels, one including a two-story 6,300-square-foot residence called Morning Star, another parcel consisting of 35 virgin acres that features a gathering space the Tresemers call “Council Grove.”

Why didn’t the sale go through?

“There were terms of the contract that were not able to be met. That’s the bottom line,” Lila Tresemer said.

Walker, the real estate broker, said, “It had more to do with, the buyers just weren’t able to complete the deal.”

Neely, in the wake of the scuttled sale, composed a long and detailed email that someone, to the dismay of both the Tresemers and Neely, forwarded unsolicited and anonymously to the Daily Camera. Neely said the piece was only a draft that was accidentally sent out before it was completed.

Responding to comments that the One Nation crew did not come through as promised, her email said “It hurts my heart to read those words given what I feel we did accomplish in the last six months.” Her note detailed those efforts, including plans for what leadership might look like under the “stewardship collective” her ownership plans called for, including efforts at mustering the funds to cement the transaction.

Offering further detail on the scuttled closing, she wrote, “Our intentions were good here and we played FULL OUT, but between everything it took to handle all the negotiations for the purchase, the paperwork, the transition of (All Season’s Chalice), the activation of the revenue model, etc., we were only able to give a very small amount of attention to fundraising” most of which she said came from the Boulder community, although there were also interested donors from outside the area.

Boulder resident Steven Dedrick, a board member of All Seasons Chalice, is now the group’s director of operations and would have held the same role under the “stewardship collective” Neely had envisioned.

“This idea of like, ‘The terms weren’t met and so the deal didn’t go through,’ I think there’s something deeper, and I think that it kind of gets into more of a mythic way of looking at things,” Dedrick said.

“There was a valiant effort to raise the money and put together a business model and a narrative that would bring in the funding to meet those objectives. And I think that even moreso, what we’re realizing is the need to slow down a little bit. The goals of One Nation were ambitious, and maybe a little too much, too fast.”

U.S. District Court records show that Neely filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in August 2012 in Colorado, and that the bankruptcy was discharged in 2014, with $4,381 paid to creditors against $337,035 in claims allowed.

“I never saw it as a factor,” Dedrick said of Neely’s bankruptcy, in terms of her subsequent efforts toward a possible StarHouse purchase. “I knew parts of her history, and she is also really successful, right now. That just seemed like part of the rise and fall of her life.”

Neely said the hoped-for stewardship collective that ultimately takes control of the StarHouse property might or might not include her. She doesn’t see her own ultimate role as what’s most important, now.

“I see the purpose of the land itself as a catalyst for helping people to remember who they are, why they are here and what is theirs to do,” she said.

“When people say, ‘Why is she doing this?’ That’s the return I get. It anchors all three of those things into me; regularly and consistently keeps bringing me back to the answer to those questions. I think that is the most important discovery we can make, especially during these very challenging times. That’s the most important thing to know about this land.”

Gosh, if Ali/Alexis is “so successful,” why couldn’t she put this deal together? Surely she has millions on hand?


  1. “Really successful” people rarely use towels as curtains, or record music in their bathrooms. Just saying.

    That Dedrick seems like a delightful person. Thinking mystically about real estate transactions is a new one on me!

    • I’m sure the real estate agents were happy to waste their time with Ali’s non-funded vanity project.
      Don’t they check to see if people are qualified before entertaining delusions?

      • I was wondering if the ethereal owners even bothered to vet the old raunch. All they had to do was google “Ali Shanti.” We’re the first site that pops up!

      • Why didn’t they just pitch this to Allis? This looks exactly like what he was looking for. Maybe there were too many Ali strings attached.

        • The folks linked to the Madhouse seem to be bottom-of-the-barrel woos and I’m guessing Presentation & Perception, aka Smoke & Mirrors, means a lot to the manboy.

  2. I love that they put her bankruptcy in there.

    It’s like they just thought they’d envision it and it would happen. “small amount of time for fundraising” lol.

    • I’m halfway through John Carreyrou’s “Bad Blood” and flashed on Skanktron as a z-list version of Elizabeth Holmes, who thought she could will medical innovation in record time.

          • He indeed might have owed Tim Draper, Jesse’s VC daddy, a favor. Nothing else explains his presence and Musk looks bored shitless as he keeps stuffing his face.

          • Tim Draper is his own Gregdamn rabbit hole, between the “Six Californias” nonsense, his loooove of the Bitcoin, and his continued defense of Elizabeth Holmes to any TV camera that will have him.

          • Albie, I finished the book and had to check out Tim Draper after your comment. MY GOD, WHAT A MONUMENTAL ASSHAT! He’s sitting here defending Holmes in May and she’d be indicted next month. Her chicanery could have killed people and she lied, lied, and then lied again re: technology that didn’t work, which the FDA cited over and over again. Oh, and not once do Draper and his runaway eyebrows mention that she grew up next door.


          • Draper is just another Silicon Valley psychopath.

          • The scene in the book that most resonated with me is the one where George Schultz more or less forces his grandson (a Theranos employee) to write a song for Elizabeth’s 30th (expiration?) birthday and sing it in front of everyone as they were sitting in his living room. Then Kissinger walks in late and they force him to sing it again and Elizabeth just sits there preening like a Queen. (Apparently she also used to dress as Queen Elizabeth at company parties.)

            Shortly thereafter, Schultz’s grandson tries to tip people off to Elizabeth’s lies gets told to fuck off.

          • AFF, shortly after poor Tyler Schulz is forced to sing for Holmes, his grandfather throws him under the bus, siding, like many elderly white men who should have known better, with the sociopath! Some of the coverage of the Schulz family reads like a thriller and I’m eagerly looking forward to Adam McKay’s film version, with Jennifer Lawrence playing Holmes.

  3. “Neely, in the wake of the scuttled sale, composed a long and detailed email…”

    Now there’s a shocker.

    • I love the part, “It was a draft that accidentally got sent somehow!”. Crikes, these people are so fucked in the head. Hey, why don’t we ALL go shopping for lovely properties, fake it all the way up to closing the deal, and then flake out and beg for more time to do fundraising? I mean, waaaht? Oh, these asshats.

      Meanwhile the rent’s t0o damn high for everyone else, getting a loan or mortgage is a complicated and difficult thing for ordinary moderate or low income people to get, this grifter Shanti prances in with promises, and the RE people didn’t see she’s a grifter with bankruptcy barnacles? Unbelievable.

  4. One Nation of Life, not cult sounding at all.
    I suspect there’s far more to this story. Would not be shocked if it was linked everyone’s favorite burning man rapist somehow.

    • JFA’ing to add, after reading the article, there are grifters who already live there off the owners, that’s her next move, right? Ali promised the dude he could stay on when she ‘bought’ the place but it sounded like another person (woman) would be displaced. I could see her working the dude to work the owners to evict the lady so Ali can move in.
      It’s stated or implied several time that the something bigger metaphysical is at play preventing the sale.
      Ali is such a horrid excuse for a human being the engery of the house rejected her.

  5. “It hurts my heart to read those words given what I feel we did accomplish in the last six months.”

    Of course it hurts your heart to hear that. You’re deranged. But at least you accomplished all that stuff like completing standard real estate paperwork and thinking about how you’d activate your revenue model.

    • The LOLyer has said on many occasions that her favorite thing is psychedelics, so of course she’s deranged. She permanently fried her brain years ago.

      • In fairness, limited recreational use of psychedelics doesn’t “fry your brain”.

        Of course, these people probably do handfuls of research chemicals because they hate that real life means actual hard work, and they want wallets to fry their synapses so they can buy into their vagina magic.

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    • Would somebody please tell me WTF a “mastermind” is? Is it like a summit? (What’s a summit, anyway, in wooville?)


      • I don’t know what that is either, but how can someone with zero business experience teach me how to be an important business lady?

        • It’s the woo credo! Declare yourself expert in something that you know little about and certainly never studied in an accredited setting, e.g., the healing cook.

  7. This just in: Ali Shanti uses her newly found love for women to shill her upcoming podcast, The Ali Shanti Show, and to encourage you to frequent her Alexis Neely instagram page. Sure thing, Ali, we’ll start hanging out with Alexis Neely at the Alexis Neely instagram page, an Alexis Neely production.

    Ali Shanti is with Sage Lavine and 5 others.
    16 hrs · Calabasas, CA ·

    It hasn’t always been easy to allow myself to be held by women.

    And, yet, it truly is vital for my personal growth and the full development of my work in the world.

    Without it, I can become one-dimensional, myopic and forget what’s possible.

    Thanks to these women you will see my podcast, The Ali Shanti Show (Anne Stevenson that’s all you!), far sooner than you would have otherwise. And, you’ll see me more on Insta @alexisneely (I’m learning stories thanks to The Betty Rocker!) and I may even have a new business partner for my money work to fill in on the investing your money side of things.

    I was resistant to come here! Why?And what is this group? Check my insta to find out! ❤️❤️❤️

      • “the world i want to live into”


        these people and their weird culty woo-y abuse of the english language. ugh

      • The single most puzzling thing about these people is how they believe feelings = business plan.

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