Oh, The Humanity! Jess Magic Has Been Called To Offer Sexual Healing At A Reduced Price

The Caterwauler, fresh off her NYTimes triumph, is “feeling called” to offer Free Your Voice vocal lessons via FB. The global player notes the connection between sexual trauma and dysfunction with one’s vocal chords and is bravely mediating to heal the pain:

Hey Loves!

After 4 AMAZING years guiding Free Your Voice, I’m feeling some big shifts coming on in how I’m allocating my time.
I’m going to be creating a virtual recorded version that is more affordable and available anytime ❤

I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the most badass women I know, and watch them step into their power & vulnerability, exercise their creativity, claim deeper levels of their purpose, claim the safe space to heal aspects of the wounded feminine, embody their courage & abandon their comfort zone, and take audacious steps towards healing their lineage on behalf of their mothers, grandmothers and beyond.

Before stepping into my path as an artist/ heartist/ “expressionary” ? I spent 8 years running a movement called Jeans 4 Justice that was addressing the root causes (culturally, emotionally, etc) of sexual violence and creating spaces for people (of all genders) who had experienced any level of sexual trauma (hello #MeToo) to heal through 1) the power of being FULLY heard, seen and felt, and 2) having channels for that energy to be released and used as fuel for positive change.

Our voices and our sexuality centers are connected (quite literally by the vagus nerve) and it’s not an accident that so many people who have experienced sexual trauma or any level of sexual disempowerment may notice their throat (expression) center affected. I’m feeling called to merge these worlds.

I don’t often publicize Free Your Voice through my personal page…I keep it pretty low key, but this may be my last Free Your Voice immersion for the rest of the year and definitely my last one in the current structure, and I’m feeling called to offer 2. One focused more on creativity, singing and courageous embodiment, and one that additionally goes a little deeper with opportunities to heal, release, and empower stuck energies related to past sexual experiences.

If you or someone you know and love someone has been looking for an opportunity to leap off the ledge of comfort into a deeper realm of embodied expression, to empower your/ their voice, or to nourish, explore and deepen the connection between your sexuality and your voice, please share this or DM me ❤ ❤ ❤

NOTE: If you have any privacy concerns, please DM me ❤

Lastly I want to thank, recognize and HONOR my epic alumni. You have evolved me, been my teachers, been my muses, held me with SO much love and respect, and helped me refine this process over and over again. I’ve learned SO MUCH from you and I have something STEWING and brewing for you (more details to come!) ❤ ❤ ❤

Julia Allison Adelle Juliet Debbie Lichter Krystle Etri Taryn Southern Taryn Moon Lindsay M Hawley Catherine Hummel Jessica Winterstern Alicia Lynn Diaz Rayma Omara Erinn McMurtrie Chelsea Rose Chelsea Rose Alison Marie Love Maria Teresa Chavez Kendra Marie Hoffman Liz Hart Sarah Grace Christina Koutsimanis Kristina Italic Ting Kelly Sara Davidson Jenna Lee Prince Jennifer Russell Rebecca Thieneman Venetia Pristavec Monica Lucero Yasmine El Baggari Sarena Bahad Julia Grace Palōmi Sheth Matisse Mulliez Erin Claire Nadia Mufti Joy Basu Annie Anton Kristina Block Molly Butler Martha Martin Erika Watson Stephanie Ellis Yahli Rashi Venessa Hall Sylvia Ferrero Dawn Nicole Hoang Elena D Johles Twyla Hayes ❤ (Oh my gosh this list is ridiculous…you ladies are beyond stunningly magical <3)

Love the “privacy concerns” followed by a litany of satisfied customers, including The Caterwauler’s best pupil:


  1. Oh my GREG stop fronting like you launched this amazing nonprofit that publishes annual reports and actually does shit for people. Justice 4 Jeans was a couple of events and a twitter account. People who do actual work can see right through you, you twit.

    • Excuse you! I think we all know she would have been heading up what we know as the Me Too movement if the timing had been right (and she had any ability to organize and run something more complicated than online singing class).

      Besides, she’s a heartist! A heartist!!!!

  2. That bottom picture and box conjures sad visions of Skinner Smellsbergs consent history

  3. Julia wears a rainbow unicorn horn on her head that looks more like a defective hard-on, and we’re the ones who ruin her profethunal reputation???

  4. That vimeo site is a treasure trove of unforgettable (in a bad way) Donkey shenanigans.

    Anybody remember the Wonder Woman upside-down tiara comic con fiasco? Of course you all do.



    • Of course. Didn’t she miss her own grandfather’s funeral to sashay around ComicCon? And to what purpose? She was just another conventioneer engaging in cosplay and she couldn’t even get the costume right.

      • Her mom’s dad. I could be won’t, but I think she rarely saw him and had known for some time that he was going to pass. Like, it wasn’t an accidental or surprising passing.

        She’s vile and — I’m sorry — her parents are, too.

  5. Let me guess, she’ll shill this masterpiece for $69.69. Because the woo are nothing but subtle.

  6. How many of those people who took her stupid vocal course actually paid for it? And how many attended it in a group of others? So maybe she held two or three of these events? It’s just another resume lie/exaggeration.

  7. Marvelous essay at The Outline about how all the woo-ified bullshit about divine feminine energy is just repackaged gender roles that is just as harmful to women as good old misogyny.

      • “Leaving aside the question of corniness for a moment, and focusing only on its cultural ramifications, the rhetoric about Divine Femininity is squarely regressive. While the idea that women are innately nurturing and emotionally sensitive might sound harmless, these ostensibly positive stereotypes are hard-working components in the overall narrative that women are irrational, intellectually inferior, and servile beings who are most at home in the domestic sphere — the exact logic that’s always facilitated women’s oppression.”

        NICE ONE.

        • AND ANOTHER:

          “Women who post daily affirmations on Instagram are in no way the moral equivalents of powerful, piece of shit Republican politicians, but the idea that womanhood can be boiled down to a collection of stereotypical, reproductive qualities, especially when that stance is supposed to be emancipatory, is worth critical attention regardless of who espouses it.”

          Retrograde gender essentialism is the woo trait that annoys me the most. My mother didn’t canvas door-to-door for the ERA so that a con artist like Christina Morassi could proclaim herself a goddess and encourage women to sexualize the workplace because it’s part of their “innate nature” to do so.

          FYI: Ben Lawson’s FB profile indicates he attended the Yoniversity of Kalifornia. Ew.

    • anyone who uses the word “terf” is persona non grata in my book, so, nope, hard pass. i dislike the trans approach to gender essentialism as much as i dislike the woo

      • doesn’t terf mean “trans exclusionary radical feminist”? isn’t that how some radical feminists self identify? Am I missing something?

        • I don’t understand, either. Grammarian, are TERFs persona non grata or trans folk?

        • “terf” is a slur that male-bodied people use against women who want to preserve some notion of women’s spaces for women and it is often used with male violence attached to it against women, emphasizing the reason that women object to it

          i deplore gender essentialism, from anyone, from the trans people who declare that heels and makeup make them women or from woos

          terf is particularly directed at lesbians who decline the advances of trans people

          terf is hate speech


          • Pictures of Hitler in full Nazi regalia and the assertion that “the idea that feminists who question the notion of “gender identity” should be beaten and murdered has very rapidly become accepted by self-described leftists.”?

            Twitter screen caps??

            Is that where you get your information about transgender issues?

            Well, no wonder that you are full of hatred against trans people.

          • One more thing: if you are anti-anti-fascist that MAKES YOU A FUCKING FASCIST.

          • Well, as Chescaleigh might say, THAT escalated quickly.

            Handbag’s note re: the fear that many transwomen and transmen live with on a daily basis is pertinent here.

          • Please go tell Kylar Broadus that he isn’t “really” a man. He’s one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met, and my only regret would be not being there to hear the roasting he would give you.


          • the OP and comments on that feministcurrent article are so upsetting. apparently meghan murphy and her ilk think they can misgender transfolks, but still be the ones assaulted by the “hate speech” of being called out for being transphobic.

            OBVIOUSLY threats of violence against Murphy and others are wrong. but how do you not understand how harmful it is to yell LALALALA i’m not listening and reduce people to (what you assume are) their genitals. that’s literally the kind of behavior that gets trans people killed. i’m more than my vagina and i sure hope ms murphy is too. it’s so appallingly disrespectful to insist that someone *IS* their junk… or what junk a TERF expects them to have. ugh.

            petition: replace TERF with transphobe. less confusion that way.

          • Albie, we must decry gender AND racial essentialism, because his insistence on calling himself a black man hurts me as a white woman!

      • anyone who IS a terf can fuck right off. Transphobia is garbage. Be who you are. Love who you love. We are all divine.

        • Only Divine was divine, but otherwise 100% in agreement.

          I know a bunch of absolutely lovely trans men and women, and have encountered a bunch of completely hateful humanoids who think they’re the authority on other people’s gender identity. People who reject the gender identity of others are shitbags, full stop. I’ll be happy to use the word “shitbag” if it seems like a more accurate description than the so-called slur “TERF”.

          • I am amazed by the “TERF is a slur” crowd. It is an acronym derived EXACTLY from their own chosen political identification. I don’t even know who started this slur nonsense. What’s next? “BFF is hateful towards people with no friends”?!

          • Right. What part of “TERF” do they disagree with? “Trans-Excluding”? They are! “Radical”? I mean, that one might be reasonable to disagree with, because being all “chromosomes determine gender” is pretty 19th-century thinking. “Feminist”? I certainly disagree there, but Shitbags clearly believe they’re feminists (they’re wrong, because feminism is for all women, and feminism also recognizes the rights of all people to determine their own gender identities).

          • per the comments on the linked article, they want to claim TERF= feminist (as though it’s not a term frequently used by intersectional feminists to call out transphobes).

            oh and also “third wave feminism is anti feminist.” um okay… i am rolling my eyes so hard i may have sprained something.

            it’s really fucking disappointing to see transphobia running so rampant in queer communities. do better, people of the world. sigh.

    • Seriously, that enrages me. As a sexual assault survivor who has had (and continues to have) literally decades of therapy, I feel like I’m in a good position to say that healing sexual trauma takes a little bit more than crappy singing, no matter how ‘authentic’ it feels.

      Is there anything that these assholes won’t commodify? Does Jess have any idea of the kind of responsibility she is inviting? Any resources whatsoever to offer trauma survivors besides merging energies? Why am I asking these questions? Sorry, guys, this just really pisses me off.

  8. A few days ago my son-in-law was attempting to nap on the couch, and my grandbaby covered him with her toys and strapped a unicorn horn to his head. He somehow dozed off anyway. I took a photo, and it’s so funny and so sweet I have to look at it five times a day. The grandbaby, however, is three years old — an appropriate age to treat all of life like a costume.

    • Doggone it, I’m going to say unicorn costumes are fine until middle school. I’m just that generous.

      • Or for the entertainment of small children. Unicorn costumes because you are weeee free spirited and call yourself Rainbow are not okay.

  9. OT: Skankatron goes begging and Judy gives her a thumbs up. I’m guessing our burro DOES go to Camp Septic this year and surrounds herself with Kitty Kitay, Ryan Allis’s pieces, and various sistahs in order to avoid the pain of seeing Rainy.

    Ali Shanti
    16 July at 18:39 · Sunnyside, CO ·
    Ok, I’m going! Who has a
    Burning Man ticket with my name on it?

      • Does she? She is Indian (and I guess Sikh) by ancestry, haven’t seen her use other traditions in her “work” (no dreamcatchers, war bonnets, Pachamama babble) but don’t watch her that closely.

  10. Ot, lost soul LaFraudster now in Denmark since her “husband” has been gallavanting about Europe and hasn’t helped her move etc.

      • I’m still wondering where she gets enough money to jet off to Denmark from San Francisco on a whim, after just paying for a cross-country move.

        I suspect there is more plant medicine than just cacao going on.

        • I suspect lots of desperate phone calls to former lover-in-law Patricia Ellsberg.

          • She owns an apartment and a building in nyc, on paper. Also her motion for summary judgement on liability was approved for 0505764/2017 the cab tap that left her dancing and gyrating and Zouking around the world for months, I mean with a boo boo

          • That girl is doin’ the long con! I’ll bet those kids get gifts this year!

  11. I’m so disappointed in Julia. She doesn’t even put in the effort to be a decent grifter. She torpedoed her media career repeatedly, and I don’t think even she believes anyone is going to pay her big money for whatever coaching she is offering – she just wants to have something to say when people ask what she does.

    You cats + Gilly are hilarious, which is what makes me come back. I was reading this post and thinking – if you showed her at 27 what her life would be like at near 40, it might have served as a “scared straight” type experience? Even if I wrote a downfall for her, I wouldn’t have made it this bad – I figured she would end up married to a dunning-kreuger middle management type and have a lifestyle blog about decorating a basic ass McMansion.

    • Writing anything is far too much work for her. She would need an unpaid intern to “organize her notes” and by notes I mean multiple Trader Joe receipts with “shiplap” or “barn doors” written on them.

      • I’ll never understand why she didn’t just hire a ghostwriter to complete Experiments in Crappiness. Oh, that’s right. She would have had to ask Dadsers for the money and he wouldn’t have ok’ed the inveterate laziness.

        • I think he should’ve paid for the ghostwriter. Probably wouldve cost him less than repaying the publishing company advance. Peter’s mistake was not letting Julia go the fully trashy reality TV route and tell all book route a decade ago. He mistakenly and delusionally believed Julia could make it as an adult in a normal way. Whether due to genetics, hey environment, or some other reason, she clearly was better suited to selling game at any cost. At least she could’ve signed a”draconian” contract and gotten paid for it. Instead, he paid for it. And the family reputation at their little church and University club is probably a joke anyway. Peter was protecting something that didn’t exist except in his 1950s Midwestern baby boomer brain.

    • Samesies. The “scared straight” moment for me was when Julia was forced to move back to Chicago and live in her parents unfurnished condo whole writing a lame column that appeared in a handful of Tribune newspapers. There was no way that was ever going to lead anywhere. Miss Advised, with its general awfulness and specific train wreck moments, was the end of my ability to care. It seems all any of us can do is point and gawk at her. Nick Denton is an odious little man, but she proved him right.

      • Does anyone know what’s become of Denton and the usual suspects? I’ve been adrift from news of any type for a long while. I am, as one of my office mates calls me, “outside the bubble.”

        • I read Ryan Holiday’s bizarre CONSPIRACY, about the fall of Gawker, and he indicated that Denton, who didn’t walk away from the Hulk Hogan judgment penniless, seemed to be roaming the world and thinking DEEP THOUGHTS. Re: the book, it’s so bad! Like an M.A. thesis in which bizarre sources just keep popping up. Holiday will write a few paragraphs about the Gawker trial and will go on for three pages about Abraham Lincoln or John D. Rockefeller or the Alamo! I’m still trying to figure out why the book was purchased for the movies.

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