DOUBLE STOP PRESS! A Bali Return And Nisha Moodley & Noah Rainey Are Still Together

Suck Up Sistah weighs in:

Keep it up, Donkey. Maybe PhuturePhuckPhace will see this comment. And maybe Noodles will eventually forgive you for ragging on her friendship with your Rainy before you two are in OMG! Bali.

Oh, Noodles. I always want to give you a break and then I remember the company you keep.

Bottom Desperation: “Yoo hoo, Myka, my non-lesbian lov-ah, don’t forget about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”


      • I know we have hundreds of Burra photos to pick from but this one is in my top three of “Worst/ Most ridiculous”. I don’t know what it is that makes it worse than others for me: the horrible wig and jumpsuit? the equally horrible cape? the cape pull? the half assed glitter job on the chest area? the even more half assed glitter face job that looks like she had the mouth-area glitter compromised giving some “oral pleasure”? the lack of glitter in the rest of the body? the trying-to-look-sensual-while-on-drugs face? There is so much going on, all equally disastrous.

        • and let’s not forget the background. “glamour tarp” is not a thing, is it? because it should be

          • All of this is pure gold, but for some reason “glamour tarp” sent me into paroxysms of guffawing at my desk-erranding place.

          • Helena, notice the similarities of the material in the bottom part of the “glamour tarp” with the material in the interior of the cape. It’s like they are made from the same shit. Elegance and sophistication all around!

          • Also, looking at the pictures, it seems she got the glamour tarp in silver AND blue. Just in case one tacky sparkly polyester cape wasn’t enough to own.

          • she’s wearing the same outfit in both pictures.

            whatever happened to annie lalalalalala?

          • She’s still billing herself as a love, sex, and intimacy coach on social media.

        • Isn’t this from the party at the Ghost Ship place that burned down? If it wasn’t from that actual place it was from the same people on some party RV.

        • “the half assed glitter job on the chest area?”

          In her defense, I believe this event took place before Jenna La Phlegm initiated her search for woo-male technicians who were capable of artfully applying glitter to woo-female boobies.

          Or did I just imagine that?

        • Some hairy leg’s nut sac was definitely sportin’ glitter that night. Independent of Donk’s two-tone muzzle, this is overall one of her very worst looks ever.

  1. Ultra negAtive energy crowd.

    So they fight all the time and she’s blaring it, this social media stuff is absurd, yet revealing

    Plus perhaps … rug?

    • Jfa arguing every day ain’t normal sister goddess, you deserve better, or he does

      • yeah, it’s really not normal and it’s no way to live, and it’s no way to raise a child.

  2. Wrangling constantly with her lover isn’t a great testimonial for Nisha’s “pay me money to be happy like meeee” biz.

    • Who do you think you are! Nisha values transparency, authenticity, and being her true self to the two billion people who have access to her public posts. Love only exists when it’s shared with the entire motherfucking world, bunny.

    • Also, not sure why anyone should think they’re “perfect”…. because they’re smiling into a camera and his arm is around her shoulders? Is that really all it takes to be considered “perfect” in their world? Why am I even asking?

  3. I had a feeling that the bloom was off the rose for Noodles and Novowels.

    Wrap that thing, kiddies, don’t have a surprise baby with someone you don’t even know yet.

    • right? Why the fuck would you be so careless with someone you just met? Makes me sad for Crow.

      • Well, she really wanted a baby. Now she has one. Would be interesting to know what they fight about. I wonder how he feels about her taking Crow along on all her exotic third world vacations disguised as therapy sessions?

  4. Aw, poor Donkey commenting on Myka and her man. Myka is tall and willowy, as a donkey will never be. And she has dresses from nicer woo gift shops. Oh, and she has a man who will acknowledge her publicly.

    • Ok this photo is ridiculously photoshopped, yes? I know Myra was a mode, but the proportions on her and the dude don’t even make sense. Look at the background wall. I think this has been stretched to all get out.

  5. So Judy has publicly fawned over Noodles and Dunkle for the majestic act of having photos taken, but crickets to her sister Jahss Magick for having scored a major publicity coup AND for having discovered that black people sing?

      • Ugh, who wants to wear a freaking diaper by choice? Aren’t those menstrual cups or cardboard applicator cotton tampons crunchy granola enough for them?

        • Not if you can shill on social media and get a free one- year supply of Period Panties.

        • Real hippies sew their own re-usable pads, and share the patterns for free… don’t ask how I know this.

      • I wear these, they’re alright but not for heavy bleeders and I only use them as back up for another method, they can leak from the sides.

      • Thinx’s former CEO fits right in with the Donksbury Circle. Gross, greedy, abusive. Unsurprised she’s one of Caterwauler’s “girls”.

        • Oh, bunny! I have some eyebrow-raising intel about a former CEO! (Sorry about the teaser trailer.)

        • I’ve met her. In fairness, she works her ass off, but is very obviously a complete narcissist who thinks the rules don’t apply to her.

          I have also met her husband, who seemed like kind of a pushover but was every bit as kind as she was brash and rude.

        • Miki Agrawal is an abusive sexual harasser, and has a few things in common with Our Donkey:

          “A fascinating thing about Miki is that she has this incredible capacity for creating her own narrative and believing it,”

          “I know the founder of Glassdoor, and I’m working on getting the IP addresses of everyone who left reviews,” she told me. (Update: A Glassdoor spokesperson says this is false and that the company has always fought for “users’ anonymity and free speech.”)

          Her twin sister, Radha, created those Daybreaker raves that Jaaaahhhhhsss has “performed” at, and sounds like quite the nasty piece of work herself:

          ‘Daybreaker’s purported inclusivity could also be said to clash with the image it has at times sought to present. A set of guidelines distributed to previous Daybreaker photographers—one of whom sent me a copy of the live Google Docs file in question—specifically requested that they “stay away from […] off-brand people (bro-y or out of shape)” when taking pictures. When I asked her about this, Agrawal first said there was a tension between being truly representative of the diverse crowd at Daybreaker and ensuring that people who were “used to seeing people in shape” didn’t get scared away by images that are “too inclusive.”‘

          You don’t want to be “too inclusive,” or else you’ll get a bunch of fatties and/or poor people at your parties and scare away all those tech wallets.

      • Yes, Jaaahhhhsss, I HAVE seen a company that uses a wide range of women (actual women, not cartoon drawings of hips and legs that range from really skinny to slightly thick) as models: Decent Exposures shows young women, old women, fat women, thin women, flabby women, white women, Asian women, black women… modeling their organic cotton underwear (that’s made in the USA). And they’re not trying to depict them as OMG sexy hot goddesses, but as real women who deserve a quality product. You probably wouldn’t give these women a second glance, and would never allow their perfectly normal bodies at your sacred goddess rituals.

        And if you’re wondering which of the “lovely ladies” you are, you’re the tall, thin, blonde one with the completely socially acceptable– desirable, in fact– body type, because of course you are. SO BRAVE of you to confront body image issues, from your place of extreme privilege and fauxtoshop.

  6. The thing about Noodles is I can see this won’t last not in the form maybe she hopes it will. Looking through the pic their body language is disconnected he looks uncomfortable with one leg about to jet out. Sad since she is desperate to be the role model with the envious relationship. Oh poodles what starts with sex after a brutal breakup ends up empty can’t make it into something it’s not. In a way I feel for her a woman who is almost forty not married but paying half of the bills with a child. He does didn’t seem to put a ring on it.

    Hey not married isn’t a big deal it is what it is. Just a be real be authentic poodles.

    • Yeah, I feel like I was waiting for her to say something like “the police officer who was called to the house for a domestic took the picture.”

    • This is how I feel. Look no one needs to get married and plenty are happy without ever bothering. But I don’t think she is one and it makes me sad. Many people view it as the most serious form of commitment. I feel if he proposed she would say yes instantly.

      It reminds me of people, male and female, who get into open relationships hoping the other person will eventually get bored of it and want to be monogamous with them. That rarely seems to happen.

      • Ugh. I agree. And the list of “funny” hashtags just makes it worse somehow.

        And isn’t the open relationship such a camp septic thing? (I’m looking at you, Rain). It’s fine if you’re actually fine with it, but someone like say, Julia, who is not fine with it and is just waiting for her lovah to notice how graceful she is when she dances and come to his senses, that is so sad.

  7. Is “I am going to Bali” the new “I am going to Burning Man”?

    I will consider myself reported.

  8. OT: Ali Shanti has a chapter in a nutbag woo anthology coming out that she’d like you to review – please give only positive remarks. She’d also like to thank The Academy for two books that she’s currently writing, one of which sounds as though it’s being ghostwritten. The other is titled “Eyes Wide Open: Discovering Your Truth in a World Full of Lies.” I’ll bet RBD at least gets a mention, though who’s the real liar here, Shantitown? How are those million dollar businesses working for you?

    Ali Shanti
    23 hrs ·
    Writing, writing, writing two books. Plus, one available for pre-order Thursday. And a request for reviewers.

    Of course, I’m writing two books at once, which I would not recommend to anyone, but they are different (perhaps coming through the two distinct parts of me) and I thought I’d share some of my process with each.

    Plus, let you know about the book coming out for pre-order on Thursday and ask if you’d like to review my chapter before publication.

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    I’m writing this book with a book writing company, formerly called Book In a Box, now called Scribe. I saw Cameron Herold had worked with this company on several of his books and how fast and seemingly easily he got them out and it seemed like the perfect fit.

    So far, so good.

    I’ve had three 90-minute calls with an outliner and I just submitted 25 notes to her on the final outline. I think I meet the writer in the next couple of weeks. And I’m excited to be moving this book forward, so we can support more lawyers.

    The other book is my personal book, current working title — Eyes Wide Open: Discovering Your Truth in a World Full of Lies.

    And, I have several doulas helping me there. Kelly Notaras who supported me in coming up with the ideal outline/structure so there could be some banks on my river.

    Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy who has been meeting with me monthly for a year now, encouraging me to keep moving forward even as I’ve wondered if this book is even valuable. With Susan’s support, I now have a writing schedule for each chapter and the first draft should be done in full by September 8!

    And Scott Mills who helped pull the big context out of me and is giving the very detail level notes that will get the book from rough draft to final.

    Man, it sure does take a village.

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    So getting something out about it helps me feel as if I’m doing something to share what needs to be shared about money dysmorphia and how it causes so many of us to compromise our lives, and what we can do about it. This is timely for many of us, and important for us to get so we can make the critical life shifts now, when they are most needed.

    If you would be interested in reading my chapter before the final book release, and providing an honest review, please comment here and PM me your email address so I can send you my chapter.

    Thanks and love,

    • Stacey Morgenstern
      oh my goodness, we’ve been waiting for years for this! love you sister.

      Ali Shanti
      haha, right?!? 🙂 thank you. and i love you.

      Years, Stacey? Why are the woos so gregdamn hyperbolic ALL THE TIME?

      I suppose this means Rain will at least have to pretend to read this crap, eh, Stace?

    • interesting choice of word: “doula” – a woman trained to assist during childbirth, but you could say the process of writing is similar to birthing a child.

      is it common to have more than one writing project on the go at a single time? i can be working on several regulatory submissions at the same time, but they all have a similar structure and flavor – only the details differ. would be interested to hear from the real writers out there if a multiple project approach is possible; ghostwritten or not.

      • i write nonfiction, so can’t speak for people who have imaginary worlds in their heads, but, yes, 100%, it’s actually helpful to pick up one and put down another and track them separately but at the same time. one could be easier than the other and give me some quick wins today while i am struggling with the other, which is a beast

      • JFA to add, but i have no idea how woo nonsense amazon self publish crap works — just take a lot of drugs and howl, i imagine

    • What is going on here?

      Why is she sabotaging the book by offering her chapter for free to anybody who asks?

      Did she fall out with the people that run the project?

      • Free chapter is a pretty common marketing strategy for self-published books, but I wouldn’t lead with Shantitown’s.

    • Why the fuck does every woman call herself Rainbow? I mean, aren’t these creative, HeARTists? Aren’t they constantly birthing new ideas? Changing the world through their innovative approach to absolutely everything? Yet every time someone needs a woo name, the most creative they can get is Rainbow?


    • is it really writing a book if you are talking to someone else for 90 minutes and providing notes?

      • if you’re using a ghostwriter, it’s possible. they write then you proof / correct the text afterwards.

        i’ve done magazine articles this way, participating on a panel answering a question, and also for standalone articles in trade mags.

      • Thanks, but you won’t be laughing if you click on that video. Twenty-five minutes of Mental Dental in a bathtub. EW! EW! EW!

        • ’tis disturbing, yes. But, I like to look on the bright side. new catchphrase….”Bro! I just know!”

          • I, too, choose to look on the bright side: at least a smelly woo got into a bath tub (and, in Meshberg’s case, added some soap and water.)

            Look, I’m not hoping for shampoo and deodorant— I live in the real world— but I’ll take what I can get.

    • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  9. Looks like Julia Albertson made a new post on Instagram,

    “Friends for nearly 30 years (since we were 8!), Natasha still has all my torrid, overdramatic, undeniably angsty letters from when we were 12 and “bestest friends” (apparently I determined “best” was not a sufficiently superlative term to convey my pre-teen devotion to her). Grateful for the laughter (and um … horror?) re-reading those brought.
    Did you save your childhood correspondence?”

    I wonder if this could be the friend Julie stole the Barbie from? ?

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